Of the Leaf


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Shikamaru Nara walked along the road with his head tilted back looking up at the sky. Letting his natural and more than sufficient ninja skills keep him from tripping and doing a major face-plant. This was not that unusual occurrence; he was always looking up at the sky with his head in the clouds. Today though, today he had to keep his gaze on the sky. He didn't want his gaze to wander.

Looking ahead was a bad idea that meant looking towards what he needed to report…and explain. Looking behind was stupid and would remind him of what he had done on this mission. Looking at the forest around him would grow old fast, mostly because they were so close to home and he knew the place so frickin' well. Then his gaze would cause him to look to the side…and looking to the side was not a good idea.

Time to sigh and grumble troublesome…he thought about that for a second and shook the impulse away. His teamma… no, his partner would most likely be offended or something. Time to sigh again.

They were very close to home now, so close in fact, that if they used some of their speed they would be at the gates in twenty minuets. At the pace they were going now they would be two hours. (Out of the corner of his eye he sees a pair of hands come up to chest level and start fiddling) Why rush? It was a beautiful day, clouds were nice and fluffy. (Fiddling continues) It would be too troublesome to make that much of an effort. Besides, (Fingers poke together) there really wasn't a time limit on this mission. (Poke) Really, it had been a successful mission (Poke) they got what they needed. (Poke) Removed the people that were targeted. (Poke) Nothing wrong at all. (Poke)

Without thinking he shot his hand out to catch the hands that were driving him nuts. The startled gasp from his right told him that she had been fidgeting unconsciously and that he had broken her train of thought. Probably a nervous habit of hers that came up when she was troubled by something and was working through to an answer. Shaking his head to rid himself of those rambling thoughts he sighed, again.

"I'm sorry." Softly came from his right. "I didn't mean to bother you." The voice was like a quiet wind, soft and gentle. Shoulders slumping in defeat he turned to look at her.

"It's okay…I'm nervous too." he murmured and finally released her hand. As she lowered it a glint on her finger caught his eyes and reflexively he followed it down. Shaking his head again he forced his eyes to look at her face. A mix of emotions swirled on her face and eyes. Yeah... he was nervous too.