Title: An Ocean Changes Nothing
Author: Hiruma Musouka
Characters: Watanuki, Dean Winchester
Pairings: none
Warnings/Comments: crossover with Supernatural (TV)
Challenge: #02 – Possession

Himawari's bad luck was dangerous for Watanuki primarily because no one could predict how it would manifest.

However, Watanuki thought as he stayed carefully within the salt circle, I don't think it's responsible for this. Although, the red-eyed human trying to get inside and kill Yuko's latest customer – curse her for sending him to America! – certainly counted as bad luck.

"Well, shit," Winchester cursed, holding a blood-stained hand to his head.

"Do possessions happen often around you?" he inquired while cursing Dōmeki for being late.

The sound of a gun cocking and the demon's eyes widening were his only answers.