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For a moment, L twitched. It was his legs, they couldn't stay still no matter how hard he tried to make them. His confidence had already told him that Melody would be quite agreeable to their rather swift, and unexpectedly early vows. However, convincing the priest was an entirely different matter, particularly considering the rather inappropriate way he found the two of them hiding in the confessional.

"I promise," Melody scrunched her nose as often she did when forced into saying something she dreaded saying, "We will never make out in the confessional again... or... do anything else there... except confessing of course." It was then that she seemed quite confused, "Should we confess to making out in the confessional, even though you saw it? Would that help our chances? If so, I confess that we were kissing, on the verge of... other things. Forgive us father. That's not a confession you hear every day, I bet. Kind of a biggie."

Melody's mouth was not helping their chances, and she was ranting as well. A sure sign of nervousness. With each word, the priest eyes seemed to narrow a bit further.

"Melody Ann Longbottom," Father Walsh repeated her name while shaking his head, and sighing heavily. He was facing the bookcase in the corner of his office so he couldn't see the young woman scrunching her nose disgustedly. Melody hated hearing the pronunciation of her last name. Longbottom? Seriously. A smirk glazed over L's lips, watching as the man wearing a black cloak turned back towards them, book in hand. "I knew you when you were just a little girl. What would your mother and father say? They can see you, you know?"

An unexpected chuckle escaped Melody's lips, surprising the young man beside her immensely, "My mom is probably laughing, and my dad probably wants L's head on a platter."

L's left eye was twitching now. "Forgive me, Father Welsh, but if you would simple consid-"

"You haven't the consent from either of your guardians. I'm sorry."

Melody swore she heard L growl, so she looked up at him. It seemed even clergymen didn't interrupt him without consequence.

"We are both of age, I assure you." He cleared his throat then, attempting to keep from narrowing his eyes further from the interruption. "As I was saying, if you would simply consider forgiving our inadvisable actions, I assure you, it will be to your advantage." His composure displayed more wisdom than most adults five times his age.

Melody didn't know how, or what happened when L's hand left hers, and he pulled Father Welsh into the corner of the room to speak privately. Somehow, a moment later, they turned, and the older man was smiling warmly.

"Well, then," He beckoned the two of them with a nod towards the door, into the chapel occupying the next room, "Shall we?"


L fumbled, hitting his knees against the table, grasping Melody's hand, and yanking her out of the restaurant so quickly that everyone sitting and eating around them had their eyes locked on the commotion.

Watari and Roger followed closely behind, no questions asked after L had given the two of them 'the look.' Something was very wrong, and they knew it without a single word.

"Get in the car, love." L ordered, politely but firmly as he opened the door. With a hand soundly at the small of her back, he gave her a gentle nudge, all in attempt to not worry her further.

She did what was asked of her, but her eyes were firm on him. The knowledge hadn't escaped that this letter and charm were definitely not from him. That fact took her from lightly freaked out, into all out disturbing mode. "Your ass had better get in this car too, L!" She squealed, when he didn't instantly crawl in the back seat next to her. He hadn't read the letter yet, and all she could think about was how this person promised she would look at them the way she looked at L. They obviously had a slight vendetta towards her new husband.

The young detective lingered outside, dangling the bracelet with the tips of his fingers in front of Watari's face before the older man took a hold of it. "It's Beyond." Is all he said.

Watari nodded, "Yes. Yes, I know."

"The house is on lock down. Call whomever is needed to make absolutely sure that nothing happens to her, Watari."

Watari nodded, before another scream protruded from the backseat.

"Your ass! In the car! Now!" Though it was muffled by the closed door and tightly sealed windows, both men heard her clear as day.

The older man cleared his throat loudly. "Perhaps you should attend to the young lady's request. I will take care of this."

Before their car even reached Wammy's House, there were already a dozen armed men standing outside of it, with more on the way.

"L," Melody asked, squeezing his hand firmly as they made their way inside, "What's happening?"

Her voice was quite small now, compared to the demanding tone used outside the restaurant. L, walking swiftly, his expression vacant in deep thought, squeezed lightly on her smaller hand. Before he had the chance to answer her, however, Mello was walking up in front of them.

"What the fuck is this?" He asked, eyes narrowed as if it were all a huge burden, only to him. "It's like we're hosting the damn Queen or something!"

L didn't answer him, his eyes narrowed and concentrated straight ahead as he continued leading Melody down the halls. It was a far cry from love struck, happy newlywed territory he had just visited. Now he was suddenly 'super detective, crack-the-case, if-this-lunatic-harms-my-wife-he-will-have-hell-to-pay' mode. No more time lingered for fun and games.

"Please, allow me to read the note, Melody." He said when they finally entered her room.

She scampered over to her closet, and swiftly opened the door, stumbling a bit as she was adjusting to wearing high heels. L smiled unavoidably when she pulled out a box from her shelf and opened it. Every letter he had written her occupied the space inside. It seemed quite unfortunate that the folded paper lying on top was from someone else entirely, as if it would corrupt the entire pile.

