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Yes...this is the last chapter of Full Circle...but good news, the first part's first chapter is going to be posted right after I post this one! By the time you lovely readers find out that this has been updated, it should be up as well! It's called In Circular Motion and it's the events leading up to, including, and ending (temporarily as we already know...) Angeal and Genesis' first attempt at a relationship.

Chapter 7

Genesis slammed his report down with far more force than necessary. Tseng raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment. Angeal had been back for over a week and if the way Genesis was behaving was any indication, getting back was as far as he'd gone. He accepted the papers silently and slowly. No loud noises, no sudden movements. That was the best way to deal with Genesis.

"I hate all of you." Genesis called over his shoulder for good measure and Tseng nodded acceptingly. Angeal was back, but Genesis had been sent on two different missions into the city since then and Zack had been wrapped up in his graduation exams to move to Second Class.

Genesis stomped back across the compound toward their shared apartment. It was new…Angeal hadn't wanted to move into Genesis' as it was a mess, and Genesis hadn't wanted to have to be the only one to give up his living arrangements…so they'd compromised and made ShinRa and the taxpayers pay for two side by side ones to be renovated into one large one big enough for three people. He'd told Angeal it cost only a third of what it actually had to get the entire thing complete in three days. Angeal didn't like to think he was forcing the general public to pay for him to live luxuriously. Genesis took a spiteful pleasure in it. Knowing that he'd forced a bit of it on Angeal made him feel good too. Angeal needed to make himself more comfortable. And Zack, blessed puppy that he was, had bounced across the entire thing at least eight times before coming to sit with them, completely content and not even wondering about the cost.

The master bedroom was gorgeous. And enormous.

Of course, the fact that he'd had time to actually pay attention to what the bedroom looked like infuriated him.

He slipped his key card into the door and pushed it open. "Honey, I'm home!" He called theatrically, not knowing if anyone was actually home. Zack was probably doing some last minute cramming, and Angeal was often with him.

He set his card on the counter in the kitchen area, tensing at a small noise coming from the aforementioned glory that was their bedroom.

Was someone home after all? Genesis smirked. It would have to be Zack then…Angeal had a bit more control than to pleasure himself in the middle of the day. And even if for some reason he was, he certainly wouldn't be making noise…

He stuck his head in the bedroom and whatever half formed, blush inducing remark he'd had died on his tongue as he stared open mouthed at the wide bed.

Zack was home.

Oh was Zack home…

Angeal was home too…

And they were…

Genesis' first reaction was an insane, flaming jealous raging in his stomach but he forced it down. He didn't have to be jealous, right? They were both his now…

The jealousy was replaced with a sudden overwhelming delight that burned a bit further south than his stomach.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" He fairly purred, slinking the rest of the way into the room.

Angeal was laying on his back, holding Zack's hips as the younger rode him. When Genesis spoke two pairs of eyes opened and turned to stare at him.

"I don't know whether I should be upset that you started without me, or pleased by what you have already prepared for me." He said, shedding his own clothes with what was probably more flair than necessary.

"This is, to be fair, the first spare moment either of us has had either." Angeal said, recovering remarkably well for someone who was forcing himself to remain completely still while inside a considerably less still and collected Zack. They'd stopped moving for the most part, but Zack was squirming uncomfortably, and having to crane his neck to see Genesis strip wasn't helping him on several levels.

"Well, it's nice to know I haven't been excluded." Genesis said, his lips curving into a sensual pout that made Zack whimper eagerly and Angeal tense despite his resolve.

Genesis crawled up behind Zack, wrapping his arms around him. "Continue, I just want to feel for now…" He said, biting down on Zack's neck in time with Angeal's sudden revival of their previous motions causing Zack to yelp.

Zack recalled suddenly, though the memory was continuously disjointed with each movement of Angeal's hips, Genesis' description of what this would be like. And here they were…Angeal inside of him, Genesis now pressed tightly against what parts of Zack he could reach, his hands roaming everywhere as his mouth moved skillfully across Zack's neck and shoulders…it was almost too much.


