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Playing the Field


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Playing the Field


I stood hand in hand with Alice and Angela as the seconds ticked by. We were varsity cheerleaders for Fork's High School, and this was the last game of our senior year. The score was tied 14-14 and there was ten seconds left the game. It looked like we were going into overtime.

I was shivering in my dark blue crop top and short pleated skirt. It had seemed like a good idea when we had designed the uniforms. We worked hard on having flat abs and toned legs and now we wanted to show them off.

I held my breath as our star player, Edward Cullen, faked left and then right running twenty-five yards making a touchdown. I heard the stands erupt in cheers as I gripped Angela's arm. We had won! There was only one second left in the game. The Spartans had won!

I jumped up and down waving my dark blue and gold pompoms in the air. I couldn't believe we had won! And we had won at the hands of the most handsomest boy in the school, Edward Cullen.

I had had a huge crush on him since I had first moved into the school, and had even sat next to him in Biology. We had talked, but he had never showed any interest in me. He was perfect. His perfect green eyes and bronze hair, plus his killer body. A girl can only resist so much. Edward Cullen was perfection.

"Now is your chance go talk to him." Alice urged. Only two people knew of my crush, Alice and Angela. Both were my best friend for eighteen years, we had been friends since we were infants. And they both had always wanted me to say something to him.

"What would I say?" I asked biting my lip. I was captain of the cheerleading team, but I had no confidence when it came to boys. Well, not boys in general, just Edward Cullen.

"Somebody else is going to snatch him up." Angela warned. "You don't want to spend the rest of senior year fighting off Mike."

I led the cheerleading team off the field spotting Edward near the locker room. He still hadn't gone in. He had removed his helmet, and his bronze hair was more disheveled then ever. I took the rest of him in feeling the cold melt away. His uniform hugged his body perfectly and even through the padding I knew his body was to die for. He wasn't too muscular or too lanky. He was Mr. Perfect.

Edward's eyes met mine and I felt a small blush tinge my cheeks. He smiled at me waving me over. "Hey, Bella!" He said leaning against the wall.

"Hi, Edward. Congratulations, that last play was incredible." I said thankfully not sounding like a complete moron.

"Thanks." He said his hair falling in his face.

"Are you going to Tyler's party?" He asked with a sexy grin. I'm sure he hadn't meant for it to be sexy, but to me everything about him was sexy.

"I was heading there with Alice and Angela." I replied with a smile.

"If you'd like, I can give you a ride." He casually mentioned his eyes sparkling. "It'll take me only a half hour to have our team talk and then hit the showers."

"I'd like that." I answered my heart doing somersaults in my chest. I was going to ride in a car alone with Edward. My night was looking much better.

"I'll see you in a few." He finished running into the locker room.

I leaned against the wall closing my eyes. I felt like screaming, but I knew that was not a mature reaction. I was the luckiest girl in Forks High.

"What happened?" Alice asked coming towards me.

"He asked me to ride with him to Tyler's party." I squealed as they both hugged me tightly.

"I told you!" Angela added hugging me again.

"We have to fix you up, come on!" She said ushering me to the bathroom all the cheerleaders used before the game.

Alice had taken over a whole corner section of the bathroom. She had at least four bags of make-up and hair things, a blow-dryer, flat iron, and curling iron. She was ready to do a complete makeover when needed.

"Alice, come on. I just need to touch up my lip gloss." I complained as she made me sit down on a stool they had taken from the ticket stand.

"Sorry, Bella. We'll retouch all your make-up and redo your hair. Look at the bright side you can stay in your tennis shoes." She said as I sighed in relief. Since we always attended the after-parties in our uniforms I got to keep my comfy shoes. I was highly coordinated when it came to cheering, but I lost it all once I put on heels.

"Remember to be flirty and fun." Alice stated as she worked her magic.

"I know, Alice, I don't need a pep talk." I replied as Angela giggled.

It took twenty minutes and I was completely freshened up. My hair was retied in a ponytail with the blue and gold ribbon and my make-up look completely natural. I was ready to go see Edward.

"Have fun!" Angela squealed giving me a hug. "I'll see you at the party."

I smiled at her before Alice hugged me tightly. "I want a complete run down tomorrow." She said as I nodded. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"That leaves everything open." I teased before walking out of the bathroom and onto the lawn to wait for Edward.

I made my way to a small bench waving at some of the players as they climbed into their cars leaving towards the party. The excitement still seemed to vibrate in the air, and I couldn't be happier.

"Ready?" Edward asked as I turned to him stopping my mouth before it gaped open. He had changed into a pair of jeans and a new clean jersey. He looked incredible.

"I sure am." I replied as he offered me his hand.

He didn't let it go as we walked through the parking lot towards his car. He drove a silver Volvo, and it was by far the shiniest car in the parking lot. I smiled at him as he opened the passenger door. He was just too sweet.

"What are you going to do, now that there are no more games for you to cheer at?" He asked as I laughed.

"We still have states, and maybe nationals." I replied as he nodded.

"How about you?" I asked as he shrugged.

"Not much to do until baseball season." He answered with a wink as my heart began to speed up in my chest.

We arrived at Tyler's and had to park at least a block away from his house. Forks was a small town and the whole school was attending Tyler's party. Edward opened the car door for me taking my hand again.

"What do you do when you're not cheering?" He asked as we walked hand in hand.

"I read." I replied. "How about you? I'm sure there's more to you than football."

"I play the piano." He replied as I stopped in my tracks.

"Piano?" I questioned as he nodded.

"I guess that makes me a nerd." He joked as I shook my head.

