Title: Controlling Puppy
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Yaoi, Erotic Hypnosis
Pairing(s): Seto x Jou
Spoilers: None


Seto tried to convince himself that every time he looked up from his console to the still form of the golden blond it was because he was checking for any sort of error or indication of trouble. No other reason, not even when he could do the same by looking at the screens set before him and probably much better than he could by looking over that lean, long form.

He sighed in frustration, swiping his hand through his hair, something that he never did because as a Kaiba his hair, as well as the rest of him, must always be immaculate. Why did it have to be him? Why did Jou have to volunteer to be a beta tester to his new VR game? And why did he have to choose the blond when there where literally thousands of other applications to choose from. Well he had chosen others, but he had especially chosen Jou and now he was regretting it with all of his being.

The game was being tested out with each beta tester in a separate room. He'd check in on each room, take note of each gamer's experience, most of which were over quickly. A game based around Duel Monsters meant that this game was meant for good duelists. The candidates were not all good duelists. All of the others had left for the day which just left Jou still deeply immersed in the game. It would figure that the one candidate he wanted gone and wanted gone now would be the one to last the longest. Reading the statistics it would seem that Jou was not about to be done anytime soon, either.

"It's really amazing, big brother!" Mokuba said intently watching the screen that showed the graphics that Jou was currently watching. "He's reaching level thirty now and he's only lost one life!"

"Hn." Seto commented non-committally, glancing at the screen as well. "Perhaps I should set the level settings harder then." He still refused to admit that the blond mutt had any real skill as a duelist… out loud…

"Are you kidding, Seto?! All the others said that the game was way too hard for them! If you make it any harder no one will want to buy it! Jou's just really good! I think it's a good idea that you selected him for the test! The game should be challenging for the newbies without being boring for the skilled players like Jou and Yugi!" Mokuba looked back at the screen with a smile. "Jou does look like he's having fun!" He giggled as the blond in the VR world jumped and cheered at yet another victory. "He's reaching level thirty-one!"

Seto tried to keep from sighing in irritation. He could see for himself what level the mutt was at, but he didn't want to snap at his brother. He just wanted the blond done and gone; it wouldn't be fair to take that frustration out on his brother." Mokuba it's getting late and you have school tomorrow. Ask the secretary to call the limo out front. You should go home."

"Awww! But Seto! It's just getting good! He's just reached a level where he can battle against a Blue Eyes White Dragon! I want to see that!"

Seto snorted softly. "What's there to see? He'll face it and he'll lose, it's as simple as that," he said smugly, the pride he felt for his personal card high. "No more arguments, go home, do your homework, eat some dinner, shower, then bed. Now move."

Mokuba glared and grumbled at his brother, but he didn't argue further, sparing the computer screen one final glance before hopping off his chair and stomping to the door, sticking his tongue out at his brother's back before slamming the door closed. Once on the other side he smirked a little, hoping that his brother didn't let this time alone with Jou go to waste. "Go get'im, big brother!"

Seto sat down in the seat his brother had just vacated, glaring hard at the screen where Jou was beating duel after duel until he reached the fateful battle against the first Blue Eyes. He wouldn't admit it, not even to himself, but he was curious to see how the blond would fare against his faithful beast. The battle started out fair enough, but the teen CEO soon became so absorbed into the duel that he didn't notice the small flicker on the corner of the screen, nor did he really notice when the graphics seemed to slow down a little, attributing it to the drama of the moment in his own mind. He did, however, notice when right after Blue Eyes attacked the game went haywire, melting away from the duel to different pulses of colors, sparks dancing on the screen, as the readings for the game output went haywire.

"Shit!" the brunette cried out so eloquently, pushing the rolling chair to the computer that had the game's codes rolling through it quickly, trying to find out where the game had glitched. He cursed again when nothing he did seemed to make things any better, the pulses of color and light still throbbing in the game screen and no doubt Jou's VR helmet as well. Fuck! Jou!

The brunette rushed around the computer consoles to the VR station where Jou was still laying perfectly still. No struggles, not even a single switch of a seizure. Oh gods, what could have happened? He keyed in the code for the emergency stop to the helmet's visual feed, and yanked it off the blonde's head.

"Mutt! Mutt answer me!"

