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Chapter 1

The road seemed to continue on forever, but that didn't stop John Winchester. He had to meet a fellow hunter about the Yellow-eyed demon before he met his sons back at Bobby Singer's place. His quest for this monster has placed a strain on his relationship with his own sons. It had placed a strain on his friendship with Bobby. After the events at the cabin than the hospital, the strain was only compounded by the horrors with that fog that Dean and Sam had to go through.

John was hoping that being at Bobby's would help. Bobby was more like an uncle than a fellow hunter to the boys. His boys loved him as one and that was what John thought his sons needed now, family close. Dean seemed to come out of the ordeal with nothing more than a few scars, both physically and mentally. Sam was another problem. His scars seemed to have him physically drained. Going to Bobby, was really for all of them. John didn't want to admit that he himself needed some time down too.

He had told the boys he'll be there in three days. John was proud that he was actually going to make it there in two. He felt that for once in their lives, he wouldn't let them down. He thought about calling them but decided against it. Why not surprise them for once with an early arrival.

His GMC truck groaned as it turned into the lane leading up to the house. As he neared the house, a sense of dread ate away at his stomach. He didn't see Dean's pride and joy. The Impala was no where to be seemed. First he thought maybe his son had it in the shop doing some routine maintenance, but as he drove by he could not see it in or around the shop. He continued on to the house.

He was met by Bobby standing by his Chevelle which was parked by his tow truck. Bobby was a little put back in seeing his friend pull up. He stood there waiting for John to exit his truck. "Hey, John. What brings you here?" Bobby asked.

John was a little confused. "Aren't the boys here?"

"I wouldn't know. I ain't been home in a week. Just got here myself." Bobby could tell his words were not what the eldest Winchester wanted to hear. "What's going on?"

John looked around. Now that dread was sinking deeper in his soul. "I sent the boys here two days ago. We were going to meet up." John pulls out his cell phone and dials up Dean. When he got his son's voice mail, he called Sam's cell phone only to get his voice mail too. "What the hell?" John said more to himself than to Bobby who had moved closer to his friend.

"John, what's going on?" Bobby was not hiding his own worry. He knew it wasn't like the boys not to call. "When was the last time you saw them?" Bobby knew there was more to this than the boys just missing.

"In Bowman. I ran into them at the church you sent me to." John felt he had to fill Bobby into everything that happened. "The boys got mixed up in some strange fog that turned out to be a doorway of some kind. Dean was trapped, but Sam was able to get him out. But something followed them out and latched onto Dean. We were able to get Dean freed." John was more worried than before. What if they didn't free him?

Bobby remembered John asking for someone who could help on finding the Yellow-eyed demon. He had heard of a priest in Bowman that may be able to help and told John about him. "Maybe they didn't leave?" He asked.

John looked at Bobby thinking the same thing. John saw them leave, but they could have turned around for some reason. He took his phone and called the church. After a few rings, the line was picked up. "Hello?" John could hear anything on the other end. "Anyone there?"

"Hello? Yes I'm here." A female voice came across the line. There was a lot of static on the line. "May I help you?"

"Yes. I like to talk to Father Thomas please." John was trying to keep his voice calm but inside he was falling apart.

"I'm sorry. But Father Thomas passed away a week ago." The sadness in her voice could be heard. "He will be greatly missed. Is there something I can do for you?"

John was dumbfounded. "A week ago. But I was just there two days ago."

"I'm sorry. That's impossible. The church has been closed for weeks. There's no way you could have been here. Are you sure you have the right place?" The woman seemed to be trying to be helpful.

"This is St. Michael's Church of God?" John asked

"Yes. Yes it is. I'm sorry I can't help you. Would you like to talk to the Mother Superior?" The woman didn't know what else she could do to help the man on the phone.

"No. Thank you for your time." John hung up. He looked at Bobby. "Did you know Father Thomas was dead?"

"Dead. When? How?" Bobby was shocked. Father Thomas was a good man and a good source for hunters.

"A week ago." John was now trying to figure out where the hell his boys were.

"A week ago? That can't be. I spoke to him last Friday. Four days ago." Bobby couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Bobby. I got to find my boys." That was all John had to say. Bobby knew what John knew. The boys are in trouble. Supernatural trouble.

"We'll find, John. Let's get inside and I'll make a few calls." With that both men walked inside the house and started their search for Sam and Dean Winchester.


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