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AU---ALL HUMAN: No one is related to anyone except Alice and Edward. Edward is a Masen, cousin to Alice Cullen and is the adoptive brother (Changes his last name after adoption). Rosalie was adopted by Renée and Charlie making her Bella's adoptive sister.

Summary: Edward, Emmett and Jasper move to Hartford, Connecticut to start their careers. They move to live in a house along with Bella, Alice (Edward's cousin/sister) and Rosalie. On their drive to Hartford, they make a bet. The bet is to PRETEND to be gay, for all three of them. Whoever last the longest gets the $1,500 combination [$500 each] and one thing they want from each of the losers. But just how long will they last? And how will the girls react when they find out?




Today was the day that we started moving on with our lives. I've been living in Massachusetts with Jasper and Emmett for years. We had met in the beginning years of college and just became best friends. Thought we went to different colleges we got an apartment in Cambridge port rather than get dorm rooms. We became roommates, which worked out for the best. I won't lie, Emmett was a bit scary when I first met him but considering his size it's understandable.

Jasper was just…Jasper. He's quiet and reserved. He can be the greatest pal to have once he opens up to you but is usually shy around new people. He pretty much acts the opposite of Emmett.

I was going to move in with my cousin and adopted sister, Alice and her two best friends in Hartford, Connecticut. Emmett and Jasper are moving in with me considering we all got job offers there and Alice said the house was big enough, so they have enough rooms for all three of us. I instantly thought of Emmett and Jasper when they said they had extra rooms.

Plus I think life would be more interesting for me with those two around. Although I could do without Emmett's dirty jokes and his immensely large appetite for food but then again, life would be boring without him.

"Edward," whined Emmett. God, he could be such a little kid sometimes.

"What is it now, Emmett? Does it have anything to do with food?!" I asked. For all I know, he could be hungry AGAIN! He could swallow an entire buffet in mere minutes. Something is seriously wrong with that boy! Some people might say he has two stomachs but I know better… he has eight! Why eight, I'll never know, but that's the number Emmett agrees to. But I mean he IS huge, so I guess that's justifiable but he always complains about food.

"Actually, now that I think about it….I am hungry. Do you think we could get something to eat?" Ding! That was the sound of Emmett's internal timer telling him he needs to feed on enough food to fill Godzilla up. It's usually set to every hour…or less.

"Emmett just wait till we finish packing." I told him, not like he'll listen to me anyway.

"Easy for you to say, you're already done." He mumbled. I don't know why he's grumpy when he doesn't eat. It's like one of his happy drugs or something, without it he's no fun.

"Well" I exasperated. "If you had listened to me earlier yesterday and did what I'd done then you'd be finished too." I explained.

"Alright, I'm done!" Jasper came in through the door after putting the last of his boxes in Emmett's jeep. We were taking his jeep because it was bigger than my Volvo. (A/N: Edward is not complete without his Volvo.) My Volvo was already sent to Hartford so that by the end of today I'd be able to drive it in Connecticut when we get there—as was some of our heavier stuff. It was being shipped there so we wouldn't have to make a lot of trips.

Jasper went to stand next to me in Emmett's room as we watched Emmett pack up his stuff. Jasper was smart enough to pack ahead of schedule just like me. Not that Emmett's stupid or anything. He can be smart when he wants to be and he's been known to have his moments. But just like the life of a sandwich or anything edible for that matter, once Emmett's spotted it, they're short-lived.

"Argh! Why am I the last one?" He said frustrated.

"Well, Emmett, if you'd actually listened to Edward yesterday about packing then you'd be done now, wouldn't you?" Jasper had my back. Thank you! Maybe that'll knock some sense into his head, but his head's thick so no doubt he won't pay attention to a word I say. Unless the sentence involved women/'chicks' and 'food' or in a twisted way….a combination of the two.

"Can you guys stop ganging up on me and help me out here so we could go eat?" We shook our heads 'no' and he let out a whimper.

"Emmett this is your mess, you clean it up. Maybe this'll teach you to realize that what I say isn't foolish or stupid but that it actually does make sense." I scolded him.

"Help me! Do you want me to die of starvation? Please…" he pleaded. He looked really desperate. It wasn't a big deal, oh wait this is Emmett we're talking about Emmett—food, BIG DEAL.

"Emmett, you ate like 2 hours ago." Jasper exclaimed. It was only 9 in the morning but we got up extra early to make sure we had all our things.

"Yeah, and that's…." wait for it, wait for it…he was doing the math in his head "1 ½ hours too many." Okay, how was he not able to do that all in his head sooner or better yet, faster?!

Emmett went back to packing and I turned to Jasper. "Do you think we should help him? This would back us up a couple of hours to get to Hartford. And Alice doesn't like being off schedule, especially if we were going to be late."

"Yeah, otherwise he won't stop whining. Plus he's driving and if we need to stop for something he'll get back at us for not helping him. Not to mention the kind of payback he'll have once we have to spend 3-4 hours with him in the Jeep with him." he did make sense. Getting on Emmett's retaliation side was not a good idea.

