Title: Lingering Power
Characters: Watanuki, Yuko, Hikaru Shidou
Pairings: none
Warnings: crossover with Rayearth
Challenge: #58 – Power

Watanuki watched in surprised as a petite crimson haired woman jogged past the shop. Her appearance was unique enough, but it was the glimpse of a translucent fire wolf that caught his attention. It flickered out of sight right after Watanuki saw it.

"It's an impression." Yuko stated with an oddly pleased look directed towards the girl. "Powerful beings often leave imprints on those they work with long after they've left."

"Why did the wolf need to work with that young woman?"

"In order to save a world from itself, you need someone with a will stronger than anyone else."

This was an entry for the hitsuzen100 community on LiveJournal so it's exactly 100 words. Surprisingly it didn't take that long to edit it. It's one of my first attempts at fanfiction so feel free to make helpful comments!