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Chapter 10

When they reached the mansion, they were greeted by the Lord himself. The 5 of them already expected this as they got out of the carriage. Tezuka helped Ryoga to carry Ryoma who had passed out but his hand was swatted away.

Tezuka backed away from Ryoga allowing Ryoga to get out of the carriage. Ryoga descended the carriage with Ryoma's in his hands. He was carrying the boy bridal style and from what Atobe and Sanada could see, they could see how protective Ryoga is towards his little brother.

'It will be hard to approach Ryoma from now on…' said Atobe through the mental link he shared with his other 5 lovers.

'Saa…' said Fuji with a very small grin that was only noticeable if one squint real hard. Sanada shivered slightly when his sharp eyesight caught the grin. Same goes to Atobe.

'What are you thinking Syuu-chan?' asked Yukimura.

'Something…' said Fuji as he walked towards the Lord.

'Syuusuke is definitely up to something', thought Sanada.

'Hah! That's for sure. How many times do you get to see that grin on his face?' asked Atobe with a smirk.

'To be truthful, that the second time I've seen it. The first time was when Kei-chan did that something that cause to be the victims as well', said Yukimura.

'That's not fault!' said Atobe.

'It is', said Yukimura as he gave Atobe his famous smile that sent chills down the diva's spine.

Atobe was about to retort when he was stopped by Tezuka. 'That's enough both of you. The Lord doesn't look that happy', said Tezuka as he come out with Rinko in his arms.

'That is for sure since his precious daughter was attacked', said Atobe. 'Shall we go and face the storm?'

'With pleasure', said Yukimura before they disconnected their mental link. The five of them walked towards their Lord Takeuchi. Before they managed to reach him, their Lord reached them first as he was rather anxious to see his daughter.

"What happen? Syuusuke's bat reported that Rinko was attacked but she survives. Tell me in details!"

"That's true, My Lord", said Atobe with his high and mighty voice.

'Keigo…' reprimanded Tezuka through their link before he himself cut the link off. "Rinko-hime was attacked by Akutsu Jin".

"Hime? Why are you calling Okaa-san 'hime'?"

'Oh shoot! I forgot about Ryoga who was standing right beside me'.

"I think you heard it wrong, Ryoga-san. We called your mother Rinko-sama", said Fuji as he came to the rescue.

"I heard him calling Okaa-san 'hime' and I knew I didn't hear it wrong", said Ryoga as he look at Fuji with his piercing cat-like eyes that were so much similar with Ryoma.

"You certainly heard it wrong Ryoga-san", said Yukimura.

Ryoga wanted to retort back but was stopped by his brother's movement. "Ryoma!" called out Ryoga as he set the boy on the floor before shaking him up.

Ryoma's eyes fluttered open as he observed his surrounding. His eyes fell on the person behind Fuji who happens to be the Lord. "Ojii-san…"

Everyone's eyes went wide. Ryoma sat up and looked at his maternal grandfather. "Ryoma…what did you just call this old man?" asked Ryoga.

"Ojii-san", said Ryoma as he tried to stand up but stumble slightly before being caught by Yukimura's fast reflexes. Yukimura flashed Ryoma an encouraging smile but he was pushed away by Ryoga who seemed to distrust all of them.

Sanada walked up to help Yukimura stood up while Tezuka and the rest study Ryoma's expression carefully and they could see sadness and yet some happiness mingled together.

"Heh! You truly are Rinko's son", said Takeuchi with the softest smile.

'Ho! I can't believe out cold-hearted Lord could smile like that', said Atobe.

'That is surely surprising', said Sanada.

'Kei-chan, the Lord is not cold-hearted', said Yukimura indignantly.

'The Lord is definitely not cold-hearted. It's because of Rinko-hime's disappearance that caused him to look cold-hearted', supported Fuji.

'Don't forget that it's thanks to Lord that both of us is still here', added Yukimura.

'Hai hai', said Atobe in a defeated voice.

"Get Ryoma and Rinko-hime inside quick", said Yukimura suddenly. Everyone look at Yukimura, puzzled. "I sense bloodlust", added Yukimura before his eyes become turned golden.

"What do you mean? I'm not going to go into your lair and don't you dare to bring Okaa-san inside there too", protested Ryoga.

"There's getting nearer. Go inside quick!" said Yukimura as he prepare to battle.

"There're coming. Hurry!" said Fuji as he took Rinko from Tezuka. Ryoga was dragged inside by Takeuchi with Ryoga protesting so much to the point that Takeuchi has to knock him out. Takeuchi carried him in. As for Ryoma, he just followed Fuji inside.

'Be careful!' warned Fuji as he opened his mental link with his lovers when Ryoma, Ryoga, and the Lord were safe inside the castle.

'We will. Stay close with Ryoma and the Lord', said Tezuka as Yukimura and Fuji could feel Tezuka's vampire power spiked up followed by Sanada and lastly, Atobe.

Ryoma turned behind when he was felt the power from he power from the outside. He could see that Atobe's hair had turned silver white as Sanada's eyes become red-blood in colour. Tezuka's fangs started showing as his hair turned golden in colour.

As for Yukimura, his hands were glowing with golden lights and Sanada will always be by his side to protect him. "Wh-"

"Why Gen-chan is always by Sei-chan's side?" asked Fuji. Ryoma just nodded. "He's a healer. A vampire healer, to be exact",

"You?" asked Ryoma.

"Same like Sei-chan", answered Fuji with his usual smile but Ryoma could note that there's something behind his smile but he couldn't decipher it at all. Ever since the first time he met Fuji, he was the only one that he couldn't decipher at all. He will always remain as a mysterious and yet interesting person to Ryoma.

Ryoma turned around to watch the battle going on outside and he could see that Tezuka and the rest are in the disadvantages. Ryoma could sense the uneasiness in Fuji and before his very eyes; he saw Tezuka, Sanada, Atobe and Yukimura getting surrounded and Ryoma's field of vision of the battle was blocked.

The next thing he knew, he saw blood being splattered and someone laughing evilly.


To be continued…

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