Harry Potter and the Demon of Time

(A/N: I've been told that what I've written so far is dark. What is to come in this story makes what we've read so far look down right fluffy.)

It was a quiet night inside the Room of Requirement. Following the revelation of Snape actually helping, not to mention the reveling of a second prophecy, talking was truly the furthest thing from everyone's mind. All that was left was to sit and silently mull over what this new prophecy reviled.

"Why was I never told there was another prophecy?" Harry finally asked after a couple of hours, looking over at Sean who was resting with his eyes closed. He waited to see some sign that the Angel had heard him before continuing. "I mean, surly I would have heard of it before, no?"

"Half the prophecies that used to sit in there have gone unfulfilled. Depending on what they were, most are better left unfulfilled." he replied, opening his eyes to look at him. "The Multain prophecy was one of those that would have been left alone due to what it has."

"Then explain it to me." Harry said, slowly getting off the couch, making sure not to wake Hermione. She let out a soft moan in protest before digging into the couch to try and find another comfortable position. "I take it you know what this prophecy says and what it all means."

"When it comes to prophecies, this one's pretty straight forward." he replied, getting up to walk over to a table the room had provided with two chairs. He raised his hand to raise up a privacy ward on themselves so not to wake up the others. "The opening and closing refer to Dumbledore being exposed for who he is."

"Wait, what?" Harry asked, looking at him. "But...it said that former Dark Lord's lover would be revealed for who he is."


"So...who was the Dark Lord between Grindelwald and Voldemort?"

"There was none."

"But...it say that the lover would be revealed for who 'he' is, not she."

"Harry, put two and two together." Sean said, looking at him.

"You mean...Dumbledore is..."

"Gay." he answered dryly. "Prior to them both becoming who they were, they were lovers. When Grindelwald started to rise into power, Dumbledore married a young woman in Hogsmade. Two years later, she was pregnant with his child." Sean said, pausing for a moment before continuing. "Despite being each other's public enemies during the late thirties and early forties, both Grindelwald and Dumbledore would meet to have sexual encounters a least several times a week. When Grindelwald heard about the young woman being pregnant, they decided on a move to end the war, at least in the magical world. They knew that by having it spill out into the muggle world, it could lead to the end of the magical world should the wizards on both sides of the war get any more careless. Thus, on Christmas Eve night in 1944, Dumbledore and Grindelwald met and preformed a ritual that included a duel sacrifice. Since the woman was nine months pregnant, she and the child became the sacrifice."

"What!?" Harry whispered loudly, sitting up to look at the Angel of Death in front of him. "You're telling me that...that Dumbledore actually helped Grindelwald in killing his wife and child!?"

"No. I'm telling you that Dumbledore himself did the murders." Sean replied, sighing for a moment. "There was a dark ritual, much like the creation of a horcrux, the required a duel sacrifice. Two people would need to be killed, with one of them being a virgin female. While Grindelwald held her down, Dumbledore used a knife to cut open her lower abdomen and into her womb. He pulled his daughter from the dying woman before healing her. After making sure that his daughter was alive, he proceeded to start the ritual, which required a blood sacrifice and a life sacrifice from a virgin girl, as well as a life sacrifice from another person."

"A blood sacrifice from a virgin?" Harry muttered, looking at him. "You...you don't mean that he..."

"In front of his wife's eyes, he did." Sean said, continuing with his story. "After he got the blood sacrifice, he killed both of them with an Avada Kedavra and then waited. The Aurors showed up and found his wife and child dead with Grindelwald laughing. Dumbledore went and captured him, throwing him in a German prison where they continue to have sexual encounters to this very day."

"What did the ritual give him?" Harry asked after a few moments to collect himself after hearing what Dumbledore did. He knew that the man was evil, but this pushed it.

"Made him more or less immortal."

"So now I got to find his bloody horcrux as well!?" he started yelling, jumping up.

"No, he never made one." Sean said, remaining seated. "He could probably be hit by a few killing curses before dying, but he will eventually die. If you can remember, he did die your last time through."

"So how did it work?" he asked, still standing.

"By stealing two life forces, including a blood sacrifice by a virgin, he gave himself something like an over-shield, a form of protection from magical means of death. He can be hit by several killing curses or something that would kill him. To date, he has been hit by three killing curses."

"Three?" Harry asked, falling back down into his chair. "How...how was it never recorded?"

"How can something be recorded if all of the witnesses are dead." Sean stated simply, not really asking it as a question.

"So how did he die the last time?"

"The Gaunt family ring was a horcrucx, as well as another item that is of no importance anymore. The stupid idiot believes in the Death Hallows story and put the ring on. It should have killed him. The protection, however, kept him alive. The night he was finally killed, the poison that you forced him to drink was a slow-acting poison which was killing him. It ate away almost all of what was left of the protection that the ritual gave him. When Snape hit him with a killing curse, it destroyed the last small bit of the protection. Hitting the ground killed him."

"He wanted to save himself from magical ways of death, and something as mundane as that killed him..." Harry said, trailing off.

"Strangely appropriate." Sean said, leaning back into his chair.


"He is lying to you, creature."

