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Chapter 8

At that moment, John was no longer weakened by what was in front of him. The Colt rose and the trigger was pulled back. The single bullet left the chamber. It flew out of the barrel to its mark. The imp in Dean smiled. He had done what was asked of him. He destroyed the Winchesters. His Master was served.

Sam could feel Dean tighten his grip. He could also feel the blade against his throat bite harder causing a wetness to run down his neck. He was too weak to brake Dean's hold. Or was he too tired? It was his fault Dean was in this situation. He wouldn't be if Sam had been watching where he was driving. The car would not have had a flat on that desertedroad. That fog would not have taken Dean from him.This thing inside his brother would not have escaped from the fog. Sam couldn't blame anyone but himself.

Sam wanted his father to shot. To shot him for all his failures. He had only been a burden to this family. Sam never wanted to be a hunter and now his short comings had placed the family, his family, in great danger. When Sam finally opened his eyes, he could see his father raise the Colt and aim it at them, he had hoped it was at him the bullet was aiming for. A tear ran down Sam's cheek. He saw the hard stare of his father as the Colt was aimed at its target. The words 'I'm sorry' would have come to his lips if he could say it. Sam felt himself start to fall to the ground. 'Was I hit?' He thought to himself. 'Did his father finally ended his pain?'

John stood sure in his decision. Dean released his grip on Sam causing his little brother to tumble to the ground. The imp stood waiting for the impact. Pleased in serving its master. It stood waiting with a grin that turned John's stomach with disgust. At that moment, John saw movement from the tree line. He saw Father Thomas step from the shadows.

Bobby had moved around John as the imp taunted him. When he saw Sammy crumbled to the ground, he quickly moved in to pull the young man away from his once brother. Grabbing the boy's shirt, Bobby pulled the boy away from the thing inside his brother. Bobby pulled a bandana from his back pocket and placed it against the slash on Sammy's neck. Sammy didn't look up. He curled into Bobby's body like a small frighten child. Sam's eyes were closed tightly to keep the tears from flooding out.

The imp heard the bullet impact but it wasn't in him. Dean's eyes opened wide. He saw John still standing there with the Colt still aimed at its target. It was then that the imp realized it wasn't aimed at him. It wasn't aimed at Sammy. It was aimed at something behind them. Dean turned around to see Father Thomas, who had now stepped from the shadows, take the impact meant for him. The demon inside the priest's meat suit started to convulse. Glowing lights of red and gold dances in his eyes and the bullet hole. A black smoke encircled the body. The demon was trying to escape but couldn't. Till finally the priest felled lifeless to the ground. His eyes opened, returned from the bronze color back to the brown eyes of the now dead priest.

"NO!" Dean yells out. He turned back toward John who was now lowering the Colt to his side. A great evil appeared in Dean's eyes. The imp was going to kill John Winchester. He was going to kill John Winchester for what he did to his master.

He took one step and one step only when suddenly he too felt a great force pulling at his being. His eyes grew even larger. A fearful look greater than anything it had ever experienced happened to came over his face. A bright light started to tear at Dean's body. His eyes began to glow. The side where the knife wound was began to blood causing the redness to cover Dean's shirt. He arched his back as though an invisible hand had hold of his body and was lifting him up into the air. Dean's body jerked, remained suspended a few feet off the ground.

A great force shook the ground and a gale like wind whipped around the Winchesters. John could not remain standing. He fell to his knees. He tried to see Sam and Bobby through the debris flying around them. He could only see them huddled together off to the side. "What's happening, Bobby?" John called out at the top of his lungs.

"I don't know!" Bobby yelled back. He was trying to keep Sam covered for the force whipping around them. Bobby could see that Dean's body was no longer visible for the light had intensified around him.

John tried with all his strength to get to his eldest but he found himself unable to raise more than a few inches from the ground. The force was too great. He felt the force pushing him tighter to the ground. Like a wave of great force, the light surrounding Dean exploded out. For a brief moment, the air around them was gone. John tried to breath but there was nothing there. The thought of drowning on land came to mind. Then things were back to normal.

John looked up as he slowly moved to a sitting position. He looked over at Bobby and Sam. They too were in the motion of sitting up. He saw Sam's eyes move to the figure on the ground between them. John moved his eyes to his eldest son. Dean's battered and bruised body laid crumbled on the ground. John crawled toward his son. Once there, he rolled Dean's body over to see his face. The light bruises that decorated his face stood out against the pale color of his skin.

Bobby and Sam were working their way to the fallen Winchester. John pulled Dean up into his arms. His skin was cold. In the touch alone, John could not feel any life in his son. Tears began to fall down John's face as he cradled Dean in his arms. The more he held his son, the more he knew there was no life in the body he cradled in his arms.