"Definitely agree. Come on. Let's go before he starts devising a plan on how to get back at us. Plus we'll be late if we wait for him to do it on his own, and Alice won't warm up to the idea that we actually could've gone faster." I groan. Alice is to put it in simple words, 'the energizer bunny on coke'. How she manages to have such amounts of energy astounds me.

"How is Alice? I haven't heard you talk about her in a while," commented Jasper. I could easily tell he liked her. His face just lights up whenever I mention her, he thinks I don't know but I do. I'm actually kind of hoping he'll tell me when he wants to open up. There's nothing good about forcing someone, especially a guy, to actually talk about his feelings, even a guy like Jasper.

"Oh, she's fine. Been talking about how we haven't been hanging out in a while, well four years to be precise. She's happy we'll be closer so we can hang out. She's been too hyper about us coming. I think she's been driving her roommates up the wall trying to get the place ready. I feel sorry for them." He were helping Emmett pack up the DVDs he owned in a box. He had so much stuff to pack.

It took a while, about 45 minutes later, but we finally got everything out of Emmett's room. I was carrying his flat screen TV along with Jasper when Emmett's stomach decided to grace us with its presence.

"Come ooonnn! I'm starving, let's get some chow!" Emmett whined trying to get us to move faster as we load the TV, DVD player and the rest of Emmett's junk into the Jeep.

"Alright, alright. I suppose you're driving?" asked Jasper.

"Hell to the Yeah! This is my baby. No one drives her but me…" Emmett could get a little obsessed about this Jeep sometimes. Cars are too much of an interest for him to want to risk the safety for 'Melinda'.

As I climbed in the back of the Jeep, Jasper went to the passenger's seat and turned on the radio.

"What are you doing, Jasper?" Emmett asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing I'm putting on music. I don't know about you but I'm not sitting in this Jeep in silence." Jasper replied. He turned to some random station and waited till a good song came on.

"Alright, but something good none of that whiny girl crap you usually listen to." Emmett didn't like listening to 'whiny girl crap', as he so kindly put it. He felt that men should listen to manly man music sung by, get this, men. What a shocker.

"Emmett, I don't listen to whiny girl crap!" whined Jasper. Surprising, almost like a girl.

"Yes you do, you're even whining like one now!" teased Emmett.

"Am not," said Jasper.

"Are too" countered Emmett.

"Am not"

"Are too"




"Too!" I was watching them go at it for another five minutes when I decided to end it so I could regain whatever was left of my sanity.

"Guys just shut up already! If you keep that up we'll never get to Alice's and she'll get pissed off. Don't even think that I wouldn't sell you two out just to save my own skin." It was true. If you didn't listen to Alice and do as she said, she'd punish you. She was a very controlling little pixie. I only wonder if anyone would ever be able to control her.

The guys knew this too, from what I've told them. Growing up with Alice wasn't exactly pleasant. One wrong move and it'd be make-over time. They shuddered thinking what would happen to them if we were late and nodded at we all got settled in.

"Plus Emmett, aren't you hungry? We could stop at a Denny's or something on our way there." I tried to reason with Emmett. It was only 9: 40 in the morning so he could eat breakfast in time.

"Well," he stretched out the word. "Now that you put it that way…Let's GO!" he yelled as he started the Jeep and we drove away from our old apartment in Cambridge towards our new home in Hartford, Connecticut.

"I'm bored!" whined Emmett loudly. We had been locked in this Jeep for about two hours now. Nothing else was on the radio at the moment.

"Well Jeez, Emmett, let's get you some food then!" yelled Jasper. Normally Jasper wasn't like that but he felt the need to yell at Emmett because he directly whined into Jasper's ear and he had been sleeping. That was a reason as to why I chose to sit in the back. That, and I have more room to myself if I should get tired later on because then Emmett wouldn't be able to prank me or anything like that.

"Finally! Denny's to the rescue!" I rolled my eyes and leaned back into my seat.

Once we got to Denny's Emmett ran inside. He was like a kid in a candy store. A very muscular kid that could beat up anyone he wanted.

"Hello, my name is Jessie," a dirty blonde waitress said trying to sound seductive. 'Trying', being the operative word. Instead it made her sound nasally. Ugh, I hate women that lower themselves to such a level just to get a guy to notice them. Makes them really pathetic. I politely nodded at her not wanting her to get the wrong idea.

"Is they anything I could get you three big boys?" she purred at us while stoking Emmett's biceps. And we didn't miss catching the double meaning she threw at us.

"Just a coffee for now." I said while Emmett got the same and Jasper got an orange juice. We didn't even acknowledge her by looking up after that and she left.

"Dude, orange juice?" Emmett asked Jasper.

"What?" Jasper asked confused as to why Emmett is questioning his choice of beverage.

"What are you gay?!" bewildered Emmett. A couple people turned around to stare at Emmett as well as Jasper. I hid behind my menu snickering.

