Ed, Edd, n Eddy Zombies 2:

Kids Next Door VS the Cartoon Network Zombies

By Winter Knight

Chapter 1: Ed, Edd, n Eddy Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Note: I do not own Ed, Edd, n Eddy nor their victims...

This story was inspired by "Marvel Zombies"

Note that the title was changed mostly because not only does the Kids Next Door and Toilenator battle the original Ed, Edd, n Eddy Zombies but distorted zombified versions of other Cartoon Network characters. Also I wanted to start the sequel in the fall due to Halloween and "MARVEL ZOMBIES 3" being published at the time but I was so freakin' excited to start this story due to how popular my other zombie stories are and I liked my own work so I started the gun a little early and I would at least start it before "Marvel Zombies 3 gets published.

The fanfic's theme songs are the theme to the movie "Creepshow" and "Move your Dead Bones" by Dr. Reanimator. If you listen to them while reading, you will be thrilled!

Numbuh 1 does not appear in this fanfic (excluding his counterpart in the Ed, Edd, n Eddy Zombies dimension but I shouldn't have mentioned it) the reason is due to the incident of the final episode of KND "Operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S." Watch it and find out!

WARNING!!: this takes place in a alternate universe and is NOT in the same continuity as "The Grim Ed-ventures of Ed, Edd, n Eddy"! Also this story has gruesome violence that I'm afraid it will harm the rating system! However I plan to add more humor and less gore and violence to this, just to get more readers and perhaps to get Emma Iveli to read the story because I used my best morbid humor in it.

Keep those reviews coming! Also I need more ideas on what Zombies to make fun of and what other Cartoon Network/ Adult Swim characters to add to the stories as either Zombies or Survivors.

I like to thank Emma Iveli (definately Emma Iveli), Fanfictionfan123, Zadok, and Jayme for their support.


Recapping from "Ed, Edd, n Eddy Zombies" and "Ed, Edd, n Eddy Zombies: Diary of the Ed" (still posted on this site...go read them! j/k!)...

last year...

A virus caused by Eris, goddess of chaos and discord has affected a innocent young boy named Ed, Ed then spreads the infection and countless of victims have been devoured by him and his growing "Army of Darkness"


After the human survivors escaped the Cul-De-Sac and headed towards Endsville, The Zombies discovered that Eris played them like kazoos... so they ate her!


Enter Grim, his biggest mistake was taking on 4 Eris powered zombies who overpowered him and managed to devour his bones...and they got his powers


After Leaving the Cul-De-Sac, the zombies continued their rampage worldwide starting with Endsville...


Then they attacked many parts of their world like Moralton, Marzipan City, Camp Kidney, Aron City, you name it they destroyed it!



In the Dimension of normal Kids Next Door continuity (I think) where the Zombies do not exist (this takes place a four months after Numbuh 1 was now part of the Galactic Kids Next Door)

Despite Numbuh 5 being promoted Supreme Commander of the KND, Numbuhs 2, 3, 4, and 5 are bored without their original leader Nigel Uno a.k.a. Numbuh 1. Just last week Numbuh 5 (who currently co-owns the treehouse after Numbuh 1's absence) sees Lizzie Devine in front of the treehouse, apparently she regretted dumping Numbuh 1 and is unaware of his current wherabouts with the Galactic Kids Next Door.

Lizzie then shouts, "Abigail, I want to apologize to "Nigie", I want him back now, pretty please with sugar on top... or is he with Rachael now?" Numbuh 5 then says, "Lizzie I told you once and I'll tell you once more, Numbuh 1 still hasn't recovered from that fight with the Common Cold!" Lizzie then says, "Hey, I thought the common cold only lasts only a week, and you said "Nigie" fought him last week." Numbuh 5 then says, "Umm... he went to the liquor store...for some juice." Lizzie then looks angered and she says, "I know you're lying "Abbie! I want my "Nigie" back waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I shouldn't have dumped him! For all I know he's probably part of some intergalactic organization where alien children fight adult tyranny in the galaxy! And he probably met someone who resembles Seven of Nine!"

Numbuh 5 laughs nervously and says, "Umm... I think you're better off with Numbuh 65.3, at least he's on Ear... umm single!" Lizzie then says, "Herbie? No way! I want "Nigie"! Numbuh 5 then goes back to the treehouse and tosses Numbuh 4, who apparently is dressed up in the Numbuh 1 disguise and then Lizzie glomps Numbuh 4 and says, "Oh Nigie! I'm so glad you're not in some other secret organization, now I'm your girlfriend again let's go to watch "Total Drama Island" together!" Numbuh 4 is shocked as he is being dragged away while Numbuh 3 goes up to Numbuh 5 and says, "What's Lizzie doing to Numbuh 4?" Numbuh 5 then says, "Don't worry, he'll be back soon."

