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RING…RING…RING…RING. "Ughh shit!" came muffled from my face buried in my pillow. It's the damn phone, who's calling this early? I questioned in my head.

"WHAT?" I snapped at the ringing demon.

"Shit, what's up your ass this fine afternoon?" It was my manager Leah, I wouldn't deal with her if she wasn't my manager. Even though I don't like her as person, she is amazing manager. It hurts my pride to admit but it's true.

"Afternoon? What time is it?" I asked.

"Time for you to get your pretty little ass over to studio" Opps I forgot I was going to record my new single today.

"Are you shitting me?" I turned my head it blinked 4:18. Wow I slept for a solid 10 hours, impressive usual I wake up screaming because of the nightmares. Oh why oh why can't I just let him go, like any normal person. Fuck him.

"Fine on my way, don't throw a shit fit." I snapped my cell phone shut.

I rolled out of bed and took a quick shower. Scrubbing all the grime of last night off my body, I got drunk again last night at my favorite night club here in L.A. The Spider club. Yeah, I know how did I up in Los Angeles, California. Well it all started when Edw-- he left me that day in the forest. He said he didn't love me, basically to sum it up. He lied all those times to me saying me loved me, but how could he love me? A plain jane human, nothing special. Just Bella Swan. Dull brown hair, dull brown eyes, and a petite frame nothing special at all. I guess you could say now that I matured more now. More curves to my small frame, bigger boobs much to my delight. Yeah I get looks and catcalls all the time from men and some women. But it doesn't matter no one will have my heart, because it belong to someone who doesn't want it. Him . Enough said. Wow I really know how to get off topic don't I. So moving on, how did I end up in L.A you ask. Well let's make this short and sweet. I dropped out of Forks High school and moved to L.A California, to pursuit my music career. Indeed I can sing and play the piano and guitar, yeah wipe that surprised look off your face now. Singing and writing my own songs helped a lot to get me through the "zombie" period of my life. Well I eventually snapped out of the zombie stage and become violently pissed at the happy-sucking Cullens. Those bastards led me to believe that HE "loved" me. Psst right fucking web of lies, most of my anger directed at one Cullen in particular. And you guess it that bronzed haired son-of-a bitch. Jeez now that I got that off my chest.

I stepped in my car and sped off to studio. I slipped on my Chanel sunglasses, and stepped out of my car. Of course the paparazzi where waiting for me. Ughh oh did I forget to mention that I'm a number one selling artist, and people kind of think of me as a celebrity. Ok kind of is the right word, more like every move I make is published in the tabloids. So I like to cause trouble and be a bitch to the paparazzi.

"Ms.Swan did you hear to news about Britney spears?" asked one of the many camera men, putting the camera in my face.

"Ummm…… how about you take some advice" I spoke innocently.

"Ohh, what is your advice to me" He asked

"If that camera is out of my face is 2 seconds, I'm going to shove it up your fuc-"

"IZZY MARIE SWAN, DO NOT FINISH THAT SENTENCE!!" screamed Leah, who appeared out of thin air.

"Bye stalkers catch you on the flip side" I told the guys.

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