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My hands were shaking as I paced back and forth beside the doors to the stage. No matter how many times I played in front of a large audience, no matter how many recitals I'd participated in and attended, I always got nervous when it was time to make the opening announcement. The fact that the center's recital hall was being used for the first time tonight, christened essentially, was overwhelming.

It didn't seem too long ago that I was in this same position; pacing backstage waiting to impress Edward Cullen, hoping to convince him not to tear down the center. The results still took my breath away. Every event in the last three months was so astounding, I found it hard to believe that this was my life. Did I really fall in love with a beautiful man who provided me with this amazing center for the arts?

Cullen Institute for the Arts. It had such a nice sound to the name.

Every change in my life in the last three months can only be credited to Edward. My Edward. I can't help but think about the first time we met, how shocked I was that this beautiful stranger was going to tear my center down. Of course he didn't remain a stranger for long. It was like something out of a story book, the way he and I fell in love so quickly. I tried to deny it from the moment I met him, telling myself it wasn't possible to fall for someone so fast, especially for someone who didn't share the same passion for music that I did. Oh, how wrong I was about that.

Edward loves music as much, if not more, than I did. It is something I still discover every day. It still surprises me sometimes, how passionate he is about it, but all it does is make me love him just a little bit more...if that is even possible. I sneak to watch him teach every day...I've been doing it ever since he started teaching at the center with me.

He caught me today, for the first time. I felt my cheeks flush as I remembered him teasing me in my office, telling me he would be watching for me. Of course I snuck back out and watched him again before my next student came.

I stopped pacing for a moment and glanced across the backstage area to find Edward talking to one of his students softly. It was one of his older, more advanced, students and I could tell that the teenager was nervous. Edward placed his hand on the boy's shoulder, giving it a squeeze before looking over at me. I didn't realize how nervous I was until his eyes met mine and then travelled down to my hands which I was wringing together at my waist. He smiled gently at me before murmuring a few more encouraging words to his student and strolling towards me.

He looked amazing, dressed in all black except for his emerald green tie. It made his eyes stand out from across the room and my heart started pounding in my chest as he came closer with every step. Is he really here? Is he really mine?

"Bella," Edward said gently, prying my hands apart and taking them in his own, "Don't be nervous. Everyone out there is just as excited as you are about tonight."

I nodded quickly, turning my head to listen to the murmur of the audience outside. "Right...Just as excited as me," I murmured to myself, giving one last pep talk.

Edward turned my face up to his and gave me a quick peck on the lips, "Go get 'em." He smiled warmly as I took a deep breath and stepped out into the recital hall, my heels echoing on the wooden stage. The crowd quieted as I emerged.

"Good evening, and welcome to the first recital at the Cullen Institute of the Arts. My name is Isabella Swan and I am one of the teachers at the institute. I want to thank each and every one of you for being here. This night is very important to all of us, and we appreciate your support." The rest of my speech was flawless, reminding everyone to turn off their cell phones, and keep chair movement to a minimum. Even in a brand new building, it was impossible to keep chairs from squeaking.

I turned quickly after announcing our first performer and headed backstage, the applause drowning out the clicking of my heels. One of Rosalie's students was the first to perform and I passed the young woman through the stage door before finding one of my students and making sure they were ready to go.

"Okay Ali," I spoke softly to the girl, "You're up next. You will do great. Are you ready?"

She smiled confidently at me, "Yes, Ms. Swan. I'm ready. I'm excited!"

I grinned at her, patting her reassuringly on the shoulder as Rosalie's student bowed and left the stage. "Off you go. Good luck!"

Ali began the piece flawlessly. I chose Chopin's Randrop Prelude for her to play, knowing she would execute it beautifully. I couldn't take my eyes off of her through the stage door and my heart swelled with pride as she continued through the piece without a problem.

Out of nowhere I felt arms snake around my waist and a pair of lips kiss the curve of my neck quickly. My heart jumped in fear but I relaxed quickly, calmed by Edward's irresistible cologne. "Hey there, sneaky," he whispered into my ear. I rolled my eyes at his teasing.

"Are you going to call me that from now on?" I twisted in his arms to peek at him over my shoulder. He grinned down at me and shook his head, his eyes glinting with the light from the stage.

"No, of course not. I saw you come in and peek again after our little meeting."

"You told me I could!" I began defensively.

His soft chuckle silenced me and I turned my head to watch Ali continue playing. "I know I said you could, thats why I watched for you. I always watch for you," he admitted.

"Always?" I asked, curious. Wasn't today the first time he'd seen me?

"I've seen you every time, darling. You were just so adorable when you thought you were being sneaky, I didn't want to call you out on it. I love when you come and watch me."

