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Optimus Prime had sent the signal months ago. Months for it to travel all over the galaxy at the speed even humans cannot understand. Months for someone to start heading their way. Months for anyone to come, until Ratchet finally calls out one day that there was three confirmed signals heading towards Earth.

The call came in late that night, from the SoD, and Ratchet received the call, since their commander was well into his recharge cycle, "Optimus," he sent over the Autobot Comm. link, " I have received a confirmed Cybertronian landings, three in fact," came his voice.


"Optimus?" he asked, again nothing, then "Optimus Prime!" This woke the commander with a start and he looked up from his berth, finding Ratchet towering over him as if he were on the operating table, "Three Cybertronians have entered the atmosphere,"

"Three?" Optimus asked, surprised, his programming and systems slowly coming out of it's recharge cycle, "Where, Ratchet?"

"They are picking them up in the area the humans call 'Montana'. They have been there for a little while, I guess, and surprisingly none of them have moved or signaled – anything so far as what the humans say."

"Do you think they are injured?"

"That may very well be the case," Ratchet stated as he shifted on his feet, "but the humans said they don't want to get close, just in case they are Decepticons,"

"Very well then, contact Bumblebee and have him headed this way now,"

"What about Sam?"

"I am sure this will be a good time for him to come along, since he only saw me when we first landed, I believe he enjoys these experiences,"

"Very well,"

Ironhide moved into the main room with Optimus and Ratchet, William was at his side, leaning on his leg, "You said there's three of them?"

Optimus nodded. Three more than we have now, three more against any other Decepticons, "We are heading out as soon as I get confirmation from Bumblebee,"

As if on cue, Bumblebee sent a message that he was on his way with Sam, "We will disembark now, Bumblebee will meet up with us, Autobots, roll out!" Optimus said as he transformed, the others following suit.

The trip there was boring and long. Bee and Sam kept to themselves as they talked quietly. Ratchet was busy scanning everything and anything, learning and dealing with the new planet and Ironhide was busily growling and complaining about whatever he saw fit until they got there. The place had been quarantined for miles around the supposed landing site, and no humans had gone near the crash.

All of them transformed about a mile from the area that said Autobots were located, knowing there was no one in sight, but those who already knew about them. The humans who had discovered the crash landings were paid to keep their mouths shut, and did such.

Optimus was the first to approach. At first, he found nothing out of the usual. There were three distinct landings. But all three were empty of pods, showing that they had already transformed into their proto-form modes. He stopped dead in his tracks, gaping as horror lined his features, taking in what he was seeing, and the other Autobots were horrified to find what was there. Stunned, staring, Ratchet's medical expertise had him scanning immediately to the wreckage. It wasn't the fact that there was on one at the landing area, or the fact that things were still on fire. It was the fact that there were parts strewn about as if one of them had exploded from the inside out.

It wasn't an Autobot as they thought they would find, or it was, but he was torn to pieces. And it was only one. Energon was all over the place, in the trees, on the ground and all over the Autobot who had been the victim. There was hardly anything recognizable except for a few parts that told them that it was even Cybertronian. An arm and a leg lay flung into a nearby tree, and the spark chamber was lying out of the chest cavity as if it had been torn out, still sparking, but otherwise dead. Whatever had happened, it was appalling. The supposed Autobot – Brawn, had been torn up as if he had been attacked by some giant Cybertronian monster or whatnot.

"Optimus, what happened here?" William asked suddenly, stepping closer, but not too close to the strewn energon, which he had been told was pretty dangerous to humans, "Do you think the humans attacked them?"

"I am not sure," Optimus said, sadness in his voice, "Ratchet, can you determine what happened here?"

As if on demand, Ratchet started scanning, "Well I don't have to say that it appears he was torn apart. Given the residual spark information, I can conclude it was Brawn," He shifted his weight, still scanning, "And in answer to your question, William, no, humans couldn't do such a thing, this was… Cybertronian I am afraid,"

"You think it was Decepticons posing as Autobots?" Sam suddenly asked, deducing the idea that no Autobot would ever do something like this.