(5 hours later)

Numbuh 4 reappears and is covered in clawmarks and looks very angered and Numbuh 5 asks while Numbuh 3 giggles and bandage him up, "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!" Numbuh 4 then says, "Lizzie found out I wasn't Numbuh 1." Numbuh 5 then asks "How did she find out?" Numbuh 4 then says, "She found out I wasn't Numbuh 1 despite my T-shirt that reads "I'm Numbuh 1" when she realized the REAL Numbuh 1 wouldn't watch shows like "Dragon Ball Z", "Assy Mcgee", and "Metalocalypse"... her brother in law had those shows on DVD. But still that was horrible and I'd rather fight the loser the Toilenator that deal with Lizzie Devine once again!"

But then all of a sudden they hear a voice announce "I'm the terror, that flushes at night, I am the I am the port-a-potty that relieves the sports fan. I AM DARKWING…umm I mean…THE TOILENATOR!" Then Numbuh 4 says, "Alright, a scrap! I've been watching a bazillion years to flush your face!" Then Numbuh 3 notices two golden rainbow monkey statues magically appeared and Numbuh 3 then says, "Ooooh! King Solomon Rainbow Monkeys, I thought those mystic relics or transportation never existed, but where did they come from?" Then all of a sudden, the rainbow monkeys glowed and soon, Numbuhs 2, 3, 4, 5, and the Toilenator vanish into another world...

Townsville... in the Ed, Edd, n Eddy Zombies dimension

Numbuhs 2, 3, 4, 5 and Toilenator have entered a new world and they find themselves surrounded in a dystopian town where there are crumbled buildings, fires everywhere, the dead walk, cats and dogs eating eachother, mass hysteria!

However, the KND and their toilet themed enemy are being watched by a unknown eyes...

Then the Kids Next Door and Toilenator hear a faint cry for help, and when they got closer they see a green chimpanzee wearing a helmet that is consealing his brain. The monkey then crawls up to Numbuh 4 and says, "Help...me...Help...me!" Numbuh 4 then says, "Cool! A talking monkey!" Then the monkey says to them, I am Mojo Jojo, not "talking monkey". And you are all in danger and so am I, I'm in danger so are all of you and we must be in danger if all of us are in danger!" Numbuh 3 then just looks at him and says, "Monkey want a banana?" Numbuh 5 then says, "Hey I've heard of you, did you do all this to Townsville Mojo?"

Mojo Jojo then says, "I wish I did but it wasn't and since it was not me but I wish it was me then it it's really...oh no...THEY FOUND ME!" Then in a flash of pink, blue, and green lights, Mojo is hoisted into the sky, screaming in fear and then suddenly he was dropped to the ground where his helmet cracks open and his neck is cracked and then three beings fly down in a flash of pink, blue, and green lights and surround Mojo. Then Numbuh 5 says, "Oh boy, Numbuh 5 wish she didn't see that..." She got closer and to everyone's horror, it turns out those creatures feasting on Mojo Jojo is non other than the original non-anime versions of the Powerpuff Girls... but they are now ZOMBIES!

The Zombie Powerpuff Girls then turn around and expose their strange new lobster claws at them and Bubbles then says, "MEAT!" Then Numbuhs 2, 4, and 5 hit their faces with their S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R.S. But it didn't stop them until Toilenator shouts "TOILET PAPER SPIDER WEB!" And soon the Zombie Powerpuff Girls are trapped in a toilet paper trap. Toilenator then says to the kids, "Don't worry, my special toilet paper is actually Eleventy billion Ply. Numbuh 2 then asks Toilenator, "Mr. Toilenator, why are you suddenly helping us despite being our number 37 Enemy?" Toilenator then says, "Enemy number 37? Am I that bad of a villian? No matter, those monsters wanted to eat us and I want to prevent that from happening, besides I want to be the one who beats you all up, not them! But I really want to take down my nephew Numbuh 4!" Numbuh 2 reads a issue of "DC Comics's "Cartoon Network Action Pack" and he says, "Sorry Numbuh 4 but it's really canon, Toilenator is really your father's long lost twin brother." Numbuh 4 then says, "Aww crud! I'd rather be eaten by the Powerpuffs weirdoes than be related to that loser!" Toilenator grabs Numbuh 4 and says, "Well it could be arranged but no way would I let that happen now hurry up! I don't think my T.P. can hold them for long!

Then the Kids Next Door and Toilenator dash into a open manhole leading to a sewer. They peeked out and they see Townsville in such horrible shape, what got to them is seeing Big Billy being chased by Lil Arturo, Ace, Snake, and Grubber and they are now zombies. Ace picks up Lil Arturo and throws him at Big Billy like a football, Lil Arturo was munching on him till the others caught up to him and start feasting on him. Then Fuzzy Lumpkins shows up and says, "GET OFF MA PROPERTY!" And fires his shotgun at Lil Arturo and he lifts his gun in the air with his metal hand and says, "THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK!" and he fires at the other three gangreen guys and shot Big Billy's brains out to be on the safe side."

