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Witchy Woman

Blending In

Walking off the airplane, Bella marveled at the lengths Charlie, her father, went to in order to blend in. It really wasn't necessary to stay cooped up in a plane the size of a truck just to get from Phoenix to Forks, even if it was just for three hours. And sure she could understand his desire to not be found out. Goddess knows they didn't need another episode like what happened in New York. But really, she and her father were witches for goddess' sake. Her father could just "poof" her there in seconds, luggage and all. But no, Renee and Phil had to see her off at the airport and the whole town had to see her ride to Charlie's place in a cop car, which, in a teenager's eyes was not "blending in" in the least.

New York was the reason her parents were divorced and she had to live with her mother. She had only been six, but Bella remembered everything that had happened back then. Renee, bless her, had been and was still oblivious to the fact that her ex-husband and daughter had magical powers. When they had lived together in New York, like a happy family (happy, not normal) Charlie had not been as careful to not expose himself as he is now. The neighbors had been getting suspicious with all the disappearing and strange visitors, though Renee had written it off as her husbands nature. It had taken a very close call with their neighbor Mrs. Perkins and one of Bella's magical mishaps for Charlie to realize that he wasn't as safe in a big city like Manhattan as he had thought. The next day he and Renee had signed divorce papers. You would think that Renee would have gotten suspicious about her husband just up and asking for a divorce, but she was gullible and immature so she wasn't suspicious in the least, besides, married life never really appealed to her in the first place, not then anyway. Her gullible nature worked in his favor most times, as he had an aversion to magical interventions when they weren't absolutely necessary.

Bella was at times baffled at Charlie's desire to do everything the normal way. For example, Renee won custody of Bella in the divorce, even though Charlie could have easily kept Bella through the use of magic. But Charlie wouldn't hear of it. He bound Bella's power and, even though she understood his reasoning for that, she always slightly resented it. A witch, at any age, doesn't take kindly to being stripped of her powers; it's a defense mechanism of sorts.

Renee was under the impression that Bella was going to live with Charlie to give the newlyweds, Renee and Phil, some space and give Renee the ability to travel with Phil who had just gotten a contract on a baseball team, as well as, giving Bella the opportunity to become reacquainted with Charlie. While the reasons were partly true, in reality, she would be regaining her powers in a matter of days and she needed to go live with Charlie in order to properly hone them and regain the knowledge she had lost over time.

Nearing the end of her reflection on her life so far, Bella almost knocked her father over in her distracted state and came dangerously close to becoming intimately acquainted with the tiled floor of the Seattle Airport. Apparently, even with her powers coming to the surface she was not immune to clumsiness and would not be becoming graceful anytime soon. Attempting to become focused again, Bella straightened herself up and faced her not-so-absent father. It wasn't the heartfelt reunion one would think it would be, considering they were 1500 miles apart for eleven years. Not because they weren't very good at communicating, but because they saw each other on a regular basis; Charlie was a witch after all.

"Long time, no see, Dad" Bella greeted her father.

Charlie, quick to notice the humor in his daughters greeting, smiled and played along, "It has been, hasn't it Bells."

Neither Charlie, nor Bella were fond of small talk, and as a result, after a few minutes of friendly conversation, fell into a comfortable silence by the time the baggage was collected and securely stored in the police car. After a half hour of riding in silence, Charlie decided to delve into the reason why Bella was there.

"Excited about having your powers back, Bells?" He questioned.

"You can't imagine." She began with a sigh. "It's been so weird without them. Regardless of the fact that I was only six when you bound them, I've felt so empty not being able to feel them or tap into them when I want to. It felt like a big piece of me was missing for eleven years. I am a little nervous though, I can't really remember how I learned to use and control my magic. I remember how undisciplined my magic was in the beginning, I'm afraid that when I get my magic back, I'm going to have to hole myself up for years until I'm safe to interact with other people."

"You don't have to worry about that Bella; it will come to you easier this time. It's –"

"Like riding a bike?" Bella interrupted sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"No," He laughed. "I was going to say, that it has to do with your emotions. Your magic and your emotions are linked. Have you ever watched the TV show Charmed?"

