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"Oh jeez! Oh my god! Holy SHIT! L!!"

Turning in his wheeled chair, a young man looked up from the book he was reading about human psychology. That echoing scream he had just heard sounded rather urgent, and soon his large black eyes came in contact with the young girl it belonged to.

Tripping over her own two feet, the thirteen year old girl stumbled into the library, instantly being hushed by the adult behind the counter with a silencing finger to her lips, and an angry expression written on her aged face. The young girl clinched her teeth together, hurrying her footsteps over to her best friend.

L was sitting there, propped up in his seat, his legs tucked into his chest securely, biting his thumbnail as he stared up at her with a rather shocked expression passing over his pale face.

Instantly the girl fell to her knees in front of him, his eyes slowly trailing down to her huddled form.

"Is something wrong Melody?" He asked casually, knowing she tended to overreact at times. Perhaps she had heard a mouse??

She peaked up at him through a mask of shoulder length, dark, curly brown hair and L's eyes instantly widened. She was crying! Immediately he pushed his feet to the ground and leaned in closer to her, reaching out his hand to touch her shoulder.

"I... I'm bleeding to death!" She exclaimed.

Pulling his thumb from his mouth, he hesitated slightly, trying to consume her urgent words.

"I beg your pardon?"

After being hushed again by the insufferable librarian, Melody turned to her and hissed.

"The old hag." She commented lowly. Her voice was trembling and terrified as she wiped the stray tears from her light brown eyes. She then looked up at L again. "I'm dying and she's worried about how much NOISE I'M MAKING!"

L's eyes flew open and he quickly stood, taking his hands to her shoulders and helping the young girl up with him. The librarian gave them a death glare when Melody stuck her tongue out at the her.

"My apologies!" L said, quickly leading Melody outside by the shoulders.

Finally, being in the hallways at Wammy's House, several young boys and girls were passing by. L placed the inconsolable girl against the stone wall, trying his best to calm her down by running his lanky hands up and down her forearms. With his back hunched, he was bent forward to the point of his nose nearly touching her own. His large eyes slowly roamed her body in search of the cause for her alarm.

"Melody, I see no reason for you to be so tormented. There are no blood stains, no injuries to speak of. Please, tell me why it is you think you are dying."

She looked up at him, inhaling a shuttering breath through her nose before she was able to answer him.

"It's... down there." She said.

L's eyes trailed to her hand. Her finger was pointing to what seemed to be the floor.

"I find it hard to believe that the floor is trying to kill you."

He regretted teasing her the instant her hand flew up, smacking him across the back of his head. He was thankful that his thick black hair provided a bit of cushioning from the blow.

"NO LAWLIET! God, you're such an idiot sometimes!" She exploded.

The fourteen year old boy took a slight step back in fear that she would soon take another swing at him if he didn't take control of his sarcasm. It was never a good sign when she used his real name that way. Though it was a habit he would have to break her from before long.

"Forgive me." He stated reluctantly, feeling a slight guilt tugging at his heart strings as he looked at her. She was seriously terrified and he wasn't helping in the slightest bit. "I'm afraid you will have to be a bit more specific Melody."

She bit her lip, inhaling a shuttering breath as she leaned in towards him. He tilted his head, allowing his hair to part away from his ear as she whispered to him.

"I went to the little girls room... and I'm BLEEDING!"

Her sudden exclamation caused him to jump and his eyes flew open as he turned towards her.

"You are sure?" He asked in a low tone.

She narrowed her eyes at him.

"I may not be a genius like the rest of you, but I know blood is red L."

He lifted a finger to his mouth and sighed.

"Yes, I see. I seem to recall something on the female anatomy that girls around your age begin to experience. Though I have to admit, this is quite an unsavory thought." He said, not meaning to scrunch his nose in disgust, but unable to prevent it as well.

Melody shook her head fiercely.

"No, no, no.. This is something bad! I just know it! My stomach is having sharp cramps, I have a headache, and I really kind of want to kill you right now." Again, he took another slight step back, observing as her eyes widened in fear as she took her thumbs to the rim of her jeans. "And my pants are tight! I must be growing a tumor!"

L's eyes widened. This sounded quite unpleasant. He then held out his hand to her.

"Come. Perhaps we should inform Quillish of these symptoms. Indeed, it sounds rather serious."

Melody placed her hand in L's and he lead her down the halls. By now they both ignored the stares the children there were sending them. L, the smartest kid at Wammy's and Melody, the girl who was there by default after the death of her parents because of her relation to Roger. Quillish Wammy, though knowing Melody was rather average in intelligence, insisted that she come and stay with them, for she had nowhere else to go and he would not have a child taken into foster care if he could help it.

