A/N: My muse has been on overload the past couple weeks, so I went searching for a prompt challenge, and found this one on livejournal. I didn't formally accept the challenge on the site—I don't really like livejournal that much anymore and all that talk of tags and LJ-cuts confused me, so I figured they wouldn't mind if I just posted it here on . These will all be ChaseGuan, because that's my Xiaolin Showdown OTP. Enjoy. ;D

Prompt: 001 – Immortal
Rating: K
Warnings: ANGST!!
Words: 200

Master Monk Guan sighed, and threw a large, tanned hand over his eyes to shut out the morning sun. This was the first time in centuries he had woken up to find daylight already streaming through the windows. There were classes to be taught, but he couldn't find it in him to roll out of bed. So he stayed where he was on his rice mat, and thought. He thought about the temple, he thought about Xiaolin and Heylin, and of course he thought about Chase. He thought about how his body hadn't changed in over fifteen hundred years, and he thought about why that could be. He hadn't partaken of any magical potions, so why did he wake up that one day years and years and years ago to find that he didn't have morning stubble and that his hair was the same length it had been three months before? Was it a Xiaolin thing? That only made him think about what would have happened if they had only known. If Chase had known. Would he still have agreed to Hannibal Bean's plan? Would he still have forfeited his soul if he knew that it wasn't his only choice?