Sam's tears started the moment he saw his lifeless body. As he watched his father cradled his brother like an infant, Sam also knew Dean was gone. Still, holding the bloody bandana to his own throat, Sam reached out to Dean. His hand stopping on top of Dean's own hand. Sam could feel the coldness radiate off his it. "No." The word was only a whisper.

John continued to rock his son in his arms. He looked over at his friend who was also shedding tears. Bobby had his arm resting still on Sam's shoulder. John's eyes drifted to Sam who saw no one but his brother. How long they were like this? It was hard to tell. A soldier has fallen and the world had to stop to grief.

Without warning, Dean suddenly gasped for air. John and Sam's eyes grow large in shock. Another breath was taken. Than a third. John moved Dean to see him better. Color was slowly coming back to Dean's lips. His eyes were trying to open. The lashes danced as they tried to revile the green beneath them. Till finally they did open. Unfocused eyes looked up at him.

"Easy, Son." John told his eldest son as he still cradled him. Dean was looking up at him still unfocused in his stare.

Sam squeezed Dean's hand. Dean rolled his eyes toward to pressure. He looked at the bloody face of his baby brother. "Sammy." His words were soft. "You ok?"

Sam smiled. "Yeah. I am now, Dean." Sam felt a rush of relief as he knew his brother was worried about him. Dean would always be worried about him.

Bobby's tears turned to joyous tears. "Let's get him to the cabin." He said as he was getting ready to help Sam up.

John looked down at his son and back to Bobby. "No. Let's get them to your place." Bobby was surprised but before he could respond, John added. "I don't want anything to do with that place right now. And anyway, I want to get some miles between us and the law if they come out this way."

Bobby didn't have to think too hard on that. Someone could have seen the odd happenings here and called the law. And beside, the law still wanted to talk to Dean about what had happened. Bobby nodded as he helped Sam to his feet. John helped Dean up only ending up in carried the boy to the cars. Dean was not quite with it that he didn't mind.

It took them a few minutes to gather their things together and get on the road. John tried to get Sam to ride with Bobby, but the boy would have nothing to do with it. He climbed into the back seat with Dean in the Impala. Sam pulled his big brother over to him to settle Dean into resting against his shoulder. Both boys were still bloody and bruised but they were together. And to John, that was all that mattered.

Getting to Bobby's was no problem. Settling the boys into a room and into beds wasn't as hard as John thought it would be. He now found himself watching his boys rest. Dean on is back with one arm across his chest. Sam on his side, eyes opened staring at his brother.

John moved over to Sam till the boy's eyes rose to met his own. "Get so rest, Sammy." John quietly said.

Sam's eyes returned to his brother. "Dean is ok, right?"

John looked over st Dean. "Yeah, your brother is going to be all right." This time John felt he was. Sam slowly closed his eyes. John waited a moment before his moved over to Dean's bed side. "Yeah, you will be all right now, son." His hand reached out to gentle squeeze Dean's hand. Dean moved to the touch but didn't wake. John turned to the door to leave. Bobby was standing by the doorway when John walked over to it.

"You think it's over?" Bobby asked his friend.

"We won this battle, Bobby." John started to say. "But the war is still out there to fight." He added.

"Yeah, but at what cost?" Bobby quietly added.

John turned to look at his sons. He knew what Bobby had met. His sons paid the highest cost of all. Will they be able to get through this as they did with so much before? John could only hope so. John could only pray so.

A person was walking through the clearing to a shack. A shack that the woods and vine had claimed in a cathedral of nature. The man opens the door to a simple interior of a table with two chairs and another man standing by a stove in the corner.

"Close the door, Brother. And have a seat." The man by the stove called over his shoulder. The first man did as he was told. Father Michael turned to face the man sitting at the table. He joins his guest as he sets two cups of tea on the table for them. "Drink, my Brother."

Father Thomas looks at the cup then his friend. "You think they'll be all right, Brother?" A worried look wash across his face.

"The Winchesters are stronger than you realize, Brother." Father Michael said as he sipped his tea.

Father Thomas looked at his cup again. "I wish I was more help to them."

"But you were, Brother. You were able to tell John how to kill the imp." Father Michael quickly added.

"But still. I feel it's my fault in not helping them. I let that thing possess me. And now they are wounded. How will they win the battle now?" Father Thomas continued to question his friend.

Father Michael laughed. "You were named appropriately, my dear doubting Thomas." The other man timidly smiled at him. "The Winchesters will heal from their wounds and be stronger than before. Our job is done. Now we watch the doorway to make sure nothing like this will ever happen again." Thomas nodded and both man enjoyed their tea and company.


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