Carter:Lee, let's go to the zoo. (In Japan Carter and Lee are on vacation.)

Lee:Fine idiot.

Carter:What you just say.

Lee:I didn't say anything.

Carter:Oh I heard you ,lee.

Lee:This is going to be a long trip to the zoo.

(When they arrived to the zoo they walked to every exhibit except for the monkeys.)

Carter:I'm going to buy a corn-dog.


Carter:There was a short line.

(When they got to the monkey exhibit the monkey leader stole ,Carter's corn-dog.)

Carter:That monkey stole my corndog that's it I'm getting it back.

I'll harm that monkey.

Lee:It is against the law to harm that monkey.

Carter:I'm gonna get it back.

(Carter jumped the fence and tried to get his corn-dog back

but instead he chased the monkey and hit his head.)

Lee:I need an ambulance.