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Previously on From Straight to Gay?

He broke out an evil grin and looked as if he was about to laugh evilly. I didn't like it one bit. "Well then, let's play a game shall we?"

Crap, what have I gotten myself in?

Chapter 4



My eyes were closed, from the deep sleep I had finally gotten and I wanted it to stay that way. But of course it didn't. The faint smell of wild strawberries attacked my senses, and I breathed it in deeply. I hugged my pillow, which seemed to have the scent on it, and sighed in contentment. I felt relaxed, as in truly relaxed in years.

Medical school had brought out a lot of stress and made me practically insomniac. Staying up to study for the MCAT's, making sure I passed the first time around, really took a toll me. I don't regret going and doing what I had to, because I knew saving lives was more important than catching a few more hours of sleep.

I laid on my back, looking at the ceiling as I let the scent wash over me. I swear the smell of strawberries made my mouth water (seeing as it was my favorite fruit) and I realized that since I was already up I might as well have breakfast.

I changed first, slipping on clothes, seeing as how I was only wearing boxers (summer nights can be very hot in Connecticut apparently) and went to the bathroom across the hall. I grabbed my green toothbrush, which was placed right next a dainty blue one (Bella's I assumed) and brushed my teeth. For some reason I felt an odd thrill go through me as I had seen my toothbrush next to hers. I quickly dismissed it though.

After finishing I attempted to tame my hair. I say attempt because it seemed my hair had a mind of its own and wouldn't listen to me. I sighed in frustration, dropping my arms to my sides and gave up. I looked at the small clock and noticed it was still pretty early. I knew that no one would be up at this hour. I walked out of the bathroom and went downstairs.

I passed Bella's room and noticed her door was ajar. I closed it, thinking maybe she had gotten up late at night to go to the bathroom or something, and had forgotten to shut it. As I slowly walked down into the living room I thought of what I should do today or if there was anything I had to do.

Seeing as how I don't know the Hartford area, I didn't have much to go on. My thoughts strayed to Bella and wondered what she'd have to do today. Did she have work or a day off? Would she hang around me, I mean us (remembering Emmett and Jasper) or would she choose her other friends' company? I shook my head to try and forget that last one.

I didn't understand this strange attraction to her and I don't think I wanted to. I never felt this way about any female, even the ones I politely listened to trying to be a gentleman -instead of a jerk- so they'd leave me alone. I was raised to listen to women and treat them with respect. Esme and Carlisle both taught me how to be a gentleman and how to properly love a woman.

If only I could be even remotely be attracted to one. At least that's what I thought at the time. Or well, up until yesterday. I wasn't an idiot, I knew many women were very pretty, beautiful even, but it wasn't the same. The fakeness they'd instill in themselves with the snotty attitude, blonde-dyed hair and silicone breasts made it fallacious. They desperately demanded attention and latched onto the first guy that gave it to them. I pitied them, but was often disgusted when it was aimed at me.

Bella wasn't like that. In the short twelve hours that I had known her and spoken with her in conversation, I had noted that she was different. She held herself when she spoke and didn't seem to take nonsense from people. But I guess that had to do with growing up with Rose and then moving out to live on her own.

I had yet to find out what it was that happened in those five years she was on her own, but I wouldn't push it. I would never ask because I wouldn't want to force her to tell me. If she wanted to she'd tell me (and everyone else) on her own. As I remembered of all that had transcribed between us from the first moment we met I found myself rather close with her. It felt rather strange since it hadn't even been twenty-four hours yet.

Bella was a peculiar creature. I had never met anyone who spoke like her. Even though I knew she was only twenty-two (something I found out from yesterday's conversation in the kitchen) she seemed well beyond her years. Not to mention she was funny, amazing, and extremely beautiful.

As I walked through the living room, I headed straight to the kitchen when something caught my eye.

Well, speak of the angel and she shall appear.

There standing in the kitchen, was Bella. She was still wearing her white wife beater and blue shorts as well as a blue apron. The strings were wrapped around her waist and went all the way around and back to the front where it was tied in a knot. She didn't notice me standing there watching her. She was humming some tune and dancing, moving her hips a little. I was…mesmerized.

I couldn't keep my eyes off her as she moved with grace around the kitchen. She seemed to be at ease and carefree. Of course, the smell of breakfast woke me slightly. Instantly, I broke my gaze from her. I couldn't believe how I was acting. I felt like it very ungentlemanly of me to be observing her without her knowledge.

I almost felt like Emmett there. Any longer and I swear my eyes would've probably attached themselves to her body for all eternity. I believe the term Emmett called it was 'eye-fucking'. Though I know it never got to such an extent I couldn't help but feel like I was. Maybe I was over-exaggerating or maybe not. I've never felt like this and I didn't know what was what.

When I looked back up I noticed that she was making plenty of breakfast and had yet to see me. I cleared my throat to catch her attention and to stop berating myself over what I may or may not have been doing but a few minutes ago.

It seemed to be like a stupid thing to do because it startled Bella and in her attempt to see me behind her she slipped in the process. As if my own body already knew what to do, I ran up to her and caught her by the waist. I was instantly reminded of yesterday and how we met, when Bella had commented that she was a lummox kind of person.

I chuckled, thinking that perhaps she was right on the clumsy front. As my arms were around her waist warmth radiating from her, her hands latched onto my upper arms. She still had the spatula in her hand and she was breathing rather quickly. Her breath hit my clavicle and I shivered slightly. It felt….good.

I quickly turned my attention to her and laughing I said, "Why do we keep greeting each other like this?"

She blushed, probably thinking about inability to stand on her two feet. I laughed at her reaction.

