Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Making a life-threatening decision.

Shane saw Mitchie drop something in the sink. He walked over to hug her, but she didn't hug back. Then he got worried. "What's wrong?" he asked slowly. Mitchie didn't respond, but looked into his eyes, breathing hard. "I'm having a baby." She said too quietly. "What did you say?" he asked her, cupping her face in his hands. "I'm having a baby." She said, this time, a little louder and slower. Shane stiffened once he heard the words. "You're…" he couldn't finish. "I'm… pregnant?" Mitchie rephrased. It took Shane about ten whole minutes to process those words.

They both sat on the bathroom floor, backed up against the cabinet underneath the sink. Then Shane finally made an emotion; he grinned from ear to ear. "What?" Mitchie asked, looking at his smile. "We're having a kid." Shane's voice almost cracked when he said that. Now Mitchie was confused. "Once again, what?" she asked. "I mean… we're getting married anyways… and we would've eventually had kids… so I guess we're just starting it early, and there's nothing wrong with that." Shane said as he pulled her closer. Mitchie smiled. Shane was amazing. He never got mad, and he always made the best out of everything. "I love you so much, Shane." She whispered. He leaned in and kissed her passionately. They sat there for awhile, making out. Then Shane felt tears running down Mitchie's cheeks, so he pulled away and whipped her tears away.

"What's wrong baby?" he asked, holding her close. Mitchie half laughed and said, "I'm going to get fat." They both laughed loudly. Mitchie then realized something. "How are we going to tell-" Mitchie started, but then they heard Caitlyn scream. It was ironic how she did that.

Caitlyn came bursting through the door with a newspaper in hand. Then she saw Mitchie crying. "I'm so sorry Mitchie… but this is really bad…" she handed the newspaper to the couple. The front page was filled by a few pictures of Shane and Mitchie at Camp. There was one article with a humongous title.


As you know him, the famous Shane Grey, the lead singer of Connect 3 is engaged! Everyone always knew that Grey has been dating Mitchie Torres, who he met at Camp Rock, for about four years. But now we hear from a first time Camp Rocker, Tia Tyler, that the once summer fling is no more! "They do everything together! Even teach classes!" Tia Tyler claims. "And after our last class of the summer, I overheard them talking about their wedding."

Well there you have it folks! Shane Grey is off the market. He is now engaged to Mitchie Torres, who has sung on stage with Connect 3 numerous times.

By: Charles E. Hampton

Information provided by Tia Tyler

Once they finished reading, more tears came out of Mitchie's eyes. Shane looked at his knees and stayed silent. Mitchie gave the article back to Caitlyn and hugged her knees. She didn't know what she was feeling; anger, sadness, and embarrassment, all at the same time. But she favored to one side. "How dare she?" Mitchie said quietly, but in an angry voice. "I'm so sorry Mitchie…" Caitlyn responded. Then Shane piped up. "Now that they know… well they're eventually gonna find out sooner or later…" he mumbled.

"What are you talking about? They already know you two are getting married."

"Yeah… I know… but… Caitlyn I have to tell you something." said Mitchie.

Caitlyn gave her a look of confusion. "Okay?" Mitchie took a deep breath and told Caitlyn the news. She was surprised, but happy. She was always good with kids. Once she left to tell Nate and Jason, Shane carefully pulled her to her feet. "Are you okay?" Shane asked, holding her waist. Mitchie inhaled some air and nodded. "I should be the one asking if you're okay! The article is about you!" Shane laughed and kissed her. "I'm more than okay. I'm going to have a beautiful kid with a wife who makes it beautiful! I don't care what the press is saying, even if Tia Tyler is involved!" Shane said a little too loudly. Mitchie was intrigued. They both laughed. But eventually they both got up and into the kitchen with Nate, Jason, and Caitlyn. "Congratulations Mitchie!" Jason yelled cheerfully. Mitchie smiled and put a hand on her stomach. I'm having a baby… Oh my god I'm going to get really fat… she thought. Then she frowned and whined. "I just realized that I'm going to get really fat!" Mitchie whined pathetically. Connect 3 and Caitlyn laughed harder than ever.