"How could I not have?" Bella quipped.

"Well," Charlie began. "Do you recall how the character Piper had trouble controlling her ability to blow things up when she was angry? It's the same with us, when your emotions are out of control, so is your power. When you were a child you didn't have the ability to control your emotions, no child does. That's why children have to be either stripped of their powers or taken to a remote area. Their emotions are so pure and unadulterated that they can't control anything they do."

"Oh, that makes a lot of sense. In that case, how long do you think it will be before I can control my powers?"

"It should only take a day or two for you to be able to control your magic enough to go to school. Real control, though, should take years to develop."

With that said, both father and daughter lapsed into silence, each lost in their own thoughts.

Within minutes of finishing their conversation, the pair arrived at Charlie's house. As Charlie lugged in all the bags, Bella took a look around the house that she would be calling home for awhile. At first look the house was average looking, impeccably clean, white siding with dark blue shutters around the many windows on the house. A paved walkway leading from the street, parallel to the small driveway, lead to double doors made mostly of frosted glass. Bella would have been concerned for her father, considering anyone passing by could see into the house completely and, if they wanted to, break in. However, the energy radiating from the glass gave her the impression that it was magically reinforced. Besides that the population of the town she now resided in, Forks, was 200 people at most.

Going through the front doors, she was immediately greeted with the small kitchen that she had a feeling had never been used before, judging by the sparkling oven and sink that both seemed to be outdated. The small oak table surrounded by four chairs gave the impression that Charlie didn't entertain much; which she didn't doubt. All the way on the left wall of the kitchen was a set of stairs leading to a second floor which she guessed contained Charlie's and the guest bedroom, which she would now be occupying, and a bathroom. Behind the kitchen table was a half wall and an entrance way on the right, through which she could see a sofa and recliner along with a moderately stocked entertainment set on the far wall. In that living area she could see a door off to the side, which she had a feeling lead to the basement, where there was undoubtedly a washer and dryer, of course, but more importantly, a small room off of the main basement which housed all the magical objects and books that Charlie had collected throughout his life. All in all, it was a nice, comfortable house. She could picture her father living in each room, sitting on the couch yelling at whatever game he was watching on TV (He had always had a bizarre fascination with human sports), sitting at the kitchen table eating take out, or microwavable meals reading the newspaper, or holed up in the basement leafing through some book written in the old language. Bella's thoughts were interrupted by a shifting of energy in the house as Charlie sent her bags upstairs (after having closed all the blinds first, of course).

"What do you think of the place Bells?" Charlie asked with a smile.

"Well, there's a lot of work to be done, of course." Bella said half-jokingly.

Charlie turned on her with an incredulous look on his face.

"I have to unpack Ch - Dad, and make the guest room officially my room." Bella said nonchalantly.

Charlie laughed and said, "In that case, I'll order us a pizza so you don't have to cook your first day here."

Bella smiled as she walked to the stairs. "Sure," she said, "We both know that you just want to get in one last pizza before I start making us eat healthy."

"You caught me," he called up after her laughing, before turning to the phone and leaving Bella alone to get situated.

Looking around at the room which currently held all her belongings, Bella contemplated waiting a day until she had her powers and unpacking then. Quickly nixing the idea as she looked at the score of bags and boxes she had, Bella decided to start with the biggest task, her closet. Bella didn't have a fondness for shopping or buying things in general, but she did have taste, and over the years she had amassed a small department store of fashionable clothes. After quickly looking at the empty closet and dresser and mentally calculating where everything would fit best, she dove into her bags to get started.

An hour and a half later, with her clothes all put away, she started on her book collection. While she had a lot of books, she knew it wouldn't take long to take them out and put them on shelves.

By six o'clock Bella had set up all of her things, including her incredibly sluggish computer, her overly-childish comforter, and her music collection. Satisfied, she slowly made her way downstairs to warm up some of the pizza Charlie had ordered. Sitting down at the kitchen table, she caught a glimpse of Charlie sitting on the couch, as she had imagined, watching some show.

Deciding to call it a day, Bella went upstairs to get herself ready for bed and the long day that awaited her.