Ali finished playing and bowed gracefully and there was a shuffling of students backstage. Edward left my side for the rest of the recital, getting his students ready as I ushered Alice's student to the stage. The student portion of the recital went off without a hitch, and Edward, Alice, Rosalie, and I couldn't have been more proud of our students. We all stood backstage as the last student, one of Edward's, finished their piece and bowed. Now it was our turn.

We thought it would be appropriate for us to have a small section of the recital where the teachers would perform. It would give the parents and the community a good idea of what we were working on at the institute. Alice and Rosalie played a beautiful duet for the flute and cello first and before I knew it, it was mine and Edward's turn to perform.

Edward and I chose an entertaining duet as our performance. It was mainly aimed towards pleasing the crowd, but there was some musicianship involved as well. Our hands crossed over each other many times and our feet tangled together around the pedals. It's a miracle we ever learned to perform this piece at all. All of the crossing of the bodies and tangling of limbs got us in a few compromising positions at the piano, all ending with Edward pressing me firmly against the keys, kissing me wildly. I never complained, of course, but I knew there would not be many piano duets in our future. It was too tempting.

I took a seat to Edward's right and grinned at him before we began the routine, joking about playing on our own sides of the piano and tangling our legs, arguing over who was playing the pedal at which time. At one point, I got up and walked around the piano bench, playing on Edward's left side as he circled around the bench as well. The audience loved the performance, and I smiled widely at the round of applause we received at the end.

I grasped Edward's hand as we bowed and walked towards the stage door once again. I was surprised when his hand left mine and I turned to see him walking back out towards the piano. He made an announcement that there was an addition to the program. I turned to Alice and Rosalie, panicked. They had knowing grins on their faces and calmed me down quickly before turning me to face the stage.

Edward sat down at the piano in one fluid motion and began to play a piece that was very familiar to me. In fact, it was one of my favorites. One I had always wanted to learn but could never find the time or the discipline. The piece was very difficult, hardly ever performed, and watching him play it flawlessly took my breath away. Is there anything he could do that would not surprise me? Anything that wouldn't take my breath away? I doubted it.

I admired him as he played and when he finished I clapped loudly with the audience, still breathless. Alice and Rosalie took my hands and we walked out onto the stage to join Edward and bow to signal the end of the recital. He glanced at me nervously, wondering if I was upset about his addition to the recital. The look in my eyes must have calmed his nerves because he grinned at me and cocked his head to the side, eyeing me seriously before turning back to the audience and bowing once again.

Clean up after the recital seemed to take forever as we went through each aisle and picked up stray programs and rearranged the stage for safekeeping. The reception also had to be cleaned up and I found myself cleaning quickly and impatiently as I eyed Edward across the room. Steamy glances kept passing between us and I wasn't sure how much longer I could stand not being beside him. Especially after he played that piece. The music nerd inside of me went wild every time I thought about it, and I blushed quickly, embarrassed that a simple piece of music could overwhelm me so much.

Edward noticed my blush as he threw out the last bag of trash and he looked at me curiously before walking across the room and lacing his fingers with mine. He lead me back into the school and we found an empty classroom. Before he could ask me what was wrong I threw my arms around his neck, crashing my lips on to his feverishly, pulling back before he had time to respond.

"Not that I'm complaining," he began, slightly out of breath, "But where did that come from?"

I smiled at him before kissing him quickly once more and running my fingers through his hair, "Edward, when did you learn that piece?"

He laughed lightly, finally realizing what had me flustered. "It was very hard to do with you peeking in on me all the time." I blushed quickly at that, but he continued, silencing me. "I started coming in after we locked up at night, or early in the morning to get in some extra practice time. I wanted to learn it for you."

"In three months? That's impossible!" I searched his eyes and he smiled guiltily.

"I started learning the second you told me you liked it," he admitted, "It was a lot of practice."

I kissed him again, this time giving him time to respond to my lips, deepening the kiss. His arms wrapped around my waist and lifted me lightly off the floor before placing me on one of the desks. He leaned into me, removing his arms from around my waist and placing his hands at my sides on the desk. My arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer, enjoying our stolen moment together.

He pulled back slowly, smiling at me. "If I had known you would have this reaction, I wouldn't have made dinner plans."

"Cancel them," I said seriously, kissing his cheeks and neck.

"No, this is a special night, Bella," he said softly, gently grabbing my wrists that were around his neck and placing them in my lap. "We have all night after dinner," he reminded me.

"Do you promise?"

"Do you think I would let you leave my arms if it wasn't the case? We have all...night..." He drew the last words out slowly, kissing my neck after each one. My heart began pounding again and I tried desperately to control it, knowing at any minute he would pull away and take me to dinner.

As sure as those words ran through my mind, he pulled away, placing one last kiss on my lips. "Come on, love. Let's go celebrate."

He lifted me off the desk and I giggled, reaching to flick off the lights as we left the room and began making our way to the parking lot.

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