"Emmett, what does my beverage preference have to do with my sexuality?" exasperated Jasper. He seemed to be annoyed at Emmett, for the fact that Emmett's always been picking on him about the fact that he doesn't date anyone. He always shies away from them. Except Alice…granted they've never talked…or met. But he seems top act different at the mention of her name.

I suppose I'm no better in the dating category. Hell, I haven't even had my first kiss yet let alone lose my virginity. Emmett doesn't tease me as much at Jasper though, I think he's waiting till the moment I do find someone so he can scare them away with my 'purity'.

It's not that I don't want to, but I just can't seem to find anyone that interests me, no one that'll actually hold my attention and can have an intellectual conversation with. All the women I come across are all slutty and so vain on their appearance. Plus, I want it to be with someone I love, someone I actually imagine living the rest of my life with and having children. I guess I'm a hopeless romantic.

Sometimes I think I'll never find a true love, a love like my adoptive parents; my aunt Esme and Uncle Carlisle, whom I've gotten used to call 'mom' and 'dad' from time to time. I suppose it's just not for me.

"Dude, coffee is for men. If you don't drink coffee, then I guess you're not a man." He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"I am a man. Plus, I already had coffee when I had to wake up early today. I just want OJ now."

Right then the waitress came back with our drinks and placed them down in front of us. She leaned over a little too far trying to show us her cleavage and then she winked at us. I felt disgusted right then and there, but I tried not to let it show on my face. Emmett and Jasper just found it amusing how desperate she was.

"So, what would you like?" she asked, again thinking that for some reason one of us would just want to throw her on the table and make love to her or something just at the sound of her voice. I shuddered just thinking about what could be going on in her mind.

"All-American Slam ®," I ordered.

"Heartland Scramble ®," Jasper spoke.

"Lumberjack Slam ®," said Emmett.

"Alright, hash browns or grits?" she asked. Emmett and I both went with hash browns. "Coming right up!" Once she left we picked up our drinks and Emmett was looking at Jasper and his orange juice with a 'how could do?' expression on his face. Jasper and I just rolled our eyes and he looked straight at Emmett while taking a big gulp of the juice.

"Oh yeah? Well, watch this." But before I could warn him, Emmett took a huge gulp of his coffee and finishing it off. His HOT coffee. Stupid Emmett. Sigh. We started laughing at Emmett's attempt to stop the scolding away. He ended up drinking all of Jasper's orange juice as it was the only cool beverage within a foot radius.

Once we finished laughing, and it took a while, the waitress came back with our food. After she set it down Emmett proceeded to shove both his cup and Jasper at her and asked for more orange juice.

"Anything for you" she purred at Emmett as she ran her hand down his arm. Ugh! I was glad she left. Just being around her made me feel unsafe and unclean.

"Thought that if you don't drink coffee you're not a man, Emmett." Jasper teased.

"Shut up" Emmett grumbled as he stuffed his mouth with half a pancake and a bacon strip. A couple minutes later, uh, Jessie I think came back with their orange juice and left quickly. We ate our food in silence except for the occasional giggles and flirting looks from a bunch of girls, two tables away. Emmett just loved the attention and we were getting annoyed because he kept telling us that we and I quote, "should be getting some".

We finally finished 45 minutes later and once we paid the bill, Jasper and I noticed that the giggling girls and the waitress gave Emmett their numbers. We just rolled our eyes and made our way to the Jeep, leaving Emmett to deal with the 'overly-hormonal chicks', as he put it.

After he caught up with us, we left and were on our way to Hartford once again. We tried to find something on the radio but nothing. Emmett took out his ipod and played some music. The song 'Barbie Girl' by Aqua started playing. I was baffled. Here Emmett was bothering Jasper for being so 'gay' and not manly for listening to girl crap and that overstuffed bear has been listening to this.

Jasper snorted, probably thinking the same thing. The next couple of minutes consisted of us listening to Emmett sing along to the song in a girly voice.

"And you think I'm gay?" Jasper asked with an incredulous expression.

"What?" Emmett said. I guess he had no idea where Jasper was going with this.

"I listen to music, which you refer to as 'whiny girl crap' and you're listening to a song called 'Barbie Girl' knowing all the lyrics to it and, you call me gay?"

"Dude, I'm not gay. If anything I'm too manly. You're the gay one. I mean you haven't even so much as talked to a girl let alone go on a date with one of them."

"What if I don't want to just date a girl, sleep with her and then move on? What if I want the real thing? Have you ever thought of that Emmett? I'm not like you," argued Jasper. He did have a point. Emmett was no saint. But he wasn't a man whore either. He just liked his women. Emmett always said that is ever he found the perfect girl, he'd know. And so far the only girls that he's been with have been vain and conceited.

"I don't sleep with all of them." Great retort, Emmett!

Jasper seemed to be pensive. "Emmett, how about we make a wager?" Ahhhh, Emmett's favorite words.

"What do you propose?" he asked warily.

