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Prompt: 006 – Over
Rating: K
Warnings: Chase thinking pretty hard for that pretty head of his. And run-on sentences. But I like them too much to change them...?
Words: 235

It was unsettling for Chase to watch as the dust motes swirled round and round, to finally settle on some surface, or slowly drift along the salty ocean breeze.

It was unsettling to watch the village wives come out and clear away the debris marking the streets, to see them pile the splintered wood high up in their aprons and carry it inside to, no doubt, their fireplaces.

It was unsettling that yesterday there had been a great battle, and today—it was over. No sign but the cluttered mess on the streets remained of the witch Wuya's invasion. Thankfully, there was only one body left lying, and it had been that of a rogue, and was swiftly carried away by the men.

It was unsettling to Chase that just the day before had been his eighteenth birthday, and now he knew his father wasn't lying when he said that Chase was making his grand entrance into manhood.

It was unsettling that after a hard day of defending their small village tooth and claw and putting out fires and tending the wounded and moving the cattle and Buddha knows what else, it was all over.

Well, Chase thought as he saw the new man in town—an elderly monk, from the temple in the mountains of all things—whisper something to his father, and then glance his way. Well, maybe it's not quite over yet.