"Because I'm such a klutz and because the ground and I have a constant war. So far, he's winning 2 to 0. I mean, you're not exactly helping me here when you sneak up on me," she babbled rather cutely. I smiled, thinking perhaps she was embarrassed at herself.

"You're cute when you rant, do you know that?" I told her. And she was. She was cute when she raved, trying to take the embarrassment off of her. At my words, she blushed yet again. More blood rushed to her cheeks and something made me think she wasn't used to compliments like that.

The blush that rushed the blood to her cheeks accentuated her porcelain skin and made her look exquisite. She seemed to glow right in front of my eyes and I nearly didn't want to let go.

"And so is that blush…" I admitted without thinking. She seemed to scramble to get out of my arms. I let her go thinking I may have possibly overstepped my boundaries.

"So what are you doing up so early?" I heard her ask me. I barely noticed her voice was a little shaky.

"I couldn't sleep much. Thought it was a good enough time to wake up, seeing as how it's 6:30 in the morning. What about you?" I answered back after looking at the hour on the stove in neon green.

"Well, as you can see, I'm making breakfast. I'm hoping the guys will take my apology for my behavior yesterday during dinner. Plus, ever since the two shopaholics found out about my ability to cook, I'm the designated chef," she replied. She didn't need to do that, the guys understood. But I was slightly worried about what she did to take care of my sister (such as cooking).

As I leaned on the refrigerator I voiced my question. "Don't you mind that they're using you for your abilities?"

She shrugged before responding. "Not so much. I mean, I get to cook, which is what I went to school for so I get to practice. And if I don't your royal highness Alice will fuss and then she'll pout and effectively get me to so whatever she wants."

I laughed in agreement. I remember Alice doing that to me when we were younger in order to get me to do something for her. I'd often fight her, refusing to listen to her but once she unleashed the Pout, it was like unleashing hell. "True."

As if my body had a mind of its own, I moved closer to Bella. I could smell her freesias and strawberry scent and couldn't help but associate it to the scent that lingered on my bed. I couldn't stop and found myself right behind her. I was so close that the scent was strong and the heat she emitted was welcoming.

"So what are you making now?" I found myself asking. I could feel her body move, shivering as my breath hit her neck. I was close enough to feel her heartbeat and I could feel it increase. It made my own body react in ways that were unknown to me. Her breathing quickened and after a while it slowed down while mine still moved rapidly.

"Chocolate pancakes," she said. I don't know what I doing or what had brought this on but I was starting to clear my head. I forced myself to clear it. I couldn't be like this. I moved away from her, ashamed with myself for being so forward. What must she think of me? I was horrified to think that Bella might see me in a different light, in light of what had just happened. True, it wasn't like I was humping her leg, but it still didn't seem right. Already I was building a strong attraction to her.

"Can I help?" I asked hoping my tone didn't reveal my nervousness. What if she wanted to kick me out?

I really did want to get to know her. I just hope that she didn't think badly of me now.


I kept myself at a distance from Bella, not wanting to go out of my mind and act any more like an idiot. Silently we worked on breakfast and the silence wasn't awkward, oddly enough. Once in a while our hands would touch and I'd feel a spark. I couldn't make sense of it. What does it mean?

When we finished she took off her apron and was about to leave when I asked her where she was heading.

"I'm going to wake the guys up." she replied. Before she could take many further away I called her name. She turned to me, wondering what I wanted.

"Um, be careful with Emmett. He sometimes likes to sleep naked. Just a warning." I said a little worried. I certainly didn't want her to see Emmett like that. "He might not be as gracious as to remember that he's naked. I remember it was not exactly my best mornings trying to wake him up." I shuddered in memory. Trying to wake drunk Emmett or Emmett just in general wasn't great. It didn't help he slept in the nude occasionally.

She nodded and proceeded to head upstairs. I was washing the dishes when I remembered that Emmett was a deep-sleep. She might need my help. I dropped what I was doing and bounced up the steps. When I got to our bedroom floor I heard a scream.

Assuming it was Bella (really, who else would it be?) I ran. I thought perhaps she'd headed to Emmett first and went towards his bedroom door. I tried listening in, to see if I could hear Bella in there. Nothing. There was no sound. I knocked on the door and opened it slightly, just enough to stick my head in. I prayed he wasn't naked. I had seen enough of him to scar me for life.

"Emmett? You screamed?" I called out.

"Edward? Help me!" I heard someone whisper frantically. I knew that voice. Bella. I sighed, glad to have found her. I walked in and closed the door while I tried to see where she was.

"Bella? What are you doing?" I asked confused. I had found her on Emmett's bed. Why was she there?

"I was trying to wake him up!" she exclaimed, not whispering. It didn't matter because Emmett slept like a bear in hibernation.

"Oh… well, I heard a scream and I thought maybe he was naked again." I looked at Emmett thinking maybe I missed his lack of clothes. Luckily he had boxers on, which was enough to placate me for now. "I can see that's clearly not the case. I also forgot to tell you that he's a heavy-sleeper."

"You know, that information would've been helpful a couple of minutes ago." she said a little annoyed. And God help me but I still thought she looked cute. Her eyes widened as if she realized something and she said frenzied, "Edward, help me. And hurry!"

As I got closer I asked her what was wrong.

"I'm, umm, feeling his, thing poking behind me." she said blushing. I seemed to be distracted by her blush that I didn't understand the situation.

"Oh. Oh!" I darted towards the bed, trying to get him off her once I finally understood. I swear I could feel an emotion overtake me and I could possibly not be held for my actions. I wanted to rip Emmett's arm away from Bella's waist. "Emmett, wake up!" I yelled at him.

Get your hands off her! A voice in my head yelled.

He didn't stir from his slumber but rather kept making provocative noises.

Yeah, you'll be making those noises later on…when I beat the ever-loving snot out of you! The same voice screamed at him.

