Hardly Free

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I don't remember much of what happened after that, just some random moments of Chazz placing me on the bed. Miss. Fontana fussing over me. I think at one point I heard my mother and father's voice.

I'm not sure about that at all, maybe it was my imagination, but Chazz did say my parents were coming. I don't know how much time has passed since Chazz dug me out of the hole and out of the coffin.

Right now I am in pain, everywhere hurts and I didn't think that was possible. I can barely move my body. It will take a long time for my body to heal as well as my mind, I hope Chazz loves me enough to stick with me through it wall.

I groan as I open my eyes only to shut them a second later, the room is too bright, and I have to let my eyes adjust to the brightness. I hear some movement going on in the room and I have a flash back to when I was blindfolded by him.


Movement can be heard in the far corner of the room, I shift in the bed, trying to figure out what Markus is doing in the far corner of the room. He doesn't come closer but the noise doesn't stop or get louder.

Fear racers through my body, as I try to figure out what the hell he is going to do to me. A few seconds later I feel an electric current run through my whole body, I scream out in pain.

End Flashback:

"Jaden, come on, snap out of it. It's just me Chazz, love come on. I won't hurt you, please Jaden, open your eyes look at me. It's Chazz" speaks a soft voice beside me.

I open my eyes and see Chazz has his arms wrapped around my waist as he rocks me back and forth. I close my eyes and lean into him, that wasn't something I remember. Did Jadai take that memory and what happened was a trigger to that memory.

"Chazz" I whisper not wanting to raise my voice for some odd reason.

"Yes, Jaden I'm here. Calm down" speaks Chazz softly.

"Chazz, Bakura will be here soon to do a scan over Jaden…Jaden, oh my god, you're awake" shouts Kurai running up to his brother.

"Kurai, hey how are you?" I ask softly as I turn to look at my niisan (older brother).

"Buddy, I'm not the one that is hurting everywhere because of an asshole. By the way, mom's mad at you for lying and dad is pissed that you didn't trust the people around you to help you out. Now how are you feeling" smiles Kurai as he leans down to hug his younger brother softly.

"I feel alright, and what is this about Bakura coming" I smile as I try to look innocent.

"Bakura is going to scan you, then take you to the Shadow Realm to speed up the healing process" speaks Kurai as he moves to sit down.

"Great, Bakura and his cold hands" I sigh laying back against the pillows.

"You should have seen what father did to Markus when he saw him. I mean this time around you will have nothing to fear as Dad made sure to tell Markus" laughs Kurai as he stands up to get their father.

"I am so going to hear it, Father and Mother are both going to lecture me to no end about what I did wrong on handling this situation" I sigh as I turn to look at Chazz.

"It'll be alright, I mean they love you and try to do what's best for you. I should have seen the signs sooner and you would have not ended up in this situation to begin with" speaks Chazz as he grabs a hold of my right hand.

My left hand wonders up my face because I can feel something weird against my face and up my nose. I try to figure out what the hell it is but for the life of me I can't seem to think of what it is.

I try to move my right arm and hand but it stings too much. I know why it hurts too, Markus cut into this arm. Body hurts so much, it hurts to move, but I must stay strong.

Jadai, do you know what the hell is on my face, because I sure don't have a clue. And it's taped to my face. I can even feel it down my damn throat. I'm confused as hell right now!

I'm sorry Jaden but I don't know what it is either, I'm afraid we are both in the dark about this device.

The door opens and I can hear five sets of feet walking toward my bed, the first person I see is my mother. He runs up to me and hugs me carefully, as father steps to the side of my bed, Kurai and Hikari on the other side of the bed and Bakura in front of me.

"My baby, I was so worried about you. You didn't wake up for a whole two weeks" whispers my mom Joey as he sobs into my shoulder.

"I'm sorry mom, I didn't mean too. I thought I could fight him off" I say out loud for everyone to here.

"I don't care, you should have told your mother he was there when he talked to you. It would have saved all of us some worry. I am disappointed in you Jaden, but everything will be solved soon" speaks my dad Seto as he leans down to kiss me on the forehead.

"What do you mean by that?" I ask him as I stare at everyone in the room.

"Dad means that we are bringing him to court for a death warrant. We all agreed he should be dead instead of alive, his mother also said so. It is up to you as to what happens to him though," pipes up Hikari.

"Yeah, we've waited a long time for you to wake up, so Bakura could help you heal. I mean we had to have a doctor put a NG tube down your nose to feed you" states Kurai pointing to the thing in my nose.

"So what does this thing do?" I ask wanting some information from someone.

"It's called a NasoGastric Tube, it is a flexible plastic tube that goes through the patient's mouth or nose into the stomach. It is designed to remove stomach contents or provide a route to give medication or food to a patient who cannot swallow. The portion of the NG tube outside of the patient may be plugged closed, connected to a delivery device, or connected to a suction device. NG tubes may be inserted while the patient is in the emergency department, operating room, ICU, or regular hospital ward, or even at home by a skilled nurse. The insertion of the NG tube is somewhat uncomfortable for a patient awake but once in place the NG tube usually causes very little irritation. Typically, tape is used to secure the NG tube to the patient's nose and hold the NG tube in place. It depends on why you are using an NG tube, but most stay no longer than a year if needed. Rarely, sores develop in the nose or mouth due to pressure caused by an NG tube. The NG tube is generally changed once every 4 weeks. Alternating sides from right to left in placement. The end of the NG tube is connected to a feeding machine and feedings are given (1). Does that answer your question?" asks Bakura after he finishes explaining what the tube is and does.

