Author's Note: Ok, I was going to wait, but after finishing the latest OYE, which I'm putting up right after this, I just couldn't help it. I wanted something fun, a bit twisted and VERY SEXUAL. I know I've gone in the gutter a lot with my stories, but this will be a whole other level, so if it's too much I'm sorry ahead of time.

Basically, I'm drawing a lot of NH's scenes, even dialogue from a partner I've been with since I was 16, we didn't start dating till I was 23. LOL Basically when I was with him there were no rules and we always pushed the limits, even when we were with others, so I'm doing that with NH in this story. Of course love will be there, but this is ALL about the lust for a good while because with these two, who don't even know what love is, lust is all they can see. Although they will question why they are only this way with each other. ;)

I got really inspired to write this from Gossip Girl and Whitney's fabulous story Booty Call that I reread again this weekend because I needed something to cheer me up and that it did. :D There will be similarities with both sources, so I give them full credit for anything similar.

I know this is very OOC for Haley in a way, but this is AU and when you don't find the love of your life at 16 and grow up very jaded you can turn into this, as I very well know. Haha. But they'll come around as they do in all my stories.

This is rated M, even if it's mostly dialogue in this chapter, it's a bit in your face, so I want to give fair warning and it's only going to get more intense as it goes on. Oh and I won't be doing lyrics with titles for this story. It's hard enough finding titles and lyrics that match for OYE and LTB, I can't handle another. So like the show OTH, just take the titles and not their lyrics for correlation to the content of the chapter.

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Chapter One "Matters Of Blood And Connection"

"I'm bored," Brooke declared dramatically dropping down beside Haley in a matching chaise on the rooftop of Haley's Manhattan apartment, which consisted of the entire upper floor of the building and ownership of said roof and infinite pool.

Laying down the latest copy of Vogue, that Brooke had brought along, Haley turned to her friend, handing her an empty Margarita glass. "Then be a dear and refill my drink."

"Bitch." Brooke smiled sweetly taking the glass and grabbing her own empty one as well.

"You said you were bored." Haley shrugged, bored herself, sparing a smile when she saw Peyton requesting a refill herself from the pool to an irritated Brooke.

Brooke Davis was supposed to be waited on never the other way around.

Of course that's the way it was for them all. Theirs was an outright dysfunctional, twisted group, but a rich, entitled one nonetheless.

The same circle they ran in, their parents ran in and even grand-parents. Before they were even conceived it was already destined whom they would spend their time with and what their life would be.

To be truthful, Haley didn't mind it for the most part. She loved her friends and how they all understand the downside to their life—being cut from the same cloth and all.

Some she couldn't stand, but the ones she was closest too, the ones she let into her heart, they were the only genuine part of her life.

"Hey, Baby girl!"

Especially him.

She grinned widely, leaping out of her lounge chair and into his arms, "I missed you!"

He twirled her around as she giggled, "Ah, I've missed you too, Hales." He hugged her tightly, closing his eyes.

When her feet hit the ground, she let her hands fall to his shoulders, "Did you bring me a present?"

Chuckling, he took her right hand off his shoulder and kissed it, "Always, my dear."

"You guys are so cute, it's gross." Peyton whined from her float, newly filled drink in hand.

Haley wrapped an arm around his shoulders and he did the same with her waist, "He's my brother, we're supposed to be loving and kind. Right, Luke?"

"Right, Hales." He kissed her cheek.

"If you ask me it's a tad incestuous." Brooke quipped, playfully handing Haley and now Lucas a drink.

"Thanks, Cheery." He winked, before taking a big gulp.

"That's sick Brooke, just so you know." Haley grimaced, needing a big gulp herself now. She and Lucas received that joke more times than they could count and the only reason it bothered them was due to the gross visual.

In truth, most people didn't understand them because they didn't have it. In their world, being close to family was a foreign notion, so rare it was almost a myth.

What was ironic though, was that she and Lucas weren't even related by blood.

When she was one and Lucas was three, her father, and his mother had married. Her own mother had remarried and moved to Europe when she was two, so her family with Lucas was all she had.

They'd instantly clung to each other, to hear others tell it. She believed he walked on water and some days she still felt that way, especially after all he endured.