There was no answer and Kaiba felt the knot of worry in his stomach tighten. He lightly shook the blonde's shoulder.

"Damn you mutt! Wake up!"

Nothing, not even a twitch, a cold dread started to seep into the CEO's chest.

"Jou! Answer me!"


Kaiba's heart leapt up into his throat. It was barely audible, but he had heard Jou speak just now. "Jou can you hear me?"

"Yes…" just a little bit louder this time.

Oh thank the gods. Jou seemed to be alright. But… the blond was still lying perfectly still… and now that Kaiba noticed it, his eyes were still closed. "Jou, are you alright?"

"Yes…" the same, simple answer.

Worry started to creep back in. "Jou… open your eyes."

Without a word glazed and distant golden eyes fluttered open to half mast, staring blankly up at the ceiling. It didn't seem like he was taking anything in.

"Jou…?" Kaiba's eyes were furrowed in confusion.

"Yes…?" came the same answer, this time in the form of the question.

The CEO started to take in every full detail of the situation. Jou seemed to be alright, he was conscious and responding and he didn't seem to be in any pain. His breathing wasn't labored, but long and even… relaxed… very relaxed… breathing like that usually came when you were in a state of deep sleep. "Jou..?" the CEO tried again.

"Yes…?" came the same asked reply.

Kaiba inched closer to the blond. He waved his hand in front of his face. He didn't get more than a simple blink in answer; almost like Jou wasn't registering that a hand was being waved in front of his face. Seto frowned more, leaning closer over the blonde's face until their faces were a scant inch apart. No reaction at all from Jou. He knew Jou. Jou would react to having someone this close to his face. His puppy wasn't even batting an eyelash.

He pulled away, looking at the still blond. He had a theory now, but he couldn't be sure if it was accurate, not to mention that the blond duelist could simply be playing some sort of strange prank on him… But… the blond wasn't that clever as to pull something like this off.

"Jou… Look at me…" Seto was just a little unnerved when distant honey colored eyes snapped to look at him. "Jou, I want you to listen to my voice, only to my voice, do you understand me?"

"Only your voice…" the blond responded in a soft, monotonous voice. The likelihood that he was just joking was becoming less and less, but the CEO had to be absolutely sure.

"Good, that's good Jou. Listen only to my voice; it's soothing, isn't it? Just listening to my voice, taking every word I say deep into your subconscious."

"Listen to your voice… soothing…" The blond nodded in agreement, still in that monotonous drone.

"It feels nice to listen; it helps you relax, doesn't it?"

"Relax… your voice… yes…"

"Good… The more you listen, the more you let my voice carry all the way to your subconscious you will feel more and more relaxed, drifting deeper and deeper into tranquil oblivion. You don't even have to hear what the words are, as long as my voice and their meaning carry deep into your unconscious mind. Deeper and deeper now, it's so very relaxing."

He could literally see the blonde's body sagging deeper into the VR station, a soft smile spreading across soft, pouting lips. "Good…"

The CEO's heart was pounding a mile a minute, but he had to be absolutely sure, 100 positive that this couldn't be a joke. "Jou, can you hear me?"

The smile spread a little more, "Yesss…" he responded in a low, long breath.

"That's good, Jou. Let my voice carry you deeper and deeper, floating safely, warmly to that comfortable place. It feels good to listen to my voice, doesn't it?"


"Good… very good. Yes, it feels good listening to my voice, but it feels even better to listen and do what I say, doesn't it?"

The bliss disappeared from Jou's face, replaced with a light furrow, "What..? I…"

"Sshh… its okay, Jou… Just listen to my voice, it feels good to listen to my voice. Only my voice can take you to that deep, comfortable place, right?"

The little smile returned, golden lashes fluttering as Jou fought to keep his eyes open, "Yesss…."

"Listening to my voice feels good… so it's only logical that listening and doing as I say would feel even better. It does, Jou. Doing what I say when you are in this state of deep relaxation feels so good. Doing what I say feels good, so very good. You get pleasure from doing what I say, don't you Jou?"

There was still a moment's hesitation, but the blond nodded a little, "Yessss…"

"Listen to what I say, Jou. It feels good to listen and do what I say. You feel even more pleasure when you can do what I say, isn't that right, Jou? Nod your head when you answer."