"Yeah that explains everything, but one thing. Thanks Bakura but can it come out now that I am awake" I answer as I turn to look at Chazz for a minute.

"No" answers Bakura without hesitation.

"Why not?" I ask as everyone around us just listens.

"Because Jaden, we have been feeding you liquid only. Your stomach is not big enough for solid foods, except you may be able to eat crackers. It would seem that the time you spent in Markus' care - before anyone found you – he didn't feed you anything but his semen. Thus we have to start making your stomach bigger gradually" answers Bakura as he cleans his hands.

"I see, I guess I will have to suffer" I say looking away.

"Good that you are not arguing with Bakura like you usually do" remarks my father Seto.

"He is learning Seto, which is good news" smiles my mother Joey.

"Alright everyone clear out. I have to check Jaden over then I'm going to start the healing process. I don't want anyone in here while I am working. Once I'm done you'll be allowed back in" speaks Bakura as he walks up to my right side.

Jadai help me, once he goes into our mind. He'll find you and then he'll want us to go to therapy to get rid of you. I know I should be the only one in here but I can't help but not want you gone.

I accept my fate to disappear because I know Chazz will protect you from now on. I shall start to willing give you memories, but only when you are in front of someone who is supposed to help you get rid of me.

That just sounds horrible. I don't want that to happen, oh god his hands are fucking cold. I gasp out loud as Bakura runs his hands over my naked body. I am so glad he is a married man and so much in love with his husband Ryo.

I can feel Bakura entering my mind, and bringing our mind to the Shadow Realm. I wait until we are there to see what he is going to say. I know what he wants and I know it is for the best.(A/N: Bakura talking is italic bold.)

Jaden, there are two of you?

I am not Jaden, my name is Jadai and I am his other personality. I am the keeper of his horrible memories and the one who took all the pain for Jaden.

Um, he came to be the night after Markus raped me for the first time Bakura. He has always protected me from that bastard. I'm sorry I didn't tell anyone about him.

It is ok if you didn't want to tell anyone. I will have to tell your parents and you will have to get rid of him Jaden.

I know.

I have already accepted my fate to disappear, as long as Chazz stays by his side forever, there will be no reason for me to exist anymore.

Bakura starts the healing process as he pulls his mind and mine out of the Shadow Realm. My wounds sting and will until they are fully healed. There is a price, and the price to pay to use the Shadow Realm to speed up the healing process of the body, I sigh as Bakura withdraw from my mind.

I wonder what is going to happen to me, now that I won't have Markus to worry about. I watch as Bakura walks out of the room. I wonder what he is going to do. I hear my mom and dad talking to Bakura.

I try to hear what they are saying to each other but for some their voices are too low for me to hear anything. Listen as they walk into the room, looking up I smile at my mom, wondering what is going on.

"Before I say anything, Jaden your father wants to recount his tail of when he caught up to Markus. Your mother thinks you should know before you start to heal" speaks Bakura as he steps aside.

"This is what happened when I was face to face with that scum bag again" states my father Seto coming forward.


"Markus Coronet, I am so glad to see you" chuckles Seto as he cracks his knuckles.

"Sir, please go easy on me" begs Markus.

"I don't think so" growls Seto punching Markus in the face.

"This belongs to my son" Seto snaps the chain and takes the ring away from Markus.

Seto turns away as the police arrest Markus and drags him away to the police helicopter. Seto looks at the media that is standing there wanting the whole story. He glares at them before he starts to speak to them.

"I am placing a gag order on you, the media. You are not allowed to put this into the stream of news. I don't want anyone knowing anything at all" growls Seto as he steps back away from the media.

End Flashback:

"I do believe this belongs to you Jaden" smiles Joey pulling the ring out on a brand new chain.

"Thank you mom" I smile as I grab the chain gently.

Truthfully I don't know what to do anymore. I want to give this ring to Chazz but I don't want to do so in front of my father.

"Jaden, I found out something that may look like good or bad news. Depending on which way you look at it" speaks up Bakura making his presence known.

"And that would be?" I ask looking at him.

"Jaden honey, this news may change your life forever baby" whispers Joey from his spot.

"I see do I even want to know what it is?" I ask looking around the room.

"Don't worry too much Jaden. The news has something to do with you and Markus and the Shadow Realm" states Bakura.

"Do with Markus and the Shadow Realm? What has to do with the Shadow Realm? And even more what has it got to do with that bastard?" I ask Bakura wanting to know now.

"Jaden I want you to please remain calm when you hear the news" whispers Chazz into my ear.

"Well you know you can get pregnant because of the Shadow Realm, right?" asks Bakura.

Jesus Christ, I'm pregnant. I think as I look away from everyone. My eyes closed and my head bowed. I don't want to see them.

I'm pregnant with his child. I can't believe he has messed up my life this badly.

What the hell do I do?

"How far along?" I ask out loud not even bothering to open my eyes or look up.

"A month along exactly" answers Bakura.

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