Author's Note: Hey guys, I'm so sorry for the long wait. Life really got into the way, but I now have time free and inspiration has struck after the greatness of this week's OTH episode. Watching NH fall in love and marry in another era was pure gold.

So with that, comes posting this update. Now, I'm doing something daring, that will surely turn some away, but I said from the beginning this story would be more daring and that the characters had a vastly different upbringing that make them people we don't really recognize at first. To me, that's why I love AU because even when they start out different you get to write them transforming into the characters you know and love.

So, Haley, in this is vastly different at first, but in regards to the rest she is the most pure hearted and sensible, even when she screws up with them. She didn't have loving parents to mold her or even the love of Nathan at 16, well she had it she just didn't know it. That being said, I've written hints of the Haley we love and that Haley, who is the person she was destined to be will start to come out, but she has a lot of demons, as does Nathan to battle first.

Now, there is a HUGE warning for these next two chapters and not just sexual. The next chapter will have to be linked because I know it will be over a 5 with the combination of sex and other adult issues. In no way am I advocating anything, but seeing as Gossip Girl treated it casual on network television and sex in general as well, I felt it was safe to write about it. This is my own personal experience as well. I made some mistakes in my youth while I was in college. I didn't have the same money as the group in this story, but I had enough to think I was invincible and craved attention in unhealthy ways at times. So again, not advocating it. Even if I had positive and at times hilarious experiences, I was damn lucky and so many aren't. It only makes you feel worse after the fact. So please be advised if you're underage you, that are allowed to read adult material or watch GG actually before you read this. This is for entertainment and therapy for me, not to push my experiences on others.

A big thanks to Ha, for being an awesome beta!!

Chapter Five "Livin' On The Edge"

"When do the girls get back from Monaco?" Jake tossed out as he joined Nathan and Lucas in their living room, the gigantic Plasma TV showcasing some random classic basketball game.

Lucas frowned, "Their plane landed about an hour ago, so any time now. I really don't know why they felt the need to up and leave."

Grinning, Jake made a motion for Lucas to turn down the volume a bit and he obliged. "It's related to fashion, what other reason do they need?"

Stretching his legs onto the marble coffee table, Nathan agreed. "Any excuse to whore it up in couture."

Both Lucas and Jake shot him a look, "What?"

"First, that's my sister and second how the fuck do you know what couture is?"

Jake laughed, "Oh that reminds me, turn the channel to E, Haley said she'd be on at three. Our little Halo is like crack to the press."

Curious, Lucas flicked the remote. After sitting through some meaningless gossip on the latest maybe baby bump in Hollywood, a pretty boy came on and began gushing about fashion, various shots of rail thin models sprinkled throughout his intro.

"But the buzz of the week has to be the charity fashion show in Monaco in honor of the Grace Kelly foundation." He continued on, finally peaking the boys' curiosity.

"Marc Jacobs is one of many designers allowing some sneak peaks to his new line in honor of the late Princess. Helping out with event was the one and only Haley James, heir to the James fortune and a philanthropist in her own right at the ripe age of twenty-two."

A shot of Haley in Africa surrounded by children flashed across the screen before he continued.

"The designer and heiress have been hitting up the local night clubs, hinting at a possible collaboration and the fashion and gossip worlds were not disappointed when Miss James not only worked it in the show, but opened it in a Marc Jacobs original."

A few random shots of Marc Jacobs flashed on the screen, holding Haley close as they threw back shots and danced on a table.

"Is she fucking dating that prick?" Nathan blew up causing both Jake and Lucas to whip their heads towards him at his outburst.

Lucas chuckled, figuring he'd have the same reaction if he didn't know a key piece of information. "You know for someone who knows the word "couture" you would think you'd know Marc Jacobs was gay, as are most male designers."

"Both of you shut the hell up." Jake bit out when they finally cut to footage of Haley strutting her stuff.

