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Barricade stomped through the woods, following the obvious path the twins had left in their wake. He wasn't exactly positive what was going on through that brain of theirs, and knew damned well that he was in serious trouble should they double team him. The sun started to set on the forest, and he found himself switching to night vision to continue following. He had been told that were using sparkling speech, and lucky for him, he knew it still. He just hoped he could speak it back when he came across the terrors. Prime doesn't offer enough for me to get into this slag. What was he thinking?

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe moved fluently through the woods, knocking over saplings and other smaller trees to get away from the Cybertronian that was chasing them. Neither's transformation cog was working as of yet, meaning they still had repairs to be done. Sideswipe was falling behind his brother as they ran, and he suddenly stopped, keeled over slightly, resting his hands on his legs.

:Sunny, you think it's safe to stop now?: Sunstreaker turned to see his brother hunched over, but didn't want to waste time, he urged him on with a call through their sparks.

Sideswipe answered and continued moving. :I don't know, bro, I thought I heard something coming behind us still,: His legs still pumping as they charged on. Sunstreaker knew that Sideswipe wouldn't last so long and that was probably why he had asked about stopping. He felt something wasn't right when his brother was lagging back once again. He turned slowly, seeing him bent over again, this time, he was hacking loudly. It didn't register to Sunstreaker what was going on until he saw blue fluid coming from his brothers' mouth, glowing as it hit the ground.

:You doin' ok, Sides?: the yellow twin asked, moving to his hacking brother, he put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

:Yeah, I think so, but I'm sick and getting tired.: The red twin replied, staggering. Sunstreaker noticed his brother sway and grabbed for him so he didn't fall :What's wrong with you?:

:I don't… know, …bro:.

Sunstreaker's head turned when he heard the sound of something coming their way :Move, Sides, move, we got company!:

:Maybe we shou-: Sideswipe went silent as a sudden crash and thud followed. Sunstreaker gaped as he turned to see his brother, lying on his side, optics offline. He dove for his brother, shaking him to get him to respond, but he wouldn't.

:No, no, no, no! No, come on, Sides, wake up!: Sunstreaker knelt down by Sideswipe, pulling him, but it was easier said than done, his brother's deadweight was almost too much for him between the brush and the trees. He glared at the approaching sound, his arm reforming into a cannon and he aimed. He decided he would make a stand here. Click, warble, click, click beep.

Barricade knew he was closing in on the twins. The signatures were flaring on his HUD as he approached, but one of them suddenly vanished. Slag. He slid to a stop and stared at blue optics watching him, also the light of a plasma cannon staring straight at him. Why me…

:Sunstreaker, this is Barricade, do you understand me?: Barricade made a vain attempt to communicate. Various clicks and chirps were coming from his vocal processor as he attempted contact. He was far away from the dangerous twins, yet close enough that he could hear and speak to them and see the glow of the cannon that was aimed at him.

:Who are you? What are you doing on this frequency?: Sunstreaker pointed the weapon true towards the cruiser, following his every move.

:I am not here to harm you. I wish to help.: Barricade's optics furrowed on the weapon. He knew it would hurt if it hit. Why was he risking his life again?

:Leave us alone,: Sunstreaker sent back, his attention going back to his offline brother. He tried through the link to rouse him. Nothing. Then tried to physically rouse him, but Sideswipe was down for the count, and he wasn't even positive what had caused his brother to crash. Anxiety rose in the yellow warrior as he continued to try to bring Sideswipe around, but there was just no doing it. He quickly pulled his energon feed from his wrist and connected it to Sideswipe, hoping that it would possibly work. He could feel the pull on his spark as his brother's own spark was starting to fade slowly, the beating becoming fainter and fainter within his own spark. He knew that Sideswipe still needed repairs still, and there was nothing that could have caused him to go into stasis lock like this for no reason as far as he was concerned.

:What is happening Sunstreaker?: Barricade's chirps and twitters asked.

:How do you know my name?: The yellow twin didn't even look away from his brother as he let the Energon move from him to his brother, a thin blue line lighting up around them as it did so.

