Harry Potter and the Demon of Time

Part One

(A/N: Well…I've done zombie stories and original stories…now I'm gonna do a Harry Potter story. Ok, first off, I have no idea who actually started this challenge, but I liked it. Second, I don't own Harry Potter…would be rich if I did…would rather own Emma Watson…blah blah blah. I'm a college student and a musician. If I owned and wrote the Harry Potter books, it would have ended HP/HG like all seven books pointed towards. Also, I might throw in a few Stargate reference in there, just because I'm a large fan of the show and am pissed the Sci-Fi is now cancelling Atlantis.)

Seventeen year old Harry Potter looked down a long, white hallway, not knowing what had happened. He ran his hand through his unruly black hair, trying to remember the last thing he did, but all he could remember were images of Ginny walking to his bed nude, then chocking. He smiled slightly at the thought of Ginny nude, remembering the nice way her body had become an hourglass figure. The way her nipples had become hard on her perfectly shaped B-cup breast. The way her flat stomach lead down to the v-shape of her soft red pubic hair, hiding her-

"POTTER! GET THE HELL IN HERE NOW!" he heard someone yell from a door that suddenly appeared down the hall. Harry jumped, startled out of his thoughts. He shook his head, trying to clear it before walking down the hallway towards the door. He slowly opened it before walking in, closing the door behind him, hearing it lock in place before vanishing before his eyes.

He slowly turned around and found himself in a muggle-looking office. He cocked his head to the side, looking around the room, trying to find some clue as to what was going on. On one of the walls were diplomas, showing the person had a PH.D in several fields, none of which had anything to do with each other. He looked straight forward and found high-backed chair facing away from him, looking out over something that looked a lot like the pictures of the Great Wall of China.

"Magnificent, isn't it?" he heard a man say before the chair turned. He looked at the man, and realized that he looked not much older them himself. He had long, brown hair with what could only be natural red highlights pulled back into ponytail, leaving him with a receding hairline. He had a red beard that had brown highlights, and a barely there brown mush stash. His brown eyes looked like they had been through and seen hell itself, and hid behind glasses that were much better then Harry's own black glasses.

"What is it?" Harry asked, looking out over the scenery, causing the man to sigh.

"Never fails. They teach you everything you need to know at that school except what you need to know to survive. That is the Great Wall of China. One of the Reapers I'm seeing likes the place, so I figured I'd set up my office here so she could visit it whenever she wants."

"I'm sorry. Did you say you're dating a Reaper?" Harry asked, sounding shocked. "As in, a Grim Reaper?"

The man sighed again, pinching his nose above his glasses. "This is going to be a long day." he muttered to himself before snapping his fingers, causing a chair to appear out of thin air behind Harry. "Please, have a seat. This will undoubtedly be a long story for you to hear." Harry looked at him for a moment before sitting down in the chair, looking at the man confused.

"Well, where to begin." the man said, sitting down before leaning back in his chair. "I guess from the beginning is as good as any place to start a story. First off, my name is Sean, and I'm an Angel of Death. You just died for the tenth time, this time because one Ginny Weasley used to much of a seduction control potion on you."

"Wait, what!?" Harry yelled, stopping Sean. "First off, what do you mean I've died for the tenth time, and what do you mean that Ginny used s seduction control potion on me!? She would never do that, I love her, and she loves me!"

"Well, I see ten times dying hasn't changed your attitude at all." Sean muttered, causing Harry to raise an eyebrow. "Now, if you'll kindly shut the hell up so I can finish, maybe some of this will make sense to you." he said, causing Harry to nod his head in agreement.

"Now, for most people, the Reapers will deal with them. Originally, the Reaper that I'm seeing was supposed to deal with you. However, you quickly became a…special case. You see, the Reapers will deal with you when it's your prescribed time to die. However, every now and then, a case like yours will pop up, and it's sent to one of the Angels of Death. Since we knew each other, she suggested I take your case. Now, even though you've lived a lifetime for a normal wizard, only about three or four months have passed here.

"During that time, you've died nine times before now. The first three were at your Uncle's hands. Now, during your first and second year, I was able to play a part in keeping you safe. The broom incident in your first year would have killed you had I not used Snape to use the counter-jinx. Luckily, when your soul mate…some Granger girl, Hermione Jane Granger, I believe your file said…used that flame hex on him, he knocked down Voldemort in the process."

"Wait, Hermione's my soul mate!?" Harry yelled out, interrupting him.

