Total Eclipse of the Heart

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There was a soft rap on the door, its tranquil sound interrupting the atmosphere of the gloomy apartment.

A tangerine haired figure shifted from its position, having been slumped over on the hard wooden table. Looking down at the material as visions and memories floated through her hectic mind, blinking softly the young woman let out a soft sigh as the she rose and the chair she was occupying scooted backwards against the tile floor, making a loud screech as it hit against the wall situated not too far from the table.

Her bare feet made a small slapping sound as she walked towards the living room, finally making contact with the soft blue carpet that had become dirty in the time she had been ignoring it. Shoulders slumped in weariness as the young woman's stomach growled softly in the lack of nutrients, her living quarters very much reflecting the emotions within those dimmed irises. Conflict and fear shining through them, ripping into her psyche and leaving her thoughts full of dread and regret.

'Thud', pain shot through her limb as her toe made contact with the rough edge of the table. However even this although painful and physical, did little to register within the tangerine girls mind. The pain disappeared just as quickly as it came. So shaking off this minor annoyance the woman continued on her short journey towards the door, which had once again resonated with the soft sound of someone knocking against it.

Finally her soft hand wrapped itself around the cool metal of the doorknob. Turning it she pulled it open to see who had come to disturb her time of self misery and recollection, the bright light of the outside hallway made her eyes squint in slight pain as a familiar figure stood in front of her. Slowly the woman's eyes adjusted to the sunlight as the figure's features stated to become more and more apparent "Luffy…" she whispered to no one in particular, skin paling as her mouth stayed slightly open in shock.

The raven haired man indeed stood there, looking as if he had been through many things. For his usually vibrant eyes were bloodshot and nestled upon two dark bags, if they were from tears or from sheer exhaustion she could not tell you. He looked thinner as well, as if uncharacteristically neglecting his meals, weary eyes settled upon hers "Hi Nami", he said softly a smile spreading across his features however his eyes betrayed it. Within them she could see the depth to his misery and it was just as great as hers if not exceedingly more.

He shifted slightly, shoulder dropping as a small green backpack fell upon the floor with a soft "Thunk" and a groan emitting from his chest as he stretched easing some of the tension that had no doubt built up within him.

"How did you get here?" she asked finally, his job had long since moved him across the country and since that their relationship had slowly started to crack and break. However here he stood in front of her, even after all the problems that they had faced all the doubt that had been experienced and finally the end of their long relationship together. His smile finally faded as his eyes drifted away from hers "I got a last minute flight" his voice held no mirth, or any of the usual childishness that usually occupied it.

Her mind for once in quite a long while went blank allowing a soft wave of peace and relief to flow throughout every fiber of the young woman's being. Luffy looked unsure, even a little afraid that her unresponsiveness was a negative reaction to his brash decision to come and see her. Blinking herself out of the reverie Nami smiled softly as she stepped to the side, allowing enough space for him to enter into the messy apartment "Come in…please" she invited.

Looking slightly surprised at the offer the raven haired boy smiled softly, grabbing the green backpack off the floor Luffy gave the young woman one last look before making his way into the apartment. The creaked slightly as she closed it behind him.

Things change, people grow older, and sometimes if need be relationships end. However as this young couple will find out with due time, things always have a way of working themselves out. So even in this dark moment of their relationship, as they sit within the apartment talking softly about times that have come and gone the two of them know somehow in someway things will be okay.

And although things seem bleak right now, there will be plenty more memories, laughs, and…many smiles to be shared between the both of them.


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