Disclaimer : I sadly don't own The Black Donnelly's

Disclaimer : I sadly don't own The Black Donnelly's

Lady Lucky

A.N. Italics are Joey Ice cream

Ch: 3

"Kevin and Em were a little late back to the Firecracker that night, to say the least, if you know what I mean." Joey said to the two officers sitting in front of him "Anyway back to the story "Joey started again

"Hey Kevin, where you been?" Jimmy asked him as he walked back into the Firecracker, Emily following closely behind him

"Relax Jimmy; I had something I needed to take care of." Kevin told him and grinned at Emily, she smiled back shaking her head knowing Jimmy wouldn't take that to well. Jimmy was about to retort when he caught sight of Em leaning against the bar and he just took a breath and rolled his eyes at his younger brother

"Really Kevin, did you need to fuck her right now? "Jimmy asked

"Shut up" Kevin told him as he walked back behind the bar and started taking drink orders, when Jimmy walked over to the other end of the bar where Em was sitting

"Hey Em" he said

"Hey Jimmy "she replied

"Listen , I know you and my brother tend to go at it like rabbits on a daily basis , but can you try and make it so he isn't leaving me with a crowded bar alone." He asked her in a faux innocent voice

"Oh please, Jimmy, you had Joey" she told him

"I rest my case "Jimmy said and smirked slightly and she smiled back slightly looking over at Joey Ice Cream who was currently trying to hit on Jenny.

"Oh and one more thing," he said

"Yeah" she replied smiling a little wider

"Try not to tire him out to much , you know he is kinda dopey to begin with, if you know what I mean" he said with a grin on his face , he loved making Emily blush ,he thought it was hysterical , especially when they were younger and he used to tease her about liking Kevin. Although he enjoyed tormenting her, the oldest Donnelly brother had a bit of a soft spot when it came to Emily, it was almost like she was the little sister he never had, although he insists that Kevin is a bit of a girl.

"Hey Jimmy why don't you lay off her" Kevin said coming over to them

"How about I lay on her instead?" Jimmy replied and Kevin gave him an annoyed look and glared at him as he drew him self up to full height, a good 6 inches taller than Jimmy.

"Shut up Jimmy" Kevin said with anger in his voice and a hard look on his face.

"Aright, alright I get it Kevin, hands off your woman "he said mockingly to his little brother

"Thank you" he said sarcastically as Jimmy walked away

"He wasn't giving you a hard time was he?" Kevin asked as he filled up two glasses with some Budweiser

"Of course he was, Jimmy's been giving me a hard time since I was three , but its nothing I cant handle , he makes me laugh , that brother of yours." She said to him with a shake of her head.

"Yeah, laugh" Kevin grumbled under his breath as he eyed his oldest brother 'conversing' with some customer angrily. And Emily smiled at him slightly

"Jealous Kevin?" she asked impishly

"Jealous? Jealous of what, is there something I should be jealous of?" he asked her hurriedly. She rolled her eyes and leaned over the bar, grabbed his collar, and kissed him roughly, tongues and all. "Does that answer your question?" she asked him

"Yeah, I guess, but I might need a little more persuasion" he added with his eyebrows raised waiting for her response. She rolled her eyes once again and said "Well you're going to have to earn it."

"Oh I intend to" he replied nonchalantly with a spark in his eyes and started to work again. Her eyes followed him for a moment longer. When she felt a pair of eyes on her, she turned around swiftly where she was met with the hazel eyes of Tommy Donnelly. She walked over to him and sat down across from him at the booth. "Tommy "she said

"Em" he replied "Your going to give yourself a bad reputation if you just keep kissing random guys like that" he told her in mock seriousness as he took a sip of his beer

"Right, a bad reputation, how could it possibly get any worse?" she asked rhetorically and arched one of her eyebrows and he just smiled at her and took another swig of beer.

"So what's good Tommy, you and Jenny get your acts together yet?" she asked and just looked at him dead on.

"Funny, Em real funny" he said

"I thought so too. "She replied with a smirk resembling Kevin's

"You know I think Kevin's been a bad influence on you." He told her and she just grinned and looked over to the bar which showed Kevin trying to get Jimmy to clam down over something a rowdy costumer said.

"Anyway I figure if we ever do you'd be about the third person to know" he told her

"Probably "she replied still looking at Kevin and Jimmy , she looked over there for so long Tommy's eyes eventually drifted over to the bar and he sighed and got up from the booth, catching Kevin's eye , and Kevin gave him a look saying 'what do you want me to do, I'm trying here' . Tommy then walked over to the bar just as Jimmy really lost it and came over the bar at the guy. This wasn't the first time this had happened, and it sure as hell wouldn't be the last. There was a scuffle of some sort and someone was slammed into the jukebox causing it to stop playing, just a normal day at the Firecracker Lounge.