His mother had passed away when he was nine. Drank herself in a stupor, and drove into a telephone poll. Karen was kind and loving to both her and Lucas, but the stresses of the life they led and being married to someone that lived for work sent her on a steady decline. Sometimes, Haley still thought about her, wondering if she'd been born into a different lifestyle, would she have survived and a part of Haley knew she would have thrived.

That event, which could have crushed Lucas, seemed to only make him stronger and even more protective over her. To his credit, her father thought of Lucas as a son and Karen's death didn't even cause him a moment's hesitation. Her dad may have never been around, but Lucas remained living with them and had every privilege that came with the James name, including the bank account.

Oddly, he didn't even need it, though, he had rights of his own, but he chose to stay with her and her father and she really didn't know where she would be without his presence and love in her life.

His real father never even fought for him after Karen's death, but Lucas still had claim on their fortune through his grandparents. Lucas never spoke of Dan and neither did his half brother, who had actually been raised by him. Lucas and Nathan were three months apart and very close, despite their parents' history. Nathan had always been around when they were growing up. His mother, Deb insisting on it, probably mostly to spite Dan, but whatever the reason it was beneficial for the brothers.

Nathan Scott was an integral part of their group as well, the leader of it along with Lucas. The two of them called the shots and while Haley respected Lucas for it, she despised Nathan having that power.

Before they were even teenagers, they were at each other's throats, but as they aged a perverseness begin to develop within the hate. Their banter took on a much more sexual tone and had only intensified as the years went by.

Yet they'd never crossed the line, ever, and she would probably shoot herself if she ever gave him that satisfaction.

Still, they teased, touched, and pushed the limits, always trying to get a rise out of the other. It was a sick game that neither could resist playing.

She figured she was just some sort of masochist and left it at that.

Haley was brought out of her thoughts by a group of men stepping out of the elevator with boxes upon boxes of liquor.

Brooke clapped in glee," Party!"

Lucas smirked, "Well, I was in Europe for three weeks."

"Luke," Haley whined, "You could have asked or at least gave me some notice."

He pinched her cheek, "Don't pout, baby girl. Plus, this is my house too."

"I knew I should never have agreed to live with you."

He laughed, "Oh please, you were begging me. Dad wasn't going to let you leave unless it was with me anyway."

She crossed her arms, "Touche," Turning to her friends, "All right, my loves…Brooke quit flirting with the bartender and Peyton get your skinny ass out of the pool. Time to slut it up."

Three hours later the party was in full swing. Peyton had already left to enjoy it and Brooke and Haley were still finishing up.

Dabbing some lip gloss on, Haley looked up from the mirror of her massive marble vanity, to see Brooke strike a pose in the doorframe of the bathroom. "Nice, B."

"I know." Brooke grinned, smoothing down her red halter dress. "And you my love are slamming." She gave Haley the once over very pleased with the deep purple strapless dress that clung to her curves and the silver peep toe Jimmy Choo pumps adorning her tiny feet.

"I know." Haley echoed her, "And you've been hanging around Damien way too much, calling me 'slamming'."

Brooke went over and fluffed Haley's thick honey waves, "Please, just because we fuck doesn't mean we talk."

Haley handed Brooke some gold hoops to wear, "I really don't know why you keep doing that."

"Fucking or fucking Damien because if it's the former you have no room to talk, love."

Popping in some large diamond studs, Haley laughed, "Brooke, I would never tell you to give up fucking. Once you start it's like air in order to live, but yeah Damien."

"I get bored and honestly I'm not sure how the hell you've managed to not draw from our horny little circle for so long. Especially with Nathan. He's the only one I haven't been with, mostly because he won't give any of us, but you the time of day." She winked, heading to the door to avoid a slap.

"We're not having that conversation tonight and by the way, I think you know that answer. Lucas would kill anyone in our "little circle" as you call it, if they even tried. Plus, Nathan only pays attention me to annoy me."

"Oh Nathan's tried and what you call annoying you I call foreplay." Brooke taunted, motioning for Haley to hurry up.

Haley rolled her eyes following her out of the room, "He doesn't want to Brooke, he just wants to screw with me and vice versa."

"Well, you got the screwing part right."