I kept trying to pry his arms away but the thing about Emmett is, not only is he a deep sleeper, he's also one of those people that are even stronger in their sleep. Emmett was already too strong against all of us. This just made increased his strength even further.

"Edward, help! God, this is embarrassing…" I heard Bella say as Emmett seem to be increasing his movements, as well as his noises.

I shook my head in frustration. "I'm trying but Emmett's stiff as a rock." I told her. Emmett's muscles seemed to unmoved by our attempts to get him off of Bella and whatever emotion I felt just kept heightening.

"Ha! You're telling me…." I heard her mutter.

Mother fucker! The voice bellowed.

I couldn't distinguish the deep growl that was released between the voice and me. I couldn't wait to beat the shit out of Emmett for this. And I thought I was acting ungentlemanly?! This just took the cake.

"Aw, Fuck…" I said as I gave up trying to take his arms away but rather smother him with his own pillow.

Maybe we can kill him, make it seem like an accident and nobody will have to know…. I could hear the voice in my head say, trying to coax me.

I kept smothering him and beating him with the pillow. I would've punched him in the face but I don't think Bella would appreciate seeing me kill Emmett if I couldn't hold myself back.

I could feel my fury reach its boiling point when Emmett decided to fucking release. And I don't mean on his hold on Bella. I growled and threw the pillow away. Enough of this!

I decided to risk it and put my arm around Emmett's neck. I began choking him the ever-loving life out of him.

How dare he?! That should've been us, commented the voice…pouting?!

I agreed on the first part, but most definitely not the second. I was a gentleman. I would never impose myself on Bella like that. Emmett didn't seem to know up from down on how to treat any woman right.

"Emmett! Wake the fuck up!!! Emmett, for the love of all things holy, if you don't fucking wake up right now I'll physically assault you and I'll scratch your precious car!!!" I threatened, not caring about my language at the moment. I was livid.

Finally the brute decided to grace us with his presence and he had no idea of what had occurred. He seemed confused out of his mind but that didn't lessen the anger that boiled in me. When I saw his dwindling grip on Bella I took my shot and snatched her away from him.

I pulled her off the bed, gently. Even though I was pissed off at Emmett I couldn't bring myself to feel any of it when I was near Bella. I certainly wasn't mad at Bella so there was no reason to be angry.

I pulled her closer to me and hugged her trying to comfort her. "Bella, are you alright?" I asked concerned. I swear to go if he so much as harmed her…. I looked at Emmett and glowered at him. I was still pissed at him.

Emmett saw the wet spot on Bella's back. "Bells, why is your back wet? Did you –" he stopped, his eyes widening, as he finally realized what had occurred. "I didn't….did I?" I suspected he finally got on the right train. About. Fucking. Time.

"Yeah, Emmett…you did. Anything you want to say?" I snarled. I avoided touching the spot when I hugged Bella tightly. I noticed she was blushing, embarrassed and I wanted to comfort her. Plus for some reason I felt possessive.

Mine! Mine! Mine! The voice chanted at Emmett while trying to scratch his eyes out and cut off his dick.

Emmett scratched the back of his head in embarrassment as he blushed. "Oh, well…I… I was dreaming. I didn't know…I am soooo sorry, Bella." he looked really embarrassed. Good. He deserved worse.

Bella, bless her soul, chose to forgive Emmett. I, on the other hand, wasn't going to be so lenient.

Emmett looked down, hopefully ashamed of his actions, when he saw the stain on his pants and his eyes quickly darted somewhere else. I smirked. That's right asshole….

"I think we should leave Emmett to clean up his mess. Maybe he could also get ready and head downstairs, so I could talk to him about something." I spoke directly at Emmett, my voice tight with the lengths I was going to suppress such anger.

Emmett understood how I was feeling. "Yeah, I'll uh, see you guys downstairs. Once I…change and all that. Again, I'm so sorry Bella. Honestly I had no idea." He said knowing what was coming. I quickly led Bella out of that room and once we were outside again I asked her if she was alright.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You know, I don't really like Emmett that way. I saw him as a brother. This was just weird and embarrassing." She responded. A part of me was satisfied with her answer and I sighed in relief.

"Well, that's good. If he'd hurt you I was going to have to dismember his car. It's like his lifeline. I'm sorry I couldn't get you out in time, you know before he…" I said feeling rather strange. I felt like I should've tried harder to get Emmett off her. In a way I let her down when she needed me. And it pissed me off.

I told you we should've killed him the voice taunted.

If only I hadn't let her go wake him up…

Bella tried to lighten the situation by offering her own words to complete my sentence. It worked. I laughed at how easy she seemed to be taking it. She even forgave him. She was just assaulted by a bear of a man in his sleep and she lets it go. I could tell she was the forgiving kind.

"Yeah, that. I'll make sure nothing like that happens again." I promised. And this time I was going to make good on my promise. No other man was going to do that, unconscious or not.

I looked at her and noticed the blush on her cheeks. She still seemed embarrassed and I couldn't help myself but touch her skin. I placed the palm of my hand on her blushing cheek, staring intently at her. I used my thumb to rub the area where blood was rushing the most to produce such a lovely blush. I couldn't stop myself from placed a delicate kiss on her forehead. I could feel the spark again and I so wished to understand it.

I didn't want to leave her but knew I'd have to. "Go get changed and wake the rest up. I have to go and make sure Mr. Wet Dreams doesn't eat all of breakfast." And give him a little talk to make sure he keeps it in his pants.

I let her go and went downstairs, seeing her enter the bathroom we both shared. As I reached the kitchen I made an effort to calm myself down some. I wasn't doing any good keeping anger as company. I washed the rest of the dishes that had left before I had gone to help Bella wake Emmett.