There was less hesitation this time, "Yess…" Jou nodded, smiling more and stretching a little when he felt the pleasure from doing what he was told. It felt good to do what he was told.

"That's good, Jou. Listen to what I say. Your right hand is feeling amazingly weightless right now. It feels lighter and lighter, doesn't it? With every passing moment you can feel it getting lighter until it starts to rise up in the air. Lighter and lighter, your hand is lighter than air, Jou. It's starting to rise now up now, isn't it, Jou? You can't control it. It's so light." He watched curiously as Jou's right hand started to rise up into the hair, slowly rising higher until his arm was straight up in the hair, wrist limp, and hand dangling.

"You can try to fight it if you want, Jou," He wasn't surprised when instantly he could see Jou's brows furrow, trying to pull his hand down, "but it's useless. You can't hold your hand down. It's lighter than air." Jou's hand was up in the air. Still too easy. He had to do something that he knew the blond mutt would never do in a thousand years, even as a joke.

"Jou… slowly feel the weight returning to your hand, let it slowly drift back down… Drifting back down as the weight slowly returns to it… Good… that's good." He waited until Jou's hand was resting on his lap again, the blond squirming just a little.

"Jou… it feels good to listen to my voice… and it feels better to do what I say, doesn't it?"

"Yesss…" Jou breathed out contently, smiling softly again.

"Very good… you know that whatever I tell you to do, no matter what it is, once you do it you will feel that wonderful pleasure again. The more you do as I say the more pleasure you will feel. Do you understand?"

Jou nodded, smiling more, "Do as you say… feels good… yess…"

"Jou… bark like a dog."

Once again the bliss disappeared from that adorable face, brows furrowing, "N-no… I… w-what..?"

"Bark like a dog, Jou… You know it feels good to do what I say. It feels so good to do what I say, to listen to my voice. Bark like a dog, Jou. You want to feel that pleasure. That pleasure you can only get when you do what I say."

Jou was hesitating again, longer this time, but after a few minutes he blond made a soft, quiet sound that was like a bark.

Seto was amazed, but… "Louder, Jou. Bark louder, feel the pleasure it will give you. Bark louder and the pleasure will double, Jou."

The blond barked louder at that, ending with a moan as he felt the pleasure go through him twice as much as before, slowly raising a tent in the confines of his pants.

Oh gods… he was… there was no denying it now. Jou… Jou was hypnotized. The blond was hypnotized and under his control… He was feeling pleasure from doing what he said, and apparently it was quite a bit of pleasure if the bulge straining his jeans was anything to go by.

Seto licked his lips, his own pants starting to feel tight as well. He had complete control of Jou like this. He knew of hypnosis. When he was younger he had learned about hypnosis therapy when he had had a hard time sleeping. It had really worked and even now on nights when he was suffering from insomnia he still used the techniques his therapist had taught him. Hypnosis was a really useful medical technique when applied right.

But now… he was looking at hypnosis in a whole new light. He was harder than he had ever been before just thinking of having Jou under his thrall. Of course, Seto knew it wasn't that easy. He knew the basic rules. You couldn't make someone do something they absolutely didn't want to do under hypnosis, but he also knew a loophole to get through most of that. If they were absolutely unwilling, there was no getting around it, but as he had just proven, there were methods to get someone to do something they usually wouldn't do.

"Good, Jou… Now listen to my voice, only to my voice. Let it carry you deeper and deeper into that place of deep relaxation. Deeper and deeper now… Jou… Do you feel good..?"

Jou licked his lips, nodding, "Yesss…good…" Kaiba almost groaned himself at the need hidden in that single word.

"Good… Now I'm going to ask you some questions, Jou. I want you to answer them completely honestly. Each time you answer me honestly you will feel that pleasure again. Do you understand?"


"Good. Tell me Jou, why did you decide to apply as a beta tester for the game?"

"I saw the advertisement for it, how much you'd pay candidates. I really need the money right now. My dad is willing to go to rehab… I just need to raise the money… He promised he wanted to get better… We can be a family again…" despite the raw vulnerability of his answer, Jou's voice kept its droning monotony.

Seto swallowed thickly, pushing away the swell of emotion in his chest. He had thought the blond was just a simple idiot; it never even occurred to him that someone like Jou could have any depth to their character. He pressed on with his interrogation. "Jou… what is your sexual orientation?" His whole plans were moot point if Jou was as straight as an arrow like he always thought he was.