But then…Zack was a teenage boy…and Angeal and Genesis were both amazing…

Which begged the question…why was he thinking about this at all?

Moaning loudly, Zack surrendered himself to the sensations bombarding him from every direction. Angeal had one hand firmly on Zack's hip, supporting him, the other moving along the length of his thigh. Genesis was wrapped around his torso, leaning over him to run his tongue over his collarbone and the underside of his chin. Each time Angeal thrust upward, Zack would rock back, forcing himself into more contact with Genesis' quickly heating skin.

He wasn't sure how long it lasted like this, everything was crystallized in clear, frame by frame picture in his mind, but at the same time it was speeding by, so blurred that he couldn't make out anything past the rhythmic ecstasy of Angeal inside of him and Genesis' talented hands and tongue roving over his chest and neck …he managed to focus on little things, the way Angeal's face both tensed and softened, the light pressure of the pads of his fingers against Zack's cheeks…the almost painful feeling of Genesis' teeth on his ear lobe, and the undoubtedly pleasurable feeling of the smaller set of fingers playing against his nipples...but he kept losing the larger shifts, the passing of time, how Genesis could possibly end up with his foot against Zack's chest, how Angeal was kissing Genesis without moving much at all…

He was very sure of his displeasure though, when Genesis was suddenly hauling him bodily off of Angeal.

Angeal seemed equally displeased, Genesis managed to get a harsh groan out of the larger man as he literally picked Zack up off of Angeal's still firm cock.

"My turn." He said simply, slamming Zack forward against Angeal's chest.

If Zack was going to protest being passed around…he was first of all in the wrong relationship…but he was also far too late, as almost immediately after speaking, Genesis was inside of him. Looking back Zack would realize that the older man had somehow lubricated himself, though he was past caring then, and too sated later to bother finding where Genesis had pulled lube from, or how he'd gotten it on himself with his erection pressed so firmly against Zack's back the entire time.

In that moment though, all that mattered was finally learning the feeling of Genesis inside him. He was smaller than Angeal, but no less enjoyable…possibly even more skilled, or at the very least more creative. He remained still for three excruciatingly long seconds before slamming forward and twisting his hips so that the head of his length was run tightly along Zack's prostate.

Zack shrieked…something he'd deny later…and saw stars. When his vision cleared, Genesis repeated the action, causing the same reaction as before. He blinked, focusing on Angeal, who he'd been pressed against as Genesis had shoved him forward. He clamped his legs around Angeal's waist, mewling gratefully as Angeal took his throbbing erection in one large hand, moving skillfully along it.

"Puppy, puppy, puppy…" Genesis cooed, he was taking a special delight in including himself in the nickname Angeal and Zack had formed. Angeal thought it was endearing. Zack didn't even have a recollection of it when asked at a later point in time, because Genesis chose that moment to start moving once more, adjusting his hips with a motion that had Zack moaning brainlessly with each thrust.

Angeal's hands…they were both there now…were deft and precise, but loving and reassuring at the same time, a steady, constant supply of pleasure, contrasting deliciously with the erratic mixture of pleasure and tantalizing pain that Genesis supplied with the combined application of his teeth and nails on Zack's neck and hips, and his writhing movements inside of him.

It was maddening, dizzying bliss and Zack didn't want it to ever end. He felt as though he could have remained there in that chaotic suspension of time for an eternity.

But the human body is not made to withstand such pleasure for any real extension of time and all too soon he was reaching his climax, his scream muffled by Genesis' hand shoved in his mouth. Angeal stroked him to completion, not stopping until Zack's cock was limp against his fingers.

Zack groaned softly as Genesis pulled out of him, frowning softly in confusion. Genesis hadn't…

"Do you want to see now, puppy? What I've been waiting for, what was, what is worth fighting for?" Genesis purred, and Zack nearly hardened again at the sudden thrill that shook his still sensitive body.