"Yes, now please, hold all question till the end of my story." Sean said, getting Harry to nod in agreement before continuing. "Now, in your second year, I was able to get Fawkes to take the sorting hat with the sword in it to you, and protect you. After that, well…things slowly started to go down hill.

"In your third year, you were kissed by a dementor twice. That was not pretty, and quite frankly, I did not like having to go and save your sorry ass soul from those demons left over from the tenth plague of God's judgment. In your fourth year, you were first killed by the dragon in the first task from being spared through. Very nasty cleanup, that one." he said, shivering slightly. "Then when Voldemort got his body back and you two dueled, you didn't cast any spell when he shot the killing curse at you and instead tried to accio a shield to you. It didn't work.

"And finally, in your fifth year, you were tortured and shoved into the Veil after watching Hermione die. When that time came again this last time, I had to chose who's death would hurt you the least. Thus, Sirius had to die, so I could save Hermione. And now this last time, you died when that stupid girl that you stupidly lusted after shoved an entire vile of seduction control potion down your throat."

"That's only nine time." Harry said, looking at him. "You said I died ten times. What happened to the other time that you didn't tell me."

"Well…" Sean started, looking at him. "You see…you sort of…accidentally, of course…screwed Ron up the ass." he said quickly, watching Harry's reaction.

"I…wha…you mean I…" he stammered, looking greener by the second. "I did Ron up the arse…" he muttered, quickly covering his mouth. Sean snapped his fingers again and a bucket appeared in front of Harry, who quickly pulled it up to his mouth as he threw up.

"During your fourth year, you walked down into the common room and saw him bent over licking some girl, think it was a one Lavender Brown…maybe…I don't really know. Anyways, you didn't have your glasses on, and thought it was Ginny and another girl in some sort of lesbian sex act, and figured you'd have some fun as well, since you didn't expect to survive the third task. After you found it was Ron, you quickly took your wand and shot yourself with a killing curse."

"Damn straight I would." Harry muttered, shivering before throwing up a bit more. Sean looked at him and nodded his head in agreement.

"That time was rather hard to convince you to go back." Sean said, causing Harry to look up at him.

"Why do I have to go back?" he asked him, a desperate look fleeting over his face. "What if I don't want to go back! I want to go and be with my parents, with Sirius, with Dumbledore!"

"Things aren't that simple, Harry." Sean said, raising his hand to silence Harry as he started to speak. "The point is, you can't go on to your final fate yet, because you haven't completed your destiny. You must destroy Voldemort before you can die. Rather or not that kills you, it must be done. Then and only then will you be allowed to continue on to your final fate." he said before sighing. "The truth is…I screwed up."

"What?" Harry asked, looking at him in confusion. "How the hell does an angel screw up?"

"Tom Riddle, Jr. was able to learn things about how death works. He somehow got access to research I had been doing on an item codenamed Horocrux. It was an ancient form of magic that a Goa'uld named Ra had been looking into. After he left Earth during an uprising, it was brought to me to research."

"Wait…did you say Goa'uld?" Harry asked, interrupting him. "That's the enemy in some show my cousin would watch on the television."

"Yes, the show Stargate SG-1 is based on fact. The US government decided to make it in hopes that it could be used as a passable cover story should the actual Stargate program ever be found out…but that's besides the point. Though I do wish Shanks would stop dieing…" Sean said, trailing off. "Anyways, back to what I was saying. Long before the prophecy was made, he challenged Dumbledore to a duel and was killed. Due to his background, he was sent to me to get a second chance.

"While in here, he noticed my notes on the Horocrux, and stole them, taking them back with him to the start of his Hogwarts schooling period. Thus, that was the reason you were set upon me to help you in your life, something that we are not allowed to normally do."

"But you said that the Reaper you're-"

"Yes, I know. However, for an Angel of Death to be given someone, it has to go before the higher-ups before it can be conformed. When they found out that it was you and just what you were supposed to do, they agreed and set you upon me. Even if the Reaper I'm seeing had sent you to someone else, you would have still been placed with me, because of my mistake."

"So I need to kill him because of your fuck-up!?" Harry yelled, jumping up. "Because of you, I can't go on to be with my family!?"

"Who said you'd be with your family?" Sean said calmly, still sitting in his chair. "Or better yet, what makes you think you'll want to be where your family is?"