"I…" Jou started with a blush, hesitant to answer, but then went on, "I just discovered about a year and a half ago that I like men more than women…"

"Really..? And are you single right now?" Would he be able to go through with his plans if he knew Jou was taken? Could he really sink that low?

"Yes…" the CEO breathed out a sigh of relief he hadn't realized he had been holding.

"Is there anyone you like..?" What was this, elementary school?

Jou blushed again, nodding. "Yes…"

Kaiba raised an eyebrow at that, but maybe he shouldn't have been so surprised. They were both healthy teenage boys after all. It would be strange if Jou didn't have thoughts like that about someone. "Who is he?"

At that Jou shook his head hard, completely refusing to answer.

Seto frowned. "You agreed to answer my questions honestly, Jou. Who is it?"

Jou shook his head again, "I… I don't want to answer…"

Well… he supposed that was an honest answer. He wondered why Jou absolutely refused to give the name of his crush, but he wouldn't push the subject for now. Jou was single; he had no reason to even consider feeling guilt. That's all that mattered to him.

"How much do you know about gay sex, Jou?"

The change of subject seemed to help the blond relax fully again. "I've studied whatever I could find about it. Mostly yaoi manga, and I stole a magazine once. It was filled with some helpful tips for first time lovers."

Kaiba shuddered with pleasure imagining Jou 'studying' on how to have gay sex. "That's good, Jou. That's enough questions for now, but you want to feel even more, don't you? You want to feel more pleasure. You want to do more of what I say because you know that is the only way you can feel that pleasure."

Jou whimpered softly, squirming in place a little, "Yesss… want… more…"

"Do as I say and you will feel more pleasure, Jou. Do you want that?"


"Good… undo the front of your pants, Jou. Take out your cock, it'll feel twice as good when you do that."

Jou hesitated, Kaiba had expected him to, but the groundwork had already been set. Slowly the blond undid the front of his pants, pulling them down enough to free his length, the blond shuddering in pleasure for having obeyed. Oooh, his puppy wasn't wearing underwear it seemed. Very naughty.

Jou started to wrap his hand around his erection, wanting to feel more pleasure, his entire being focused on just that.

"Jou, stop!"

He was answered by a whimper, but Jou stopped his movements.

"I didn't tell you to touch yourself, Jou. That was bad of you."

Jou whined softly, and Kaiba was surprised to see that the reprimand made his puppy's arousal to start to wane. His mind made a connection he hadn't told it to. To listen to him brought pleasure; to disobey would take that pleasure away.

"Listen to me, Jou. I want to play a game with you. A game of pleasure. Do you want to play with me, Jou?"

All the blond could do was nod eagerly. "Yes… Yesss…!"

"Very good," Seto couldn't help but chuckle softly when the arousal instantly jumped back to life. Jou always had such interesting reactions; this was no exception, "Stand up, Jou."

Jou slowly, sluggishly got to his feet, moaning softly as he did.

"Now lay down on the floor." Jou was quicker to comply this time, laying down straight on the floor. "Very good, Jou. You're such a good boy, obedient like a puppy. You want to be my good puppy, don't you? It feels good to be my good obedient puppy."

There was a pause, but then the blond barely nodded.

"Answer me, Jou. Do what I say to feel that pleasure you crave. It feels good to be my obedient puppy, doesn't it?"

"Y-yes…" Jou moaned softly, rolling his hips a little.

"Louder, Jou, feel it twice as good."

"Yes!" Jou cried out in pleasure, arousal throbbing.

"Good puppy…" Seto purred. "You are my obedient puppy. Good puppies listen to their masters, don't they, Jou? I'm your master."

Jou swallowed thickly, nodding, "Y-yes…"

"Who am I, Jou?"

"M-master…" Jou moaned breathlessly.

"Louder Jou, who am I?"

"Master!" Jou nearly screamed in pleasure, a fine tremor running through him.

"Good puppy. Good puppies listen to their masters. Good puppies feel pleasure when they obey their masters."

"Obey Master… good…" Jou repeated.

"That's right… and good puppies only come when they're told, don't they Jou? You will only be able to come when I give you permission."