Zack found himself lifted bonelessly and set gently to one side of the enormous bed. Angeal paused to cradle Zack in his arms, kissing his forehead. "Do that to him." Zack slurred, still disoriented.

Angeal smiled crookedly, letting him go and turning to pull Genesis to his arms instead. The brunette growled in possessive approval, wrapping his arms around Angeal's neck, his legs moving with far more flexibility than Zack supposed he'd ever have, to wrap around Angeal's torso.

When Angeal laid him back, his short hair still managed to hang over the bed, his arms spread across the sheets, one hand brushing Zack's leg.

"I need to-" Angeal began.

"Did it already." Genesis said, spreading his legs to present Angeal with his already stretched entrance.

Zack blinked, still a bit dazed, but not enough that he wasn't confused by that. How did he…

Angeal seemed to accept this though, and he flipped Genesis' legs over his shoulders, entering him with one smooth motion.

Genesis' head pressed back into the mattress, his neck arching gracefully and Zack's eyes widened as he felt himself growing hard once more.

It only took a few seconds to realize that Genesis wasn't kidding when he said it was worth fighting for. The two of them moved together effortlessly, Genesis was flexible beyond belief…he'd folded himself up around Angeal in a way that Zack wasn't sure was possible for normal human beings. Angeal was rougher with Genesis than he'd ever been with Zack, but the same loving, protective nature was apparent, in the way he guided Genesis against him, his hands splayed over narrow hips in a firm but gentle manner and Zack's chest ached longingly just watching.

They kissed…Genesis' mouth was a force to be reckoned with…again and again, quick, intense and bruising with each meeting of their lips, Genesis' white teeth flashing visible every few times. Long fingers tangled in short black hair and though they pulled harshly, each movement was filled with the strange brand of devotion that was wholly Genesis.

Zack whined softly, shifting his legs together before giving in and wrapping his own hand around his once again erect member. He began to pump himself, timing his movements with each delighted moan that Genesis released. Angeal moaned softly as well, though he was more reserved than either of them.

Their movements were hypnotic and Zack was startled when the rhythm shifted and was broken by Genesis' approving yowl, his teeth sinking into Angeal's shoulder as his body shuddered violently. Angeal took this without complain, moaning happily instead as he slowed his movements to allow Genesis time to recover from his climax.

Genesis flopped backwards against the bed, his body too limp to continue his acrobatic hold on Angeal's torso. The sight of Genesis' body, lax and blissful, shaking with Angeal's renewed movements caused Zack's abdomen to tighten a second time, and before Angeal had even come a first time, he found himself reaching a second orgasm.

By the time he regained sense of his surroundings, Angeal had obviously finished. He had pulled himself out of Genesis and was lying back on the pillows, cradling Genesis' smaller form in his arms. He motioned for Zack and he complied eagerly, crawling over to press himself against Angeal's side. Genesis draped a lazy arm over Zack's side in return, grinning smugly.

"What?" Zack asked, grinning in return.

"We're amazing, aren't we?" Genesis asked airily.

"Do I get to include myself in the 'we'?" Zack asked. "Or are we just talking about that part at the end?"

Genesis tapped his chin. "Well…I'm in a very good mood…so I'll include you too…"

Zack pretended to pout and Angeal reached down to pet both their heads. "You're both amazing." He mediated, scratching the side of Zack's head and running his other hand down Genesis' cheek.

