Title: Secrets
Author: Lost in Romance
Rating: K
Disclaimer: If Judgment Day really happened and it wasn't just a bad dream, then I obviously don't own NCIS

A/N: These are just short little drabble oneshots…

Secret #1

Secret #1: Sometimes I look cold just so you'll hold me.

"Thanks for coming over here Jethro. It didn't feel as nice enjoying this alone."

"Not a problem, Jen. I'm glad you asked, although I would have followed you anyway. It's much better being able to sit here with you rather than hide in the shadows." Right now they were sitting on the beach watching the sunset. The Director's presence was requested at some Marine event down in Camp Pendleton, San Diego and she opted to take Gibbs as her main security detail as well as an escort.

"I wasn't just talking about coming here to the beach with me. I'm grateful you agreed to come all the way over here, to the West Coast. I know how much you hate these things but it makes it slightly more bearable knowing your miserable too." He laughed at that wondering if she didn't like these things so much why she decided to become the director. But Gibbs did have his own selfish reasons for coming, one being that he couldn't wait to see what kind of dress she was going to be wearing, knowing no matter what it was all eyes would be on her and second was he didn't like the idea of anyone else being her escort. He wasn't sure why he was feeling this was but it had been going on for a while now.

The sun was setting lower onto the horizon and Jen scooted a little closer to Jethro as the temperature started to drop. This didn't go unnoticed but it did go unsaid.

"Watch the horizon carefully when the sun completely goes away."


"Just do it," he said and Jen gave him a quick glare which didn't hold long. "Are you watching?"

"Yes Jethro, I am watching." She just wanted to know what this was all about. It was continually getting colder, and Gibbs was starting to notice that Jenny was too. He moved even closer to her and put his arm around her bringing her in close. This surprised her but she welcomed it.

"What makes you think I'm okay with you doing this?"

"You're cold and it's not like I bite." She snickered at this and he could have sworn he heard something along the lines of 'I beg to differ' muttered under her breath. Gibbs chuckled and Jen gave him a pointed look. He nodded at the horizon and Jen rolled her eyes. She felt Jethro hug her closer and knew he was doing it because of the anticipation of what was to come. She really wasn't sure what she was supposed to be looking for but it didn't matter because her plan was working.

"Here it comes," he said though it was barely above a whisper. Jen watched the horizon carefully. The sun was setting lower and lower and it would be a few more moments before it would be completely under. Lower, then lower it got and then finally…

"Did I really just see that?"

"Yeah. Incredible huh?"

"Amazing. Why does it do that?"

"Who knows? But I love that its green." Gibbs smiled down at her, finally looking at the expression on her face. It was a mixture of awe and wonder. He was glad he decided to show her this.

"That green…it's beautiful. Why did want to show me this?" She wondered why he would want to be there with her to share something so mystical…and slightly romantic. She looked up and met his gaze. The look in his eyes was soft and caring, with a hint of longing if Jenny looked at them long enough. It had been a while since she'd seen him look this way and she had to admit she missed it. Gibbs took a deep breath and for a moment he looked away from her, and then turned to face her again.

"I guess I just wanted you see to see…what I see every time I look at your eyes. That color you saw was the exact same shade of green your eyes are," he looked like he was about to say more so Jen stayed quiet even though there thoughts running through her mind a mile a minute and placed a hand lightly on his cheek. "And I think I came over here knowing it was going to be cold, giving me an excuse to hold you." He laughed realizing how true it was. He had hoped that something might happen between them tonight, whether it had been more on the intimate side or the friend side, it didn't matter.

She smiled and angled her body more towards him as she went and placed a kiss lightly on his lips. After a moment she pulled away, though it was much too soon for Gibbs' liking. Jen laughed at his grumpy expression and said, "I'm glad you finally got the courage. I was beginning to think it would never happen." And before Gibbs could say anything, she crashed her lips onto his, all the while thinking…my plans always work…

Hope you liked it. By the way, they were talking about how the sun flashes green the moment it disappears below the horizon and Jen's plan was to pretend like she was cold so Gibbs would hold her…