All their eyes went wide when they caught sight of the first outfit. It was a skin tight bright green dress with a bubble hem that ended right under her ass. Her chest was practically spilling out of the deep V-neck and she was prancing down the runway in at least five inch black spiked heels with straps that wrapped all the way up her calves. Her hair was huge, her make-up smokey as hell and she put every damn model to shame. None of them had tits like her.

"Damn." Jake ground out, not really caring if Lucas heard him.

Nathan stayed silent, not sure if he could even form words, but he had the sense of mind to grab a nearby pillow and cover his obvious approval of Haley's look.

"Why the hell would he put her in that?" Lucas bitched, but his complaints died in his throat when he saw what his baby sister wore for the finale.

It was a stark contrast to the outfit before, where the other designer was going for cutting edge, Chanel was going for vintage, and vintage Haley was a sight to behold.

The announcer continued, ""Of course her love for fashion didn't end there, she also shocked the crowd by closing the show for her good friend Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel, who's Haute Couture of choice for Miss James was fit for a modern royal wedding. Though, the material of the gown managed to pay homage to the beloved Princess' creation when she became royalty decades earlier. An image that over fifty years later is still in the hearts of Monaco's residents."

Nathan's heart skipped a beat, hell it stopped all together as she glided around the circler runway in an off the shoulder silk and antique Valenciennes rose point lace wedding gown—according to the reporter—that melted against her curves until it gave way at the bottom, floating around her heels.

And while her face was shielded by a very high cathedral veil, Nathan could still make out the slick low bun she wore with small pearls embellishing it and her soft delicate features that held a genuine smile as all eyes were on her, as they would be if it were her wedding day. Somehow, he knew that's the exact thought that had been going through her head and God damn if it wasn't running through his either, picturing her gliding towards him with that same smile.

Apparently, the first dress had sent a jolt to his groin, this one—straight to his heart—and he wasn't sure if he'd recover anytime soon.

The footage was gone and yet all three guys were still glued to the screen, the image that was no longer there still playing out before their eyes.

"She is never getting married." Lucas finally broke the spell, determination in his voice.

"What?" Jake shook himself out of his trance.

Lucas clicked the channel back to ESPN. "I said she's not getting married and by the way I saw you gawking asshole." He cut his eyes to Jake.

Jake shrugged, not caring, in fact, he was happy Lucas was focused on him because the way Nathan had been ogling the screen and not just with lust, it was better for him to take the heat. Haley was hot, damn hot, but he didn't want her, at least anymore. He had for years, as they all had, but they were better off as friends and besides, Brooke was definitely catching his eye now.

Ignoring Jake, Lucas tried to focus on the game. It had been hard seeing Haley like that. She was beautiful, but it sliced through him at the same time. The thought of ever giving her away to some tool rattled him to his core. No one could take care of her the way he could, so he really didn't think it was that irrational. Growing up, it was them against the world and at times, he hoped it would always stay that way.

In truth, it was partly selfish, but he didn't know who he was without her. Still, there was something people didn't get about Haley. The version he knew and loved had become tainted. She was so very jaded, something he never thought she would be. While her admirable giving nature never wavered, her hopes and dreams for herself did.

When they were younger, he'd tease her about her silly fantasies of a black knight coming to sweep her off her feet.

According to Haley, it had to be a black knight due to the widely known fact that the white knights would always be saving other damsels and she wanted one that would only ever change his ways for her. He really didn't comprehend it and when he'd tell her as much, she would simply giggle and tell him that was because he was a white knight.

There would always be more than one girl to capture his heart and he'd feel the need to rescue all of them. And while that was sweet and inspiring, as she would forever be one of his damsels, she wanted someone's entire heart, to be the only girl that possessed the power to bring the impenetrable knight to his knees and in turn be the only girl he'd ever want to protect.

Looking back, he almost wished for her to be that naïve once more, but then again if she wasn't she'd surely fall for some asshole's bullshit and would simply become disillusioned with a couple of kids along for the heartbreaking ride.

Life wasn't a fairytale and maybe it was better that Haley had figured that out earlier than most.