Only for her to end up nearly molested by him, the voice interjected.

My grip on the plate tightened and I struggled to take a deep breath and relax. It worked and I felt my tense shoulder slump from their pose. I sighed and rinsed the plate, placing it on the drying rack.

When I was done I heard someone's steps getting closer, into the kitchen. I tensed up once more, thinking it was probably Emmett. "Emmett?" I said, my voice was audibly tight.

"No, man," the person said. I turned around and relaxed. It was only Jasper.

"What's up with you?" he asked me, having noticed my earlier tense posture.

"Emmett," was all I said.

He shook his head. "Alright then, what did he do this time?" Jasper knew that Emmett commonly got into trouble. I usually let most of it go, but this was taking it too far and Jasper saw that.

"More like, who did he do this time?" I replied.

"Huh?" he said confused.

"This morning Bella went to wake Emmett up. I warned her that he may be naked, 'cause you know…" I trailed off. Jasper shuddered, understanding. "Anyways, I had forgotten to tell her he's a deep-sleeper and when I got up there, he had somehow gotten ahold of her. He was still asleep and clearly having a vulgar dream. He started to dry hump Bella, he was only in his boxers, mind you –"

"Wait a second, what the fuck?" Jasper interjected, his eyes widened in shock.

I nodded. "Yeah I know. So I tried to pry him off of her, and the oaf and his strength wouldn't let me. Apparently he doesn't wake up until after he finishes the dream, which meant he…" I grimaced, not wanting to even finish that sentence.

Jasper's jaw dropped open. "No way. You mean he…." He trailed off, laughing. "My god, we thought he was enough of a danger awake. Women will have to be watching themselves even when he's asleep now. Nothing is safe from that man." He commented.

I nodded swiftly.

"Well man that still isn't right. Poor Bella." he shook his head slowly.

"Yeah. Hey do you want anything?" I asked, changing the subject.

He nodded. "Could you pass the orange juice?" he asked.

I went to the fridge and took the carton of orange juice. Closing the fridge door I turned back to Jasper placing a cup and the carton on the table. As we stood there in silence I realized it had been well over enough time for the girls and Emmett to get down here.

"What's taking them so long?" I voiced to no one. I decided to go check on them. "Jasper I'm going to go check on the girls." I informed him.

He nodded, taking a sip of his OJ and he got off his stool, following me.

As we got to the girl's bedroom floor we bumped into Emmett, who was coming from our floor. I chose to ignore him for now and he followed us, most likely wanting to know what it was we were doing.

I had no idea in which room they were in, so when we went to Bella's room first and got nothing, we went to Alice's next door. We got a shocking view. Bella was on Rosalie restraining her hands with her own and Bella's dark brown hair provided a shield for them. We couldn't see what they were doing exactly. I knew that it was Rosalie because streaks of straight blonde hair were mixed in with wavy brown.

We all cleared our throats, hoping to catch their attention and that was a stupid move. Not only did they see us there but we caught quite a…view. Emmett of course was only thinking of one thing and was already sporting a hard-on.

I barely noticed that Jasper wasn't looking at either of them but rather at Alice. I couldn't seem to make myself look away. When Bella had lifted her head to see us in the doorway, her hair moved out of the way and her breast came into view. Hers were pressed to Rosalie's but I didn't even notice Rose there. I only had eyes for Bella.

And dear God in heaven, the combination of the sight of Bella's breasts, her lovely chocolate eyes staring at me, and the blush that appeared on Bella's cheeks, which only spread down her neck and near her breasts made me hard. For the first time in my life (yeah, shocker), I had an erection. Bella's beautiful breasts were calling to me like a siren and I felt like I couldn't stop myself.

I clung to the door as if my life depended on it, because if I let go I might do something that would be perceived as inappropriate. I dug my fingers into the wood, leaning on the doorway, and I could feel my fingers go numb from the pressure that I was applying to keep myself in check. I had to be a gentleman but the man in me, that seemed to have awoken for the first time, was telling me to go over there and take her.

"What are you guys doing here?" I distantly heard Alice ask. Jasper answered her, seeing as how I couldn't even speak. If I tried I'm pretty sure the first thing that would come out would be a moan because Bella's luscious bosoms were moving with every breath she took.

When Bella realized that we weren't speaking, but rather staring, she looked down to notice where our attentions were held. Embarrassed, she blushed even redder and I held back a groan. When had I become a horny fifteen-year-old boy?

Bella hastily got off Rose (who I still hadn't noticed) and moved off the bed, fixing her clothes and stammering. As she did that I took the time to calm myself down, but off course I was still hard. Emmett being the big idiot that I've come to know as spoke the first thing that came to mind.

"Wow. Why didn't I get a wake up call like that?"

"Because you fucking assaulted her, you ass!!" I said hitting Emmett in the back of the head. What he had done to Bella was coming back to my mind and it helped calm my state of mind, enough to let me think straight.

Emmett complained and I was glad he got a little pain. "Good…" I muttered lowly.

Rosalie told us they'd be down in a sec. and closed the door on us, not giving us a chance to say anything. We all went downstairs awaiting their arrival and I worked on being a gentleman again. I couldn't believe I had acted like that. I blatantly stared at her chest, like I was a horn-dog. I was most certainly not raised to be a pervert.

While I had the time, I took the opportunity to chat with Emmett. "Emmett," I called out.

"Yeah," he said sighing, knowing what I was going to say.

"What the hell was that earlier?"

"Look man, that wasn't my fault. I had no idea. It's not a big deal." He tried to explain calmly.

"No big deal?! You were practically marking your territory!" I yelled at him throwing my hands in the air.

"I was not marking my territory. I didn't even know what I was doing. I was just having a dream."