"Good night baby." Shane said, holding Mitchie's waist in bed. "Who are you talking to? Me or the baby?" she asked confused. He laughed and made sure she knew it was her.

"Let's elope."


"I'm already pregnant… I wouldn't fit in a wedding dress anyway…"

"Are you serious?"

"Well… kind of… how about we just get our close friends and family to come. Something small so that it won't cause attention… you know… of how fat I'm going to get…"

"Ha ha ha ha. Is that what you want?"

Mitchie was hesitant. "Yeah…"

Shane was smart when it came to Mitchie. "I know you want a traditional wedding… So how about we elope like you said, have the baby, and then have a huge wedding."

Mitchie's eyes light up with excitement. "OH MY GOD! YES!" She hugged him tight. And eventually, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

She woke up and found herself in complete darkness. Then she realized she was extremely thirsty. Mitchie got out of bed and pushed Shane's arms off her waist. This movement woke him up. "Hey where are you going?" he said half-sleeping. She smiled. "I'm really thirsty… I'm just going to get some water; I'll be right back okay?" Mitchie responded. Shane nodded and lay back down on his pillow. Mitchie laughed and got up. She walked slowly to the kitchen, thinking about Shane and the baby. She was so lucky to have him…

Mitchie turned on the lights and saw a figure standing in the center of the kitchen floor. "AHHHHH!"

Shane flung right out of bed when he heard Mitchie scream again. He sprinted into the kitchen, now wide awake. He practically knocked Mitchie off balance he was going so fast. Luckily, he caught her by the stomach. "Are you okay? What happened?" Shane asked, a little to concerned, but Mitchie liked how protective he was being.

"Caitlyn! You scared me!" Mitchie whispered.

"I'm so sorry!" she replied. Shane still had his hands on Mitchie's stomach. "You can let go now Shane…" Mitchie said grinning. He blushed and let go.

Caitlyn, Mitchie, Shane sat down at the table, talking about their decision of eloping. Then, Mitchie suddenly got up and sprinted toward her room. Shane and Caitlyn looked at each other in confusion, and then ran after Mitchie.

They found her in the bathroom, vomiting into the toilet. Shane got down on his knees, held her hair out of her face, and rubbed her back. Caitlyn stood at the door, worrying over her best friend. Then, Mitchie started puking blood.

"OH MY GOD MITCHIE!" Caitlyn screamed.

"Call the hospital!" Shane demanded immediately.

Once the ambulance got to the hotel, Shane went in the ambulance with Mitchie. He stroked her hair while she held her stomach. "I don't want to lose it Shane… it's ours…" she mumbled over and over again. "We won't… we won't lose it…" he reassured her.

The next day, Connect 3 and Caitlyn sat next to Mitchie in her hospital bed. Then the nurse walked in.

"Do you want to hear the good news first or the bad news?" the nurse asked.

"Good." Mitchie proclaimed.

"You still have your baby and it's very healthy at the moment."

Everyone sighed in relief.

"The bad news?" asked Caitlyn.

"Puking out blood is not a good sign for pregnant women. There is a fifty percent chance that when you have your baby, it'll be fine… but your life may be taken out of strength…"

Everyone was silent. "I'm going to die?" Mitchie asked quietly.

"I only said there was a fifty percent chance. The other fifty is a normal child birth. But… if you don't want to risk it, there is another option…"


"I was just reminding you of your options. I will give you all time alone." Then the nurse left. Tears started to form in Mitchie's eyes. Then they fell off her cheeks.

"Oh my god…" Nate said over again. Mitchie looked at Shane. His face was emotionless. It looked like he was in a different world.

"Shane? What should I do…?" Mitchie asked, holding his hands. He came back to earth.

"Just don't leave me okay?" He said so quietly so that only she could hear.

After a few hours everyone was asleep, except for Mitchie and Shane. They sat up, talking and discussing the upcoming decision. "I've made my decision." She stated.


I JUST MADE THAT UP!! IT'S NOT REAL SO DON'T FREAK OUT CAUSE ONCE AGAIN! IT'S NOT REAL! (Im talking about how like if you puke up blood that what i say is going to happen.. it wontt.. just clarifying.)