"I bet you can't even act gay, since you so manly," Jasper said sarcastically. "So, you're not allowed to even date a girl—"

"I have to date a dude?!" Emmett bellowed and interrupting Jasper. I just sat there amused and chuckling a little at the mere imagine of Emmett going out with a guy.

"No Emmett. Don't interrupt. You have to pretend to be gay and you can't stop pretending till someone calls you out on it, but the person has to be female."

"No way! Why would I do that?!" yelled Emmett.

"Because if you don't I'll have to question your sexuality. And I think you might be chicken…" Jasper smirked. No one calls Emmett 'chicken'. It's like telling he's not strong, he'll prove you wrong, but somehow always ends up making himself look like a fool. He never backs down.

"You're on!! But that's not all, I want something too!" Emmett had a mischievous gleam in his eyes and an evil grin on.

Jasper sighed, "Fine. What is it, Emmett?"

"You guys have to do it too." His smile got wider.

"No!" I yelled at the same time that Jasper said "Sure."

"What the hell, Jasper? Why me! All I did was sit here." I tried to reason with him. What the hell? How did I get roped into this?!

"That's not all! We also put $500 in the pot the one that lasts the longest wins the money and one command from each loser, anything is up for grabs.

"Edward, chances are that he'll lose anyway. If he is manly like he says he is, he won't be able to stay in the game long. Plus, it'll teach him a lesson."

"Oh yeah, and what's that? How to get me into his mess of trouble even when I didn't even do anything to get him into it I the first place?" I said.

"No, not to mess with us. After all, doesn't he get on your nerves with 'Eddie' and all the embarrassing stuff he does to you?" I thought it over. Jasper did make sense, I suppose. Payback wouldn't hurt.

"Alright, I'll do it but when do we start?" I asked.

"Let's do it as soon as possible, I want to get this over with. How about starting now?" we nodded and kept driving for another half hour when we finally got near the house.

"Emmett, take a left on Walbridge road" I told him. He gave a single nod and turned. We kept passing houses till we got to the one we knew was the house. There was Alice with her hands on her hips, putting her weight on one foot while tapping the other. (A/N: house on profile)

"You're late." She said. Always punctual, that one.

"Only by a couple minutes."

"Try ten." She told me. I rolled my eyes.

"Well then sister dear, I'm most graciously apologizing for the trouble I have caused you these past ten minutes." I said with sincerity. She sighed and I knew she gave up.

She jumped straight at me hugging me to death. I laughed at her enthusiasm. Emmett and Jasper were leaning against the Jeep with a confused expression.

I chuckled. "Guys come over here and meet my sister, Alice." I waved them over and they each introduced themselves.

"Hello Alice, I'm Jasper." he said as he gave her a kiss on the hand. Emmett on the other hand….

"Alice," Emmett said with a nod looking serious. He just stared at her for a few moments until he broke out a huge grin.

"Yo Alice, it's me the lovable and gay bear," he bellowed as he hugged her lifting her off the ground and twirling her. He obviously emphasized 'gay' for Jasper's sake and to remind him of the bet. We both saw the way they both looked at each other. He's completely smitten with her.

Alice's squeals barely heard over Emmett's loud laughs. Once he finally put her down, he introduced himself correctly. "Hi Alice, I'm Emmett and I'm gay." Wow, way to be blunt!

I look of surprise passed her face but as quickly as it appeared it left. "Well Emmett, great to meet you…so you're gay hmm?" She seemed pensive until a smile broke out. "Well, I'm okay with that." She shrugged like it wasn't important.

"Anyways, you guys can start unloading and I'll show you to your rooms. Rosalie and Bella aren't here right now, sorry. But Bella had to go to work and Rosalie went grocery shopping. She'll be back in an hour." She walked away and left us to our stuff.

"That was subtle, Emmett!" Jasper and I yelled sarcastically at the same time while we both hit him upside the head for his stupidity on not being able to filter out his thoughts and what actually comes out of his mouth, no matter how blunt or embarrassing they may be.

We started unloading some of the boxes from the Jeep and took them inside the house. We set the boxes down by the door and once we were done bringing them all in we went looking around the place.

The entrance had a warm feeling to it. It felt …homey. Well, I suppose that's what this place it now, isn't it? Home.

We walked into the living room looking around and could see that it was beautifully decorated.

Hmm, it was probably Alice.

The living room was painted in a pastel blue color with cerulean sofa. The curtains white while tied to let in some sunlight. The first thing I noticed when I looked around was the piano that seemed to be in pretty good shape. I went over to it and touched the ivory keys. It was beautiful.

I was knocked out of my thoughts when I heard Emmett scream 'Food!' I ran towards the noise only to see Emmett looming and pretty much towering over little Alice in the dining room while she was holding a tray of food. Jasper just looked amused at the situation and a little concerned for Alice's safety.

Emmett grabbed five in his hand and started to scarf them down. He moaned in satisfaction. "Alice, honey, what are these?"

"Baby Wellingtons," she stated.

"Baby what?" he asked not quite catching it.

"Baby Wellingtons," she said again. Emmett looked like he was choking.