"It still wasn't right, man. Bella's a cool girl. Who knows what she thinks of you now?" Jasper commented. I was glad for his back-up.

"Shut it, Jasper. What's it to you anyways?" Emmett shot back at me.

"She's a woman and you don't treat her like that. Unconscious or not, you still forced yourself on her." I told him, ignoring the feeling I was having.

"It wasn't even about her. The dream was about Rosalie." He said, as if that solved everything.

"Great! So while you dream about one sister, you dry hump the other? Smooth, Emmett." I said sarcastically. I could see Jasper trying to hide a snicker at Emmett.

"You know you're awfully protective of Bella, seeing as how you only met her twelve hours ago….You like her, don't you?" He had a glint in his eyes and he smirked looking smug.

I furrowed my eyebrows, pretending I didn't understand what he was trying to point out. "Of course I do. I think she can be a great friend for me. When I told her about being gay, thanks to that stupid bet, she didn't recoil from me. She welcomed me with an open mind. Not everyone is unbiased and it's hard to find someone like her." I said. Perhaps I had said to much because his grin got bigger.

"I knew it, you do like her. And I mean, like like her."

I sighed in frustration, trying to get him off topic. "What are you a third-grader?" I answered annoyed.

"Well, you're not denying it." he threw back at me.

"Emmett, I don't like her like that. And I mean, as you put it, 'like like her'." I mocked. I knew how to lie and if it was anyone like Alice I wouldn't have gotten away with it. Emmett seemed discouraged, so I think he believed my lie. But then again, it wasn't all a lie. I didn't know Bella well enough, not to mention long enough to like like her. Other than physically (apparently).

"Well just know I didn't do it on purpose, Edward. I didn't plot to have Bella in my bed."

"Yeah, I could tell by the rubber ducky boxers." I answered. Jasper snorted and nearly choked on his pancakes, from laughter.

"You can't tell me you've never had a sex dream." He argued.

I smirked. "Never." I answered honestly. But with the visions of Bella's bosom, something tells me I may just start. I shook my head, trying to rid myself of such thoughts.

"Man, Edward, you're such a prude. It's not like I meant for it to happen!" he told me.

I narrowed my eyes. "Well, just don't fucking do it again!" I yelled at him, hitting him hard on the head. I was cursing an awful lot today.

"Oww. Fine Eddie. But I was sleeping you can't hold it against me!" He yelled back.

"Don't call me Eddie, Emmy." I growled out. I loathed that nickname. And the fact that I was already pissed at Emmett didn't help. It was like he was trying to provoke me.

"Fine, fine. Edward." Emmett responded, holding his hands up in surrender. He went back to rubbing the back on his head and I moved away from him to the other side of the kitchen, as not to tempt myself to beat his ass like he deserves. Instead I just glared at him from afar.

A few seconds later Bella, Alice and Rosalie all came in. At the sight of Bella I relaxed. There was something about her that kept me calm and sane. "Hi Edward," she greeted me. She didn't seem to look like she had heard what had passed between Emmett and I, and I was grateful.

I instantly went to hug her and make sure she wasn't suppressing anything because of Emmett. " Bella, you okay?" I asked.

She looked confused. "Sure. Why?"

I told her I was worried about Emmett after-effects and when she said she was fine I looked into her eyes to see if she was lying.

"Granted I'll never see Emmett in the same light again." She continued. I took a glance at Emmett and saw he was uncomfortable and embarrassed.

"Yeah, but he practically raped or molested you." I argued.

Rose agreed with me and went over to Emmett, punching him in the arm, repeatedly. "No one fucking rapes my little sister."

"Mother fucker! Do you have fists of steel of something? Good god woman! Will everyone stop ganging up on me?" he complained while rubbing his arm. It looked like it hurt. Note to Self: Don't agitate Rosalie. Ever.

Bella chose that moment to defend Emmett. I couldn't believe she was protecting him.

"That's because he was only in his boxers." I decided to add.

"What?!" Rose yelled shocked. Apparently she wasn't informed of that little tidbit. She punched Emmett again on the other arm, much harder. Thought some part of me felt some sympathy for Emmett's pain, I couldn't help but be happy he wasn't going to forgiven so easily.

"WHAT THE FUCK?! Do you WANT my arms to fall off?" he yelled.

Yes, that's a good start the voice in my head from before said while rubbing its hands together, plotting.

To end Emmett's pain and suffering, caused by Rose, Bella offered to ban Emmett from this morning's breakfast. I wasn't so sure that was good enough but agreed when Bella threw in lunch.

I ordered Emmett out of the kitchen and he left grumbling and huffing saying that he'd play Guitar Hero. When we dug in, compliments were given to Bella and I couldn't agree more. She responded by saying that I helped but I didn't really do much. It was mostly all her. Alice seemed yet again shocked that I helped. I didn't know whether to be insulted or not.

I noticed she was staring at us rather strangely but let it go, thinking it was just Alice being Alice. Somehow we started talking about past experiences and we were all having a good time. A couple minutes later Alice had pulled me aside.

"What is it Alice?" I asked her.

"Why did you tell her?" she said, making no sense.

"Why did I tell who what?"

"Bella. Why did you tell her about, you know…being homosexual?" she said looking sad.

"Would it have been better if I didn't?" I said confused, as my eyebrows furrowed.

She shook her head. "No. but I mean you were able to tell her and not me."

Oh. I understood now. "Alice, I wanted to start our friendship on a clean slate. I think, no I know, she'll be a great friend for me. She didn't judge and she can actually hold a conversation. I like her." I told her.

She nodded. "Just…tell me the next time you decide to make a life-changing decision." She asked. I nodded, knowing that I would always trust Alice with something like that. I didn't like her thinking that just because we haven't been hanging out in five years that we're losing touch and I told her as such.