"Even if he does or I do, it's purely physically. It would just be getting off Brooke, as simple as that."

Brooke tapped her chin, "If it was as simple as that you would have done it a long time ago, sweetie."

Before Haley could object, they were thrust into a throng of guests and alcohol. Lucas hadn't held back, but Haley had been in the mood for some fun and she was now grateful for it.

Haley found Peyton at the bar lining up shots. "Whoa there, Curly. Trying to forget Lucas is back in town?"

"Haley that was a one time thing, I'm over it. Besides, I saw you entering and figured you'd come here first." Peyton slid three shots over to her.

"You know the way to my heart, Sawyer" Haley batted her eye lashes, before downing all three in under a minute right along with Peyton.

Haley grabbed a nearby lime and sucked it hard, handing it over to Peyton to do the same, a few guys drooling.

Her body felt warm and she was definitely feeling the party vibe excite her now. "Shall we?" Haley held her arm out for Peyton's.

Peyton looped it through hers and they wandered over to a group of couches where the main part of their clique set. It was amazing that even with a few hundred people around they still gravitated towards each other.

"Well, the whores have arrived," Nathan raised his beer.

Haley let go of Peyton's arm and held a hand to her heart, "Your charm astounds me, Scott."

"Whatever, come sit your sweet ass on Daddy's lap." He smirked.

Lucas glared at him. He knew it was harmless taunting, but he didn't have to enjoy it.

Beside Nathan, sat Jake and Haley plopped down on his lap, kissing him on the cheek, her ankles falling on Nathan's legs. "Hey Daddy."

Jake and the rest laughed, Nathan simply ignored her.

A couple hours later, everyone was drunk and Haley had lost her shoes somewhere in that span of time. She was now wandering around the pool, dipping her toes in every so often.

That's when she spotted Nathan and some whore on one of her chaises. They weren't going at it…yet, but she was practically in his lap, giggling at everything that came out of his mouth, her hand falling against his chest repeatedly.

He'd have her in bed within the next twenty minutes, that Haley was sure of.

He spotted her too and grinned. "Hales, do you mind. If you're a good girl, I'll let you watch the tape later."

The vapid blonde giggled at that, whispering something in his ear.

Haley's blood boiled. He was such a prick, but she'd learned long ago that fighting wasn't always the best way to deal with him. "Actually, I came to get…I'm sorry what's your name again?" She smiled sweetly to the skank.

"Kimberly." She giggled again. Jeez, was that all she could do.

"Kimberly that's right. Your friend is looking for you."

The girl blinked confused, then frowned, "Stacy?"

"Yes, Stacy." Haley smoothly lied, not believing this girl was buying it.

"I'll be right back, Natey." She attempted to purr but couldn't pull it off and Haley didn't miss the disgust that flashed over Nathan's face at her nickname for him.

Once gone, Nathan stretched out more, hands behind his head."Nice cockblocking, Hales. There a reason you needed me alone or did you feel like just being a bitch?"

She feigned shock before slinking over to him and climbing on top of him, her body laid out flat over his, "Aw, Natey, I wanted you alone of course." She let a finger slide down his cheek, her lips hovering dangerously close to his.

"Don't call me that." He ordered, as his arms came around her back, rubbing and holding her to him. He knew she was screwing with his head, but as always he was enjoying the hell out of it, his steadily growing erection confirming that for them both.

At fourteen, she'd discovered that reaction every time she came into a room and it never wavered even eight years later.

Arching up, as if she was strteching her back, she let the tops of her breasts rub against his chin before sliding back down, her mouth a breath away from his once again.

His eyes sparkled with amusement at this game of chicken they'd been playing all their lives. Before puberty it was all about who would turn their bike away before they crashed, now it was all about who would back down before they fucked. It was never ending foreplay, which probably meant the sex would kill them both it had been building for so long. What a way to die, though.

"You got me alone, now what are you going to do with me?" His breath was hot against her lips and she bit back a moan.

"Oh, I don't know, got any ideas? " She purred, flawlessly, pressing herself harder into him, smirking at the groan that escaped him.

He recovered swiftly, letting his hands grab her ass hard, "I've got plenty. Sure you can handle it?"

She licked her lips, "Try me."