"Actually, Decepticons cannot mask their signatures like that – I would be able to tell immediately," Ratchet started, reaching for a piece of their former comrade, "there are two more Autobots in the vicinity." Ratchet looked up and around, as if trying to sense where they were, "I cannot tell who they are, but they are in the woods over there," he pointed to his right, "And they are both heavily damaged," Optics and eyes followed.


The said Autobots who were in hiding narrowed their optics when they were pointed at. They had been discovered, and trees falling and brush shaking was the only sign that there was anyone even there as they backed up from the pointed area, hoping to not have been seen. Click? Chirp? Beep? And they darted away, tripping on brush and small trees as they tried to get away.

"Autobots, this is your leader, Optimus Prime, What is your designation and rank?" he asked. There was no response, and he even tried on the Autobot comm. which got no response either.

Ping. What on Cybertron was this? Ratchet watched closely, his optics focusing the woods, trying to bring whatever was into the woods to focus, but it was impossible. He still saw the Autobots through his scanners, but they seemed afraid. But of what?

"Do you think they did this?" William pointed, still a bit disturbed by how fiercely this Autobot was torn up.

"Impossible, an Autobot wouldn't do such a thing, and definitely not to their own," Optimus answered, "or, wait a minute," he ran a finger of the bridge of his nose and huffed, "There's only a very select few Autobots who would be this vicious," He didn't even mention their names, hoping he was wrong. Dead wrong.

"Enough of this," Ironhide growled, having grown impatient from the waiting game. His arms transformed into the cannons he wore proudly and he stalked in toe direction that had made the noise. As he got closer, it was confirmed that the two hiding were in fact, Autobots, "Both of you, whoever you are, get out here and identify yourselves!" he growled. His voice demanding and deeper than usual, apparently showing his authority. As he got closer to the two who were hiding, he suddenly heard the telltale sign of a laser whirring and aimed his guns at the area, "Come out now, or I will blow you both back to Cybertron!" he threatened, un-phased by the cannons that were starting up, preparing to fire.


This threat didn't go over well. Neither of the two Autobots understood what was being said, but they had determined that the words were a threat, as they hadn't been able to download any information from the internet and they reacted as any creature that was being threatened would, and all he heard was a low growl. Then a second, more feral growl, and then he got pinged by the two Autobots, who were trying to determine where he was. There was a hiss from the other Autobots, as if warning the weapon specialist to back off, but he didn't take such heed, instead he stepped forward. Strange, Autobots don't ping like that.

"Optimus, I have a fee…"

"Ironhide, watch out!" Came a cry. It was William. He had seen the bright lights of the pair of cannons lighting up, but Ironhide had no time to react as he looked up, optics going wide as he saw the flashes coming at him. The hits were true and they hurt like a bitch. He let out a loud growl and cry, angered that not only he was fired upon, but he didn't see it coming, really.

Ironhide hit hard by a blast by two guns. Both were far enough apart to not be the same being and he was thrown backwards by the blow. Both of the offending Autobots took haste and left the area, running as fast as their legs could carry them from the threat of whomever or whatever was yelling at them. Getting out of signature range and out of scanner range. Only then did they stop, looking at each other, chirping.

"Ironhide! Are you functional?" Ratchet ran to the weapon specialist to get a look at him, finding him harmed, but not disabled. His shoulder and one of his cannons had been hit. Energon was leaking, but not so badly that it was dangerous. Ratchet went work, moving closer to Ironhide, who shooed him away, only to slap Ironhide in the back of the head and aim a laser at the leaking energon li

"What was that?" Ironhide asked, leaning up slightly, sore as hell.

"It was a pair of cannons, Ironhide, didn't you see? Hear? Or sense something?"

"Uh…" Ironhide stopped, "No, not anything Autobot-like, anyways," he suddenly said, confused by his own inability to see them, "It was more of a sparkling-like ping."

"I thought I felt a ping to my systems earlier," Optimus said, "Do you think they are masking their signatures?" he asked, upset and confused over the actions of his own supposed soldiers.

"Could be, but why would two Autobots act like this? Why would they fire on one of their own?" William asked, curious.

"No, no, no," Sam put up his hands, "I would ask why they would do something like that," Sam pointed to the torn apart Autobot. He winced again. Bumblebee had been quiet the entire time. He was coming up with his own ideas as the older bots tried to determine the problem, "Have they turned feral?" he suddenly asked, getting everyone's attention. He slunk back down, kneeling as he looked to where the pair of Autobots had been.