"'I'm eating a baby? Oh, crap I'm going to hell. I'm a freaking cannibal!" he started freaking out.

"Emmett, it's not a baby! That's just what they're called. It's just meat, Emmett. Beef tenderloin filets with mushrooms, shallots, garlic and a whole bunch of other stuff." Alice tried to explain to calm him down. It seemed to work because he seemingly plopped down on one of the chairs and let out a gush of air in relief.

"Alice you know how to cook?" I was in disbelief. Last time I remembered Alice trying to cook something, it ended in her almost burning down the kitchen and Esme lightly scolding her trying to cook without knowing the first thing to do in the kitchen. Apparently she had no idea that the food was meant to be in the pans over the open flame not directly on the fire. She thought that the stuff in the cabinets were just for "pretty decoration".

She scoffed. "As if! You know that I know better then to go back in to kitchen after my little accident," she grimaced, probably over the memory.

"Then how—" I started but she cut me off.

"I didn't make this. Bella did."

I was confused, "Who's Bella?" I don't think I've ever heard of a Bella. I like the name Bella. It has a nice ring to it.

"Oh, right you haven't met her yet. Sorry, I forgot. She's one of the friends and roommates. Her name is Isabella but she prefers Bella. Bella always makes dinner for all of us, considering none of us can cook edible food. She lives here, too." She chirped happily.

"Oh, well she sounds nice. As well as smart for not allowing you to be in the kitchen. Otherwise, you'd be burning down yet another one," I teased her.

She was about to say something when someone came barging in. I was glad because that meant I won the argument we were about to have.

"I come bearing gifts!" a voice sang. In came a tall girl with blonde hair and light blue eyes. If I didn't know any better I'd think she was Jasper's twin or something. She stood there holding bags of groceries. So, I went over to help her, being the gentleman I am I took half of them.

I wasn't sure who she was but I'm guessing she was Bella. I introduced myself after helping her set the groceries on the dining table. She seemed to have a lot.

"Hello I'm Edward Cullen. Are you Bella?" I asked.

She laughed. "No, I'm Rosalie Hale. I'm the other roommate. Why'd you think I was Bella?" She seemed curious for my answer.

"Well, Alice said that Bella makes the dinner and you came in with the groceries, so I just guessed. Plus, Alice never mentioned her other roommate." I said with a shrug.

She scoffed. Not at me, but at Alice. "Alice Cullen, you didn't have the decency to mention me. How rude of you!" she scolded Alice.

Alice rolled her eyes. "Oh, Rosalie you know I was getting to it. You came barging in before I could even get on with the topic that is Rosalie Hale, Ms. High-and-Mighty."

Rosalie ignored her and kept going, "I thought I was your friend." She said dramatically.

"You are Rose, but…Bella cooks dinner." Alice spoke just as dramatically. I wasn't sure what is was but that set of their laughter.

Once Rosalie stopped chuckling she said, "Alright, alright, I see your point. But you could've at least said my name." She pouted.

"I did mention you, Rosie. It's not my fault my stupid brother didn't remember you but remembered Bella instead." Alice had her own pout on her face which out won Rosalie's any day.

Rosalie smirked. "So, you have a thing for Bella, eh?"

I felt my eyes widen. "WHAT?! No! I don't know her and I haven't even met her yet!" I felt very uncomfortable right now.

She laughed. "Relax, I was just kidding. But seriously, who wouldn't like Bella. She's hot. She's smart. And she can cook– total package. I wouldn't be surprised if someone snagged her up soon." She listed off a few more rendering qualities about her.

When she was done, she noticed Jasper and Emmett. She eyed Emmett up and down. Emmett, I noticed, was just staring at her like he wanted to eat her or something. After they finished their staring contest they introduced themselves.

"Hi, I'm Rosalie Hale." She stuck her hand out for him to shake. He took it and introduced him and Jasper.

"Well, this is Jasper and I'm Emmett."

"Nice to meet you," Rosalie spoke. Emmett was about to say something but Jasper beat him to it.

"Yeah, oh Emmett did you forget to mention something to her?" He was looking smug.

"No, "he hissed towards Jasper, "I didn't." Emmett caught what Jasper was trying to do. Even I could see that Emmett liked Rosalie in more than just a 'let's just be friends' way. Just as Emmett had silently told Jasper he couldn't do anything about Alice because he was 'gay', Jasper is now repaying him the favor by doing the same.

"You know…?" Jasper said.

"Jasper, don't!" Emmett yelled but Jasper ignored him.

"Emmett, here," he jabbed his thumb in Emmett's direction. "He takes a liking after guys. That's right, Emmett's gay, he finally came out of the closet." Rosalie looked shocked and Emmett embarrassed while Jasper fashioned a smirk on his face.

"Really?" the shock still plastered on her face. Emmett bleakly nodded once.

"That's cool." her response wasn't what any of us thought she'd say.

"I'm sorry?" Emmett was obviously confused at her reaction.

"Hey I don't care what you do in your spare time. As long you're not a jerk or a serial killer, we'll get along just fine," she said with a small smile.

