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Warm breath panted on a blonde's ears, as a red-headed woman with crazed green eyes took sharp turns down the road. The sirens behind them had been long forgotten by the crying boy in his mother's arms. Naruto cried louder when his mother swerved around another car, barely missing it.

The policemen behind them were becoming desperate to stop the car chase. The woman behind the wheel was not only endangering others on the street, but also her own child. The women driving the car began to panic and decided to take drastic measures to get away from the cop cars.

Spinning the wheel to the left, she made a huge U-turn and headed straight for the police cars, it would have worked had not one police car smashed into her on her blind spot, as he saw her coming.

The police cars began to block her every possible way of escape. Looking frantically left to right the women finally realized that there was no way out. Her shoulders slumped, as she unlocked the car doors. Taking her son off of her lap, she got out of the car; the police were already waiting for her.

"Drop the boy!" Kushina reluctantly let go of her son, and watched numbly as he waddled towards a policeman, that was kneeling on the ground with his arms outstretched towards Naruto.

"Put your hands above your head, and get on the ground!" Kushina obeyed every command that was given to her. She had realized her mistake too late, and now she was paying for it.

Her solemn eyes wandered to her crying baby boy. She gritted her teeth when the police officers got him to stop crying, whereas with her, all he did was cry.

Police ran over to her, "Your under arrest!" they yelled with their guns raised, and hoisted her up on her feet. Handcuffing her, they lead her towards the cop car. As they passed, the policeman holding her son, they had to restrain her even more, when she struggled to reach out to him.

"No! You can't keep him from me! He's my son!" She screeched when they refused to let her go.

"He's no longer you son," A cop said sadly, "Because your under arrest, Kushina Uzumaki." He wailing was cut off when the cops slammed the door. Naruto looked up at his mother through the glass of the police car.

He still had tears in bright blue eyes, as he struggled to get out of the grip of the police officer. Once out of it, he ran towards the car, unaware that the cops behind the wheel had already started the car. Reaching his hand out to his mother, who did the same, the car took off before Naruto's hand could make contact with the glass.

Naruto watched the car disappeared with wide eyes filled with horror. The police man ran up to him, but quickly covered his ears, when Naruto let out and ear-splitting scream.


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