The boys, lost in thought, barely heard the private elevator door open and Haley breezing in arms full of bags, with Miguel, their doorman, stumbling in behind her, engulfed in luggage.

"Hey guys!" She beamed, descending the steps down to the sunken living room. "Miguel, just put those in my room." She turned back to smile sweetly.

They turned to face her, Lucas frowning at her short white strapless dress, Nathan drooling and Jake looking around her for any sign of Brooke.

Lucas crossed his arms. "What the fuck are you wearing?"

"Dolce." She spun with a giggle and Lucas groaned that a week surrounded by Brooke and fashion had rubbed off on her. "Did you guys see me?" Her eyes flickered to the television.

Jake stood, wrapping his arm around her in a side hug, "Yep and you were gorgeous, darling." He kissed her temple. "Well, Luke you ready?"

Glancing at his watch, Luke nodded, "Damn it, I'm going to kick that little shit's ass if he gives away our court."

"Dude, my dad owns the club." Jake chuckled and faced Nathan before headed out. "You sure you don't wanna come?"

"Hell no. I don't do racquetball, you fucking pansies."

Luke gave him a pointed look, "Says the boy that knew the word 'couture'."

"Whatever," came his mumbled response, focusing back on the game, intentionally adverting his gaze from landing on Haley again until the coast was clear.

When the door closed, Haley tossed her purse on Lucas' abandoned chair and turned to Nathan when she felt his stare, "What?"

He stood slowly, and then made his way to her, his steps determined. She wasn't sure what to expect, a lewd comment, a groping session, something along those lines probably, but what she received in its place left her reeling.

His hand came up and he allowed his fingers to brush across her cheek bone and down her jaw line, her skin igniting beneath his tender touch, "You were beautiful."

Her mouth fell open slightly as the sincerity swirled in his cobalt pools, but before she could even begin to consider a response, he was gone, his bedroom door closing her only clue as to where he'd disappeared.

Yet, even without his presence, his comment still stood before her, seizing her and threatening to never let go.

Haley awoke hours later from a nap, the sounds of laughter from her living room bringing an automatic smile to her face.

Getting out of bed, she didn't bother to change as she made her way out to the living room.

Most of the usual gang was there, Lucas, Nathan, Damien, Jake, and Brooke. Peyton, she knew, was locked in her studio, after citing a surge of inspiration from the beauty of Monaco.

"Hey guys," She smiled, plopping down on her brother's lap.

He groaned, "There are other seats, Hales." She simply smirked and pecked his cheek.

Nathan eyed her over his open beer as he took a long gulp. She was in her usual casual attire, a tight tiny cami and matching boy shorts in soft lavender. He figured that if he wasn't already ridiculously wealthy, he could make millions replacing the need for Viagra by just selling shots of Haley.

Brooke passed Haley an open bottle of Hypnotic. "Might as well catch up, James."

'God, could they ever get together without alcohol?' Who the hell was she kidding, what else did they have to do to entertain themselves? It wasn't as if they were like most kids their age, attempting to fall in love and start their ridiculous sappy lives. No wonder both her grandfathers, both married four times, died of liver failure.

Nevertheless, there could be worse ways to go. Gratefully, she took the bottle, taking a big swig, then another. "Thanks Davis. Did you get any sleep?"

"A little." Her eyes briefly met Jake's before she quickly averted them. He'd shown up at her townhouse wanting to talk and she'd basically refused, slamming the door in his face. Suffice to say, sleep eluded her after that.

She knew it was cowardly, yet letting Jake get close scared the hell out of her. Relationships wasn't what she was about. In fact, she was perfectly happy never marrying, something that would surely kill her mother, thus her desire to always remain a Davis.

It wasn't like she didn't feel anything for Jake, she did, but if they crossed that line, she knew they'd inevitably fall apart and the bitterness that would follow would make it impossible for them to even maintain a friendship.

"So, Hales. Did you get to keep any of the clothes?" Jake asked, deciding to turn his attention from the brunette.