Upon reaching the head master's office, L knocked gently with the tip of his index finger. Watching him in disbelief, Melody narrowed her eyes. She quickly tugged her hand from his and pounded the door.

The knob turned and slowly Quillish's smiling face appeared to the two of them.

"Ah, L, Melody, is something wrong?"


L looked up at his father figure, and sighed.

"She's convinced that there is something wrong with her Watari. I was thinking perhaps, that we should contact a doctor on the matter. I sounds rather serious."

Quillish grinned at the idea of L calling him 'Watari,' something he had done since he was brought to the house, an appropriate nickname if you will. Though, it never really seemed to take with the rest of the children.

Quillish raised a concerned eyebrow and looked down at the girl. She was shaking as her hand grabbed L's again, squeezing it so harshly that the young man had to clench his teeth together.

"I see. What seems to be the symptoms of your demise my dear?" He asked, taking her gently by the back as he lead the two of them inside.

"I think I have cancer." She said nervously, her voice shaking as she spoke. She looked up at him with tears forming and falling from her eyes. "Could you write a will for me? I want L to get everything." She said, pointing over to the young man.

Quillish smiled sweetly.

"Well, let's not jump to any conclusions as of yet before we know for sure." He suggested, leading the young lady over to a chair by his desk.

She shook her head when he motioned for her to sit.

"No, I can't sit."

L scratched the back of his head embarrassingly when Quillish asked her why.

"I... I'm... bleeding." She said slowly, realizing how truly embarrassing it was to talk to an older man about it.

Instantly Quillish's eyes widened.

"Oh!" He exclaimed, instantly turning to L. "There is no cause for alarm. Perhaps you could go get the nurse for me son."

L nodded and headed out the door. Though his face didn't show it, he was worried about his friend. If there were no cause for alarm then why on earth did she need the house nurse? He stuffed his lanky hands into his pockets, making his way down the halls swiftly, not bothering to take notice of the girls squawking about him and Melody in the corner. Whether his deductions on her situation were correct or not, the sooner Melody was treated, the better.


An hour passed, and L was sitting on the floor outside the door to Quillish's office. The floor wasn't his first option, though he made due. Quillish himself had left the nurse and Melody alone inside to be checked over, not wishing to interfere in any way. There was little L could do but wait as his eyes skimmed the pages of a medical book he had found in the library. The more he read, the more his fingers grasped tightly against his knees. It took very little time for him to realize that he had been correct in assuming it was her body blossoming into womanhood. How strange, and how... slightly grotesque.

He had never really thought of Melody as a woman, or even female for the most part. Actually he hardly thought of her as anything really but his best friend. She was pretty short, and still held onto her baby fat around her cheeks and throughout the rest of her body as well. Her chest was flat, nothing like the women he had seen. She wore loose, comfortable clothing, something L had actually suggested, and her hair was to her shoulders in a curly mess as if she had never taken a brush to it in her life. Though, she really did have the most gorgeous honey brown eyes.

Melody as a woman? It didn't seem possible.

Suddenly the door cracked open. Melody looked much calmer, though fairly surprised and disgusted, as the nurse lead her out of the room by her shoulder.

"You okay now?" The woman asked.

Melody nodded, and thanked the woman as she handed the young girl two strange looking objects. L watched as the nurse walked away, and Melody sat down next to him, now in a new pair of jeans.

L looked at her curiously, and she could feel his hard stare on her. She lifted her eyes to the wall ahead of them, refusing to give in to his stares, and give him the pleasure of wallowing in his own intelligence.

"What L?" she asked casually, being sure by the book laying at his side that he had already educated himself on absolutely everything that was going on with her body. She was certain that he knew even down to the date when she would have this wonderful experience again. Of course he had been right... He was always right.

"Is it safe for me to assume that you are going to live?" He asked.

She sighed, feeling utterly embarrassed by the situation.

"Yup. You already know that though L, so why even ask?"

He shrugged, pulling his knees closer into his chest, and pointing to the two objects in her hands.

"What are those?"

Melody picked the two objects out of her lap and held them up in front of L's face.

"They are god awful things to keep my clothes from getting stained. I don't know what to do about these, or which ones to use."

L took the two things by both hands, holding each with his thumb and index fingers in front of his face to observe them. He looked confused.

They both ignored the group of girls laughing at them as they passed by.

"The concept of each of these must be quite different. They look nothing alike." The young man commented.

Melody chuckled. Finally! L was worried he would never hear the sweet sound again.

