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Until We Meet Again…

There a farewell party in the cafeteria before Aion back to her own timeline.

"Nee…Aion-chan…can you tell me about the future?"

"Ai-chan, who will marry my Lenalee?"

Lenalee and Komui asked Aion.

"Hmm…..I can't tell all about it…"


"It will no fun if I tell all about it."

"Okay, I tell you a little."

"Lenalee-san will marry with Bak-san."


Komui fainted after heard it.

"Eeer…please continue Aion-chan…"

"Okay…Hmm…Miranda-san will marry with Marie-san…Krory-san adopt a kid…"

"And Cross-san become my grandfather…"


Lavi shocked after heard it.

"Oh…I haven't told you…Master will adopt me as his daughter…"

"No way…"

Cross grinned evilly to Lavi while he smoked.

"What Kanda's children looks like?"

"The older one is Yamato. He looks like ba-kanda…but his personality more like his mother. He is kind and gentle…always caring…Not like his father…"

"And his daughter?"

"Sakura? She is kind too. But, she always sick."

"Oh…heard that Kanda-kun? You better take care of your children!"


"Okay…last question! Tell about Lavi and Allen. When they engaged, married, and everything…"

"Hmm…Lavi-san purposed Allen-chan right after the last battle. They married on 24th December. A year later, on 24th December, I was born. But, it counted as 25th December."

Aion sighed and began to speak up again.

"On 24th December too…that Noah came and killed them…"


"But that's okay now! Everything had restored! They'll be there when I'm back!"

Aion smiled happily.

"Yosh! Before Ai-chan go back, let's party tonight!"


"Che. I want to back to my room."

"Kanda-kun! You better not go anywhere!"

After that they party all night.


On the morning, Aion activated her Innocence on her forehead and a door came up.

"Well…this is it!"


"Don't be sad Allen-chan! We'll meet again after I born!"

Aion smiled and brushed her hand to Allen's cheek.

Allen began to smile.

"I'm not saying goodbye…but see you again!"

Aion waved her hand and entered the door. After that the door vanished.

"…until we meet again…" Allen whispered to herself while gazed the sky.


A few years later.

Just like Aion said. The Earl defeated, The Noahs gone, The Innocence and the Dark Matter destroyed.

But, they all alive.

Miranda and Marie married. They took care of orphans.

Bak married Lenalee and lived in China, with Komui of course.

Krory adopted a boy and lived in Rumania.

Kanda married a Japanesse woman and had two children.

Lavi married Allen and had a daughter, which was Aion.



"What is it, Lavi?"

"Ummm…how about have another child? I want to have a son…"

"Eh?! But, Aion said-"

"She could changed the future. How we changed the future too?"

Lavi grinned. After saw Lavi's face…Allen only could sighed.

"Okay then…beside, she stayed with father for a month."

Lavi smiled happily and hugged Allen. And then he carried her to their bedroom.

"Now, shall we?"




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