Man on the Moon

Italics are thoughts


Luffy couldn't possibly be from this world.

No, there was no way this corrupted, weak, and back stabbing world could make someone as pure, innocent, and strong as Monkey D. Luffy.

So, Nami had come to the most obvious answer that she could, Luffy was from the moon. He was from a place where the world's laws were broken and anything was possible. It was so obvious to the orange haired navigator that she could not stop looking at the illuminated planet.

A feminine giggle erupted from her throat as she tilted her head slightly 'What a strange thought …' Yes, her mind had made a rather outrageous proclamation. However, it was probably the closest she would ever come to really pinpointing the anomaly that was Luffy.

"Shishishi!" It came out before she could stop it, an obviously poor imitation of his laugh, but it still warmed Nami to a certain degree.

Footsteps alerted her that she was not the only one on deck, turning her head slightly she could see the focus of her thoughts. His ever present straw hat hung off the side of his head as he stared at the girl in a curious manner. His sandaled feet scraped against the Sunny's deck as he made a semi-casual stroll to her side and peered up at what had her attention.

Giving the boy small side glances the navigator tried her damnedest to read the thoughts going through his head. Finally the rubber boy seemed to have come to some kind of conclusion "It's far …" He commented seemingly to himself, still though Nami responded "Yes, it is." Her gaze drifted from the shining orb to her confusing captain.

Strangely enough the boy seemed to be pondering something, "Do you want it?"

Although, the question was bizarre and completely out of the blue, the girl didn't really seemed fazed by it and merely returned to focusing on the pearl like planet again, "Yes".

Even though it was impossible, Nami half expected Luffy to shoot his arms into the night sky and grab a hold of the moon for her. Actually, she wouldn't have really been surprised if that had happened.

'Why?' You might ask. Well the answer was quite simple, "Because it's Luffy …" She had seen him crumble buildings, take down a thunder god, and beat countless of marines and many enemies. So, something as simple as bringing down a small planet could be within his reach.

However, this did not happen, and her captain had merely smiled before laughing gaily as if expecting such an absurd answer. Her vision of the night sky had been cut off as something had been placed upon her head. Turning towards him she was hit full force by his smile as he continued to snicker at her answer.

"Maybe someday, Nami!" Came his response. With that he scampered away from her and towards the kitchen, leaving Nami watching him as he disappeared through the door.

Standing there under the silver rays of the moon's light, the straw hat wearing girl once again let out a loud laugh, 'I'll hold you to that, idiot …'


If you believed they put a man on the moon, man on the moon. – R.E.M.

First crack at a one-piece fic.

Thanx to Confession for editing it for me!