While working onboard a Federation space station Uhura warns a young cadet
'be careful what you wish for, you might get it'. A few moments later, in a
wild fit of rage, Uhura pulls out a phaser and threatens to hit him with it.
She instead forces him into a closet, ass first.

Sulu, while in spacedock, is confronted by another cadet. This young fellow
makes the horrible mistake of commenting on Sulu's height. Sulu responds
accordingly with demon-like speed that would frighten a mongoose, followed by
several kicks to the face and the genitailia. Sulu knew that it was wiser to
strike first than to take any chances with these fools.

McCoy enjoys a drink in a Federation lounge. Obviously stoned out of his mind, he decides to confront a hostile alien. 'Take me to Genesis you filthy animal!' he exclaims. Fearful for his life, the alien meekly responds 'Genesis? Not that!' This response makes McCoy's face turn red with anger. The alien diplomatically attempts to leave the table, but before he can take more than one step, he is tackled to the ground. Unable to breathe, the alien fears the end. But then, on his last breath, McCoy himself is tackled to the ground by a dozen Starfleet officers. He is taken into custody. Unable to move and mad as hell, McCoy responds the only way he can--by spitting and urinating on them as he leaves.

Scotty. on the Excelsior, had made some crafty plans of his own. At this time Scotty was finishing his modifications to the ship while working under Captain Styles.

As Scotty prepared to leave the ship, Captain Styles made the mistake of telling Scotty that he should 'have a nice day' and that he should also 'stop by sometime to review the modifications'.

Little did he know that Scotty was not the fool that he thought he was. As Scotty walked out the door he muttered under his breath 'bite my big fat Scottish ass!' and 'this is the day you will regret for the rest of your natural life!'

As we found out later, Captain Styles did regret that day. He had been unaware that Scotty, instead of making modifications to the ship, had plotted out an elaborate plan of revenge.

When the captain gave the order to go to warp the engines suddenly failed. A control panel nearby explained to him why. Scotty left him a little message--a dirty message written personally to the captain. He also left photographs of himself making several despicable hand gestures that he had taken while the captain thought he had been on his lunch break.

Why can't every Star Trek movie be like Star Trek III?