Guess I'm not dead..

I groaned when the grey light hit my face. Morning. My death, great. I opened my eyes to find myself laid out flat, with my hand flung over the edge of the bed. We had a rather.. rough, night last night; to say the least.

I sat up slowly feeling last nights activities rush through me. Head rush.. my back popped. Ugh. I looked over at Nessie who laid on her stomach, with her arms wrapped around the pillow under her, she was smiling in her sleep.


I gently got out of bed, making sure I didn't shift too much, I didn't want to wake her just yet. I groaned at the soreness of my pelvis, guess I earned that one. I glanced over at the clock on the nightstand, it was eight thirty. Still had some time, I guess. They're patient people.. they could wait.

I decided to take a quick shower, to wash off the all the sweat that rested on my body. A cold shower, I guess, I always took them. They always felt nice.

When I came out, Nessie was still sleeping soundly. She shifted so that she was laying on her back, her arm rested above her head, and her hair was fanned out around her. She looked so tempting, even in her sleep. Good thing I was going to die today, good good thing.

I walked over towards my dresser and just threw random clothes on. Jeans and a t-shirt. When I slammed the jammed it to a shut Nessie stirred.

I heard a heavy sigh, and I turned to see her rise out of the bed, stretching. "Mmm.. morning Jacob" She smiled warmly.

"Morning Ness." I smiled and walked over towards her. I knelt beside the bed and began stroking her cheek lovingly. "Time to wake up, I'm sure your parents are anxious to see you.."

"Yes, I am too." She chuckled. "Don't worry Jacob.. everything's going to be fine." She kissed my cheek, then rolled out of bed, brushing past me.

"I am not worried Ness." I chuckled. I so was.

"Sure, sure." She laughed and grabbed a handful of clothes out of the dresser, heading towards the shower. "I'm going to shower." She laughed.

"Alright, I'll be downstairs I guess. Do you want any breakfast?" I stood.

"Yeah, cereal I guess." She shrugged, leaning in the bathroom doorway.

"What kind?" I asked, rocking on my heels.

"Surprise me." She thought about it for a good second, and shrugged smiling.

I surprised her with Cheerio's. We sat down on the kitchen table, eating in a comfortable silence. The clock already said eight forty five.

"Thank you Jacob, this was good." She laughed, pushing the empty bowl in front of her, leaning back into her seat.

"Glad you liked it." I stood and carried out plates to the sink.

"Ready?" She asked, standing.

"Crucify me." I groaned, walking out the kitchen doorway, towards the front door.

"Relax Jacob." She laughed, walking out the front door towards the car.

"Yeah, yeah. Relax." I mumbled following out after her.

"Let me drive, your a wreck." She smiled, standing beside the drivers side.

"No way, hun." I pressed my body against hers, smirking down at her. "I can drive." I kissed her, it was short and sweet- but still passionate.

"Alright." I said, pulling away breathless, you can drive." I put the keys in her palm, and strode to the other side of the door, sitting myself in.

She climbed in beside me, and smiled widely. "Thank you."

Throughout the short drive to the Cullen's house, I found myself getting antsy, and maybe even nervous. I mean come on. I'm not saying I'm scared of Edward Cullen, I could take him.. but that's not he point. Because Bella and Nessie would never allow us to fight.. and I don't think Edward and I would want that or take take it that far anyway. What I was afraid of was wither or not they'd accept us as a couple, and my intentions of marrying her one day..

"Your so small, can you even reach the peddle?" I laughed.

"Shut up Jacob." She chuckled, and pushed her seat up some. "Ah, your clever." I mumbled, rolling my eyes. "You know it."

We drove in a comfortable silence, and I just stared at Nessie the whole entire time. How her soft, plump lips formed a smile when I'd tell her how beautiful she was. Or how I'd turn on the radio and she'd slap my hand, while singing, then I would laugh.

I was whipped.

"Are you ready?" She smiled. Pulling up behind Bella's fancy car. I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead. She jumped out of the car, and walked around the front of the hood waiting for me to meet her there.

"Yep." I'm dead, I'm dead. I. Am. Going. To. Die. Poor Nessie. I sighed, and took a deep breath, Edward obviously heard my thoughts by now.. so why wasn't he coming out here? Why was I still breathing every second? Okay?.. weird. You Cullen's are weird. Does he know about .. when we? He's going to kill me.

"Are you okay?" She laughed taking my hand leading us to the front door. Where was Pixie? I thought she'd jump us by now. Gosh Ness, you look so gorgeous.. I'm going to die though, I'm sure Bella will bite me or something. I guess I can't keep you forever like I promised. I'm so sorry.

And of course right on cue, the front door flew open with Bella.. and Edward.

"Mom! Dad!" Nessie shrieked jumping into their arms. Bella smiled and threw her arms around Nessie hugging her close, with Edward hoovering over the both of them.

"We've missed you, so much Renesmee." Bella sighed, kissing her curles holding her close. Edward glared at me. Ha, some things just never change..

"Jacob." He said courtly, snaking his arm around Bella, holding her close.

"Eddie." I nodded, he snickered. Good to know.

"Oh daddy I've missed you!" Nessie flung her arms around Edward, and he hugged her close, kissing her forehead. He glared at me while holding her in his arms. "I've missed you too Nessie." He gave her a small peck on the lips, hugging her.

"How have you been Jacob?" Bella smiled, warmly. She looked the same.. just more beautiful I guess, not that she wasn't before.. Ok awkward..