Jou whimpered, "O-only come… w-when you give permission, master…"

"Good puppy… such an obedient puppy… good puppies feel more and more pleasure for obeying their masters. Feel that pleasure, Jou… Feel it building higher and higher inside you now."

"Yesss! Master!" Jou arched on the floor, his body quivering in pleasure, fluid dripping down, smearing over his lower stomach.

"Let's play our game now, puppy." Seto smirked.

"Yess…" came the breathless reply.

"Good puppy," Jou was rewarded with another thrill of pleasure for being good. "Now I want you to raise both your arms over your head." He waited until the blond complied. "Now feel them locked into place. They are bound tightly in place. No matter how much you try or struggle, your arms stay tied firmly in place."

On cue Jou started to struggle against his invisible binding, a look of fear crossing his face.

"Relax puppy. Your master wouldn't hurt you. Now spread your legs wide" Jou relaxed and started to squirm out of his pants to be able to open his legs wide. "Now feel them lock into place as well. No matter how you struggle they are bound firmly in place. You are now helpless, aren't you Jou?"

"Y-yes..!" Jou's voice cracked an octave higher in his panic.

"Ssh, ssh… it's okay, relax Jou… You're in your master's care. It's alright to be helpless for your master. In fact, it excites you to be so helpless in front of your master, doesn't it? It makes you feel good, gives you pleasure…"

Seto had said the magic words, Jou trembling and arching in place as pleasure thrummed through him, "Yesss… master… helpless… good…"

"That's right, puppy. You feel more excited when your master has you completely at his mercy."

"Yes… at master's mercy…"

"Good puppy… Now listen to my voice, feel it carry you deeper and deeper into your trance, only listen and obey my voice. Only my voice, deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed. Let your eyes flutter closed as you feel more and more relaxed. Still able to hear and obey only my voice.

"Only master's voice…"

"Good… that's good, puppy. We're going to start playing now. Are you ready?"

"Yes, master…"

"You are helpless, Jou… Your hands and feet are tied wide apart. You are completely at your master's mercy. You are blindfolded; you can't open your eyes. In a moment your master will start to touch you. Your master will tell you each place he touches you and each touch will send tingles through your body, making you feel more and more sensitive to the pleasure your master gives you. But you cannot come until your master lets you. Do you understand, Jou?"

"Y-yes, master…" Jou's voice was breathless, panting softly in bated excitement.

"Good… I'm going to start touching you now, Jou." Seto sat himself down in the VR station that Jou had abandoned, watching the blond raptly. "We'll start off easy, puppy… Feel your master's fingers caressing your stomach." He smiled wickedly when Jou inhaled deeply as he felt the touch, sending tingles through him.

"Feel your master's fingers smoothing over his stomach, smoothing up, making the tingles travel up your body as they smooth over his chest." Jou whimpered in pleasure, arching his chest forward wantonly. "Master is playing with your nipples now, Jou. Feel him tweak and pinch at the hard little pebbles, rolling between is thumb and index fingers, twisting. It's a little painful, too but it feels so good, doesn't it, puppy?"

Jou was panting for breath, straining against his invisible restraints. "Yes… yes, master!"

"Such a good puppy you are, Jou. You're turning your master on very much by having such honest reactions. He wants to taste you now, Jou. Feel the hot wetness of his mouth over his skin, against his throat, sucking on your collarbone. He's sucking on your left nipple now."

"Aaauhn! Master..!" Jou whined and writhed under his invisible partner, his nipples now pebble hard and his arousal starting to purple with his building need.

"Master likes the taste of your skin, Jou… he's sucking hard. Feel his teeth tugging on your nipple. His mouth is so hot and good on your skin. His hands are touching you everywhere now, Jou. Your arms, chest, down to your stomach, your thighs. He's touching your thighs, feel his fingers caressing your inner thighs. Do you feel it Jou?"

Jou was bucking wildly now so lost in the pleasure his body was convinced he was feeling. It had to be one of the most erotic sights the CEO had ever seen.

"Good… i-it feels good! Please! Please!" Jou begged.

"Have you ever had a blow job before, Jou?"

Jou panted for breath, nodding shakily, "O-once…"

"And did you like it?" Seto tilted his head curiously.

Jou shook his head this time. "I… s-she kept using her teeth… It didn't feel good at all."


