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"You bloody faggot!"

"Oh I see, resorting to homo jokes, are we? I smell hypocrisy in that one."

"Shut up, Kiba! Get outta the way!" Naruto shouted as he tried to push past the slightly taller male and get his lunch. Kiba barked with a laugh and brought his hand down on Naruto's hair to pat it softly.

"Aah, the joys of being taller than you."

"You're such a bitch!"

"Now, I'm a female dog? Where do you come up with these oh-so-intelligent insults?" Naruto growled at him, while Kiba just grinned and raised a challenging eyebrow. Suddenly, his expression turned sheepish as a looming shadow overcame his smaller, comparing stature.

Strong pale arms wrapped around Naruto's fuming figure, and he instantly relax and resorted to pouting.

"Saasuke! Kiba, won't let me eat!" He whined, while turning in the embrace and planting a soft kiss on the Uchiha's lip, which was eagerly returned.

"Well what do you expect, after you ousted Kiba in front of his girlfriend? He'd gonna be on your ass all week." Naruto's shoulders drooped exaggeratedly.

"I didn't know she used to have a crush on me! How was that my fault?" Kiba jabbed his finger to Naruto's forehead.

"Because, right after you found out, you should've told her, like you should've told all of us, that you had a man." That said, Kiba promptly burst out laughing. Naruto rolled his eyes at the childish behavior.

"I wasn't the only one that had something to reveal, sir." He narrowed his eyes mockingly. Sasuke chuckled at the memory, while Kiba turned beet red.

"Ookaay, I give you that one, just don't bring it up again. I've seen more than my fair share of homoerotic scenes." Naruto cackled loudly, knowing the exact thoughts forcing their way through Kiba's already bruised brain.

"Gaara and Neji seemed to enjoy the way your face changed colors so quickly. Hinata thought it was because you ate bad pizza! Hahahaa!" Kiba's face swelled, as he puffed out his cheeks in annoyance. If he thought he was gonna live that down then he was sorely mistaken.

"But by far, the funniest confession was Shikamaru's and Temari-!"

"You better not be talking about me brat!" A blonde girl with four ponytails sticking out in four opposite directions from each other came around the corner and glared heatedly at the boy. Naruto cowered and hid behind an exasperated Sasuke. The Uchiha coolly nodded to Temari in greeting and grabbed Naruto by the back of his orange eyesore-of-a-jacket. Naruto barely had time to curse, as Sasuke dragged him off to their 5th period class followed by a guffawing Kiba and a snickering Temari.

Naruto never got his lunch.

As the four made their way down the aisle of desks, Naruto caught sight of Gaara. The red-head was turned slightly away from him, facing his lover Neji, but something was off about his face. Besides the black eyeliner here and there, there seemed to be something taking away from his normal appearance.

It was right when Gaara turned to fully face Naruto with a big shit eating grin on his face, did Naruto see the hickies. Big red spots decorated him, starting at the nape of his neck, all the way down to where his shirt hid the larger and more conspicuous ones. Gaara's smirk said it all and before he could open his mouth, Naruto put his hands up.

"Don't say it! I have no interest in knowing." And, as if to add conviction to his words, he stomped right past him towards his seat, and leaned as far away as he could from their direction. His spectacle only cause Temari to laugh harder, while Kiba began to look slightly uncomfortable as Gaara's leering eyes scanned toward his direction.

Sasuke shook his head in amusement before following Naruto closer to the back of the class. Claiming his seat, he pushed it, ignoring the protesting screech, flush against Naruto's desk, sat down and immediately took his hand. Naruto gave it a gentle squeeze, while he pointedly ignored Kiba making faces, pretending to stick his finger down his throat and barf.

Sasuke calmly gave him the finger, and, because no teacher was yet present and to piss Kiba off, he leaned over and captured Naruto's lips in a kiss that, to Kiba, lasted far too long for his liking.

Grinning as they parted, Naruto enjoyed the partially green look Kiba attained. Hinata just giggled as she patted Kiba's back soothingly.

Finally, Asuma entered the classroom, smelling suspiciously of smoke and flowers. Clearing his throat, he made sure he had everyone's attention.

"Due to the fact that Christmas Break is soo close," he was momentarily interrupted by loud cheering and slowly put up his hand to stop them, once they were calm he sighed and continued, "thank you, as I was saying, because Christmas break is so close we are going to also take the time to simply write a brief paragraph over what we've learned over this past semester. It can be from anything to new relationships," He squinted up at Naruto and Sasuke's hands, "to a math problem you finally managed to solve."

"Do what you want, I don't care I'm not gonna read them, but I do need a final grade, so if you need extra credit or if you don't want a zero, I suggest it be on my desk by the time you leave." The sound on binders being snapped open, papers pulled out, and books slapped on the desks were all that greeted him, as he moved slowly, as if wounded, towards his desk.

Sasuke and Naruto both reluctantly broke apart to get started on their assignment, Sasuke pulling out two sheets of paper, while Naruto fumbled to find a pencil. Once he had his things, Naruto stood and moved to a desk farther away from Sasuke, so he wouldn't be able to see his writing.

"Where're you going?" Sasuke asked annoyed that his boyfriend was moving away from him. Naruto grinned slyly, and pointed at him.

"So you can't see."

