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Five Years Later

"Edward?" I called, walking into our new home. "One of my students cancelled, so I'm home early today. What would you say to grilling out tonight?"

The house seemed silent, but I knew Edward was around. He loved to sit quietly in our house, looking at the life we had built together. There were pictures of us everywhere, at Alice's insistence. Sometimes I would step into the living room and see him standing by the fireplace, eyeing the many pictures on the mantle.

The first was a picture from my first recital at the community center…the night that I met Edward. Someone was taking candid shots and delivered a packet of photos a week later. The one Alice framed was the exact moment I met Edward; our hands hovering over the punch bowl.

It was followed by a few taken of us during construction at the Cullen Institute. He looked adorable in his hard hat and I couldn't help but smile every time I spotted those pictures.

The last picture was taken on our wedding day.

I did say yes to Edward that night in the parking lot. He had spun me around and kissed me deeply before jumping back in the car and rushing us to the restaurant where all of our friends waited, dying to tell them the news. They were excited of course, and we spent the rest of the night celebrating.

Edward later told me that he originally had a much more romantic proposal planned. I told him it didn't matter…his way was perfect, and I wouldn't have wanted any other situation. The night of the recital had been one of the best nights of my life up to that point, and he only made it better.

Alice planned our wedding and Rosalie was my maid of honor. Edward chose Emmett and Jasper as his groomsmen. They were his best friends in town, and he was convinced that he would have screwed up our entire relationship if it hadn't been for their advice.

Everyone miraculously managed to behave themselves, even when Emmett gave a rowdy speech and Rosalie went off on a tangent about stupid blondes who had no business ever playing piano in their life.

We were complete music nerds on our honeymoon, traveling to Europe and finding the birthplaces of our favorite composers. It was amazing to be able to share that part of my life with someone and not have to worry about them misunderstanding the love I had for my music. He held the same love for his.

The house was still silent as I searched from room to room until I finally heard some noise coming from the nursery. I tiptoed down the hallway, wanting to catch my husband in this adorable act.

Rounding the corner to the doorway, I froze in my tracks, my heart overflowing with the love I had for the man before me.

Edward was folding our newest assortment of baby clothes—they had previously taken residence in a large gift bag in the corner of the room—and was placing them in to the tiny dresser against the wall. He was on his knees, laying each piece of clothing out carefully before folding it neatly and placing it in the drawer.

And of course, he was humming. Our song, of all things.

He heard me gasp when I walked in the room and turned to smile at me.

"Hey, Beautiful. How was your day?"

I grinned and walked over to him, my enormous belly almost level with his face. He automatically placed his hands on either side of it and leaned to plant a kiss on my belly button.

"My day was fine. Our darling baby wouldn't sit still, though. She was kicking me all day!"

"Now, Emma," Edward said seriously, talking to my belly, "You can't dance all day while mommy is working."

I giggled and placed my hand under his chin, pulling up slightly until he took my hint and stood before me.

"Hi," I said, smiling up at him.


He grinned at me and leaned down to kiss me sweetly.

"I thought I would get a few things done today since I was home alone. I got the crib put together, see?"

I turned to look and sure enough, there against the pale green wall stood a tall white crib. How had I missed that? Oh yes, I was too distracted by my gorgeous husband.

"You're amazing," I smiled, pulling him out of the door, "But I am starving. Let's get dinner started!"

"I invited Alice and Jasper over later, if that is okay. Jasper said Alice is going crazy wanting to leave the house…little Valerie is keeping her up half of the night and she is developing a little case of cabin fever."

"Of course!"

I had missed my friend lately, not seeing her at school as much because she was at home with her beautiful newborn. We were so excited when I found out I was pregnant. Our daughters were sure to be best friends, born half a year apart. If she hadn't been six months pregnant, I'm sure she would have jumped up and down at the news.

Edward's reaction thrilled me to no end. I will never be able to forget the bright grin on his face as he kissed me over and over again, repeating the words, "I'm going to be a daddy!"

Renee was excited too, even though she told me to never allow my child to call her "Grandmother". Little does she know, Emmett has already planned to teach her to use the word "MeMaw" whenever Renee is around.

Dinner with Alice and Jasper was amazing. Watching Edward hold Valerie so gently, with such a look of adoration on my face, I couldn't help but rub my stomach and tell my baby girl how excited I was to see her.

"Soon, my beautiful Emma. Soon mommy will see you and you will get to know everyone who loves you so much."

Soon, both Alice and I were exhausted, as well as baby Valerie. We could barely hold our eyes open as Edward lead me to the bedroom and Jasper lead Alice to the car, Valerie's carrier in tow.

"Look at us," I yawned, "Its only 8:30 and we are going to bed. When did we turn into adults?"

Edward only laughed at me and tucked my hair behind my ear, "Sleep, Bella. You're exhausted. We can talk about our impending adulthood in the morning. I love you."

"I love you, too," I smiled, laying on my side and watching him get ready for bed across the room.

I closed my eyes just as he crawled in the bed next to me. He kissed my cheek and leaned down to kiss my stomach.

I opened my eyes to peek at him when I didn't feel him lay down beside me. He was watching my belly, a silly grin on his face. I reached down to run my fingers through his hair and he smiled up at me.

He started singing our song to our baby, the last verse flowing freely from his lips.

Goodnight my angel now it's time to dream
And dream how wondeful your life will be
Someday your child will cry and if you sing this lullaby
Then in your heart there will always be a part of me

He placed another kiss on my stomach before sliding up the bed and facing me.

"Goodnight," he smiled, kissing me softly.

I could only smile at him, overcome with the tender gesture I had just witnessed.

I thought it wasn't possible to feel happier, but now I knew without a doubt I would always be thankful for that night when Edward and I danced in the moonlight.

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