Jou blushed, "It was before I realized I was gay… I always had a hard time getting it up before… Her teeth didn't help at all."

The CEO wasn't interested in finding out who this mystery girl was. "This time will feel different, Jou. Your master is going to give you a blow job now, Jou. The pleasure you feel from his touch will triple when you feel the wet heat of his mouth, do you understand?"

Jou licked his lips, answering breathlessly, "Yes master!"

Seto slipped down from the VR station, kneeling between Jou's spread legs. His hands caressed the surprisingly soft skin of his legs, groaning as it made Jou go wild under him. He bent over until his mouth was aligned with that length, making the brunette lick his lips, laughing when he inadvertently flicked the tip of his tongue against the tip and Jou jumped in sensitized pleasure.

"You're so cute, my puppy… Good puppies deserve their rewards." Not waiting for Jou to reply, he parted his lips to take the pulsing, hot flesh into his mouth, groaning at the taste and pure scent that could only be Jou, inhaling deeply through his nose. He had to hold his hips down when Jou started buck with loud cries of pleasure. He must have pushed his puppy further than he thought. He hadn't even done anything yet.

He started a slow, deep suction that had Jou straining against his 'bindings' all the harder, those hips under his hands desperate to buck in deeper. The brunette had no doubt in his mind that if he hadn't given instructions the blond would have come at least two times over by now. As it was, he knew he had all the time to enjoy and savor the taste and heat of Jou in his mouth, drawing back slowly to suck on just the head.

He pulled back completely, blowing cool air over the wet tip, groaning at the cries of abandon and loss that brought, then he engulfed him completely again and Jou was shrieking in pleasure. He found and mercilessly teased every especially sensitive point on the throbbing length, pressing his tongue along the thick vein of his underside, then down again to deep throat him.

Jou's cries of pleasure were continuous now, feeling the pleasure build and circle around inside him with now way out. He was sure that if he didn't come soon he'd die. "Master! Master!"

The delicious hot, wet suction drew away from his aching length, making Jou whimper. "What is it, puppy? Do you want to come?"

Jou nodded mutely, whimpering softly.

"How much do you need it?" the CEO couldn't help but taunt just a little.

"So bad… I need to so bad, master! I'll die if I don't!"

That actually did make Kaiba chuckle. "Well… we can't have you dying, I suppose. On the count of three you will have the most intense orgasm of your life, puppy. Twice as intense as anything you have every felt before, do you understand?"

The blond writhed desperately, starting to feel all the pleasure that had built inside him focusing on one point in preparation. "Y-yes!!"

"Good." Seto leaned close down again, lapping his tongue over the tip like a kitten lapping milk. Jou arched desperately; aching to be given the release he was just promised. "1…" the brunette started and Jou's body jumped, "2…" Seto deep throated the blonde's length for just a second and he swore he felt the length thicken, only his word keeping everything within from spurting out now. He pulled back to whisper against his skin "3…"

He swallowed him down again just in time to receive the first the blonde's release. Jou himself was crying out in wild abandon as he felt the most intense release he could ever remember in his young life, slumping after he was completely spent.

Kaiba swallowed down every drop, pulling back with a soft pant once he had cleaned every last drop from the waning length. "Good puppy, Jou…" he caressed his hip, making the blond whimper at the tingles of pleasure going through his sensitive body. Seto pulled his touch away.

"Listen to my voice, Jou. Listen to just my voice and fall deeply again, deeper and deeper to the relaxing place only my voice can take you. So deep, so relaxed. Each time you fall deeper and deeper into your trance, falling deeper and deeper." It wouldn't be wise to go further than this for a first time. In fact, he knew he had pushed his luck with everything he had done. But who knew that Jou was such a good candidate for hypnosis?

And Ra curse it he was still hard as all hell. This wasn't over! Not by a long shot. He knew that he could never have Jou any other way, so he'd have him this way until he finally got his fill, then he'd let the blond get back to his life like nothing had happened. No commitment, no worries of attachment. He could have never asked for a better situation!

But it was getting late. He knew he had a long night of looking through the game code and finding the error in the code to correct it. He'd save the flawed copy as well, but that would go into his own personal files. For now… he had a few post hypnotic suggestions he had to implant in his good little puppy.


To Be Continued!

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