"Don't sell yourself short." Genesis chided, though his gleeful expression made it obvious that Zack wasn't going to get away from Angeal scratching him like a puppy without some teasing. Now was just not the time…

"Seriously." Zack said, ignoring Genesis' silent jeering in favor of nuzzling against Angeal's gentle touch. "You're going to have to admit you're amazing, or you're not going to be able to deal with both of us…"

"Neither of you are going to be able to handle me." Genesis declared. "The two of you have deprived me completely again and again." He said, sighing dramatically. "I'm going to make you pay for it again and again in return…in this bed, on the sofa, maybe across the coffee table, definitely the kitchen table, against the refrigerator would be fun, wouldn't it? We could open the freezer, it would make Zack's nipples nice and perky…I've never tried that…Angeal and I have done bent over the kitchen sink once, not the bathroom sink though…we should do that…only I want to do Zack there…I'm not sure the sink is strong enough to hold up Angeal and I…"

Angeal shut him up with a quick kiss that left him grinning stupidly and temporarily silent.

"I know what I want to try doing." Zack said after a few minutes of comfortable silence in which Genesis had almost fallen asleep.

"What?" he asked to keep himself awake at least until Zack dozed off.

"You." Zack said quickly.

Genesis was wide awake now. "Hell no." he said flatly, rubbing his face against Angeal.

"At least think about it! I don't mean immediately, just, you know, somewhere along the road we could at least try…it wouldn't kill you, I promise, Angeal's way bigger…and I know it took you a really long time to trust Angeal, but we're going to be together long enough that one day you should be able to…oh fuck, what is that sound?" Zack trailed off.

Angeal looked down at his chest where Genesis was fast asleep, laying open mouthed against him, drooling slightly and snoring loudly.

"Oh…get used to that." Angeal said with a small smile. It was obvious from his expression that he seemed to think it was adorable...if someone with such a small, aristocratic shape sounding like a wounded chocobo could be called adorable.

Zack wasn't so sure…but it was funny at the very least…and he'd go with that for now…

"Feeling better?" Sephiroth asked, looking over at Genesis and Angeal. Zack was in his last class of the day and the two of them were waiting for him. Sephiroth was…well none of them had really been able to figure out what he'd been doing the past few weeks, but he was there now and finally able to catch up with them.

"Much better." Genesis purred, rubbing his cheek against Angeal's arm.

"Obviously…someone who snores as loudly as you should really keep yourself awake during meetings…Scarlet nearly pissed herself laughing at you…" Sephiroth said with a wry smile.

"I do not even care." Genesis said, waving his hand. "Because I am in love and having more sex than the President right before he decides who gets annual pay raises!"

"Imagery I did not need." Angeal said softly, petting Genesis' hair. "Ironically once again involving Scarlet…"

"Point is, the only person around here not getting laid is you." Genesis said, staring at Sephiroth over Angeal's shoulder.

"Genesis…" Angeal began tiredly. There were some things Sephiroth just didn't need to be bothered about…

"No, I've got someone in mind." Genesis promised, pressing a hand over Angeal's mouth. "Remember that day when I was complaining to you about Zack?"

"What about me?" Zack asked, coming to stand beside them. Angeal pulled Genesis' hand away and leaned to pet Zack's hair briefly.

"I was complaining about you this one time…before Angeal got back and after we kissed…and Sephiroth was watching this-"

"Genesis, why don't you go and bend Zack over a water fountain? There's one over there." Sephiroth said quickly.

Genesis blinked, his face going blank for a moment. "That is brilliant." He declared after a long pause, grabbing a protesting Zack and hauling him away.

"Thanks Sephiroth…now I have to go convince him not to." Angeal said, sighing heavily, but without any real disappointment…it kept things interesting if nothing else.

Sephiroth shook his head. Maybe he could volunteer himself for some more paperwork? Though he couldn't see that helping him escape either…if anything it would bring the problem tumbling across a desk full of organized papers…and then the problem would probably have sex on said desk and…

He shook his head once more. His friends were happy. They were happy and together and that was something he'd feared would never happen.

That was worth dealing with some dramatic interrogating that would probably end with Angeal carrying away his assailant anyway.

He looked behind him at Genesis, his head shoved under the spray of a water fountain as Zack fought back valiantly. Angeal caught up to them just then, pulling them both on either side of his body, tucking them safely under his arms.

Sephiroth smiled.

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