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Hi everyone! Here is the first chapter of the sequel, I posted it here so everyone that has this story on alert may read a snippet before going to check it out. The sequel is called: An Incongruent Truth, please mosey on over and tell me what you think. It's been so long since I last wrote Tony and the brothers, so please bear with me :)

Chapter One

An Incompatibility of M&Ms, Resurrections, and Weariness

Tony leaned farther back into her chair, her muddied boot clad feet resting on the kitchen table in her motel room, her entire body frozen in concentration. Her eyes were glued to a calendar she had tacked to the wall upon entering what would be her makeshift home for however long it took her to complete the hunt.

It had been exactly three months to the day when she had sold her soul to bring Sam back from the dead, to save Dean from a life of self-hatred, guilt and loneliness…but to be perfectly honest: she was selfish. She sold her soul because she couldn't bear the thoughts of Sam being buried in the ground while she kept breathing, never being able to see him again. She was honest enough to admit that she was a selfish fool, but still, she didn't regret anything. If she had a chance to redo the deal with the crossroad's demon, Tony McBride Holloway would not have changed a thing.

So one might ask, if Tony adored the Winchester brothers so much, why did she leave them three months ago? In her way of thinking, she was protecting them and she was still adamant that it was for the best. Regardless of becoming an insomniac, of losing an inappropriate amount of weight, and taking unneeded risks when hunting. No, Tony honestly believed that leaving Sam and Dean behind so they could move on with their lives was for the best. She didn't want to become a constant reminder of Sam's death and resurrection, of Dean's self-appointed guilt, and of her impending death. No, she wanted them to move on with their lives and use her death as a gift of sorts, this was their second and last chance at a life and she hoped they weren't going to screw it up.