"Alice, you're my little sister. I trust you with my life. Don't ever think I wouldn't come to you. Just because we – I haven't had the time to hang out with you while I was at medical school doesn't mean we're drifting apart." She hugged me and I knew it was the right decision to come reconnect with Alice. It had been too long with her up-lifting spirit and I missed her.

When we went back into the kitchen I noticed something was different. "Hey, where'd Bella go?" I asked. I don't remember her leaving but then again I was paying such close attention to the stories. We all went looking for her and found her in the living room. She was on Emmett's back, both with a controller in their hands. She looked like she was having fun. It seemed as all was forgotten between her and Emmett.

I heard one of us clear their throats and we caught their attention. "What?" she asked us.

"What are you doing?" I distinctly heard Rosalie ask.

"Well at the moment…I'm kicking Emmett's ass in Mortal Kombat." Bella smiled as she won over Emmett (who was pouting). She looked so beautiful smiling and it occurred to me that she really did forgive Emmett. She wasn't one for grudges and I could see that. I couldn't believe she was real. Most people would react differently.

As Emmett whined about losing and Bella slid off of him gracefully onto the couch, I forgot nearly all about the occurrence this morning. I found the situation at hand rather amusing, mostly because he lost to a girl. Now I had nothing against the fairer sex, but Emmett did, at least when it came to sports and video games.

After some time Bella had reminded the girls that they needed to prepare for work and they rushed upstairs, while Bella stared wistfully. I considered the thought that maybe Bella was thinking about either work or something else more personal. However, I decided to make no such comment on the matter.

After a silent period in which Bella was left with just us guys alone, I decided to break it by asking of the girl's profession. Of course hearing that they were clothing designers made me feel utterly stupid because since Alice's love for clothing was so apparent, it would be no wonder she'd desire it as an occupation.

When Emmett commented about the girl's length in time to change for work, Bella explained that it was all about beauty. Mockingly, I noted. Beauty. Ugh. I hated what it was viewed as now.

Everyone worried about appearance. No one decided to take the time to see what one on the inside anymore. Hollywood, along with their celebrities, changed our view on what was beautiful, making everyone yearn for that perfection which was, of course, fictitious. Artificial beauty was what was "IN". Natural beauty was no longer appreciated.

I noticed that Bella was different because I knew girls always thought about shopping and dressing up with make-up, whereas Bella seemed to loathe it. Bella spoke of how she didn't like applying make-up to herself, reinforcing her idea that she was a tomboy and that that was why men didn't pay much attention to her.

I couldn't help but disagreed with that statement and feel a bit angry that men didn't take the time to see what a wonderful woman she was because from what I had gathered they didn't know what they were missing.

As the other guys agreed with me, complimenting Bella, she blushed my favorite blush. I had, in the short time, become addicted to her blushing to the point that I would do anything to see it. The strong unknown feeling was more than enough to freak me out but at the same time it made me feel calm. If only I knew what it was, because I knew for certain I had never felt this way and I didn't know if it was appropriate to be feeling it after just meeting her.

Hearing Bella talk about how she wasn't used to being complimenting almost made me blurt something out, something…that potentially could've succeeded in embarrassing me. Thankfully Alice and Rose came down all dressed and ready for work. Alice, looking beautiful as always, was talking to Bella about shopping, while attempting to place her heels on her feet, which was when I droned out partially.

I only resurfaced when I saw Bella searching the living room for something. When she found her bag I saw her pull out small pieces of paper. I questioned her on what they were seeing as how there were many of them.

When Bella explained that they were phone numbers given to her by the guys that attended the club she worked at I felt slightly disgusted. Perhaps she was not who I thought she was. I was also worried as to her safety in a club with grimy little men waiting to pounce on her on any given moment. I didn't understand the connection between the phone numbers and shopping either.

When she told me that Alice and Rose were doing it as free 'get out of jail' cards, only if she received more than two of her co-workers, I relaxed knowing it wasn't Bella's normal behavior. I felt slightly upset with myself for judging her actions so quickly. It seemed like this was a way for Alice and Rose to increase Bella's self-esteem and reassure her of her beauty. They would trade shopping trips for it so I knew they were desperate to make her see herself.

I thought it was a rather stupid way to do it though. Wouldn't it make her like her co-workers, by accepting numerous guys' phone numbers? I knew, however, that shopping trips with Alice were torture and I couldn't come to imagine what it'd be like with the addition of Rosalie. Taking the opportunity to trade shopping trips would be a chance anyone would take so I understood Bella. I wouldn't be lying if I said that I felt beyond elated to know Bella wasn't an over-confident women like many that I've met before.

I like Bella just the way she was. When I saw how she handled the situation with Alice I couldn't help but feel in awe. Alice had seceded and Bella hadn't even wavered from her stance. This was obviously very serious and Bella had Alice under her control, for the time being. There was obviously something special going on between Alice and Bella. But I couldn't place my finger on it.

Rose and Alice had to leave right after and when they exited the living room, the slamming of the door was audible. Everything was quiet until Emmett spoke up. He suggested something to do to Bella but his smile was rather suspicious.

Bella looked lovely as she just sat there on the couch. Her brown doe eyes excited at the prospect of doing something fun. Unfortunately, it was ruined when she got suspicious of Emmett's motives. I myself was more than worried. He wasn't known to be subtle. Blunt was more his style.

Not only that, but his games were….rather overwhelming. We learned the hard way, that playing Truth or Dare with Emmett isn't something you do unless you have a disturbing death wish. Beautiful Bella didn't need to be embarrassed so intensely before her day even starts.

