I showed this to one of my friends before posting it here. She seems to think it's slash, so I'd like to point out that it's not. If you want to pretend it is, then hey, whatever floats your boat.

Bumblebee awoke to a loud, booming sound. Thunder, he believed the humans called it. He didn't like it. It was loud and unfamiliar and the flashing light that accompanied it was equally frightening. He transformed to better reach Sam's window and reached up to knock on it. A moment later, Sam opened the window, despite the torrent of rain that poured in.

"Bumblebee? What's wrong?" Sam asked with concern.

"I don't like this weather, Sam. I'm going to the Autobot base until it blows over," he replied.

"Okay. Have a safe trip, buddy," Sam said before shutting the window.

Bumblebee transformed back into a Camaro and took off in the direction of the base. Thankfully it was Friday, so Sam did not need him for a ride to school the following morning. He was free to stay the whole night if he wanted to. And man, did he want to now...

He felt safer around the other Autobots. Not that he didn't love or trust the humans he lived with. It was just that he'd been with these particular Autobots all his life. He could remember them all since he was just a wee silver-colored sparkling. He especially remembered Jazz. Jazz was a youngling, almost an adult at the time. At first he had found Bumblebee to be annoying and pushed him away, but eventually he had fallen in love with his innocence and natural overbearing curiousity, two traits which had survived into Bumblebee's adulthood. Despite their massive age difference, they had been best friends and grew up with the mindset that they were brothers.

He arrived at the base, the storm beating down on him just as hard as ever. It was a little bit after midnight. Most of the lights inside the base were extinguished, indicating that most of his Autobot companions were probably deep in recharge. No worries. He needn't even wake anybody up if they were all asleep. Their presence alone was enough to put him at ease. Besides, there was only one mech he wanted to see.

He snuck carefully through the hallway, so as not to wake anybody up. Finally, he found his way to the medbay and snuck right in. He made it halfway through the room when he heard a voice at the desk against the wall, which startled him.

"Towels are in the supply closet, Bee. Dry yourself off first," Ratchet said without looking up.

"Oh...yes. Thank you, Ratchet," Bumblebee replied, heading for the supply closet and taking a few towels off the shelf.

After drying himself off, he continued to the back of the medbay to where Ratchet kept long-term patients and found the one he was looking for: Jazz.

Deep in recharge and still recovering from having his lower half reconnected to his top half, Jazz lay perfectly still on the berth. Bumblebee slowly, quietly, slid in next to him and snuggled close. Even with the sounds of the storm raging outside, Bumblebee felt safe knowing that Jazz, his big brother, was there for him if he ever needed anything.

It wasn't long before Bumblebee too was deep in recharge.

Bumblebee felt something brush against his face. He opened his optic shutters to see that Jazz was gently stroking his face. "When did you get here, Bumblebee?" he asked weakly.

Bumblebee lifted his head off of Jazz's chest so that he could look up at him. "Around 1AM," he replied. "That was about...three hours ago," he determined, reading his internal clock.

"I have to say, it was a pleasant surprise, waking up to find you here with me," Jazz smiled, wrapping his arms around him and hugging him. "It's been pretty lonely around here since I can't leave. What made you want to come out here?"

"There was a storm. I got scared, so I came here," Bumblebee replied.

"I remember you used to do that when you were a sparkling. Even though you were probably much safer with one of the adults, you came to me every night," Jazz laughed, recalling the memory. "And now here you are...I could probably do jack for you if you if you really needed my protection in this condition, yet you came to me anyway."

"Injured or not, I still feel safest with you," Bumblebee said, affectionately nuzzling Jazz's neck.

"Oh really? And why is that?"

"Because you're my big brother, and I know you'll always protect me."

Jazz smiled and pulled him into another hug. "That's right, Bee. I'll protect you, even if it kills me in the process."

"And given the conditions of you predicament, I know I can hold you to that promise."

"I love you, Bumblebee."

"I love you too, Jazz."

After their conversation ended, they both slipped back into recharge, unknowing that Ratchet and Optimus were spying from the door. Ratchet nudged Optimus. "Come on. Let's leave them alone, now." Optimus nodded and followed him out the room.