:You are a warrior for the Autobots, you and Sideswipe. Something happened to you both and you became… feral.:

:I don't know of any Autobots.: Sunstreaker didn't look away from his brother as he spoke to Barricade. His other arms still trained in his direction, however.

:If you will let me, I can take Sideswipe to Ratchet, the Autobot's medic,: Barricade ran scans over the downed warrior. The prognosis didn't look good, and being only a shock trooper and not a fully fledged medic, he still knew bad news when he saw it.

:No! You will not move him!: Sunstreaker growled.

Sunstreaker's movements became frantic as he searched for a way to get his brother to come back to him. His spark started to ache from the feeling of his brother slipping away. What the frag is wrong with you, brother? He cried out in his mind as he worked to figure out the problem.

:If you let me take him, he will live,: Barricade tried, using a more soothing voice.

Sunstreaker's optics went to the Decepticon :Why should I trust you? I don't know you!:

:I'm the only chance he's got, Sunstreaker,: Barricade decided to call Ratchet, realizing that Sunstreaker wasn't about to allow his brother to be taken by the cruiser, he had no choice.

-Ratchet, come in I have an emergency! - Barricade suddenly called over the Autobot lines, alerting everyone to his immediate attention.

-What is it? Did the twins do you over already? - Ratchet answered dryly.

Ignoring the sneer from the medic, Barricade continued his plead for assistance, -Ratchet, Sideswipe is down, something has gone wrong with him and he needs medical attention now!-

-Where are you guys?-

-Not far from where you left us, north-east. Come quickly, He's fading, doc, he was regurgitating energon and now he's down, Sunstreaker won't let me near him-

With that, Ratchet suddenly did a 180 on the road, knocking the humans over in the back of him. Both startled as they banged their heads off of various medical supplies, "What the fuck was that for, dude?" Jean suddenly asked, rolling around and grabbing her head.

"Sideswipe is in need of immediate medical attention, I am sorry, we have to go back," were the medic's only words as he raced to where they were.

"Sideswipe? You mean the red one?"

There was no reply.

Barricade watched the yellow twin in horror as he saw his weapon glowing brighter and brighter. He was going to fire on him! "Sunstreaker, no!" He cried out, not even using the other channel he had been with the warrior not long ago.

Sunstreaker squinted his optics, took dead aim with his cannon and fired. He didn't care about what Barricade was saying. He was more worried about his brother. The ache in his spark made him feel like he would go crazy at any moment. The beam hit Barricade in the right shoulder, causing him to stumble back, nearly losing his footing.

:I promised Prime I Wouldn't harm you, but Sideswipe is in need of medical attention! Ratchet is en route!: Barricade growled as he surged forward, hell bent on getting some form of control on this young bot. He couldn't say that he knew what Sunstreaker would do to him, and at the moment, he didn't care. He knew Sideswipe was dying and there wasn't much time for any other thought. Sunstreaker saw him coming and got into an offensive stance, ready to pounce the Cruiser. Both of them began an all and out brawl. Barricade called forth his mace like weapon and moved a huge swipe at the yellow twin, throwing the yellow body body through the air with the collision and causing him to knock over several trees from the sheer weight. This also caused a direct disconnect with Sideswipe, causing it to lurch the red twin to the side. Sideswipe sparked where the energon feed had been established, and now it was leaking profusely, as if it were a back feed.

:You idiot! I was feeding him energon!: Sunstreaker let out a feral growl as he lunged at Barricade again, catching him, they both toppled, nearly landing on the red bot as they fell. The shock trooper growled and lifted his hands up, placed one on Sunstreaker's chest, the other on one of his arms and knelt down on his abdomen.

Sunstreaker struggled under the restraint of Barricade, growling and hissing at him vocally, chirping and clicking violently, :Let me go, I need to get to my brother!:

:Sunstreaker, listen to me! Ratchet is on his way, you have to calm down!:

Barricade's words went unheeded as Sunstreaker struggled once more, getting an arm up, he pushed his palm into barricade's chin, trying to force him up, :Get up, or I'll break it!: Sunstreaker warned, growling through his chest and throat, :I can feel him dying, I need to be with Sideswipe!:

Sudden sounds and gears grinding brought the attention of both of the wrestling mechs. They turned their heads, completely forgetting about each other and looked to the source. It was Sideswipe. His body was convulsing erratically, high pitched whines and sine sounds emanated from his offline body. Sunstreaker struggled even more, pain surging through his body, /Get off me now!/ he cried, using all his strength to push the shock trooper from his body and dove for his brother, his own body starting to shake uncontrollably as if he were on a human caffeine high.