"I like piano players." I replied with a smile.

"I thought you liked football players." He stated as I laughed.

"A girl has to have variety." I answered amazed at my confidence.

"I guess I'm lucky I fit both categories." He teased as I nodded.

"Lucky for both of us." I added as he pulled me towards him his arm going around my waist.

We waved hello to some people as we made it to Tyler's house. "SPARTANS!!" People screamed as we walked in. Edward's name was screamed over and over as people made their way to thank Edward for the win.

I stood to the side letting Edward enjoy his moment. I knew that he had worked hard to win. I saw the entire team still practicing even after we had gone home. They were relentless and deserved to win.

"You disappeared!" Edward said handing me a coke can.

"I didn't want to get in the way." I said opening up my can and taking a sip.

"You wouldn't be in the way." He assured me.

We partied for a while, talking to our friends, and just hanging out. I was really enjoying the party, but I wanted more alone time with Edward. I wanted to get to know ALL of him better.

"Do you want to get out of here?" He asked in my ear as the music blared.

"Sure!" I answered placing my drink on the table as he led me out the front door. Alice and Angela waved at me before I had left. "Where did you have in mind?" I inquired when I was able to hear my own thoughts.

"I was hoping you'd like to go to Lookout Point." He said softly obviously preparing himself for a let down or smack.

"Are you asking me to go 'parking'?" I questioned my cheeks red with embarrassment.

"I guess I am." He said with a chuckle. "But only if you want to."

"I want to," I answered eagerly as we got back to his car.

We drove silently to Lookout Point. I had been their once before, but James had been a jerk. He had assumed that I wanted to go all the way, when all I wanted was to kiss. What kind of girl did he think I was? I wasn't a virgin, but I just didn't sleep with any guy that asked.

But with Edward I was ready to drop a lot more boundaries. I wasn't sure how many, but I knew a couple for sure.

We were the only car in the small parking lot, and Edward was able to get a secluded spot near the trees. He smiled at me once the car was turned off leaning a little towards me. I smiled shyly leaning towards him as our lips met in a simple kiss.

We kissed softly at first our lips molding to the others as his hands cupped my face then sneaking behind to my neck. I took the initiative my mouth opening slightly as my tongue touched his lips. His mouth opened allowing me in as our tongues danced together.

My hands fell from his neck down to his shoulders and arms. I silently cursed the gearshift as I tried to pull myself closer to him. He must've felt and shared the frustration, because he broke our kiss panting.

"Back seat." He suggested as I nodded.

He quickly got out going around and opening the door for me, before opening the door of the backseat. He climbed in after me his lips back on mine before the door had even closed properly.

I gripped his jersey pulling him closer to me as my hands traveled under his jersey to touch the skin of his abs. The warmth of his skin was tantalizing and I couldn't wait to see him without a shirt.

My display edged him on as his hands traveled up my thighs stopping halfway there. I dropped one hand from inside his shirt moving his hand higher up. I felt him pushing me onto my back and I obliged.

I could feel his hardness against my leg, and I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was. His kisses fell away from my lips to my jaw and then my neck. I gasped for air as I pulled his jersey over his head. As much as I loved Edward in a jersey, Edward shirtless was even better.

I didn't have long to study him before one of his hands were on my bare stomach inching higher to the under wire of my bra. "Tell me went to stop." He warned as I shook my head. We would not be stopping anytime soon.

The material of my uniform didn't allow his hand much movement and he quickly pulled me up causing me to straddle him and my skirt to ride up. He lowered the zipper of my top discarding it to the floor.

His lips attacked the newly exposed skin of my collarbone as he lowered the straps of my bra. I smiled at him sexily before reaching behind me and unbuckling my simple yellow lace bra.

I felt a surge of excitement a he froze for a second before his mouth descended on them. His hand massaging the one his mouth wasn't attending I gasped and moaned at his attention. My center rubbing against his hardness.

"Bella" He whispered as I unbuckled his jeans his hips lifting from the chair for them to be removed. He stayed in black boxer briefs, and I couldn't help but notice how big he seemed. He was huge.

His hands made it up my skirt to the small blue shorts we wore under our uniforms. "These have got to go." He commented as I moved off him helping him remove them.

Edward crawled on top of me his kisses becoming rougher as my nails raked down his back. He cupped my warm center through my yellow boy shorts his fingers teasing my entrance.

The rest of our close was soon discovered and I felt my body arching as his tongue dove into my depths. I cried out his name as he teased me mercilessly sending me over the edge at least twice.

I looked at him through half closed eyes as he kissed me. I kissed his neck before sitting him down. I pressed my body against his as I rubbed myself against him before kneeling before him.

I licked the head of his member before enveloping him completely. My mouth expertly sucking and licking him. He was shuddering beneath me as returned the favor. He stopped me before he finished.

I smiled at him. "Do you have a condom?" I inquired as he nodded grabbing his pants and finding one. I helped him slip it on before lowering myself onto him, moaning in pleasure.

I rocked on top of him as his hands guided my hips. His lips were on mine, on my neck, and on my breast. As we moved together. Our moans and gasps of pleasure making the window of the car fog. I had never been with a guy that could make me feel the way he did.

I cried out in pleasure as he sent me over the edge for the third time, my walls constricting around him. He cried out my name as he climaxed his lips finding mine. it had been so much better than I could've ever imagined.

I stayed on top of him for a while as we collected ourselves. "I know I went around things the wrong way, but would you be my girlfriend?" He asked.

I smiled nodding. "I thought you'd never ask." I replied kissing him.

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