When I awoke, I was in Edward's arms. He smiled sweetly down at me. "Good evening Bella." Edward laughed softly. Alice appeared next to him. She waved.

"I packed your suitcases, and your kids. Your welcome." Alice giggled. I laughed, and shut my eyes again. I wasn't angry at her for taking control. I mean, I am pregnant. Edward carried me out to his Volvo. We all decided that we would move to Dodge City, Kansas. It was inland and safe from most weather disasters. Alice and Anthony were excited to move. They always wanted to travel. I guess, I'm excited also.

Nine Months Later. Pictures on Photobucket!

Of course, the house Alice picked out was gorgeous. It was a dark brown with even darker brown trimming. Dodge city was a very small town, very quaint. Alice and Anthony love it. They turned nine in May, and we celebrated by going to Forks to visit Charlie. They have become really attached to the Cullen's. Edward said that after Christian turns 1 that he will change me. It has been nine months since Alice told me I was pregnant. I'm am very big, and expecting a little boy. Edward and I got married when I was five months pregnant. The wedding was small, much to Alice's distaste. Edward has put up with all of my pregnancy crap for nine long months. The hormones really drove him up the wall. He says it was worth it.

I woke with a start. Edward was by my side in a second. A sharp contraction hit my abdomen. "The baby is coming!" I shrieked. Carlisle was upstairs in our room in a second.

A few hours later. Bella has to have a C-section

Narrator POV

Bella was loosing too much blood. "Edward! You have to change her now!" Carlisle shouted, while pulling the baby out. Carlisle cut the umbilical cord, and cleaned the baby with a wash cloth. The cries of the newborn could be heard. Edward looked at his Bella with so much love. "You change her or I will." Carlisle growled. Edward was shocked. Carlisle has never growled at him before. Edward softly bit down into Bella's neck, wrists, and ankles. He also bit her heart area. Bella started to scream and convulse in pain. Carlisle handed Edward the baby as he stitched Bella's stomach up. Edward looked down into the eyes of the gorgeous baby boy. Christian Anthony Cullen. Edward smiled at the baby boy.


Bella's change took three days. She didn't have any control problems with her thirst. She got the power to make force fields around anyone she chooses. Alice and Anthony both grew up healthy and they got married, to vampires. Alice met a vampire named Shang and they got married. Carlisle changed both of them, by will of course. Like their mother, they have no problems with thirst, but they have no powers. Anthony met a vampire named Mixi and they got married. Christian grew up to be a healthy boy. He went to college and got married to a human named Samantha. Christian was changed when he was 23. His wife also was changed by Carlisle after she gave birth to their baby boy, Marcus Anthony. Samantha had little problems with her thirst. Marcus is currently 13 years old, living with his parents, with their family. The Cullen family currently lives in Rochester, New York, in a large cottage in the forest. Bella still thinks about Justin every day of her immortal life. Emma and Grace found the Cullen's. It turns out that they had a run in, and were unfortunately changed, as were Janice and John. Ayden and Mark also were changed. They do not have any control issues. Janice and John where changed when they were 16 years old, so they did not get married, yet. They and their family live nearby the Cullen's. All in all, eternity is looking good.

The End!