"Who is?"

"The one called Severus."

"I assume you are referring to him having not told me the full Multain prophecy?"

"I am referring to his so-called loyalty to you."

"What do you mean? Are we talking about the prophecy or not?"

"The prophecy is only one part of it."

"Then, pray tell, what is the rest?"

"He was never one of yours. His loyalties have always lied with the people you killed fourteen years ago."


"What about the rest of the prophecy?" Harry asked, looking back towards Sean. "Is there any other special characteristics that I should know about regarding it or anything?"

"Not really." he said, lowering his head for a moment in thought. "He's claimed what is his by right and birth and conquest but not of blood. Pretty much, he's claimed himself as the heir of three of the four founders."

"You mean that I'm the..." he said, looking over towards the sword lying next the sofa he had been holding Hermione in not long before.

"Yes. You are the heir of Gryffindor." Sean said, sitting up straight. "Upon you beating him, should you succeed this time around and not die, you will become the one true Heir of Hogwarts."

"Heir of Hogwarts?" Harry said, falling back into his chair. "What...what does that mean?"

"It means that you will have absolute control over the functioning of the school."

"And if Voldemort wins?"

"This in this reality, he will have the same amount of control."


While Harry was reeling from the new information he had just been given and Voldemort was looking on over his new kingdom, one Albus Dumbledore was busy pacing in his office, looking out the dark window from time to time wondering just where things had started to fall apart.

Ever since Snape had informed him of the Multain prophecy the month before Harry turned one, he knew that if Tom ever found out about it, it could spell the end of his carefully laid out plan. He had planned on using both Harry and Nevile for his rise to power, using Harry to rid the world of Tom and then causing Nevile to kill Harry the same way that he had Petter betray the Potters years before.

It was always so nice that instructions given under the imperious curse were undetectable. Had they been, then the aurors would have noticed that Petter Pettigrew had been ordered to receive that Dark Mark under his command, as well as to reveal the whereabouts of the Potters to Tom under his command. They would have noticed that Hagrid was under orders to kill Sirius if he tried to put up to much of a fight. Had they bothered looking into Sirius's case file, they would have noticed that he was forced to hunt down and kill Petter under his orders as well. And that was just for Harry.

His inner musings were cut short by the ball of flame that appeared over the perch. He quickly spun around and drew his wand, looking at Fawks.

"You damn bird!" he yelled, glaring at the phoenix. "I should snuff out your pathetic life if I knew of a way to do it!"

Fawks just continued to look at him, his eyes never blinking, never breaking contact with Dumbledore.

"Fuck it." he said simply, standing up straight. "Confundo!" he yelled, sending the curse flying at Fawks while hitting a button hidden in his clock pocket. Fawks tried to flame away, but the ward specially designed to keep the bird hostage kept him from leaving as the curse hit him.

"Fawks, my friend." Dumbledore said with a friendly tone. "Please, take this to Harry only when he's in the presence of those who can be trusted." he said, picking up a scroll from his desk while lowering the ward. He handed the scroll to the phoenix before it flamed away.

"Now...how to get that idiot boy under my control again." he muttered, resuming his pacing.


"What do you mean...other realities?" Harry asked, looking at the Angel in front of him.

"Each time you've died, things were reset. In all reality, each time that someone of great importance has died before their prescribed time, things were reset. The realities that they died in, however, continued to move. However, they became nothing more then shadows. No more people were born. Within a hundred and fifty years, all that was left was a shade that was once Voldemort. In time, those shades will simply shut down, and those realities will cease to exist."

"And the people in them?"

"Again, just shades. They are no longer real. Their souls were sent to the current reality and continued to play out in those realities. In your first reality that you are from, all that is left is Voldemort, ruling the world because he's the only thing that is still drawing breath."

"How long will that last?" he asked, curious as to how long Voldemort's body could go on.

"Not much more longer then another two hundred years." Sean said, standing up. "That's also presuming he doesn't destroy his horcruxs so he can kill himself."

"Pity he won't do that now." Harry muttered darkly.

"There is a way to defeat him without having to destroy the horcruxs." Sean said, sounding somber in tone.

"What!?" Harry yelled, jumping up. "What is it!? How do you do it!?"

"By way of a little known spell." he replied, turning around just as Fawks appeared between them. The phoenix dropped a scroll in front of Harry before flaming out again, leaving the two in stunned silence.

"Doesn't a phoenix only help those who are truly pure?" Harry asked, looking at the spot that Fawks had just been in.

"Generally." Sean answered, looking down at the scroll. He sighed before wordlessly burning the paper. "It was a portkey to the outside of Gringotts. The old fool must be getting desperate."

"Really." Harry said dryly, standing up as well. "Could have fooled me."


"Snape has used up the rest of his usefulness. The next time you see him, I want you to kill him. Show me that I was not mistaken for making you my second spy. Show me that giving Snape instructions under an imperious were not in vain. Show me that you can surpass him as a spy in that old fool's ranks." Voldemort commanded, looking down from his throne a his minion before him.

"I will, my Lord."

(A/N: Short chapter, but seemed like a decent breaking point.)