Her face lit up, "Marc, let me keep the dress and a few other items from his new collection."

"And…"Brooke prodded, who loved to see Haley squirm.

"And the wedding dress." Haley muttered, not enjoying admitting that. Her views on marriage were right up there with Brooke's.

Lucas blanched at that, "What the hell do you need a wedding dress for?"

"I don't, but it wasn't like I had a choice."

Laughing, Damien cut in, "Babe, it was a trip seeing you try to pull off white. It's already on YouTube, by the way."

"Why wouldn't she be able to wear white?" Lucas blurted out, demanding everyone's shocked expressions. All not believing he was that delusional. "What?" He shrugged, "Knowing and accepting are two very different things."

Haley pinched his cheek, "No worries Lukey. When I pop out three kids, it will be from an immaculate conception." She teased, ignoring a snort from Nathan.

"Good," Lucas grinned, "Then you can just donate that dress to charity. Even having it in the house is making me tense."

She let out a sigh, as if saying she didn't care either way. Honestly, she had planned on giving it away anyway, presumably to some auction.

'You were beautiful'…or maybe not. She knew Nathan had been speaking of her in the wedding dress when he had uttered those words and beautiful wasn't something she was called often, if ever. Sexy, gorgeous, stunning, hot, were the usual remarks men threw out at her, but beautiful was a word she didn't even realize she'd craved until it fell from Nathan's lips. If keeping the dress meant holding onto that feeling, then so be it.

Brooke giggled when her ass vibrated and pulled her phone from the back pocket of her jeans. Her smile widened when she got a look at the text, "Hell yes." She set her sights on the group. "Chuck's coming over tomorrow and he's bringing party favors."

Haley groaned, "Brooke, we haven't done that in forever. Aren't we past that?"

"What's the matter, Halo?" Nathan taunted, "Can't handle a little harmless fun?"

She turned fully in Lucas' lap, her back on his chest and faced Nathan, "I can handle anything, but somehow I doubt tomorrow night will be anything but harmless."

Lucas shrugged, finishing off his beer, "What the hell else do we have to do? I've been fucking bored stiff for months and alcohol can only do so much. Dad's coming to talk to us in a few days anyway, I think we both need to forget that upcoming event for a night, Hales."

"Fine," Haley instantly relented, knowing Lucas only enjoyed Jimmy's company a hair more than his biological father's aka Satan. It wasn't always that way, but his MIA status over the years had drawn that reaction. "Let's just make a pact to stay here. We don't need a repeat of last summer."

Laughing openly, Damien shot her a look, "You mean the time we went to the strip club and you vanished only to come out from behind that velvet curtain wearing nothing but glitter? Shit, we thought Lucas had a stroke. "

"No," She threw him a glare, "I meant the time all three of you, plus Chuck, ended up in jail after shaking your money makers at those poor Japanese tourists…and trying to bail your asses out when my pupils were as wide as saucers was the worst experience of my life."

Brooke smirked, "Well, I think you could have said you saw dancing teddy bears and they would have let you slide, Hales, seeing as you were rubbing all up on me waiting to spring these douches. I swear those officers all had their hands in their pockets."

"Hey! You're the one that kept sticking your tongue down my throat in front of them."

"You loved it," Brooke countered, "You were moaning until you realized I didn't have a dick."

Damien cursed, "Why the fuck do I miss all the good shit?"

Haley rolled her eyes, but couldn't help the smirk that graced her lips. "Jeez, Dam, we were fucked up. Brooke also tried to make out with a telephone pole on the way to the station."

Brooke simply giggled, not ashamed, if anything proud of her actions.

Haley was never really into drugs, in fact none of them were. The guys occasionally smoked weed, something even the highest paid CEOs did, but the hard stuff they all stayed away from, save the occasional hits of ecstasy or a tab of acid here and there. Granted, it was one hell of a good trip, but they all knew indulging too often would make them dependent and one thing none of them were was dependent…on anything—from drugs, to money, to sadly even love.