Another smirk. "Right now, I'm thinking you could hike your dress up, unzip my shorts…" He paused for affect, his husky voice, dripping of sex, vibrating against her lips "and ride my dick till you scream my name."

Her eyes drifted shut, as she fought to reign herself in. She was supposed to be in control and yet she felt it slipping away. She thanked God, he couldn't feel how wet he made her. They had been talking dirty to each other for years and it still made her ache with need.

Taking a calming breath, she pecked his jaw and rose up to straddle him, her dress rising as she did.

His hands flew to her bare thighs, gripping hard.

Her fingers slipped beneath his shirt and she raked her nails up and down his chest. "Is this how you see it starting?" She gave him a wicked grin and ground herself down on him, her body flooding with pleasure as he moved his own hips, pushing up hard into her, as the two fell into a rhythmic torture.

"I only give a fuck if we finish it." He growled, his fingers digging into her thighs, as he throbbed beneath her, their dry humping about to make them both lose it. They hadn't taken it this far in awhile and now they remembered why.


That skank was back.

"FUCK OFF!" Nathan barked, his eyes never leaving Haley, as shock came over the girl's features.

This had been Haley's plan all along, but even she was annoyed at the interruption.

"Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt," She finally stuttered out, shooting Haley a glare as she stormed off. Of course, Nathan didn't receive one, because girls like that never blamed the guy. Idiot.

Before Nathan could object, Haley had hopped off him and was straightening her dress out. "Point for me." She triumphantly taunted. "You know, we should really start keeping score."

"Don't act like you weren't ready to fuck me. You just got lucky." He spit out, sitting up and willing his hard on away, but it was a bit difficult with her still standing right there, her erect nipples calling out to his mouth.

"Believe what you want. I never lost my cool." She blew him a kiss and sauntered back into the party, praying her legs wouldn't give way.

Damien came up and took a seat opposite Nathan, "Nice show."

"Huh?" Nathan turned away from Haley's retreating figure, still in a fog and suddenly very pissed off.

"If you guys are going to keep this pace up, you might want to tone it down in public."

"We weren't doing anything." Nathan grumbled, jacking Damien's drink from him and chugging it all down.

Damien shrugged, "Not from where I was sitting. She's off limits, to us all, remember? Or don't you remember me getting my ass beaten and Lucas not speaking to me for six months after I made out with her high school?"

"I know that asshole and you're lucky I didn't kick your ass. Is there a reason we're having this conversation now? Haley and I always fuck with each other."

"Maybe because each year it gets more intense and I really don't see how you two are going to last much longer."

Nathan tossed the empty cup into the pool. That'll piss Haley off. "She's a bitch. That's reason enough to last."

"You're telling me if that slut hadn't interrupted, that you wouldn't have screwed her?"

Standing, Nathan was thankful he'd deflated down below, "I can't determine what my dick wants. But I'm not going there, so just chill."

"Good." Damien stood and smacked him on the back, "Because if we have to live with fantasy, it's only fair you do too."

A few minutes later, Nathan found Haley sprawled across their friend Andrew's lap, her arms wrapped around his neck and his hands on her thighs. 'Fucker.'

"Ew, Nate, what the hell is on your shorts?" Brooke crinkled her nose at the shiny moist spot along his zipper.

Haley shot her eyes to it and felt her cheeks grow red and she cursed under her breath for not wearing underwear. Not that it probably would have helped much with how skimpy all hers were.

Nathan flopped down in a chair across from Haley with a smug and slightly evil grin, "Some slut was riding me."

"Dude, it's better with the clothes off." Lucas laughed a bit too loudly, well on his way to passing out any second.

"Well, she almost got what she wanted, had her dress up and everything, but Haley over there kind of ruined the moment."

Peyton looked confused, "Wait, the bleach blonde you were with. Wasn't she wearing jeans?"

Damien caught on quick, "Nope he'd moved on to another one by then."

"God, you're such a manwhore, Nathan." Brooke deduced.

"Thanks," Nathan smirked taking a swig of his fresh beer.

As the group dissolved into mindless conversation, Nathan let his eyes travel to Haley. She caught his stare just long enough to see him glance down at his pants and mouth the words, "One to one."

And with that, they were tied.