Numbuh 4 then says, "Awesome! It's like "Army of Darkness" but in HD!" Numbuh 5 then says, "Forget that, I gots to know what the heck is going on in this crazy mixed up world! Numbuh 5 feels a tug at her legs and before she can scream, Numbuh 3 turns on her Rainbow Monkey flashlight and she sees Numbuh 362, uninfected and frightened, Numbuh 362 then says, "OH NO! STAY BACK!" Numbuh 5 then says, "Relax Numbuh 362, it's us, Sector V, why are you like this?' Numbuh 362 then says, "So you aren't going to eat my flesh like the other members of the ZND and...THEM?"

Numbuh 5 then asks "Ok first off who is the ZND, and...THEM?" Numbuh 2 then adds, "Umm did we mention we came from another world that didn't have flesh eating freaks?"

Numbuh 362 then says, "Ok, the ZND is the newly formed Zombies Next Door... and they were also attacked by...THEM! So if you four were from another world then... hey where's Numbuh 1... and why is a rather downgraded "Toiletron" doing with you guys?" Numbuh 5 then says, "We came from a world where I'm supreme Commander, Numbuh 1 is in a disclosed location, and Toilenator was sent to this world with us by accident! Now back to your story."

Numbuh 362 then says, "Ok, I will tell you my sad story about what has been happening but first does anyone have to go to the bathroom? Because I can't just have my story interruped when... well... you know..." Numbuh 2 then says, "Now that you mention it I've been "prairie-dogging" it for a half hour now..." Then Numbuh 2 looks at the Toilenator who just points a "plunger harpoon" at his nose and he says, "Don't you even THINK about it!"

Numbuh 362 then says, "Ok... my story is a sad one, it will make the massacre of Moralton look like the chaos of Camp Kidney and does not have a happy ending..."


Next Time: Numbuh 362 explains the chaos that happened just before Sector V and Toilenator just arrived as well as the fate of the KND of her world and how they became the ZND... oh and how the Powerpuff Girls got infected.

Mini-Story: Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?

At Polyneux Middle School, the local bullies Lenny and Denny Yogman are out to once again try to steal Robot Jones' brain so they can use it to make a robot of their own. They put on their Devo energy dome hats and they go up to Robot Jones and Lenny then says, "Ok Robot, Would you kindly hand us your brain?" Robot Jones then says in a voice that makes him sound like Stephen Hawking, "No thanks but I would like to have yours..." The Yogman twins were confused by this and then Robot Jones turns around and he exposed his skull like head, he was somehow infected. He pounces on Lenny, and rips his head off and starts eating his brains and then extends his arms and grabs Denny and rips his intestines out and starts sucking them into his mouth as if it was spagetti then started gnawing on Lenny's arms.

Principal Madman then walks down the hall and then a german student shouts as he extends his arms, "HEIL MEIN FUEHER!" Principal Madman then says, "Why does that German kid always do that when he sees me?" Oh well, according to my watch it's time to crush the spirit of that robot... Hey Robot you got a detention for...for...OH MY GOD!!"

Robot Jones was munching on the remains of the Yogman twins and then he rotates his head and he analyzes Principal Madman and his conclusion is "Principal Madman: Evil Principal... Looks like Adolph Hitler... LUNCH!" Then he gets up and dashes towards the Principal. Principal Madman then continues to run and he pushes Mr. Mcmcmc the Math Teacher and Robot ends up devouring him while the Principal jumps into the janitor's office.

Principal Madman looks in the mirror and he says "No wonder why the German kid keeps calling me "Mein Furher" I really do look like Hitler, must be the hair and mustache" Then all of a sudden he sees Robot Jone's zombified friends Mitch, Cubey, and Socks eating Clancy Q. Sleepyjeans the school janitor. Then the three zombies then notice Principal Madman and were about to pounce on him and then Robot Jones then opens the door and says, "Cubey, Socks, Mitch, I offer you the brains of Mr. Mcmcmc... Principal Madman is mine!" So the three happily devour Mr. Mcmcmc while Robot Jones drags away Principal Madman. Robot Jones then says, "I'm going to enjoy this!" While a very nervous Principal Madman says, "Please don't eat me, is it because I look like Hitler? Is it because I enjoy being a racist towards robots? no...NOOOOOOoooooooo"

Mom Unit and Dad Unit show up to the school and Mom Unit then says, "Robot Electro Jones, we were going to a Parent Teacher Conference and we see you eating the principal, why are you doing this?' Dad Unit then says, "Are you doing drugs? Are you doing drugs? Are you doing drugs?" Robot Jones then goes up to Mom Unit and Dad Unit and tears off their circuitry, shutting them down. Then he sees Shannon and he approaches her as he completes his "Data Log Entry"...