Optimus regarded his scout curiously, "Feral? Autobots don't turn feral, Bumblebee, they aren't drones or wild creatures like on Cybertron, you know this."

"I was just saying. I… I think they are acting strangely enough. They aren't speaking. They seem very afraid. And they are pinging instead of speaking," Bee admitted.

Ratchet stared at Bumblebee for the longest time, as if he was contemplating what was going on with the pair of Autobots who had fled, "Well since they aren't speaking, and they are only using pings, I would say that Bee could be half right."

"What? That's impossible, Ratchet!" Ironhide argued, going over his right arm cannon with his left hand, readjusting a few things and then gave a dark glare at the CMO.

"Not impossible," Ratchet argued back at the black weapon specialist, "Feral isn't quite a word I would use, but they do show signs of something similar, as if they have gone back to basic programming, which makes them considerably dangerous," Ratchet's face contorted into a frown, "Something strange is going on here," he glared as Ironhide fiddled with his cannons.

"You're not kidding," Bee said, still watching around vigilantly. Who knew if these two would come back and try again?

"We must head back to base and get you repaired," Ratchet nodded at Ironhide's wound on his shoulder.

"Ratchet, it's not like we can leave them out here to kill anyone or anything that seems threatening to them, we have to catch them," Ironhide retorted.

"And how, Mr. know-it-all, do you suppose we do that? You seen what happened when you got too close," Ratchet snorted, "And besides, in all my knowledge of Autobots or even Decepticons doing such things, they tend to be more afraid of you than you are of them,"

"Then why, in Primus, did they fire on me?"

"Because, you threatened them?" Ratchet almost grinned, getting one over on Ironhide wasn't something easily accomplished. Ironhide grumbled something to himself, giving a second glance towards the area that the two bots had been.

As they ran, they had no idea where they were going or even what planet they had befallen. The thick trees and brush gave them cover, but was also a menace when trying to escape. The reddish one had tripped a few times, causing his brother to stop and come back for him. The yellowish one would then get his brother to his feet and pull him, forcing him back into the run they had started, no matter how many trills and growls escaped his brother, they needed to get away so he could work on fixing him.

They remembered being injured in the fall, and one of them was leaking some kind of fluid, the kind that they could only infer as Energon. They remembered someone trying to hold them down. They also remembered tearing said one apart limb from limb for trying, finding it as a threat to their existence, and not a way to stop them from harming themselves further.

Then these new robots appeared, could tell that they were in the area, but didn't come forth. At least they had thought until one started to approach them and threatened them in a deep voice, and instead of deciding whether the mech was trustworthy or not, they both fired at him, enough to get everyone's attention off of them and on the one they had fired upon.

Who was hunting them and why were they being hunted? Both of them wanted to know.

They didn't stop running until they felt they were well out of reach from the ones who had threatened them, and one of them were growing tired from it. They both chirped at each other questioningly, unsure as to why they felt they had done wrong, which meant only more trouble. Trouble they couldn't afford right now. They weren't sure why they felt bad about attacking the one, and firing on the other, but they did. The yellowish one decided to sit and the reddish colored one collapsed first, and the yellowish one took him in his arms, pulling his brother to him, holding him close and started to coo to him, calm him, so that his fluid loss wasn't so bad. Since they couldn't speak in any language, they stuck to chirping and trilling, using a communication that was much easier through their spark-link. It was a child-like language that both understood.

Chirp? The yellow one softly ran his hand over his brother's wound, the hint clear he was worried about the wound, making an attempt at instinct like repairs, or at least tried to. Using the only language they both understood, he tried to calm his brother, using a series of clicks and chirps and beeps.

:I'm not going to hurt you, you know that, 'Swipe: the yellowish brother said to his twin as he tried to get him to sit still. Clicks and chirps coming from him as he spoke calmly to his reddish brother.

The red one would grimace from the feeling, and cling more to his yellowish brother as he went to try to fix him.

