For Lola (mustardgirl), with love.

Right, for once

"This time, she'll say yes." Peter is adamant, but Sirius and Remus both look at him as if he's gone mad.

"Why on earth is this time going to be any different, Wormtail?" Remus demands, while Sirius just rolls his eyes and grins, lounging on the hearthrug by the fire and hogging all the heat, as is his wont.

"Haven't you seen how she's been looking at him recently?" Peter asks. "She's finally cottoned on that our James is a human being."

Now it is Remus' turn to roll his eyes. "Yeah, well, that conclusion is debatable. She's spent the last two years saying 'no'. I don't see why she's suddenly going to change her mind now."

Peter smiles. "I'm right, you just wait and see. I'm not going to argue about it." He kicks Sirius, and slides down to join him on the floor by the fire. "Shove over, Padfoot. I'm cold too."

Sirius and Remus exchange a look, but decide that further argument is pointless. Remus retreats into his book; Sirius gazes into the fire; Peter has his eyes closed, and might be dozing, but for the small smile playing on his lips.

Ten minutes later, the door bangs open, and James erupts into the room, a triumphant (and slightly surprised) look on his face.

"She said yes!" he proclaims to the common room at large. Most of them ignore him – they are used to Potter's over-enthusiasm about anything and everything – but a few people applaud, one or two snigger, and Sirius and Remus regard him in open-mouthed astonishment.

Peter's expression can only be described as smug. "Told you," he says.