"So, what were you guys up to before I came along?" She asked after a moment.

"They were unpacking and having something to eat. Would you guys want something to drink?" Alice said and then directed her question to us.

We nodded and followed her into the kitchen. She took out a pitcher of lemonade and tried to grab five glasses from the cupboard but she couldn't reach. I was about to go and help her when Jasper jumped in and grabbed them for her.

She thanked him and he just nodded. We got our drinks and when we finished, we had to start unpacking again.

"Hey Alice, which ones are our rooms?" I asked. It would be better to know otherwise we'd be searching through an unknown house.

"Oh, you'll know which ones are yours. All your stuff came in yesterday and we took the liberty of putting them in your correct bedrooms. They're also all on the third floor. Edward your room is the first bedroom you see. It'll be the closest one to the stairs by the bathroom which is across your room. You'll have to share it with Bella. I'm sharing one with Rosalie downstairs and Emmett and Jasper will share the other one upstairs. Emmett yours will be the second to last room in that hallway and Jasper yours is between Edward's and Emmett's. It shouldn't be too hard to find considering your names are on the door."

"Okay thanks. Let's go guys." We went to get our stuff from the front hallway and carried them up the stairs. As I reached the third floor I came across the first rooms where I saw my name.

I opened the door and saw it was painted a maroon color. I was amazed at what I was feeling just being in this room. It felt like I belonged here. The maroon color gave it a nice welcoming feeling and it didn't make it seem depressing at all. I saw the boxes I had packed and sent over earlier had gotten here and were neatly in a corner a bit close to my black leather couch.

I saw my bed with the red silk sheets and the deep red comforter. I set the couple of boxes I had, down and walked over to the bed to lay down. It had a nice smell to it, almost floral. I felt my eyelids start to droop.

I wasn't sure how long I was there for but I was woken up by something bouncing on my bed. I groaned as I opened my eyes. I looked out the windows by my bed and noticed the sun was still out so it wasn't night yet.

I looked back at whatever it was that woke me up and noticed it was Alice, my pixie Alice.

"Get up Edward!" she was jumping up and down on my bed even more. I was feeling so great on this bed that I didn't want to get off.

"Why?" I whined. Hey, don't judge me. I may be a guy but that doesn't mean I can't whine. Plus, the bed smells dreamy—if that's at all possible.

"Because I said so and because you need to unpack. We already helped the guys out and we've been talking…." She said glaring at me. Her arms folded across her chest trying to make her look tougher but the fact that she's short doesn't really help.

"Oh? What about?" I was trying to figure out what they told her—especially since she seemed mad at me.

"Don't 'oh?' me. Now is there anything you want to tell me?" she eyed me curiously trying to see if I was hiding anything.

"No, I don't think so." I said slowly trying to think about anything I should've mentioned to her but forgot.

"Oh really? How about the little fact that not only is Emmett gay, which I know because at least he was brave enough to tell us himself, but Jasper and you are as well." She seemed mad.

"Oh that." It was all I could say. I mean I wanted to tell her that I wasn't gay, that it was a bet. At least then I could get out of doing this before anyone else found out but I really didn't want to lose to Emmett or Jasper. Along with the fact that we can't really say anything, I was stuck.

"Yeah that! What did it slip your mind?" she said sarcastically.

"Actually yeah, it did. Plus the fact that I was sleeping does mean I was too tired to remember. And why are you so mad that I'm…– just like Emmett," I spoke. I couldn't say it. I couldn't even force myself to say that phrase, 'I'm gay'. I've got nothing against gay people but it's just not me. I can't handle pretending to be gay. And it'll be hard, which will make this bet all the more difficult.

She sighed and lay down next to me. She looked me in the eyes as she spoke. "Edward I'm not mad that you for being gay. If you're happy living your life that way then fine. But the fact that you couldn't even tell your little sis about it, hurts me. It's like you didn't even trust me with your secret." She said sadly and in a soft low voice.

"Oh Ali, I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. But it just recently just happened. I haven't exactly had a lot of time to think about how to tell people." Okay, not a complete lie. It was more along the lines of, I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone about it because if I did not only would I lose the bet, but I'd sound like an idiot for trying to go to such extremes just to teach Emmett a lesson.

"I forgive you…Well I suppose that does explain it." She said, I think, to herself. She giggled to herself.

"Explain what?" I eyed her suspiciously.

"Well, dear brother I wouldn't exactly call you sociable. Even in high school, you'd ignore all the girls. If any would ask you out you'd look disgusted but politely turn them down. The only women you talked to were, mom and I. I thought there was something wrong but after a while I just figured that you were probably gay but hadn't figured it out yourself." She responded with a shrug.

I was baffled. She really though I was gay? Was I really like that? I didn't really think much about girls in high school. I was always concentrated in my studies, trying to learn as much as I could to be a doctor. The girls in school weren't even my type. I'm not usually picky but I just want a girl that would actually hold a conversation not caring for the latest trend in fashion or a pair of shoes that might be on sale. Just a smart, funny, intelligent girl. Simple request.