"Here." She ran back over, handing him the note. "You aren't going to be very happy, just so you know."

L grasped the papers edge with the tips of his fingers, almost as if it would infect him with some sort of deadly disease. "Thank you, Melody."

His breath held tight as he opened it, reading the words inside, all typed in an eerie shade of red ink.

Melody watched him, biting her lip roughly, as she tipped the heal of her foot against the floor over and over. His dark irises jolted from one side to the other, doing so about two dozen times, so she was fully aware that he had read every word more than once. She knew his reaction wasn't going to be particularly pretty, but still, she never deduced that he would actually hold his breath for so long that he cheeks began to turn blue.

"Uh... L? You okay?"

She could hear him mumbling now, very lowly as his head ducked towards the floor. His hair curtained around his face so she was unable to see the death glare he was sending to the floorboards at his feet. It was one of those rare moments, when he was so angry that he refrained from speaking. She had only witnessed this kind of anger one time before. He was ten, and Mello had just run off with his fork when he was about to dig into a tasty slice of cherry pie. Back then, there was something about Mello that rubbed him the wrong way. Not too much had changed, though he had much more of a handle on it now. It may have been very trivial in comparison, but L didn't speak for a good five minutes as he stared down at his desert. After that, he dug into it with his fingers, relishing in the fact that at least Melody got a good kick out of it. In fact, she was rolling on the floor.

At the moment, watching him staring at the note, she hadn't the slightest urge to laugh. Locking him in the closet to cool down for a few was a better option, since he looked as if he may had been contemplating someone murder at that moment. She was worried his silence would last hours, if not days. This was a good reason to be angry, not a missing fork.

"Are you breathing?" She asked, tempted to touch him on the shoulder, but thinking he probably needed his space right now. With a slight bow of his head, she was satisfied, and took a couple steps backwards.

It wasn't long before they had handed the note over to Watari to be analyzed. Though, L admitted freely who was responsible for sending them.

"Unfortunately," Watari said, having just dusted the page and set it beneath the black light, "We cannot do anything, L. As you well know, Beyond has not directly threatened anyone. This may all be just a game to him."

L was perched awkwardly in the chair behind Watari's desk, nibbling at his thumb like a hungry new chick. Melody had been staring at the floor for the past hour, paying no attention to anything but the crashing of Near's puzzle when he finished and started it over again. He was thankful that she didn't look too worried, though her silence was a bit bothersome nonetheless.

"Yes," L responded, both irritation and an unexpected calmness coated his deep tone, "I'm aware, Watari. Melody?" He called her name, and she responded by flicking her honey eyes up to him, like she had been jolted out of a deep sleep.


Though it was slightly uncomfortable, having his father-figure in the same room at the moment, L dipped feet to the ground, motioning with one hand for Melody to come and sit with him. He would be damned if their first night together as husband and wife would be spend in separate corners of a large room. She smiled lightly, and took to her feet. It felt good to wrap his dangling arms around her, protecting what was now his, as she sat, bridal style in his lap. She relaxed into his arms with one hand resting against his chest. "I will not have my wife so distraught." He whispered, low enough for only her ears to hear before he placed a lingering kiss against her forehead. Her grip tightened against him then, never quite feeling as safe as she did at that moment.

Near's eyes averted to them, but only for a moment. He then picked up the notepad lying on the desk at his side, and started jotting down something on the narrow lines.

"What's that for?" Melody asked.

"Research." He answered simply. "I'm taking notes."

"I hear B has lost his marbles!" Matt exclaimed. Mello, Wedy and himself had just walked through the door, breaking the uncomfortable tension permeating the large room.

"He lost what was left of them anyway." Mello added.

"Oh yeah, right. He wasn't so bad." Matt responded, and then caught a glance at the several death glares being sent in his general direction. "... er, until now." Matt seemed slightly humored by the whole ordeal, being one of the few to have had a decent conversation with their 'suspect.' So much security everywhere for one person didn't seem very logical to him. But it was L, and he was attempting to keep Melody safe, so it made sense. "Anyone up for trying to get the pride of England to crack a smile out there?"

"Shut up! This is serious!" Wedy shoved him, and Matt stumbled into the trashcan lining the side of wall.

Mello chuckled behind a closed palm of leather, and Matt cleared his throat to attempt to calm his humored side. "You're right, beautiful." He said, taking her hand in his and leading her knuckles to his lips, "Though I have a very keen feeling that you will forgive me later."

Wedy bit her lip to hold back from slapping him again, instead yanking her hand away abruptly. "So," She began, her eyes working their way around the room, "What's the threat?"

Watari quickly cleared his throat, to catch the rooms attention. "I'm afraid I may have spoken a bit too soon, master L."

"What is it, Watari?" L asked, his throat tightening at Watari's uncertain tone.

The older man held up the note, still under examination, and he took in a deep breath. "I'm afraid, it appears that these words may in fact be typed in blood."

