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But They Can Never Take Yesterday
Undercover, You Will Be My Secret Lover


All ten toes rest on the cold floor and as I drop my boxers to my ankles, a chill runs around my body. I quickly step into the shower and feel hot water beat down onto my flesh, warming it up but still causing goose bumps to appear from the sudden temperature change. I subconsciously hear the door to my bedroom creek open but don't comprehend what's happening, just soaking up the warmth of the water. I hear clicking get louder, someone's approaching. It's Sharpay. I could notice the tapping of her, probably, 3-inch shoes anywhere. A smile grows on my face when I hear her enter my bathroom. I hear her slip off her shoes and let them drop to the floor. I slightly lean forward and see a pile of clothes that could only belong to her. I laugh to myself waiting for what will happen next. I suddenly feel her cold hands peel across my eyes and jump from the unexpected arrival, not knowing she was already behind me.

"Troy," She whispers my name into my ear, tickling it with her dry hair, in contrast to mine which is soaking wet.

I turn around and plant a kiss on her lips as she hugs me and my hands rest on her hip bones.

"How'd you get in?" I ask as we start to make-out, feeling the passion between the two of us rise.

"Magic..." She quietly replies as her head repositions to my neck.

"No really," I say as I kiss the tip of her dripping wet nose.

"Not sure...Chad maybe, I don't know...too many people."

Shit. "What do you mean?" I say as her hands fondle up and down my back.

"Well, the whole team's down there...Remember? Party later?"

"Shit," I abruptly say out loud this time as I nudge her off, "We shouldn't be doing this while everyone's here..." I go on, thinking of how much shit I'd be in if my parents, or friends for that matter, walked in on us potentially having sex in the shower. Wow.

"Troy...Come on, the doors locked," She continues on as her figures run through my scalp, "...at least I think it is."

I let out a laugh. Oh god, "Exactly..."

"Well..." She sings, carefree, pushing that worry out of her head for a few seconds as her lips attract closer to mine.

"Wait...They were supposed to be here at like 9, I thought."

"Baby, it's like 9:30..."

"Seriously? Damn, that's when everyone else is supposed to be here! I guess I lost track of time...we're missing out on the party, huh?"

She rolls her eyes, "What...is someone missing their attention, Mr. Ego?"

"What?" I blink hard as I chuckle, "Not even...you missing your little attention fix yet?"

She rolls her eyes, "Please...I love it, but I'm with you right now..."

"Well they're going to get suspicious, like where we both are?"

I watch her bite her smooth lip and think, "I guess I'll put some clothes on?"

Once again, I can't help to laugh, "Good idea."

I peer around the door as she stands in the washroom in a grey bra with pink lace on the edges and matching underwear. Damn. I let out a deep breath of air and bite my lip. Oh my god, she looks killer and I wish we could just do this all night. She pulls on her faded jeans and I examine her deep brown eyes, which always seemed to smile, as she comes out, pulling her long golden hair and dropping it over her shoulder.

"Oh sorry," She pretends, "Should I put on a shirt?" She asks as she turns around with a smirk to get her t-shirt, playfully taunting me.

As she pulls on her shirt, she drags her feet towards me and gives me a puppy dog frown with watering eyes. I look down, not wanting to make contact and try not to laugh. She pulls her arms around my neck as I pull under her legs so I'm carrying her. She leans her head closer to my ear as it rests on my neck.

"Why does this have to be a secret?"

I drop her onto my bed and hang over her as I hold my body up with my arms. "Because..." I lean in for a kiss, but she pulls away, waiting for an answer, "Because of everything and everyone..."

She sighs and rolls under me, lying beside me as I push my body off with a sigh.

"It's just; I hate always keeping it from everyone..." She manoeuvres her tiny body, repositioning to sitting cross-legged on my bed. "I don't see why we can't, I mean you and Gab are long over, I know your friends and everything, and she's dating my brother...And then there's you and me..."

"Shar," I say, slipping on a t-shit as I shift myself to mirror her position, "It's, I guess complicated. I love what we have, but..." I sigh; I don't know what I'm saying at this point. All I know is that I want to be with her so bad, but unlike her, I don't want to tell anyone. Though, what is there be to be ashamed of Sharpay? "Do you get where I'm coming from?"

She shakes her head, as her eyes glance away. She doesn't want to talk about it anymore, I can tell. But at the same time, she wants to, because she doesn't want to keep hiding it. "Troy, no...I really don't, but whatever..."

I glance up at her apprehensive face through my long, messy bangs and tuck my index finger under her chin, drawing her closer, about to kiss her.

She pulls away and gets up, "We should go...people are going to wonder where both of us are...and since we're keeping it on the D.L., yeah... "

I rub the back of my neck as she walks out, declining my kiss. Damn.