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Pairing: Lavi x Female Allen

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The Day Before Christmas

-- 24th December --

It's a peaceful day in the Black Order. No signs of Akuma or Noah's activities. And also tomorrow's the Christmas Day. Everybody were preparing for the Christmas party.

Except for… Lavi.

Tomorrow is a special day. Not only X-mas day, but also Allen Walker's birthday. And she'll become 17 this year.

'I wonder if she likes this?'

Lavi though it over and over… until he saw Allen come to Komui's office.

'Don't tell me if there's a mission…'

Lavi followed her and listened their conversation behind the door.

"Umm… Komui-san…"

"Can… can I go out tomorrow?"

"Ara? What's wrong Allen-chan?"

"Umm…I just want to visit my father's grave…"

Lavi blinked for a second after heard that.

'Her father's grave? Oh yeah…this new HQ is near London…'

"Hmm…okay then"


"You can't go alone! The Earl and Noahs are targeted you."

Allen looked little disappointed…

"So… I will go with who?"

"How about with me?"

A voice suddenly came up from the door. And its Lavi's.

"Lavi?! H-How do you-"

"Sorry, I just heard it when walking here. Can I? I have a lot of free time now."

Lavi smiled to Allen.

'Its my chance to give the present to her. Without Old Panda's interference of course.'

"Well…Isn't it a coincidence. Lavi, you escort Allen-chan tomorrow, okay?"

" No problem. Right, moyashi-chan?"


Komui grinned as saw those two walk off his office.

'Maybe this is a good chance for those two.'

'Good luck Lavi'

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