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Ginny finished her nightly routine and made her way back into her bedroom to join her husband in their bed. She flipped back the thick coverlet and slid into her warm soft bed.

Her other half, she could tell, was already fast asleep. Now that he had completely taken over the management of all of the family finances from his mother he always seemed to be completely fried by the time ten o'clock rolled around. She would have to speak to Cissa about helping her con Draco into getting an assistant. She was tired of him falling asleep on her all the time.

Ginny leaned over his broad back and gently moved the soft blond strands his face. This is what she loved to see; calm and happy Draco peacefully sleeping. She softly placed a kiss on his pale forehead and watched him smile in his sleep before rolling back to her side of the bed and grabbing her book off the nightstand.

She flipped through the pages searching for where she had left off that afternoon. Ginny had absolutely fallen in love with this story. The book was called Pride and Prejudice by a muggle author named Jane Austen. It was about a girl from a poor family who after many trials and tribulations falls in love with a rich man from a family that thinks they are above the heroine. Ginny could totally relate and now she couldn't wait to finish the novel just to make sure that Elisabeth Bennett's story ended as happily as her own. She found her place and began to read.

A few minutes later she looked up from the pages of the book as she heard a tiny sound coming from across the room and rolled with a wave of déjà vu as she recognized the fulfillment of her final dream from all those years ago.

There in the doorway stood her little boy of almost four rubbing his eyes and yawning. He had one hand planted firmly in his mouth, sucking away at his thumb and the other clutching a ragged baby blue and light green blankie. He looked forlorn as he began to pad his way across the room toward the big bed.

She studied Drace as he shuffled his way over to the bed. He really was beautiful; platinum blond hair, pale skin that was lightly dusted with freckles, adorable, perfect. He looked so much like Draco with small elements of her peeking through in his appearance and especially in his personality.

"Mummy," he slurred around his thumb. "I can't sleep no more. I had a bad dream."

Ginny chuckled, "Oh I am so sorry love. Would sleeping with us make it any better?"

He nodded his blonde head vigorously and rushed to her bedside. She pulled him up into her lap and began to gently rock him back and forth while smoothing his fine platinum blond hair back into its proper place from the odd angles that sleep had molded it into much like she had done to his father just a few minutes before. He starred up at her with big gray blue eyes. She softly began to hum the lullaby that her mother had always sung to her as a child and she always sang to Drace to get him to sleep. In no time her beautiful little boy was once again fast asleep.

Ginny then laid him down between herself and Draco's broad back on her right, which was all that was visible of the sleeping form since he had rolled onto his side.

"Goodnight little dragon." She whispered as she lightly kissed the top of his blond little head.

Ginny couldn't help but survey her family in this perfect, peaceful moment. Who would have ever foreseen this moment? Or any of the events that had so defined her life since her graduation from Hogwarts. How long ago that day felt. It was as if life times had past rather than just a few years.

Had there really been a time where Draco Malfoy did not define her existence? She remembered hating him abstractly but could not recall the feelings that had presided there. The day he moved into the Burrow had seemed like the most miserable event she had ever experienced. When they were tied together they both lamented the event, not seeing, as Dumbledore most certainly could, how perfectly they would align given the chance. Their bond had given them both a reason to really discover how to live.

And now she had a family; Draco, the best husband she could ever ask for and, more than that, her best friend, Drace, her sweet little boy whose presence had pulled her through the darkest point in her life, and a new life already growing inside her that she had yet to inform her husband of, a new baby and a true sign of how far they had come. Ginny placed her hand on her stomach. Yes they had been through so much, just as many others had but she, Draco and the deep love that had formed between them had endured it all.

She reached over and turned off her bedside lamp before cuddling up to Drace's tiny form next to her. The feeling his even breathing quickly lulled her into a peaceful sleep.

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