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Cade grimaced at the grey clouds gathering overhead. It hadn't escaped his notice that the storms correlated with the nightmarish howling of the boy he now considered a son. He walked tentatively towards the boy struggling against the sheets.

"Julian" he whispered nudging his shoulder. Lightening flashed and the thunder picked up. "Julian!" He said louder.

The boys' eyes snapped open betraying his unearthly nature. Not that he himself even suspected he was anything but human. Cade knew better. He'd known ever since he'd found the pale and twisted form lying by the stones. The long forgotten ancestry of the site, remembered by the glow of the Ley lines reflecting over his skin in a runic pattern. Julian. His name.

Cade moved closer to him. Eyes as blue as the core of a flame shone with rage for a moment, before he snapped back to reality with shock and disorientation.

"Cade?" The innocence in his voice settled any fear Cade had felt at that look. He didn't know what Julian was, but by the undercurrents in his personality and the way the storms raged with his mood, it was something dangerous.

He opened his mouth to comfort him and stopped when he felt a presence enter the doorway. Turning to Julian, he gave him a half smile that only got bigger when the sapphires paled in fear. His wife Hannah rushed forward and threw her arms around the struggling muscle. Julian shot him dirty looks as he tried to wrestle out of the hug and Cade's laughter echoed off the walls.

"Don't give me that look boy, if you didn't have such violent nightmares, she wouldn't fuss so." He let it go on a bit longer before gripping Hannah's elbow and dragging her back.

She shrugged him off and turned back to Julian. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Julian was sitting up now. His once pale skin tanned from long days in the sun, adjusting to farm life with a fluidity Cade had never seen. He ran a hand through his icy-white hair and furrowed his brow. "I don't remember" he mumbled and Cade could see the cogs turning as he strained to remember.

"It's okay, son. Don't think about it too much and it will come to you."

His eyes brightened and he all but beamed at being called son. Cade chuckled and mussed Julian's hair. "Get some sleep. Hard days work tomorrow." He watched him sink back against the sheets and stare out the open window, watching the stars. Not for the first time, Cade wondered what he was, and where he came from. He was getting tired of worrying that one day he'd wake up, and his gentle farm hand would be gone.


Julian ran a hand through his hair and looked towards the rising sun. He could never seem to get used to waking before dawn, but the sunrise made it all worth it. His horse Dante gave an irritated snort and Julian led him past the black stone where Cade and the other farm hands, Ike and Leon had found him three years ago. They'd dragged his unconscious form to the Endsley's house. Hannah patched him up and Cade had taught him about farm life. It wasn't hard, Julian was strong for his size and a fast learner. In less than a week he was working alongside the others like he had been there for years.

His memory remained elusive. Sometimes, he could feel it struggling for supremacy in his mind. It was something full of pain and darkness. He would wake up from his nightmares and see the frost of his breath in the room, even when sweat drenched his sheets.

His nightmares were horrific Twisted creatures writhing around on the floor and laughing like nails on a chalkboard. Corpses with slick lumps of flesh sliding off as they walked towards him, arms outstretched. But what scared him wasn't what he saw, or even what he felt. It was what he didn't. Nothing he saw scared him. Instead it felt…natural. And that normality felt wrong.

Leon and Ike would call him fearless, even in the light of day nothing could shake him. He took their comments with a sly grin and a flex of his muscles in jest. Still it made him feel a little out of place. He knew there had to be something he was afraid of. Everyone felt fear. He just couldn't find it.

Dante nipped him from behind and Julian playfully shoved him away. He didn't care what he was before, he didn't want to go back. Besides, there were advantages to being fearless, nobody else had the nerve to ride Dante.

A five year old girl with blonde curls and a dirt covered face ran up beside him.

"Hi Julian"

He smiled at her "hello kitten"

She giggled and scrunched up her nose. "What are you doing?"