"Good, good. And you? You look good Bells." She always did. She wore a simple pair of jeans with a long sleeved blue shirt. His favorite color of course, or so I've heard, I don't know.

She didn't answer, but the smirk on her face stated that she had the time of her life.. Well I guess that's good.. That's what honeymoons were about right? I mean.. going at it all night must make it pretty damn good..


Edward smiled at his girls, before turning to face me, with a poker face. "Why don't you girls go inside and catch up, I just want to talk to Jacob for a bit." He stepped out on the porch, gesturing for the girls to walk into the house beside him; while keeping his eyes fixed on mine.

Bella gave him a curious glance, but he smiled at her reassuringly. "We'll just be a minute." He said as Bella walked in narrowing her eyes at Edward- a warning glance.

"I'll be right in Bells." I smiled, and she smiled back before nodding and heading inside with Nessie.

Edward closed the door behind them, and brushed past me walking down the steps, waiting for me to join him on what I was guessing was a walk, hopefully a short, painless one. I was walking the plank right about now. I took a deep breath and jumped down the steps, walking beside him, away from the house- vampire ears.

"So, you and my daughter?" He asked, keeping his gaze to the ground, his hands in his pockets. He looked.. sad..

I stopped, and turned to face him, and I shrugged. "I love her, you know that.." I looked at him sincerely. This was strictly between me and him, I think he knew that part too.

"Of course I do, Jacob." He admitted, from what it looked like with great effort.

"She loves me too." I whispered, weakly.

"I know." He said after a long moment of silence.

"So what's the problem then?"

"There's not a problem.. I suppose the time went by so fast.." He trailed off, returning his gaze to the ground. "I only want what's best for her.."

I opened my mouth to cut him off, but he held up his hand. "Let me finish."

I nodded. Doesn't matter what you say, you cant keep me away from her. I promised her..

He sighed, and nodded. He returned his gaze to me, and I realized it wasn't as guarded.. like he was opening up to me or something.. "Jacob." He began. "I would rather have you love her, than anyone else." He sighed, nodding; agreeing to what he was saying. "We all know.. all of us-No, not because of Alice, she kept her word." He answered my thought.

I nodded, urging him to continue. "We just want to give Nessie what she wants.." He rocked on his heel awkwardly. "And from the obvious we can tell that she wants you." He smiled.

I glared at him in shock.

"Welcome to the family.. again." He chuckled.

I smiled. Wow that was easy.

"Yes." He smiled. "Yes I suppose that was."

Guess I'm not dead..

He smiled and went to walk off back towards the direction of the house before he turned to face me, with a more serious look. Okay, so I guess I wasn't off the hook just yet..

"Don't think I don't have the slightest clue of your little ron-day-vu with my daughter, mutt." He cringed. I guess he read my thoughts from the previous week.. Opps.

I sighed heavily.

"However, I would gladly throw a few good punches at you, but it would upset Nessie." He rolled his eyes. Gee, that sounds familiar.

He chuckled heavily. "Ah.." He sighed. "Ah yes, yes it does, Jacob."

"I didn't take advantage of her." I growled.

He looked at me, all humor drained away from his face. "I know that Jacob.. you love her, and that's understandable.."

"But?.." I trailed off smiling.

"But, as her father I must say.." He stood straight, buffing his chest out; whatever. I rolled my eyes and let him have his fun, shorter than me by a head or not.

"If you ever hurt her, or the least upset her, I will hurt you, Jacob Black. I'll hurt you very bad."

"Promise?" I said.

"Swear on my damned life." He stuck his hand out, and I gladly shook it sternly.

We strode back towards the house, walking rather close I guess. Walking in a comfortable silence, towards the cabin mansion, it was nice.. pretty big too. And there was something beautiful lurking in there too, waiting for me..


"I agree." Edward looked over at me, smiling. I chuckled rubbing the back of my head. "Yeah.."

We walked up the steps, and Edward went ahead of me to open the front door, gesturing for me to walk inside.

"You know, I intend on marrying her someday." I said smugly.

"Someday Jacob." He chuckled. "Don't push your luck for today." He sounded annoyed.

"Alright well, get used to it, I'm not going anywhere." I laughed at the truth of my words and walked through the front door to see a smiling Renesmee.

"Good to know." He said.

"Your stuck with me forever." I added, as he walked beside me entering deeper into the house. "Renesmee Black; sounds good to me."

"Ah Jacob." He chuckled as we entered the crowded room of smiling leeches. He tapped my back. "Good to know." He repeated. "Good to know." He said more seriously through the pats on my back.

My future father-in-law and I looked at our gorgeous loves smiling smugly.

"Hey Ness?" I asked her.

Edward started laughing. Ugh.

"Yes love?" She smiled, my favorite angelic smile.

"Could you give me a trim later tonight?" I chuckled. Who knew I'd finally let her give me a haircut. I was whipped.

"You are." Edward murmured beside me, I elbowed him.

"Of course Jacob!" Nessie giggled, along with everyone else.

"Come on Jake." Emmett said not taking his eyes off the tv, along with Jasper. "Good game on." Jasper commented, he motioned for me to come by and sit with the remote.

I took a seat beside them, pulling Nessie into my lap, and Alice grinned at me; Physco rolled her eyes.

"You two are just so sweet together." Esme said, tucked under Carlisle's arm on the love seat. I smiled sheepishly and kissed my loves cheek. "She's stuck with me forever." I mumbled, more so to Nessie than to Esme.

Forever. Forever didn't seem long enough..

But it sounded good to me.