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Title: The Bonds of Desire

Chapter 1

Ryoma was scared. Though he didn't look it, he was positively and utterly scared. Earlier today he had a fight with his parents who wanted him to learn the art of vampire slaying. He had vehemently refused and stated that he wasn't interested and rather play his violin and paint. His father yelled at him and called him a coward. Pissed off at his father, Ryoma brought his violin and decided to 'run away' towards the woods near their home where he and his brother usually played. After a bit of violin playing he decided to venture a little farther into the woods, getting lost and promptly fell asleep due to fatigue. His brother Ryoga was out for the evening to go to a potential client's house for vampire extermination needs. He now regretted not tagging along when his brother asked him too.

As he tried to move his arms he found them frozen against the black silk sheets of his captors' king sized bed. The entire room felt freezing. Even the full moon, spilling eerie silver light across the bed felt as if it was giving off its own coldness. He stared at his bare chest, pale and heaving. Some of his emerald green hair spilled around his shoulders. He hadn't even noticed it was that long already since he was captured.

"Why? Why did you take me here?" he whispered to no one in particular. Suddenly a voice, sweet and melodious answered his question.

"Because kitten, it would be a shame if such a pretty boy like you get eaten by wolves." A man who looked barely older than 17, with shoulder length chestnut colored hair, feminine features and a lanky frame appeared by the door.

"And we can't have that can we, ne Syuu?" said a second, equally melodious voice. This time it came from a blue haired male who had soft, feminine features and an almost similar build of the first person.

"No we can't Sei-kun." The first person said in a cooing tone. Somehow, Ryoma knew that he couldn't fight them, even if his body wasn't feeling like lead.

"Thank you for rescuing me then but if you don't mind, can I contact my parents?" Ryoma managed to say. To his utter dismay, the duo shook their heads.

"Sorry but we don't have a phone kitten and besides, it's already very late." The light haired brunette said. Now Ryoma was getting annoyed.

"I'm not a kitten. My name is Ryoma." He said haughtily and received two identical smiles from the duo.

"You sound just like Kei-chan!" they chorused, before introducing themselves.

"I'm Fuji Syuusuke. You can call me Syuu-chan!" the brunette said while the blunette clapped his hands.

"My name is Yukimura Seiichi! You can call me Sei-chan, Ryo-chan!" the blue haired male said as he attached himself onto Syuusuke.

Ryoma spluttered.

"Ryo-chan?!" he cried out, making both teens chuckle.

"Get some rest Ryo-chan You can go back tomorrow." Syuusuke said and without further ado, they left the room.

Ryoma managed to sigh. 'What weird people.' He thought tiredly before promptly falling asleep thinking; 'But they don't fell bad…'

Back with Yukimura and Fuji.

"Syuu-chan… Doesn't Ryo-chan feel special?" Seiichi said as his eyes turned pale silver. Syuusuke smiled, his tongue darting out, slowly licking his lips, a pair of pearl white fangs peeking out.

"Hai… But we can't have him just yet. We need to send him back tomorrow…" Syuusuke said with a slight pout. They walked a little way until they reached a door. Seiichi smiled.

"You know we can only turn him when Mitsu, Gen and Kei are back…. They will be back in three days. We can just borrow Ryo-chan when they arrive." He said, placing a hand onto the door.

"Time to have fun our deprived 'toys' Syuu-chan." Seiichi said playfully as he smiled sadistically to his lover. Syuusuke grinned, equally sadistic at Seiichi and leaned in, kissing the blue haired teen on the lips.

"Yes. Let's… I'm starving." Syuusuke said, a feral glint in his icy blue eyes.

Opening the door, the duo entered before shutting the door tightly. There, bound and gagged, were two men wearing the Saint Rudolph Guards uniform.

Fang extended and eyes glinting, the duo made quick work of their 'toys'.

A blood freezing scream would have been heard if the 'toys' weren't bound and gagged.


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