The Other Side

Pt. I

Based upon Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

AU – I know everything seems vague, just go with it. Think Alternate Universe!

- - -

Jadzia was dead. That was all that mattered to him now. Dax had survived, and he couldn't decide if that made things better or worse.

His par'Marchi was dead, but her memories lived on in . . . a symbiont. A little worm that moved from person to person and was now in the body of some other woman.

He tried to concentrate on his work, but it was difficult. He did not understand why the Klingon Empire had not officially allied themselves with the Federation/Dominion Coalition against the Cardassians.

He scoffed internally at the mere thought of Cardassians. They were gaining more and more allies every week. The Romulans, the Breen, the Orions . . . Now there were even rumors that the Tellarites or the Andorians were planning to leave the Coalition to join the Cardassians.

The Klingons needed to officially ally themselves with the Coalition before the Empire was caught in a bad situation; one even the Empire would not be able to get out of. He could not understand why Chancellor Duras or Emperor Kahless had not publically taken a side. It was a cowardly act to wait to see how the politics worked out.

Worf supposed he blamed the Empire for Jadzia's death. If the Klingons had taken a side and provided extra security on Deep Space Nine, perhaps Dukat would not have gotten aboard the station; and perhaps Jadzia would still be alive.

Jadzia and . . .

Jadzia and their baby.

- - -

P.S. think Alternate Universe, I meant to say Duras, not Gowron.