:It… (Chirrup, click) hurts, it… really… (screech!) hurts… Sunny, please:

:I know, bro, I know, hold still:

There wasn't much he could do, and he only staved off the leaking by pinching some lines and trying to hold his brother still while he squirmed from the pain. A low soft growl emanated from the yellowish twin as he held his brother hard, still making repair attempts, but the growl wasn't enough to tell his brother to hold still. As he reached deeper into the wound to repair other things and pinch off other lines, the reddish colored twin growled and then let out a very high pitched, quavering scream, followed by a push away from his brother, as if asking him to stop. The yellowish one refused to stop, worry clear in his optics, and he felt bad that he was hurting his twin, but the repairs needed to be done, or else, as far as he could tell, his brother's spark would extinguish.

:You can't keep squirming like that, I am going to end up hurting you more:

:But… (screech!) it hurts…: another trill scream followed by a few clicks and chirps, almost like hiccups.

The shrill screams had been heard even by the Autobots and humans as everyone perked at the sound, "that didn't sound like any animal I have ever heard before," Sam said with a monotonous voice.

"Because that wasn't an animal," Ratchet said, peering in the general direction that the sound had originated from.

"What was it then?" Sam asked, still peering in the general area the sound had come from.

"It was one of the missing Autobots. A cry of pain," Ratchet said, slight despair in his voice that they were there and he was unable to assist them, "I suggest I stay around here and watch them, at least even from a distance. Perhaps if I get close enough I can shut them down before they do anything else harmful to themselves or someone else,"

Optimus pondered on that a moment. Could he really leave his CMO at the mercies of the two out there? What if he was attacked? He was not the warrior type, so his fighting was more limited, and his firepower was nothing like the amount that had come from the two, "ratchet," Optimus spoke calmly, "I think it is better to leave them for now, we need to get Ironhide repaired, and then, only then, will I allow you to come out here, and not alone."

Ratchet grimaced. He didn't like the decision, but he had to go with it.

The yellowish one who had been called Sunstreaker, continued to work on his brother, chirping, clicking and warbling at his brother as he worked, holding him, pinning him, whatever it took to keep his brother still while he continued the field repairs.

:Sunstreaker, stop… (click, click, static) please… stop: There were a few more instances when the red twin would scream out again, not only in pain but anger that his brother wouldn't stop working on him. The sound was very loud, and would often settle through the entire forest. The constant screaming only made Sunstreaker give up for the most part, feeling tired, himself, he wasn't sure of any way to completely repair his brother's wound, and his own would need attention soon. He wasn't even sure if he had done more good than harm, the way that his brother, who had been designated Sideswipe had been screaming in pain. It wasn't something he was taking easily, and since his own energon reserves were higher, and he was still producing it well, he found it easier to transfer to him. He pulled out a long thin line from his wrist and moved to attach it firmly to his brother, who grunted. Sunstreaker growled, and then chirped a few times at Sideswipe until his reddish brother started to calm down so he could start the flow.

:Calm down, 'Swipe, I can't start until you calm yourself:

:What…(screech!) is it? (click, click):

:This is going to help you, I will feed you Energon:

:But… that'll… (static) harm you, no…!:

:Don't fight me brother, it's for your own good: And we really need to get your voice processor fixed. Ugh.

Sideswipe tried to pull from the connection, but found his arm grasped tightly by Sunstreaker and gave a soft chirp and click of surrender.

:There, you see?: Sunstreaker clicked and cooed a few times to his brother, cuddling him closer as he fed him the Energon he so desperately needed. Sideswipe held tight to his brother, clicking and chirping back to him.

(click) It was the only reply the yellow twin needed to hear. He felt his brother beginning to power down. As his brother's grip became more lax, he knew that Sideswipe was going into recharge. He needed to heal – They both did, but he felt his brother needed it more than he did right now, and they healed best in recharge.

As if on cue, the energon started to slow slowly as it filled the reddish twin's systems. He would feed his brother until his brother was in recharge, which didn't take long at all. Sunstreaker knew when to stop and when enough was enough, and when his brother was finally in a deep recharge, did he disconnect the line. He sat there with his brother across his lap as he slept, but he did not sleep, careful that someone or something might attack them, he wasn't about to let his brother become the victim of another attack. He wouldn't let either of them.