"What?" Harry said, looking at him. "What do you mean. They've got to be in Heaven. They're good people!" he yelled, getting angrier by the second.

"Good or not doesn't mean jack up here. I've had to watch as mass murders, rapist, and child molesters got to go to Heaven because of a last second decision while watching good people go to Hell because of they decided to try and get to Heaven by works." Sean said, looking him in the eyes, causing Harry's to evaporate instantly as he sat down. Harry finally started to realize why this man's eyes were as dull as they were. "Due to my job as an Angel of Death, I get to know more then the Reapers do, which for the case of the one I'm seeing, I'm thankful. She's endured enough. But I've had to see the sins and crimes that many men and women have done."

"What do you mean, that she's-"

"It doesn't matter." Sean snapped quickly. "Point is, our lives are really no different then yours. There are the everyday people, those who enforce good, and those who perform evil. Reapers and Angel's of Death are unique in that we do all three. However, we're just as susceptible to things as you are."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, looking confused.

"It doesn't matter." Sean said again, though not as cold. "Look, point is, you've got to go back. There is no question in rather or not you will. This time, however, is different. Since this is my last chance, I'm allowed to help you in every way possible."

"What do you mean it's your last chance? I've already died ten times. How long will you keep hitting the reset button?" Harry asked, looking at him. He noticed Sean look down at a picture facing away from him on his desk, and figured it must be the Reaper he was seeing. "Well?"

"As I've said, both Reapers and Angel's of Death are different from the rest in that we're all three of the main categories, but we're also mortal." he said, turning away from the picture to look at Harry. "We can and will one-day die. You've lived longer then most wizards so far, yet only four months have passed here. Most Angel's of Death aren't even given as many chances as I've had. But, even the higher-ups have their limits. If you die once more, I'll be destroyed, and you'll be sent to another Angel of Death."

"So…you have as many reasons to want me to live as I do."

"Pretty much. But like I said, the rulebook is being thrown out the window this time." Sean said, standing up and walking over to a bookcase. "It's time to ensure that nothing kills you, and that the secret to becoming virtually immortal is destroyed once and for all."

"How's that?"

"You will keep the knowledge of everything you've learned here, as well as all the knowledge you had while you were living this last time. I will also be allowed to help you in any way possible. Now, I'm going to need you sign a contract that was enacted after the first fall of Israel." he said, pulling out a contract and placing it on the desk before pulling out a pen. "Now, while you sign that, there is one other piece of information that I need to tell you. Dumbledore has been manipulating you."

"What?" Harry asked, looking up at him. "What do you mean, manipulating me?"

"Think about how things have gone, and you'll know." he said, taking the signed contract from his hands, looking it over to make sure it was signed in all the right places. "Now, normally, you are sent back to the time of your birth, but I'm going to send you to a time where the biggest change can be made. The night before you went into the Department of Mysteries." he said, standing up, causing Harry to stand as well.

"When will I see you again?" Harry asked, not knowing really what to say.

"You'll see me again when you need me most. Now, once you step through the door, just walk down the hallway and send in Mr. Shanks…seems like he's gotten himself killed again." Sean said, looking down at a laptop that appeared on his desk. "Never fails with him." he muttered to himself. "After that, just walk down the rest of the hall to a doorway that will lead you back to your life at the prescribed time."

"I won't bother asking about Shanks." Harry said, walking for the door. He opened before stopping, hesitating for a moment before looking back. "You know…I thought people like you were supposed to wear a black robe with a hood and carry a scythe. Why don't you?"

Sean smiled as he looked at him, a smile, Harry noticed, was one of mischief. "You mean like this?" he said, snapping his fingers. Instantly, his office looked like a room with an ornate desk and office chair overlook the depth of Hell itself. Where Sean once stood was what looked like a Grim Reaper. "I keep this only for those who truly piss me off." he said with a deep, low chuckle.

"Okay." Harry said, feeling a shiver a fear go down his spine. He walked out of the room and started to close the door behind him.

"Harry." he heard Sean say in a normal voice, causing him to stop. "The next time you see this office, I want it to be after you've lived for a couple hundred or so years."

"Alright." he said, closing the door behind him. He walked down the hall and found a man with short brown hair and glasses sitting there, looking confused. "Just down the hall, only door at the end of it." Harry said, walking past the man who nodded and stood up to walk in the direction of Sean's office. Harry walked on and found the door he was looking for. He sighed to himself and opened it, stepping through the door and closing it behind him when everything went dark.