"So how was your sleep? She asked after my silence.

I sighed and deeply inhaled the scent in my bed. "Heavenly. What did you wash my sheets in? They smell so good." I said. The scent was making me feel at peace once again.

Alice shook her head. "I didn't wash you sheets. I didn't even put your stuff up here. If it were up to me, your stuff would've stayed downstairs by the door until you came."

"Gee you're so nice, Alice." I sarcastically said.

"Hey!" she sounded a bit offended.

"If you didn't do any of this, then who did?" I asked.

"Oh well, that was all Bella. She was trying to make you guys feel as comfortable as possible so she washed all your clothes and bed sheets. She made your bed so when you got here, you wouldn't be doing so much work to unpack. You'd see that she put all of your clothes in your closet if you looked." She pointed her finger at the closet. "She even painted all of your rooms. Kind of a welcoming gift, really. Well, I suppose that what it'd look like to anyone else. But really it's just her being Bella."

I was shocked to say the least, that Bella would do this. I mean she doesn't even know us and yet she's already being so nice. "Wow that was so nice of her. But you should've have strained her so much, I'm sure she had her own things to do. And what kind of friend are you, making her do all this for us?! I feel unworthy of her kindness." I was a bit worried how Bella was. I mean, doing this for strangers that you nearly nothing about doesn't really sound like something done on a regular basis. She must've been tired after doing this for us.

"Well, I'm didn't make her do anything, Edward. Bella insisted on doing this. She said she felt the need to thank you in some way. I don't know why though. Plus Bella is like that. Once you meet her, you'll see she has this thing about her. She's the best person to have around. She's loving and caring and she's always there for you. She has a constant need to please the people that love her. Though what she doesn't know is that just being around her is enough to make us happy."

"You must really love her. You make her sound like this special person. I feel like I already know her from all the stuff I've learned today, and I haven't even met her yet!" I exclaimed.

"She's great! She really is! She just doesn't see it herself. She can be a bit shy sometimes." Alice was smiling to herself. "She can be so clumsy, tripping and falling all over the place. Ha-ha, she even blushes deep scarlet in embarrassment. It's so cute."

"Alright I think we better stop with the Bella love fest. I think I'd rather wait to meet her otherwise I'm going to start to think that she's just a figment of yours and Rosalie's imagination." I teased her.

"Fine, then get up." She told me. But I didn't want to get up in fear that the scent would dissipate. The clean sheets just kept calling me back down as I got further and further away from it. Once I was fully up I had to do something.

After Alice left the room, I noticed the plugged clock by my nightstand and saw it was 4:15 in the afternoon; which meant I must've slept for about 4 hours or so. I guess I was more tired then I thought.

I started to unpack my stuff from the boxes. I notice that some boxes were missing from the stack by the couch. I looked in the closet and noticed that my clothes were indeed hanging there. I looked down and saw that the boxes were empty and they were the ones that contained my clothing. Instantly I remembered that Bella had done so much for us and all we had done in return was move in here with them.

Once I met her, I knew I'd have to thank her. I had no idea what she'd want to thank me for, I didn't do anything.

After 45 minutes I finished packing I laid down on my couch and noticed the same smell was on here too. Hmm, odd? I thought. I decided to join everyone downstairs.

I noticed the guys playing Guitar Hero, both standing in front of the screen with their guitars rocking out. It seemed that Emmett was winning and Jasper didn't like his gloating.

"Hey guys, where'd you get stuff that?" I was curious how they got it. I knew Alice would never play something as trivial as videogames.

"Edward, can you believe it?! Apparently Bella and Rosalie both like to challenge each other all the time. Are these girls awesome or what?!" Emmett bellowed.

"Wow. That's surprising." And it was I've never heard of girls actually into videogames like Guitar Hero, it's always about shopping with them. "Where are the girls?" I asked as I noticed that they weren't in the living with Emmett and Jasper.

"Oh, they're in the kitchen." Jasper answered.

I walked into the kitchen only to be greeted by a pouting Alice sitting by the island and Rosalie by the stove making tea.

"Well look who finally decided to grace us with his presence," Rosalie said with a smirk.

"It's nice to see you too again, Rosalie." I walked towards Alice and sat down next to her on the island. "So what are you guys doing?"

"Just talking about our next shopping trip." She said as I rolled my eyes. Of course it was shopping. Alice and her freaky obsession with shopping always got the best of her. I bet she even has her own parking space considering the hours she spent in the mall, the last time I saw her.

Alice's expression changed for a minute there. "Hey Alice you okay?" Rosalie asked her.

"Yeah," she shook her head. "It's just that I don't know if I was supposed to remember something, but I feel like I should." She said looking down trying to find something.

"Hey Edward, what time is it?" she asked me. I was confused, what did that have to do with anything?

"Umm, a little after five in the afternoon, why?" I wondered.

Her eyes widened in realization. "Oh my god, I forgot about Bella!"