"That's because one is a suppos... suppasi... sapasitary?

"Suppository." L corrected humorously.

"Yes, and the other is a diaper!"

A look of disgust instantly painted against his features as he handed the objects back to her.

"It's not like I've used them!" She exclaimed.

"Yes, I'm aware of that. However, it doesn't make the idea any more appealing Melody."

She grunted.

"You're making me feel disgusting."

"Nonsense! You should feel nothing of the sort. Though, there are some slight ... disadvantages to becoming a woman, there is nothing truly disgusting about it. It's actually quite beautiful if you think about it in a deeper sense... The life changing, developing part, not.. the.. bleeding every twenty eight days for the next forty plus years of your existence... part."

Melody smiled to herself then.

"If you say so L... Suddenly I feel a bit worse, but a bit better at the same time. How you managed that one, I'll never know." She teased as she held the two objects up one more time. "So which should I use? I'm afraid this thing will get stuck up in there!" She exclaimed, pointing to the tampon.

"Ah yes, choose the lesser of two evils when the option is presented." L agreed.

Melody chuckled, nodding her head in utter agreement...

"What do i do without my mommy and daddy Uncle Roger?" The young girl asked. It was a sad sight. She was barely eight years old, and her parents had been killed by a drunk driver. She was in the car with them, but came out of the crash without a single scratch.

Roger looked down at the young girl, fiddling with her fingers against he black dress. Her parents had just been laid to rest not far from Wammy's House, and he was bringing her there to stay.

"You carry on my dear, just as my sister would have wished you to do. Everything will be fine, I promise you."

She was scared, terrified even. At this place she knew no one but her middle aged uncle. What if she didn't make any friends? What if there were no shoulders to cry on?

"I'm scared uncle Roger." She said, her tiny voice trembling from the tears that were falling effortlessly from her lightly colored brown eyes.

"There's no need to be scared Melody. You will be well looked after."

That very night, since Melody had such a hard time sleeping, she made her way into the kitchen, thinking maybe some sugar would help settle her rattled nerves. Sweets always seemed to help just a little bit when you're down.

She peaked her head into the kitchen, unable to see or hear anyone inside. Relief washed over her and she tiptoed in. Sudden movement in the corner of her eyes caused her to jump and she turned to see what had caused the movement. She was met with a pair of large black eyes, widened just as her own. It was a young boy, about her own age. He was thin, with black hair that seemed to have a mind of it's own, for it was sprawled out in every direction. He was holding a fork, though in a strange way, with his middle and index fingers as he took rather large bites of what looked to be strawberry cheesecake.

Unsure of what to say, Melody turned away from him quickly, ducking her head towards the floor as she made her way over to the refrigerator. Hesitantly, she peaked inside, only to be disappointed that their were merely leftovers from dinner, nothing particularly sweet.

"Am I correct in assuming you are the girl Roger brought here today?" A young, and surprisingly formal voice spoke.

Melody turned. It seemed the young boy was trying to start a conversation with her, the first one in fact to give her the time of day since she had gotten there. It seemed a lot of the children, knowing she held what some would refer to as an average level of intelligence, felt there wasn't a need for welcome.

She said nothing, but rather pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and walked over to him shyly. He noticed immediately how she was eying his cake. Though he wasn't such a sociable young boy himself, he pushed his legs down to the floor. She watched him carefully as he walked over to the drawers beside a large oven. He opened it, pulled out another fork and walked back over to his chair. To her delight, he slid his plate over in the middle of the two of them, and held the fork out to her with his two prominent fingers.

"Would you like to share my cake Melody?"

A ghost of a smile tinted her lips as she reached her hand out and took the utensil from him.

"Thank you." She said, her voice was so small it was barely a whisper.

She hopped up onto the chair beside him and dug her fork into the delicious dessert. Soon however, she felt his gaze burning into her and she turned.

"I know your name. Perhaps you would like to know mine?" He encouraged, unaware at that point that one day his identity would have to be sealed away from most of the world.

She smiled then, through a mouthful of cake, causing him to chuckle.

"What's your name?" She asked, her voice now a bit louder than before. He knew she would soon break out of her sorrowful shell. It would merely take some time. Though it seemed they had a tiny bit of connection through their mutual love for dessert. Perhaps she would be his first real friend. The boy took his fork full of cake to his mouth, speaking in a way that she found amusing as he answered her encouraged question.

"My name... is Lawliet, though you can call me L if you wish"

She grinned, pointing to his legs shyly as a tint of crimson painted her full cheeks.

"Why are you sitting so funny?"

... And since that night, the two were barely separable...

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