Disclaimer : I sadly don't own The Black Donnelly's

Disclaimer : I sadly don't own The Black Donnelly's

Lady Lucky

A.N. Italics are Joey Ice cream

Ch: 1

She was a rough and tumble sort of girl growing up, she could fight just as well as any of the boys in the neighborhood, but she also had a certain kindness to her which she would only show to her closest of friends including the Donnelly brothers , Jenny Rilley and sometimes Joey Ice Cream. They all grew up on the same block, they went to the same school, and they all stuck together no matter what, family above all, right? Growing up everyone expected her to marry one of the Donnelly brothers, most likely Sean considering they were the most similar in personality , but no she went and fell for Kevin ,the lovable and oh so unlucky Kevin Donnelly. They were a year apart in school. The first time he kissed her, he was a senior and she was a junior and they were walking home.

-November 2002-

She was yelling at him about something or other when all of a sudden he stopped walking , so she finally noticed he wasn't walking next to her anymore so she turned around and walked back towards him " What's up Kev?" she asked him and looked up at him ,(her being 5'4 and him being 6'5 definitely made it difficult for her to make him look her in the eye) anyway, he had this serious look on his face and it made her nervous for a second and then he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers and when she didn't respond he pulled away slightly with a scared sort of expression on his face "I'm sorry Em" he told her she blinked at him repeatedly smacked him in the face and then kissed him wrapping her arms around his neck , she finally let go and said "Took you long enough" with a grin she took his hand and they continued down the block , Kevin trailing behind her slightly with a hundred watt grin on his face.

And for the first time in his life Kevin Donnelly actually felt lucky.