The room was silent for a moment, everyone gathering up the new information in their heads. Melody had stopped breathing for a moment, clinging mercilessly to the dress shirt still adorning L's elongated torso. "What? WHAT!?" She squealed, "Who's blood?! Not my blood! Not your blood! Is it Beyond's blood?!"

She was having a bit of a hard time comprehending the facts. Meanwhile, L strengthened his hold against both her shoulders, in a calming gesture to assure her she was still in his arms. Nothing, it was indisputable as far as he was concerned, would harm her there. 'Bloody perverts always after what's mine...' Mello narrowed his eyes in confusion when L intentionally shot him a glare. "Are you certain, Watari?"

"Yes, quite certain."

About half a second later, L stood, swooping Melody up with him.

"Forgive me," he stated, swiftly leading her over to Watari's desk, where he stuck his hand beneath it. Melody jumped, wide-eyed in shock when the wall slid completely open, revealing a large hidden room. The shelves were lined with canned foods, bottles of water, feminine products... fully equipped with every necessity one would need. There was even a full bathroom in the corner.

"You want me to stay in there?!?" She pointed towards the room, her expression one of complete disbelief.

"Yes." L responded, matter-of-factly.

"Fuuuuuck that!" She let out a shocked laugh, as if to mock him.

"It's not likely, but on the off chance this fool does plan to do something while you are still in this house, I will make sure you are safe. In fact, I want 100 percent guarantee in the matter." He grunted, talking so swiftly that she had no room to argue the matter. Even when she did open her mouth to protest again, he cut her off with a swift kiss, pulling her closely to him. He had no intention whatsoever in allowing her out of his sight. Afterwards, while she was still slightly dazed by the kiss, he pulled her close, to whisper quietly in her ear, "It's merely two days until your eighteenth birthday, Melody. I assure you, this case will be solved by the time we say I do," for a second time.

Suddenly, Melody's face lit up, as if a light had switched on in her head. "There are eighteen candles on the charm, L!" She exclaimed. "He has something planned for that day! Why would I have to hide out until then?!"

'Dammit, Melody! I was hoping you would miss that detail.'

"Besides, I'm safe in this house, with you and everyone else looking out for me. Why don't we just chill and put on some comfortable clothes? I won't leave your sight, not even to go to the bathroom."

"While the offer is tempting, this is not something I will be taking lightly, Melody."

Stepping to her side, and glancing out the narrow window, she was sure she saw Scotland Yard gathering in formation. Melody rolled her eyes, "Obviously."

L grunted. "Yes, well, perhaps I am being a bit cautious. Can you say for a certainty that you would not react in a similar manner if you were in my shoes?"

Melody smirked. She knew now was not the time for jokes, but he just made it so easy sometimes. "You hardly ever wear shoes." Not a particularly good joke, but it still lightened the mood.

L sighed extendedly, attempting not to allow even the slightest smile, and still one was teasing the corner of his lips. "The fact that you are joking is rather alarming. Please refrain the next time you are urged to do so... Still," His thumb skimmed his lips, "you may be right."

'My god,' Melody thought, 'I'm right? Where's a voice recorder when you need one.'

"I would have to be forced to agree with Miss Melody." Watari said, taking to his feet and making his way over to his desk. "There is no sense in locking up the victim, when we can protect her quite thoroughly." At that, he reached beneath his desk. There was a heavy clicking sound, followed by a beep. Everyone watched as he then pulled a Mini 14 from beneath his desk.

Melody's eyes were the widest in the room, remembering the time she had spent beneath that same desk a few months back. 'How the HELL did I not notice that?'

"Thank you!" Wedy threw her arms in the air in relief, before reaching beneath her skirt. Matt's eyes grew wide when she, too, pulled a revolver from a holster between her thighs. "It's about damn time someone else was on the same wave length!"

"I guess I should get that box we found in the shed." Mello shrugged, heading straight for the door.

"Which box?" Matt asked.

"The one Watari and Roger tried to hide from all us kids." He smirked. "The one for emergencies."

"Ah yes!" Matt exclaimed, beaming from ear to ear. "That box."

"What the hell is in the box?" Melody nearly screamed out of sheer curiosity, still disbelieving her eyes.

"Grenades, guns, I think there's even a couple of sling shots in there." Mello answered, trying to avoid the irritated look on Watari's face.

"Grenades?!" Melody squealed.

Near then pulled something from his back pocket, and placed it on the floor in front of him. Everyone looked to see the green toy water gun, fully loaded with hot sauce. He shrugged, never lifting his gaze to answer their confused gazes. "It would hurt."

"Uh," Melody's eyes grew in surprise, "Does anyone else realize we're in an orphanage?" She asked, her eyes trailing the entire room, watching as everyone in there with her shrugged. "Anyone? No? ... Okay, point taken." She mumbled under her breath, "House full of geniuses, and I'm the only half sane one here."

L stood, staring down at the floor with widened eyes. His thumb felt sore from the amount of time he had spend roughly running it against his teeth. "Watari," He said, shifting his gaze to the older man, "Please match the blood to it's owner. If the victim is not already dead, we may be able to save them."

Watari nodded, "Yes, I will send the letter to the lab."

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