They were independent in every sense of the word, though if they actually truly thought about it, which they wouldn't, they were probably more tied down than any normal person was. Their families bound them with invisible ties and expectations, ones they were powerless to break free from.

So, they rebelled and reveled in their youth, holding onto it for dear life and living it to the fullest. Because one day, a day that would come far too soon for all of them, they'd become their parents and all that would sustain them were the supposedly carefree memories of their youth.

Yet, that wasn't the sole reason they dabbled in illegal activities, it was also a cry for attention, attention they never received from their parents. Even when they did get caught and had to call Mommy and Daddy, it was their lawyers, not them, that came to their rescue.

It was a vicious cycle, one that has taken place for generations.

Haley snuggled beneath her covers, the alcohol and the plans for tomorrow exhausting her, but she was never one to pass out without some pleasure, reaching under her bed she pulled out her trusting massager that was already plugged into the outlet behind her nightstand. She had a myriad of vibrators, but sometimes she felt the need for the no thrills, always easy orgasm that came from her basic white massager. A little clit action was all she was looking for tonight. The others only increased her annoyance of not having had the real thing inside her for a few weeks.

Taking off her boyshorts, she was ready for multiple bouts of pleasure, but just as she was about to flip it on, a voice stopped her.

"So what's the real reason you don't want to join in the fun tomorrow?" Nathan questioned from her doorway, clad only in a pair of basketball shorts, his hair damp from a shower.

She shrugged sitting up a little, letting out an annoyed sigh yet not fazed in the least he was in her room without an invitation. Nathan never needed one when it came to her and it went both ways. "No reason. It's just getting old."

He smirked and walked in further, closing her door behind him, "Or maybe you're scared of being around me on it?"

Scoffing, she locked eyes with him, "I couldn't really give a shit."

He pulled an arm chair closer to her side of the bed and lounged in it, "Really? Because I'm scared shitless." He chuckled lowly when her eyes went wide with surprise at his confession.

"Ok, I'll bite," she relented, "what the hell is that suppose to mean?"

Leaning forward, he pulled her converter down, exposing the top half of her body. It wasn't part of his explanation, he simply wanted to enjoy the view like always, "Before when we did it, we were either going out in public or you were with asshat."

"Justin?" She supplied and he nodded.

"But even then we had a few run ins, before Brooke or Peyton felt like making out with you to piss off or turn on whoever they were fucking at the moment or Lucas decided to cockblock." This time, she nodded, agreeing with him.

He continued, "Now, we'll be here, where there are plenty of beds, empty rooms, and no boyfriends to get in my way."

She smirked, "So what are you saying? I'm irresistible…that you can't wait to fuck me with the excuse of drugs?"

He didn't have time to bullshit, "Don't fucking ask me something you already know the answer to. What little will power we have left, the X will take away."

"So what do you propose Nathan? We lock ourselves in separate rooms the entire night?" She had to admit that thought wasn't very pleasant.

His previous smirk, returned to his chiseled face, even wider this time, "What would be the fun in that?" He watched her lips mirror his, "Look, I really don't know what the hell is going to happen tomorrow night. But we both know that shit pretty much takes away any inhibitions we actually might have, which probably isn't much."

She laughed at that, "Very true, Scott. So, what are we going to do?"

"Do what we do best, I'm sure, which is why I came in here. I have a question for you."

Her eyebrow quirked up at him, "and that would be?"

"Are you on the pill…because somehow if we did get started I doubt I'm going to wanna pause for anything once my dick gets close enough."

She leaned over, opening her nightstand and reached in before flashing him a pink circular disc that had his face lighting up.

"If it wasn't you, I wouldn't let you near me without a condom, but I know you've never gone bare back. Aside from STD fears, I know knocking up some gold digger is something you'd rather die than do. You and Lucas should run your own after school special for rich boys with how anal you both are."

"Very true…beautiful." He winked, enjoying the hell out of her sudden blush. It was something she only did for him, probably because only he knew how to make her vulnerable.