"What about Bella?" Rosalie said.

"Duh! Remember? Her car died last week so now she has no ride home! I mean you drove her to work Rosalie, how could you forget?!" she shrieked.

"Oh yeah, I guess it slipped my mind." She said looking down meekly scratching the back of her head.

"Uh, Edward could you do me a favor?" she asked shyly like she was afraid I'd say 'no'.

"Sure." I shrugged.

"Could you go pick up Bella?" I nodded. "Thank you!" She launched herself at me locking me in a tight hug. For a tiny thing she sure packs a punch.

"Ali, it's no problem, it's the least I could do." and it was. They gave us a place to stay; doing them favor was at least something to balance things out again.

"Okay, well she works at the Starbucks. Her shift ends at 5:15. Oh, here's the address and the keys to your Volvo. The car's around the back." she said handing me a piece of paper and my car keys.

"Um, Alice one problem." She looked at me confused. "I have no idea what Bella looks like."

"Right! She has wavy brown hair, brown eyes, about 5'4. Skinny and pale skinned. Just give her your name and mention to her that you're my brother and she'll believe you." She said rather quickly.

"Okay, brown hair and brown eyes. Got it!" I nodded my head.

"Alright now go move your behind!" she exclaimed nearly pushing me out of the kitchen and to the door.

"Kay, I've got to go, bye!" I ran out the door and went around the back to find my Volvo there. I opened the door and pull it in reverse. As I got out I drove to the coffee shop. I looked at the clock and it read 5:12. I had three minutes to get there. I sped up a little more and then slowed down a bit to look at the piece of paper with the address in it.

Once I found my way to Starbuck and I swiftly got out of the car. I looked down at my watch and saw that it was 5:22. Crap! I hurried to the entrance door. When I wasn't looking I knocked into a girl. The impact knocked her off her feet and she almost fell to the floor. But before she could, I slipped my arms around her waist.

She felt so warm and when I looked down at her I saw the most beautiful face. Her face was heart-shaped and her skin was porcelain white. Her skin felt so smooth as her shirt rode up and my hands touched the exposed skin. It was then I felt an electric shock go through me. Her lips looking luscious and plump and I stared at them for a while.

Her hair was a wavy chocolate brown that felt like silk. Her eyes were closed shut as she was expecting the impact and hit of the floor. Once she realized she wasn't going to hit the ground her eyes opened. I was met with the most beautiful eyes. They were deep brown orbs that I kept falling into as they held my gaze.

After a few moments of staring into each others eyes, she dropped her eyes down and started to blush. Even her blush was beautiful. The blood rushing to her cheeks created a rosy color that looked lovely on her. She started to stand up straight, in which I followed lead and released her from my arms.

As my arms brushed against her skin I felt the same shock go through me. I had never felt it before and had no idea what it meant. Even as I let her go I felt my arms miss her warmth and they went limp at my sides.

"I'm sssoo s-s-sorry," she stuttered looking embarrassed. "I'm extremely clumsy and have really bad luck." She looked down and her hair fell to create a small barrier.

I chuckled at her embarrassment. She looked so adorable. Her cheeks turned a scarlet red. I grabbed her chin and lifted her head up to make her look at me.

"It's alright. I wasn't looking. I'm the one at fault." I told her giving her a small smile. She shook her head.

"No, you're not," she looked down at her watch and noticed the time. "Oh no!" she looked back at me with widen eyes. "I'm sorry. I've got to go. Again, sorry!" she yelled as she ran into the crowd of people walking around.

"Wait—"I tried to say but it was too late. She was no where in sight. I sighed and walked into Starbucks. I walked up to a guy whose name was Tim. He had sandy blond hair and looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties.

"Hello, how may I help you?" He said. It sounded like something he'd practiced.

"Um yeah, do you know where I could find Bella?" I asked him.

"Oh, sorry. Isabella's shift has already ended and she left a couple of minutes ago."

"Alright thanks." I left and walked back to my car. Once I was in the driver's seat I got out my cell phone and called Alice.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hey Ali it's me Edward." I responded.

"Hey Edward, did you find Bella?" she asked.

"No, actually. It seems she left already. Sorry," I said.

"It's alright. As a matter-of-fact, I just remembered that she has to go to her other job today afterwards. I'm sure Angela probably gave her a lift. Sorry, I forgot. You can come home now though." She told me.

"Okay, bye." I hung up the phone after saying my good-bye. During the drive home I kept thinking about the girl I bumped into. Her soft skin, the full lips, the silk hair and brown eyes that stared at me like chocolate orbs looking right into my soul.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! You should've asked for her name. Or at least given her yours!

What good would it do?!

At least then I'd have a name to add to the face.

Well, it's not like you'd be able to do anything about it. The bet, remember?

I knew which side won out. But I also knew I wouldn't forget her face. I'm starting to hate this stupid bet.

Even though I wouldn't get a chance to pursue anything with her. I only hoped that I would see her again. I would count on the moment I would once again see her and hopefully by then this stupid bet would be over.

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