Hardly Free

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Jaden may seem like an ordinary teen, with teenager problems. Like who to duel, what to eat, and slack and not doing your homework. But an old childhood friend comes back and everything goes to hell. What more? Jaden may be falling in love with Chazz and he can't defend himself against his enemy. Jaden doesn't tell anyone about what is happening to him, a big mistake on his part. Will things ever get better? Will Jaden be able to raise his son without interference from the past? Will Chazz and Jaden ever become lovers? Will Jaden get his happily ever after? I'm not sure if he can ever be free, because for most of his life he has been anything but Hardly Free. Parings will become apparent when reading the story.

Sometimes a story is best left unsaid, because most of the time it isn't very interesting to anyone, and sometimes not even to the one who lived through the story as part of their life. My story is not so different from any other story that a person can think of, except I'm the son of Seto Kaiba.

I am the second child within my family of my mom, my dad, my nii-san (older brother), me and my two imotos (younger sisters). I am now a mother myself; thanks to the fact that I had been brutally raped by someone I never thought I would see again.

I guess I should start out by telling you that the guy, who raped me, is an old friend that I put behind bars. Yet maybe I should start this story from the very beginning and go from there, that way I won't confuse you readers all too much with what I am saying.

First off, I would like to say that my name is Jaden Yuki Kaiba-Princeton, I am 20 years old and my husband is Chazz Alexander Princeton, also 20. My story doesn't begin here, no it begins when I was 15 years old and going to Duel Academy.

Duel Academy is a school built by my father. This school teaches the students how to duel and to even get better at it. My dad built this school for my mom, who wanted a way to give back to the community and to help his children grow to be better people.

Now my mom is Joseph Wheeler-Kaiba, Joey for short and before he married my dad he already had a child through rape. This is why he knows what I went through, and why he was very supportive of me. He also helped me out, but not as much as Chazz did.

Now he was really there for me. Through thick and thin, even when I told him nothing was wrong. He never gave up on me and he continues to support me. I could not have asked for a better man in my life.

My nii-san (older brother) is only my half brother. His name is Kurai Seth Kaiba, age 17 when my story begins. Now he is a guitarist of a band called Zone Me, yeah I know, weird name for a band that sings dueling songs for an odd reason.

He is currently dating a guy named Atticus Rhodes, age 17 as well; Atticus has a younger sister named Alexis Rhodes, who's 16 years old. Atticus has a great singing voice, which of course means he is the singer for the Zone Me band.

Atticus and Kurai have just gotten back together, reason being Atticus disappeared for a long time and is now back. The Shadow Realm had taken him away forcibly; I rescued him by defeating him in a duel, during my very first year at Duel Academy.

My imoto (younger sister) is Hikari Rose Kaiba, age 12 when my story begins. Kairi for short; she loves to build things and to take things apart. Sometimes I believe she should have been born a boy instead of a girl because of the way she acts and dresses. I have never seen her in a dress!

Now the youngest of us all is Saphira June Kaiba, age zero when my story begins. She was not born yet because for some strange reason my mom, Joey, and I got pregnant around the same time. So, in truth, not much can be said about her yet. Although everyone is hoping she will take over our dad's place one day.

At Duel Academy I had 11 friends; three no longer go to the school anymore. They are Atticus Rhodes, Zane Truesdale, and Chumly Huffington. I miss them because they are fun people to hang out with.

My other 8 friends remain. And they are Alexis Rhodes, Syrus or Sy Truesdale, Bastion Misawa, Aster Phoenix, Tyranno Hassleberry, Chazz Princeton, Jesse Anderson, and Blair Flannigan. Each one of my friends are unique in their own way and I am glad to call each one a true friend and my friend.

I guess you can say that me making friends is rather weird, well at least it is to my family. I have never been friendly with anyone in my life after the first time I was raped by a childhood friend.

My childhood friend was Markus Coronet; he of course was at least three years older than me. He defended me when a bully my age tried to punch me in the face, the bully didn't like the Kaiba family name. Go figure!

Markus helped me out a lot, he also taught me a great deal about duel monsters and how to keep calm during duels. I guess you could say I based my mask on relative calmness, and happiness. You see that was before he raped me that first time when I was seven years old.

I made the mistake of telling Markus about some growing feelings that I had for him, and that I didn't understand the feelings very well. He said that it was normal for two friends to feel that way, and that I shouldn't be concerned or afraid about it.

One night he took me out to enjoy some ice cream and we ditched my guards for the evening. I didn't know he was to rape me that night. That night he damaged my soul for what I thought would be the rest of my life.

Afterwards he threatened to kill me if I ever told anyone that he raped me, although at the time I didn't know that it was called rape. So I kept quiet for two years, all that time he kept raping me. So in truth my soul became damaged as time went on.

There is more to what Marcus did to me, and plenty more that I didn't see coming. My life since I met him, I have been trying to forget him. It's not as easy as it sounds. He doesn't want to let me go. Yet I just want to let him go and he won't let me.

I've worked hard to get to where I was when I was fifteen and even harder to get to where I am now that I am twenty. My life may seem simple to a lot of people on the outside, but those who know me, know of my true struggles within.

I guess now you guys want the real story. Of everything that came to be in my own little world. Of course as I stated earlier, when my story starts I was 15 years old and it was my second year of school. That was when the surprise came.

Nowadays, my friends think that nothing is wrong with me and that I am fine. I know that I am nervous about the new student that we are getting in the middle of the school year. And I have every right to be nervous, even though I didn't know what was heading my way.

Yo, my name is Dark Angel From Mercury and this is my first time trying to write a Yu-Gi-OH GX story, so bare with me, because I'm not sure how good this story will turn out. For the record, I'm very pleased about this story line and that I actually have a plot of it. I'm ready for constructive criticism and if you flame me, I'll ignore it. I know it's the first chapter and all but I promise it will get better.


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