They both realized they should be running for their lives at the thought of being in the same room tomorrow night, but the chance of finally being able to give in after all these years was like forbidden fruit and not even Eve herself with God baring down on her had been able to pass it up.

Casual was what you would refer to how they were interacting with the promise of things to come, but their insides were screaming in anticipation and fear. But honestly, they knew this was the only way, the only way they could give in and not have to own up to it.

"So…." Nathan hedged, bringing them both out of their thoughts. "You ready to give me a preview?"

She blinked, "Huh?"

Chuckling, he stood pulling his shorts down, springing his powerful erection free and sat back down, his right hand circling his cock. "Come on, don't act like you weren't about to get off when I came in."

She forced her eyes away from his member, unconsciously licking her lips, "I have no idea what you're talking about, but if you have the need to jack off while I read, feel free. Just watch where you shoot."

His free hand came out and tugged on the cord peaking out from her ice blue comforter, his voice becoming heavier, "Start her up, Baby. We cum enough—alone—thinking of each other."

Her teeth sunk into her bottom lip and she felt herself growing wet just at the sound of his husky voice. Of course it didn't hurt that he was slowly stroking his well endowed dick, one that she had tasted merely weeks before and craved now more than ever.

"You can't wait until tomorrow?" She finally spoke, although her voice was a few octaves lower, having started to already drown in her desire.

"Think of it as pre-gaming."

Leaning up she stripped her top off, leaving her full firm breasts defenseless against his searing gaze, not that she gave a damn. That was her point.

Her nipples were already painfully hard from the sexual tension swimming in the air and Nathan's mouth went dry with desire, aching to work her peaks over until they were raw and she was screaming for him to fuck her.

Noticing his hand picking up momentum, Haley flicked on her massager, the low buzzing barely audible over their already heavy breathing. God, Haley was pretty sure she didn't even have to use this to get off, Nathan's stare was enough to get the job done, and Jesus his cock was probably the most perfect thing she'd ever laid eyes on.

Nothing, not her first car, not her first piece of jewelry, not even her first pair of Jimmy Choos ever invoked such bliss and outright greed in her. Ever since she'd actually seen it that night in the library, she wanted to grab hold of it and never let it go, as ridiculous as that sounded.

No one else should ever touch it or lay eyes on it. It should be hers and hers alone, to suck, fuck and smear various gooey products over when she was hungry yet too horny to stop. Yes, it was petty and possessive, but damn it, just look at it.

"Take it off." He growled and somehow in her fog of lust, she knew he meant the comforter and wordlessly she obeyed, his loud groan spurring her orgasm within reach. Pleasure began to capture every nerve in her body and her moans took on a life of their own.

Nathan's hand flew up and down his painfully rigid member, fighting for control, aching to savor this moment as long as possible. He couldn't take the chance something would happen tomorrow and this would be as close as he got to her for awhile. No way was he taking it for granted.

There was nothing in the god damn world hotter than seeing Haley like this. Flushed, wanton, giving herself pleasure…shit he was going to tear her up tomorrow.

Her eyes found his and she shivered at having to strain to even see a hint of blue in his darkened orbs.

She felt as if not only her body, but her soul was exposed…yet she couldn't look away. It was intoxicating—the power they held over each other, the weakness they could summon, the levels of ecstasy they could reach without even touching, it all melded into one addictive poison that would surely kill them one day or at the very least destroy the world they knew.

Nothing good could ever come of this. Nevertheless, they knew it wasn't a question of if they'd drink the poison, simply when, and tomorrow when he was buried deep within her for the first time, no matter what excuses they made afterwards, no matter what they tried to tell themselves—it would be too late—they will have already taken the first toxic sip.

And as they flew over the edge together, her hips thrusting up, his seed spilling over his fist, their eyes ablaze as they took in the other coming down…somewhere inside they knew they'd never regret that first taste no matter the consequence.

The reality was, they would consume every last drop until neither recognized who they were or more importantly what fate had deemed all along for them to become.