I could see her eyes pierce at my very being as she glanced at Jasper and myself. Her eyes were silently asking if we knew Emmett's intentions. I was sad to report that I did not. I felt just as confused and wary of Emmett's objective as she did.

I could see her shoulders slump slightly as if dejected that she could not save herself from whatever fate Emmett had for her.

"Okay I'm going to ask you a series of questions and you must answer them honestly. I will then at the end of the trivial questions show my purpose. Okay?" Emmett said not noticing the silent interaction between Bella and us.

Bella nodded warily. "Fine…"

Emmett clapped his hands together loudly, rubbing them together and then smiled widely. "Awesome. Let's get started. Shall we?"

"First question: What is your full name?" he asked. We were all confused with the direction of his question. Bella seemed to relax knowing it was nothing embarrassing. But I knew better than to let my guard down around him. He had something up his sleeve. I just knew it.

"Isabella Marie Swan." She answered but it almost sounded like a question.

He nodded. "Good, good. Second question: How old are you?"


Third question: What are your parent's names?"

"Um, Renée and Charlie?" she answered as a question, not understanding why he asked that. I didn't see the objective with the questions either.

I saw Emmett's grin get wider as if he had just gotten to the reason for his questions.

"Alright. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth question: Twenty-two-year-old Isabella Marie Swan, child of Renée and Charlie Swan, how old were you when you first had sex? Was it any good? And what was his name?" he asked waggling his eyebrows up and down. I saw him smirk in my direction.

I couldn't believe he did this because of me. A part of me wanted to know the answer and another part didn't think I could handle knowing. I could see Bella turn pale and her eyes widened.

"I…um…you see…I've...uh, next question?" she struggled to get out.

"Nope. Answer please." Emmett said shaking his head. He seemed amused. Not by Bella reaction but rather my own. I really wanted to pummel him into the ground now. Not wanting to hear the answer I knew I had to do something.

"Well then, I've…look, I…uh." She sighed in frustration and ran a hand through her hair. She looked uncomfortable and unwilling to answer the question. I knew I had to take my chance now.

"Bella, I forgot. I need to talk to you about the thing in the thing." I rushed out, jumping to my feet. I couldn't think of a good reason at the time.

"Right, the thing." She said understanding that this was a shot to get out. I didn't give Emmett a chance to say anything and ran up the stairs with Bella in tow. I could hear Emmett guffawing in the background as we got away from him. We went straight to her room and I pulled her inside, shutting the door behind her.

"Sorry about that." I apologized on Emmett's behalf. Though it should be him doing it, not me.

"It's fine. Thank you, thank you, thank you." She said rather quickly. She launched herself at me, hugging me. I hugged her back, not wanting to waste a second of it.

"What for?" I asked looking down and touching her hair.

She blushed, removing herself from me. "Sorry" she muttered. "For getting me out of there. I was really uncomfortable with that. I wasn't sure how to answer." She looked down.

I looked at her confused. Unsure of how to answer? It seemed pretty easy to me, like a yes or no question. But then again I'm glad she didn't answer.

"It was nothing. I should've known Emmett would do something like that. It was my fault for not noticing earlier." I told her. After all, that smirk from Emmett pretty much said it all.

She shook her head. She walked to her bed and sat on one side. "So what do we do now?"

"I don't know. What do you want to do? Because I distinctly remember only saying I need to 'talk to you about the thing in the thing'," I mentioned.

She laughed. "Not very creative of you, was it?"

I smirked, moving to the other side of her bed. "Well, I couldn't exactly think of anything better to say."

"Well, we could talk about what you're going to do now that you're in Connecticut." She answered.

"See that's the thing. I don't have anything to do yet. It seems that I'm not needed at the hospital just yet. I have months before the doctor that I'm replacing leaves. I want to earn my keep here though. I don't know the area so I can't exactly suggest anything to do."

"Hmmm, well I could show you around some time. I know this area pretty well. As for earning your keep, well I'm afraid I'm going to have to refuse." She stated as a matter-of-fact.

"Why?" I felt unworthy of living here if I didn't earn it. I didn't like having things handed to me, even if I do come from money.

"You have done your part. That's all I can ask of you." She said ominously as she lay down on her bed and looked at the ceiling.

"My part? I don't understand." I admitted, lying down with her.

"Edward, you've made Alice happy. Happier than I've seen her since I've met her. It's means a lot to her to have you here and I'm glad. All I want for Alice is to be happy." She wore a lazy grin and her eyes shined with the truth in her words. I honestly believed, not because I wanted to be conceited or cocky that I was able to, apparently, make my sister happy with an appearance in her life, but rather because Bella knew what she was talking about and it was genuine.

"You know, that doesn't mean I won't stop trying. I am determined to earn my stay at this house and I don't back down from anything. Alice can vouch for me on that." I told her, turning my head to look at her.

"Yeah, well as you'll come to realize, I'm stubborn and Rosalie can most certainly vouch for me." she shot back playfully.

I smiled. "Alright, alright. So now what? Do we out hide out here, for who knows how long?"

"I actually have to go to work today, in a couple of hours." She informed me.

"Really?... The coffee shop?" I asked propping my head on one hand. She did the same to face me and nodded, causing her straight hair to bounce slightly.

"Do you think I could get a ride from you? I don't have a car yet and since Alice and Rosalie already left…" she trailed off.

"Of course, I would be glad to." I said quickly to assure her.

"Meanwhile we can just talk about that thing." She smirked.

"Ah, yes that thing." I grinned.

We talked aimlessly about anything that came to mind. We spent so much time together on her bed that we didn't' even notice that she had an hour till her shift at the coffee shop. While she ran to the bathroom upstairs I looked around her room. Normally to be polite I would've left to let her change at her own comfort but she insisted I stay.