He reached down and grabbed his brother, trying to quell the violent outburst from his brother's body.

:He's dying Sunstreaker,:

Sunstreaker turned his head to the cruiser, a snarl crossing his face plates, :You think I don't know that, frag head?: he asked, reaching down for the leaking port on his brother's wrist, :and thanks to you, I can't feed him energon!: His voice grew dark, cold. It was a warning to the Decepticon. Sunstreaker's optics went back to his brother and he let out a soft purr, as if it might help the violent motions of the red twin :Come on, bro, come on, don't you die on me!: he cried.

The pulse of his brother's weakening spark beat erratically within his own spark chamber and he shuddered. He put up firewall upon firewall to help shelter himself from what Sideswipe was going through. He let out an ear piercing shrill of a scream from his vocal processor. The cry was picked up by the incoming medic, who was barreling through ditches and trenches as fast as he could.

Ratchet was hurling through the woods as fast as his tires could carry him. He went through mud, through and over trees, pushing his way to the twins, "You two need to get out, right now!" He suddenly came to a halt, his bad doors flaring open. Both of the humans through all of the confusion, nodded nervously and jumped out, at this time, Ratchet transformed and ran to the cry, leaving the humans to stand.

When he arrived, he was suddenly shot at. He knew enough to dodge the blast, but not the second one that came flying at him and hit his abdomen. He keeled forward, catching himself, "What the frag is going on, Barricade?" He stood erect, noticing a small wound but paid no attention to it as he neared the three.

"Sunstreaker won't get off of him, I tried to subdue him but Sideswipe went into convulsions." The Shock trooper ground out darkly, standing fully erect.

"Get that slagging yellow one off his brother! NOW!"

Barricade grumbled something, glaring at the yellow twin who was now glaring at both of them with a deadly stare :Sunstreaker, he can save your brother, get off of him so he can work!:

I can't trust you: Sunstreaker held his brother close to his chest as he rocked him gently, sobs were now apparent from his vocal processor.

Ratchet growled and moved forward, seeing the yellow twin's weapon aimed again. He figured the only way he could deal with this was to knock out the yellow twin cold. He lunged forward and barely dodged the incoming gunfire as he grabbed at Sunstreaker's arm and pulled with his weight as he crashed to the ground, Sunstreaker fell backwards, involuntarily letting go of Sideswipe from the assault and started grappling with Ratchet, who used all he could to knock the twin down to the ground and he planted himself over the abdomen of Sunstreaker. He reached down with his right arm and pinned the weapon just as it fired again into the sky. Sunstreaker let out a harsh growl and began to fight the medic. Ratchet reached down with his left hand and started fingering around Sunstreaker's head, who twisted and turned, trying to avoid what he knew was going to happen.

Barricade made his way to Sideswipe and successfully pinned the convulsing bot down, "Primus, Ratchet, he's fading fast!"

"I can tell that, Barricade, Sunstreaker is going crazy!" the Medic yelled over the twitters and beeps and assaulting growls that came from the yellow twin as he tried to get free, "But if I can't subdue this one, then I am sure he will die!" Ratchet flickered his optics on the red twin, doing diagnostics on him as Barricade held him there. A sudden frown crossed his face as Sideswipe suddenly stopped convulsing, lying still as can be.

"Listen, I can't get this one under control and he won't let me get to his stasis lock initiator, you need to do this for me, Barricade!"

"Me? What the frag do you expect me to do?"

"I will guide you -" He was abruptly cut off by a thrash from Sunstreaker. It was one that wasn't like his normal thrashing that he had been doing. He started to convulse the same way, audio piercing screams emanated from him like he had never heard.

If they didn't do something fast, they would lose them both. Ratchet knew it.

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