"Giving Dante some exercise"

She fidgeted excitedly "can I ride him"

He looked skeptically at Dante who in turn narrowed his eyes in a look that clearly said do-it-and-die. He sighed and stared down at her disappointed face.

"I don't think that's such a good idea Kasey."

"Why not?" she whined and winced at the flick of irritation in his eyes.

He opened his mouth to answer and stopped when a loud crash sounded from the trail behind the barn. His blue eyes darkened "Kasey, go get Leon." He ran towards the sound, while Kasey ran towards the house, screaming for Leon and Ike.

The sight sent a sharp jab of pain straight through his heart. The tractor had fallen on its side and Cade lay bleeding under it. Julian bolted forward and knelt down beside Cade. He was unconscious but breathing. His left arm was broken and although Julian couldn't see his legs, he suspected they were in worse condition. If Cade hadn't fallen in the hollow of the window he would be dead. Ike and Leon ran up beside him.


"Shut up and grab him" Julian barked, gripping the edge of the tractor.

"You can't lift…" Ike started.

"Just do it"

The men wrapped their arms around Cade, trying not to move him too much in case they did more damage. Julian gritted his teeth and pulled, the tractor protested and lifted a few inches off the ground, just nough to get Cade out.. Julian bit back a gasp at the condition of his legs and dropped the tractor. They were twisted at odd angles and his jeans were soaked in blood.

"We have to get him to a hospital" Leon said.

"No shit" Ike bit back. They both looked at Julian.

"I'll drive" he said.


They flew down the dirt road at more than three times the speed limit. For once the boys weren't protesting. Cade needed a doctor. Now. They arrived at the hospital inside of an hour, the doctor was waiting by the doors with a small crew and a gurney. Ignoring the protests, Julian followed them all the way to the ER. They kicked him out and he paced the hall cursing everything than got in his way. Ike and Leon kept their distance, the energy coming off their friend screamed danger and a pissed off Julian was nothing to mess with.

After twelve hours, Julian had sunk down on the floor with his back pressed against the wall. The anger had dulled to pain and he had a deep desire to sulk. Instead he banged his head repeatedly against the wall until the door opened and the doctor stepped out. Everyone jumped to their feet and Hannah wrapped her arms tighter around Kasey.

"He's going to be okay" the man said with a tired smile.

"Oh my God…" Hannah breathed and sunk back against the chair shakily.

"It's not a good situation, but we've stopped the internal bleeding and by some miracle, his organs weren't punctured. He's very lucky."

Leon came up behind Julian and gripped his shoulder. "When can we see him?"

"Unfortunately, it won't be for a couple of days. He needs to be kept in isolation while his body starts rebuilding the basic defenses." He threw a nervous glance at the boy whose entire body seemed to radiate power. "I suggest you all go home and get some rest."

"No" Hannah stepped forward.

"Ma'am, you're not going to be able to see him"

"I can't leave him all alone!" tears rolled down her face.

Julian stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her. "It's okay Hannah, I'll stay with him." He looked at the Doctor to confirm it was okay.

"I can make up a berth for you, but you won't be in the same room"

"That's okay, I want to be here when he wakes up"

The doctor nodded and walked off. Hannah squeezed his hand and stepped back with a smile. "Thank you"

He grinned "as long as these losers can handle the farm without me. I could use a break."

Ike punched him in the arm and lifted the keys from his pocket. "Ha! Who's the loser now Jules?"

Julian went to smile, but his eyes caught on a woman with gold hair walking towards a man with a smile on her face. The man screamed arrogance and still somehow attracted her attention. With a giggle she came up beside him and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Julian turned his attention back to his family and said goodbye, with promises to call if the situation changed. He tried to focus on Cade, but couldn't help but turn his attention back to the blonde, a mixture of foreign emotions flooding his mind. Love, jealousy, power, despair. Pain. With a determined growl he turned and walked in the opposite direction. Ignoring the feel of eyes watching him. Eyes as green as cypress.


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