I saw her impressive collection of books and music and I went with it. She had a range from classical to rock music, as well as in foreign languages. Such as Spanish, Latino/Hispanic, Portuguese, Italian, German, French…etc. I was astounded. She was rather multi-cultural.

I spent an extensive amount of time looking through her music collection, which I might add, could run circles around mine. I looked at her cluster of books, and I wanted to learn more about her. You can learn a lot about a person from their belongings, such as personal tastes.

As I glanced through them I noticed that she was a fan of the classics. She had a few modern books here and there and even science fictions as well. I gathered that Bella was one for diversity. It could explain her easy acceptance to my….situation. As I reached the last books on her shelf, I noticed a few that were rather quite hidden and they were pretty large books.

They looked familiar and I could've sworn that they were law books, like the ones Emmett and Jasper had from Harvard Law. I shifted closer to get a better look when Bella came into the room. I straightened up and moved away from the book shelf, still thinking about what I think I saw.

"Hey Bella," I said as she closed the door behind her. "Are you ready to go?"

She shook her head. "Not yet, I have to get my bag and a few things, then we can leave."

I nodded, "Um, give me a few minutes." I asked, looking down at my own attire. She laughed, just noticing as well.

"Sure," she grinned. I moved towards the door and left but not before flashing Bella a smile.

When I finished getting dressed in my room I walked out and went to Bella's. I wasn't sure where Emmett and Jasper were but I just hoped that they weren't in the living room. And I hoped that Emmett wasn't still waiting on an answer. Before knocking on her door I ran my hand through my hair hoping to fix it but I couldn't and I sighed in frustration. I heard a giggle and I looked to see Bella with a hand on her mouth.

"What?" I asked her. I had missed the joke.

She shook her head. "Nothing."

"Come on, tell me."

"It's just your face…" and she giggled again.

I lifted an eyebrow. "Yes, because that explains everything. Everyone always laughs at my face." I joked.

"No, you just look so cute when you're frustrated." Just after she finished saying that, she blushed when I smirked.

"Really? Maybe I should be frustrated more often." I answered playfully. She laughed and I laughed with her, because hearing her just makes me do that.

"What had you frustrated anyways?"

I sighed. "My hair, it won't behave."

"Yes, I can just see the untamed jungle within." She giggled. Shocked, would be the appropriate reaction I had when she came up to me and started playing with my hair. She ran her fingers through my hair, sending sparks of shock down my spine. It felt…amazing. Too soon for my taste she moved back and looked at her masterpiece. I was still reeling from her closeness and her lingering scent.

"There, is that better?" she asked looking right at me. I cleared my throat before speaking. I looked at my hair in one of the mirrors and I nodded.

"My hair seems to pay more attention to you than to me." I commented.

"Well, maybe you should come to me more often so I can fix it for you." She said.

I thought about that, even though I think she meant it as a joke. "I may take you up on it." I snuck a glance at her through my peripheral vision.

"Well, we should probably get going." She informed me as she headed downstairs. I followed behind her and when we reached the bottom of the staircase I saw Bella's eyes dart from side to side.

"They're probably not down there."

"What?" Bella said shocked to hear me.

"Emmett and Jasper. They've probably gone to their rooms to do some rearranging or something." I explained.

She nodded but I could still see that she was cautious. When she saw no one she relaxed and we headed towards the door. As we opened it we heard a voice behind us. We both froze.

"Hey, where are you guys going?" we turned around and relaxed our postures once we saw it was just Jasper.

"Oh, hey, I'm taking Bella to work, she needed a ride since Alice and Rosalie already left." I told him.

He nodded. "Alright. Emmett and I may not be here when you come back. We're going to go around and see if we can find a work space."

"Okay." I answered. I grabbed my keys and jacket, nearly forgetting them, and led Bella out of the house.

"Why do Jasper and Emmett need work space?" Bella inquired as we walked to my Volvo.

"They need it for their firm. They're lawyers." I told her as I opened her door for her. When she heard me she seemed to have frozen.

I walked around to the driver's side and when I placed my seatbelt on I noticed Bella was still unresponsive.

"Bella?" I said, waving my hand in front of her face. That seemed to break her from whatever stupor she was in.

"Lawyers?" she squeaked.

I was concerned and confused. "Um yeah, they attended Harvard Law School."

Her eyes widened. "W-what?" I nodded and when she looked out the window I could have sworn I heard her mutter 'Oh god.'

"What's wrong Bella? Have something against lawyers, or did you get in trouble with the law?" I teased her, trying to lighten her up. She seemed to have a strange reaction to hearing the lawyer news. It was starting to worry me.

She laughed (nervously?), shaking her head. "No. I think I would be the last person to ever get in trouble with the law."

When she seemed to be fine I pulled out and I drove her to work. We got there ten minutes before her shift and we just sat down at a table near the front. She didn't seem to bring up the topic from earlier and I let it go, deciding that maybe she was just shocked. I mean, one doctor and two lawyers move in with her, not to mention we're supposed to be "gay". It could be a lot to take in.

When her shift came I was going to get up to leave, when she told me she wanted me to stay for a while. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't glad to be in her presence longer. While she clocked in, I ordered a coffee so it didn't look like I was just taking up space and stalking a barista.

While I sipped my coffee and read a book from one of the bookshelves they had here, I took glance at Bella and smiled. She saw me and smiled back. She went back to working and I attempted to continue reading the book in my hand, but I felt the strangest urge to stare at Bella. When I looked up again from my book I saw that she was not alone.

There was some guy standing in front of her and he seemed to be hanging around her longer than necessary to order a drink. Also, Bella seemed a little uncomfortable. I debated on whether or not to go up and help her out but made my decision when I saw that he wasn't minding her personal space, and began leaning a little closer.

Who was this guy?

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