"See what, Naruto?" Sasuke inquired, even though he had a really good idea what Naruto was talking about. He got his answer, when all the blonde did was beam at him and immediately set to work; his tongue sticking out to show his concentration.

The end of the period…

"Alrighty then, I prey to the grading gods, that you all have managed to pull something at least remotely decent because your time is up!" Jumping out from behind his desk, Asuma practically tackled Kiba, who tried to write down one last thing. Putting him a head lock, Asuma went around picking up everyone else's papers, while dragging Kiba behind him by the head.

Finally reaching Naruto and Sasuke, he raised a curious eyebrow and held out his hand expectantly, "Well?"

The blonde and brunette glanced at each other before handing over their papers and looking anywhere but at each other. Asuma rolled his eyes at their teenage antics before dropping Kiba on his back, and tromping back to the front.

"Ow! Motherfuck-!"

"I'd watch my language if I were you Inuzuka! You're mom is on my speed dial." Kiba's shut with a loud clamp, and he scrambled to get back in his seat, ignoring the snickers he got from the whole classroom.

Asuma, after the class had calmed, held up the thick stack of papers and waved them around for emphasis, "If anyone would like to read them to someone, or read them to the whole class feel free to grab it now, read it, then turn it in before the school day is out, This is your last chance." Asuma looked menacingly at everyone.

Sasuke was the first to slowly get up, and amble up to the front to grab his paper. While going back to his seat, he saw a blob of blond do the same. A few others got up also, but Sasuke's focus wasn't on them, it was on the nervous looks that Naruto kept casting his way.

Moving to the back of the classroom, they both took a seat and faced each other. Naruto looked up through his fringe and considered Sasuke for a minute, then asked, "Would you like to go first?"

Sasuke nodded silently, and pulled his crisp clean paper from off the desk top, then as if thinking about it, threw it back on the desk, and grabbed hold of Naruto hands.

"I don't need the paper to tell you what I wrote about." Naruto smiled despite himself, and squeezed Sasuke's hands in his as if to say 'go ahead'.

"Naruto, when I first saw you, the first thing that came to the forefront of my mind was how happy you were, how bright the room seemed to be because you were in it. I didn't even notice the fact that you were wearing all that orange, or that you were extremely loud an obnoxious, I just wished I could be that happy; like you were. Even though our first kiss was a huge accident," Naruto cracked up at this, "it shook me up. It turned my world into something I thought at first was upside down, but now I realize it turned right side up. You know I freaked out, and I hurt you a lot, but I'd risk doing all that again, because I care about you more than I've ever cared about myself."

Sasuke took a deep breath and grinned, "I'm not going to propose to you or anything, and I'm not going to say I love you. Those three words are sorely over used, and I've decided to come up with a new one." Naruto was full out laughing now.

"Well let's see what the almighty genius Sasuke has come up with." Blushing, Sasuke apologized ahead of time for it being kind of lame, and took another deep breath.

"I'm sorry if it's lame, but Naruto, I'm enamored with you." At this, they both started laughing and it seemed like whatever nervous tension had settled around them broke instantly.

"Is that code for 'I'm in amor-ed with you'?" Naruto asked, after Sasuke turned back in his paper. The raven nodded; surprised that Naruto had picked up on the subtle relation. The blonde grinned as if he knew what the Uchiha was thinking.

"My turn. Now I warn you, it's not as good as yours, but give a chance okay?" Sasuke nodded with a apprehensive look, knowing that Naruto used his… creative juices for his.

"That bastard! That evil, slimy, new guy," Sasuke raised his eyebrows, while Naruto continued trying not to laugh, "how dare he come in here, and not only insult me, but take a kiss too?!"

"And how dare me for enjoying it? Not only did he insult me, take a kiss, and make me like it, but now I like him. How dare he make me question myself, and relationship? How dare myself for letting him help me make sense of my feelings? Not only did he insult me, take a kiss, make me like it and him, but now I'm questioning myself and my relationship. How dare that bastard help me when I needed him, and make me feel like a blushing hormonal girl? How dare him, and how dare you?"

"Not only did you insult me, take three kisses, make me like it and you, question myself and my relationship, help me when I needed you, and make me feel like a girl, but you also helped me love you for the evil, slimy, beautiful, caring bastard that you are." Naruto got up in silence and turned back in his paper to a frowning Asuma.

Sitting back down, Naruto breathed a sigh of relief, as he looked at Sasuke's poorly hidden smile.

"Well, that was a beautiful work of art." Sasuke chuckled as Naruto rolled his eyes.

"It was how I truly felt from the moment I met you to this moment right here. The thought process was practically the exact same." Sasuke laughed out loud, drawing looks from the other students, but what turned those looks from curious to jaw-dropping, was when Sasuke pulled a surprised Naruto out of his seat, and practically ate him alive in the middle of class.

Kiba groaned loudly, while Hinata smiled quietly to herself. Shikamaru just rolled his eyes and muttered 'troublesome', Choji stopped munching on his chips long enough to make kissing noises, Ino smacked him on the back of the head, Lee looked at Sakura and waggled his eyebrows, while Sakura tried her best to ignore him.

Neji and Gaara were the only two that engaged in a silent make out scene of their own, totally ignoring the loud barfing sound Kiba was making in their direction.

Asuma thanked whatever god made the final bell ring in that instant, and whoever kept him from setting this whole school on fire.

Because whoever it was, blessed them to no end.

---- END----

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